Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Middlesbrough: HIGHLIGHTS

Well, I will be able to tell my grandchildren... I wasn't there. But that doesn't prevent me from delighting in the fact that this was the season we signed Gareth Bale. That boy is a revelation. His determination and focus are exactly what the doctor ordered.

I'm not sure about the whole Defoe vs Jam Master Jol (feat. Keano) Tough Guy Mix. There's enough disharmony in N17 without Jol playing Larry Large. Before the 'But he came off and we scored twice' brigade pipe in, I grasped that. Even over the wireless, but was the substitution a masterstroke or a drop of the occasionally elusive stuff, luck?

We'll never know, but whilst the assist was from Keane.... The was goal not a solo act of brilliance from him... Too difficult to call cleanly, but Defoe apppeared to be having a great time of it before he was removed..... or so thought thousands who booed.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's well out of order and the people who booed should be ashamed. Probably the same who sing Jol's name or did a couple of weeks ago anyway.
All our strikers are behaving like children right now, none other than Bent have taken substitution at all well this season and it's not on.
Keane has changed the game many times, especially a season or two ago and Defoe was first choice and Keane often came on and made the difference.
Anyway well done to the boys and Jol.

Anonymous said...

Well old Southgate got his not inconsiderable nose bloodied and that's no bad thing lol...

Anonymous said...

jol is a bender

Harry Hotspur said...

Jol's post match interview on SSN really endorses me calling him the 'Dutch Napoleon', he's delusional!

When asked about the substitution he's all 'I'm a master strategist, I was brave, I knew what I was doing....' the smug look on hid face. Hmmn.

Martin it was f**king Boro, mate.

Where was your mastery in the Tictac Dept when we played Cheatski or god knows how many others and you botched it?

Thin victory, Marty baby, and at what price?

I would've taken someone else off.

Anonymous said...

at least theres bale , the boy is pure class , lol , was it jols idea 2 sigh him?? coys richieg

Anonymous said...

I was there last night and I haven't been to a game where the opponents have been so weak. I can't remember them having a shot.

Bale is a breath of fresh air and I actually love him, but in a non-sexual way. Huddlestone seems lazy but can suddenly spark into life. Both goalscorers ran the length of the pitch to score which I liked - showed their determination. Usually, Hudd would have slowly trotted and only just cross the half-way line.

Good performance overall and let's hope we can beat Villa monday.


Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers Tomas. Villa will be interesting. MO has those boys stoked up this season...

theshelfer said...

another goal from Bale, who looks absolute class. This shows that the decision to leave him out of the Bolton game was yet another tactical blunder by Big Martin.

theshelfer said...

another cracker from Bale who looks real class, making it even more unfathomable why Jol left him out against Bolton.

Anonymous said...

Would you like to say that again, theshelfer?

Harry Hotspur said...

Cheap shot!

But the word unfathomable was well worth carrying over, no?

Anonymous said...

when are you going to support Tottenham again, at the moment your egotistical moaning and opinions are just bringing everybody down. Support your team FFS and at least have the dignity to admit Martin Jol got it right. Even if it was luck he deserved some. You are not a supporter you are a sarcastic moaner, who likes the sound of his own words.

Anonymous said...

i was there last night & i thought although we dominated the game we didnt realy get out of 1st gear & it was a good job `boro were complete shite!!

bale is some player!!

as for JD he`s every right to be pissed off, he was arguably the best player on the park, he was lively & very hungry. if a change was needed why didnt he take berba off, he didnt exactly light the place up. jol has obviously got major issues with him thats clear to see. we as fans pay a lot of money to watch & have every right to show our displeasure & i believe he has got off lighter due to the fact keano set up the 1st & we went on to win. (super substitution my ass!!)

wot does people think of the press conference on sky sports earlier?
ive always stuck up for jol in the past but im starting to lose some of my faith in him.


Anonymous said...

If you think Jol was lucky that we scored two goals after he made a subsstitution, perhaps you should look at the substitutions Jol has made over the past two years. He has won us more games with his substitutions than lost us. If you don't believe me look at the stats!!

Harry Hotspur said...


Relax mate.

Yes I love my own words. Well done for spotting that.

Are you new?

As for support? How close to that word do you wish to get before you hit the word... unquestioning?

HH loves Spurs.

I'll take the cyber abuse but seriously, you're a voice in the wilderness...

jolsgonemental said...

tactical masterstroke. my arse. it was a vindictive swipe designed to show defoe who is boss. worked out well though.

we won. the ends always justify the means in football.

nice satire on jose in the post match interview too. it was a piss take right?

prepared to put a false name up said...

8.17 anon

You make a point.Now back it up with your 'stats'.Jol is the best manager since Keith, but he is a ****up at subbing. Admit that surely. He got a break.

dannyboy said...

I wonder who Spurs fans would rather leave - Jol or Defoe? Cos I reckon 1 will go sooner or later. I've not seen Defoe behave like that last night before and I reckon he was fully entitled. What is going on with Berbatov? He's a shadow of last season. I reckon Bent was bought in case Berbatov left in the summer - now we have an embarrassment of riches up front and Jol really doesn't know what to do.

