Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Beat Boro IN TECHNICOLOUR

All pictures courtesy of Sportbox


Anonymous said...

sooo did anyone actually get to see this one?

Harry Hotspur said...

There were a number of wise guys on here yesterday suggesting I bought a ticket.

My question is - did they?

If so, any chance of elaborating for us poor souls who's Korean wasn't up to getting Afreeca to work and had to listen to the radio like it was 1943...???

Anonymous said...

I was at the game and couldn't help but feel a little disapointed that it took so long to get a goal. I do also have to say that although Jol made the changes, I didn't feel it was an uninspired change and that it was more luck than judgement. It was a like for like swap (a Midfielder for a midfielder and a forward for a forward). Why Defoe went off I will not know and the "Boos" were for the change and not for the player as Dawson made sure the supporters should make sure they support and never get on anyones back by clapping him off and encouraging the players to do also. Thus starting the rendition of, "Jermaine Defoe he's a yido!" I do think Keano works hard even in a poor game but when he comes off the bench you will always get an even harder working Keano. (Maybe it's the way he manages to read the game from the side lines perhaps.)

The change did bring about a more positive attitude from some players. Lennon in particular who not realy didn't seem up for it then suddenly started to stay out wide, not cut in and run at them (is he affraid of getting injured again I wonder). Bale was awsume as always and is by far exceeding all expectations.

I have to say though that my reflection of the game was that we were poor, but, 'Borough were poorer and very unimaginitive though every player did show good touches and or passes from time to time and that no one was C**p in my view.

Still, a win is a win and we had a clean sheet to boot! Lets hope for an easier draw in the next round.

Although you couldn't help feel that the patience of the Park Lane end was wearing thin with the man in charge as it was at times very quiet, even when the Shelf Side would start the chants for we love Martin Jol etc.


Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers for that mate

Anonymous said...

You are welcome Harry. YID ARMY!!!

Tom The Yid said...

what was Bale's goal like?? I couldn't bear going after Sunday...

Anonymous said...

It was well worked mate. Keano down the left flank, put it down the line with a bit of curve.
Bale was latching onto it straight away as he was cutting in (almost knocking Lennon out of the way, went round the keeper on the outside before cooly finnishing from a tight angle. I think others would have choked when they saw the angle, but Bale was as cool as you like showing great composure to put enough on it and make the angle.


GRAZZA said...


That would be my sentiments entirely, if anything i think they lacked a little drive in midfield at times but Zokora did provide that when he came on and Keane provided that killer pass when he came on.

The atmos was a little lacklustre at times but then so was the game so i guess its the old chicken and egg scenario.

As for your comments about dawson; i didnt see that, what exactly happened?

Tom the Yid:

Lovely outside of the boot through ball from Keane on the left side of half way line into space, Bale latched on, round the goalie and in from a tight angle - cracking goal.

Korea harry? how do you afford a computer on your sweat shop wages? ;)

Other mystery events last night: kerfuffle in the south upper near/in away fans, and who was that geezer on the pitch at the end and what was he doing?? (nice bag) anyone shed any light?

Anonymous said...

Huddlestones was good as well. Lennon racing down the right flank (where he should have been more often rather than catching cutting in-ittus), faced the defender dinked in a perfect cross (a lot of good crosses came in during the game last night but with no end product) for Huddlestone to put in a free header. There was still a bit to do and it was a well taken chance with the keeper wanting to dive the other way. 2-0 to the Yids!!!!


Anonymous said...

I do have to say it would have been a lot more if it wasn't for their keeper (Jones) who did pull of some cracking saves throught the game.


Anonymous said...

I went last night and i have to say we were terrible..we got lucky with the subs Mj made it wasnt genius as has been offered up by the media but very very lucky as we showed nothing in midfield again and huddlestone (as is becoming the norm) only got in to the game after we took the lead. And what has happened to Lennon three good months in two years isnt good enough!

Anonymous said...

I've only managed to see highlights, but it looked like Spurs played well. As we have done so far this season. OK, results haven't exactly been sparkling, but I can't see we've been rubbish. Boro came to frustrate us, as many teams are likely to do, knowing that we can play cut-throat football.

Well done Spurs. I'm just glad Mido wasn't playing, although I bet he would have got a good reception.

Anonymous said...

As an ST holder I was due at the game, however due to a bizzare incident involving the train driver missing Northumberland Park station completely and dumping about 300 supporters at Ponders End with an hour wait back down the Line which only stopped at Tottenham Hale, I missed it.

I did however hear that the subbing of Defoe generated boo's - Can some explain why this occured. From my understanding Defoe went off and we scored two goals ??

Summerspur said...


On a previous post you listed a line up of comedians re possibility of replacement for jol.

Do you know if maybe Stan Boardman secretly got the gig as whoever it was that made the substitutions last night clearly has a problem with "dem jermans"

Anonymous said...

I can't shed any light regarding the trouble and the guy being frog marches away although there had been somthing going on regarding what I think was a senior steward as he was suited and booted and surrounded by Old Bill.