Anyhow, 3 pieces of info from INSIDE the Lane;

1 - Jol has been told not to play Defoe in prem games, to force his hand over signing; they don't want another Campbell.
2 - Levy is trying to sell the club and WON'T do anything about making the ground bigger. All the infrastructure link talk is a cover up.
3 - Jol's package is agreed and will leave as soon as a replacement is lined up, even if it takes until the summer.

Make of it what you will.

Finally, I ain't getting excited over last night; we need to start beating the big boys first, it was only Boro ffs.


jolsgonemental said...

also we drop bent and play Defoe instead and we not only win but keep a CLEAN SHEET!


Anonymous said...

Not new at all.
I am always reading these posts, but they way Jol is being slatted at the moment is unreal.
To blame him for the position we are in is ridiculus. Look at the games we have played since the second half of the Everton game. We have dropped points because players have not put away the guilt edge chances that we have creates and there is nothing Jol can do about. Jol's job is to get the team playing to create chances which he has done. After that it is in the players own hands to convert those chances.

jolsgonemental said...

dannyboy the logic in forcing defoe to sign by NOT playing him is rubbish.

What player is going to sign when they dont get a game.

give him a few starts and proof that he will be given a fair crack of the whip and he will sign, of that i have no doubt.

there was nothing wrong with defoes reaction last night other than it showed jol he had got to him.

Anonymous said...


stats you want, stats you will get:

I shall just do last season for now:

Middlesborough - Home - League
Portsmouth - Away - League
Fulham - Away - Cup
West Ham - Away - League
SC Braga - Home - Cup
Charlton - Away - League
Blackburn - Home - League

Seveilla - Pulled back 2 goals after his substitutions
Arsenal - Brought Mido on and scored an equalizer. Yes we went out in extra time, but that was down to individual mistakes.

dannyboy said...


I didnt say it was forcing him to sign, I said it was forcing his hand.
And Defoe playing meant we kept a clean sheet? Was he in goal then? you're having a larf !!!

jolsgonemental said...

no all goals conceded can be traced back to darren bent losing possession a few mins before. with no bent to miscontrol the ball back to the opponents every few seconds they barely mustered a shot.

defoe : forcing his hand? if he dont sign by summer we sell him. easy and obvious. I dont see what the big deal is.

Harry Hotspur said...


Quality posts.

Make up a name mate & do drop in again.

I could suggest 'shutharryup'?

Anonymous said...

Forget the crowds, eh JGM? I'm with you actually...... defoe is andy johnson in disguise. end of.

sydney wale said...

A few points;
Bale is a must every game, why didn't he play at Bolton? Jol as a tactician is woeful.
Huddlestone lacks mobility? (what about running the length of the pitch for his goal?). Attack attack most of the game and we win and concede none (i know it's only boro!)
First time this season we looked in control , fresh, young, could do something this yearDefoe is fired up and should start next game.
(defoe's influence?) I think he deserved his support when subbed, when you think of the flak he has had the past few seasons but still digs in, shuts up and gets on with it we should all show him maximum respect.

Anonymous said...

bunch o' fucin' jiz monkeys

Harry Hotspur said...

Sydney's on the money!

Dannyboy - are you looking for an ITK badge, mate?


dannyboy said...

....just sharing my knowledge! badge would be nice - only if it says 'Jolsgonemental' on it though !!!

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huddlestone is class every time i see him play he makes smart passes, put brilliant balls up to the forwards, gets stuck in on tackles, and plays with the composure of a seasoned veteran.

Anonymous said...

btw why did we put out such an abismal and boring team against bolton. yes theyve been poo this season, but who are we to judge at this pint.

jolsnotgonemental said...

poor marti is on a hiding to nothing - he wins, it was luck - he loses, it was bad tactics. From the way i see it the only way out for my lovable cuddly bear of a manager is to win the whole fucking lot of games we play and then and only then after wining EVERY game will all you doom and gloom peasants be happy!!! i luvs ya marti, always have and always will!!!

jolsnotgonemental said...

BTW am i the only one here that thinks that avram grant has taken tips from the BMJ school of touchline managing - eat well, stand there in your trackydacks, look imposing, NEVER show any emotion and dont say a fucking word to noone.
Remember the good ol' days with Ossie Ardie at least the little blighter showed some emotion - not much of a manager - but he did at least smile when we scored 4 and they scored 5!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

Grant out to have a cardboard & string sign round his neck - 'TEMP'

GRAZZA said...

You can only call yourself a proper fan if you:

1 - Went to the O2 last night (arriving early in accordance with strict instructions from the club)

2 - Purchased a Souvenir T-Shirt (for best - not decorating the house)

3 - Purchased a programme at a mere £10 (its ok its for charideeee)

4 - Wore your favourite shirt in accordance with strict instructions from the club (as in Spurs shirt not your finest Gieves & Hawkes tailored effort)

5 - Pinned hard cash on to Levy & other board members chests

6 - Wept when they showed a re-run of Justin Edinburgh being Sent - off in the league cup final.