Regards the booing. As Defoe got replaced everyone started booing I felt it was for the substitution rather than the way he played as he seemed well up for it and did look sharp. Just no end product.

Then Dawson clapped towards Defoeand then to the players on the pitch. I assume it would be so that the supporters would pick up on it. Then followed the, "He's a Yido, Jermaine Defoe. He's a Yido, Jermaine Defoe" chants.

I don't agree with any booing to your own team, not ever and singing his name was a more appropriate way of dealing with it.

I think people are realising that Martin now needs to go for the throat with teams and show some balls. We should have had alll the subs out warming up well before the 60min mark and although Lennon supplied the cross for the second goal I think that would have been a better change for Keano than Defoe.

As we all know Spurs supporters are the most fickle fans in the world and have to admit, I am the same at times. My patience for Martin Jol is wearing thin even though I do love him and admire what he has achieved. If it were true I would accept Murinio in a heart beat but would want Jol to stay and learn more. This is from a man though that would like to see Glen Hoddle as skills coach. It will never happen.


GRAZZA said...


You're definitely right mate, the booing was for the substitution and the obvious mal-treatment of Defoe in general. At any other stage i'd say it would have been overlooked as it was probably not going to be JD's night, but the rumblings have been going on for a while now and to be honest it looked like he couldnt get the crook out fast enough and to me thats not on and out of order on jols part. Defoe was just as likely to get a goal last night as Keane would have been and Jol was just trying to bring Defoe down a peg or 2 imo. And to then come out and say "he needs to show more respect" is just adding fuel to the fire and surely just trying to force him out - hes playing a risky game as defoe is obviously more popular than he thought.

As for your thoughts on "fickleness" (is that a word?) i dont entirely agree, i dont think its only Tottenham fans to be honest, public opinion is swayed by the fact that we seem to dominate the phone-ins and imo half the callers arent proper spurs fans but jokers who start their call with "i wasnt at the game today but......" then proceed to give an over-inflated opinion of events that they have only imagined/presumed to be the case.

Tell me a clubs fans who arent fickle? and anyway English Dictionary meaning of Fickle and Football Dictionary Fickle are 2 different things. Anyone who dare criticise their team, individually or collectively is labelled "Fickle" in football when i think a more appropriate term is probably "Critical" or "Over Critical" Booing your team is probably wrong as you say, but, is merely showing extreme displeasure and not a change in loyalty.


Anonymous said...

I do have to say that you do have a good point Grazza, regarding fickle.

Just call me old fashioned, but I just see booing as very unsporting. Although I do see your point about showing displeasure especially when you are at the game as there is no other way.

Could you imagine though if the whole crowd just did a deathly silence instead of booing? Perhaps a deathly silence for 5 mins and then a chorus for the player or manager depending on what point they were trying to get accross.
I know it'll never happen but a thought all the same.



Vinny said...

Any win is welcome these days to generate a bit of confidence and getting that knack of winning going again, all may be it a bit late to make that top 4 challenge this season...I hope I'm made to eat my words on that one.

But nice to see Jol seeming to put up a genuine fight and interest in keeping his job, as the last thing we need is the captain of the ship being disinterested in saving his arse while Ramos, Mourhino and god knows whoever else has been approached but not making themselves available. Yeah I've lost faith in Jol, but until we get an an adequate replacement need him genuinely focused and up for the fight of his life and contrary to Sunday he;s showing signs of a fighting spirit now, lets hope it it sparks something good from here on starting with a Villa must win on Monday.

Gareth Bale is proving to be a breath of fresh air and is looking the genuine article, the one bright spot of this season so far, we must play him whenever possible now as a preferred option to Ekotto and Lee who have not quite cut the mustard.

In midfield we must keep faith in Hudd, he has the ability to do something different with his sublime passing and maybe in a more confident team will reach the potential that Jenas will never. I would rather play Zokora as the other CM who to me seems the lesser of the two sad that I have to describe our 2 main first choice CM's like that!

Lennon is quality and will buzz like he did after coming back from injury last season, it's no coincidnce that his return last season also coincided with our return to winning ways, he is one of our only creative players we have, the only player who scares the opposition at all, goldust in times when we're clearly lacking invention and creativity.

Team for next game:

Chimbs Daws Kaboul Bale

Lennon Zokora Hudds Malbranque

Berbs Keano



GRAZZA said...

Dont get me wrong, it depresses me when i hear us booing. It makes me squirm in my seat although last night it felt the right thing to do - if even to give Defoe a lift - the players arent stupid (im probably the first person on record to say that footballers arent stupid)but they would have known exactly why the crwod was booing and that it was in support of Defoe. But usually you are right - booing is probably/unfortunately a regrettable necessity!!

God Save The Bale.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

I hope Aaron Lennon is not going to do a Kieron Richardson.

Disappointed not to see Boateng or Taraabt feature in the squad. Taino, Huddlestone and Jenas in the starting line up is very uninspirational.

Summerspur said...


We won damn it!!!!!