NO EXCUSES - Not even "I was in Korea guv"

Anyone else is just a chump.

GRAZZA said...

and just when you thought you had got away with it.........if you dont wave your commemorative 125 year anniversary flag on monday: you guessed it - you're not a true fan....

Anonymous said...


Saw the post match Napoleon interview and I think he was being funny mate. Surely it's us Brits are supposed to get irony.

Only saw the highlights but it looked like job-done to me.

Bale has really stepped up to the plate, I am so impressed by him. It would be good if a few of the senior players did the same. I'm looking at you Zokora, Keane, Berba, Jenas (more in dellusional hope than expectation with Jenas). It's them who are to blame for the poor start rather than Jol.

JGM, well done for being able to comment on a thread without having to have an unnecessarry pop at Dazza Bent. What's that... oh you did have a pop...... oh


Chump said...

10.41 - spot on! After the Sunderland debacle, I was so disgusted with the commentators constantly calling us out for our lack of creativity. I haven't heard that said once since Tommy came in for Zokora after the Sunderland debacle.

HH - great to see you so active yesterday. You can't question the loyalty of somebody so passionate and hard working in support of their team as you are.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed a few comments and am unsure on the stats side but I am sure you will find that Berbs started making his impact after Christmas. We may even find the same this season.

Also that Defoe had more starts than Keano last season, all being at the begining and when he started partnering Keano that's when he started finding the back of the net more frequently.

I always said that getting Bent was a waste of money as it was almost like for like. However, I like what Defoe does more than Bent (You can't knock him for what he did last season and with very little service, but maybe there was somthing to what someone said about him giving the ball away. Chances were that at Charlton he scored 2 and gave the ball away 3 times and it led to a goal at the other end every time.)

I personally think that Keano should come on every game after 60mins if it is not going our way. As he seems to read the game well from the sidelines and add extra imputus. Defoe & Berbs to start. Then if Defoe doesn't sign a new contract by the summer, sell him and at least he has been in the shop window to help up the price.


Anonymous said...

Here's a roumour for you all. Houghton to go and Keano as player coach. Martin Jol stays.


GRAZZA said...

Just when we all thought that Huggy Bear had cracked this "tactical substitution" malarky, it turns out that Defoe was basically hooked out of spite and Jermain Jenius was hooked because he was injured!! (source: official site)

So it wasnt even lucky - it was forced!!!! now surely the PR people could have spun that out to be a stroke of genius from BMJ?? If only to protect him slightly.

jolsgonemental said...

Jol gets to pit his tactical wits against ONeil, Allardyce and Rafa in the next couple of weeks.

lets see if he really has had a epithany.

jolsgonemental said...

or can spell epiphany correctly....

dannyboy said...


according to wikipedia, epiphany doesn't happen until January 6th!
That's our season knackered then.


GRAZZA said...

Im not sure Allardyce or O'Neill are great tacticians are they?

Allardyce: Build a team bigger and stronger than most of the others and Bully (only applies at home)

O'Neill: stick a lampost up front and launch it towards him: Heskey, Hartson, Sutton and Carew only need apply.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Nice one Grazza.


Anonymous said...

Interview with Danny Levy on Setanta Sports 1 at 6.30pm today. I won't be able to watch, but I'd love someone to get it up on this site soon after. Go on Harold, I challenge you good sir!

jolsgonemental said...

exactly grazza.

I know what they are going to do, you know what they are going to do.

lets see if jol knows what they are going to do and if he deals with it better than he dealt with Boltons one dimension.

ie. dont play to THEIR fucking strengths and negate ours jol. lets put this new found arrogance and selfbelief (see last interview) to the test, and put them to the sword in proper tottenham stylee.

trouser or mouth time.

jolsgonemental said...



that would suggest you were looking up what epiphany meant.......

dannyboy said...


I'm obviously not as intellectual as you (I had to look that up as well!)

GRAZZA said...

JGM: I agree totally, we always seem to roll over at St James though, which is annoying because they are nothing. I think we will beat Villa at home....

i look forward to "Hughtons notes" on the official site in the run up to these 2 clashes!!

GRAZZA said...

Just out of interest did anyone get to the Dome last night?

Harry Hotspur said...

Grazza, have a lovely eyewitness/ mingled with players piece for the morning courtesy of a top HH reader who has very kindly emailed in.

Anonymous said...

From the horse's mouth:

The phone rang and Mourinho was asked not to sign any agreement with Roman because Spurs wanted him for the next day and would cover any offer. He said no because Spurs are too small. Just like Klinsmann had done.

This is the truth.

Anonymous said...

i see we're pretty much at the point where no matter how well we play or begin playing, Jol is crap.

Suppose some of you have to find a way of justifying your earlier strops and avoid the possibility of having to admit you may have been wrong.

GRAZZA said...


Cheers for that Harry, thats certainly something you dont read everyday! Paints players in a different light really...