Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal: The Player Ratings

Robinson. Made some cracking saves. Sammy the Sealion then undid the good work by flapping at a fish thrown at his right fin........... with his left.


Chimbonda. MOTM Bar the stupid invisible card waving nonsense. Do these clowns not watch the telly? You get booked for this. Ran his socks off.


Dawson. In the trenches. Has to clear the ball into Row Z more.


Kaboul. Turned away from a shot like a scared, chickeny girl. Twice. Idiot. Wuss.


Lee. Hooked up with Bale well enough.


Bale. Showreel goal.


Huddlestone. Good 1st half. Wasn't enough.


Malbranque. Relatively awful.


Jenas. The only call he answered was nature.


Lennon. Wrong bl**dy wing, Jol you knuckle headed babboon.


Keane. Didn't get enough, didn't make enough.


Bent. Perhaps a better foil for Berbatov? We'll never know. 16.5 million groans.


Berbatov. Should've scored. Twice. Thanks for that spellbinding insight, Harry.


Oi Jol.

Where the hell is Taarabt? Are you saving him for rainy day? Have you looked outside recently? It's been tipping it down for over a month now.

Harry told you this lot would require ingenuity & wit.

You gave away our home advantage with a five man midfield and a lack of ambition that left me incensed.

The only tip I can give you and Hughton is if you want to look more stupid for our next game you might dress up as Mariachi Singers.

Your limited assortment of tactics are not working. They are in actual fact, countering the inherant talent that you have at your disposal.

It is true that the manager cannot be held personally responsible for the finishing of a player, but he ought be answerable for the absence of steel in a team.


frank said...

Agree with 90% of what you say particularly with regards to Jols and Hughtons responsibilties for the sticky stuff we find ourselves in. Dont agree that Taarabt is anywhere near ready to be expected to start or make a difference in the PL.

Anonymous said...

i think a 3 4 steed is out of order he worked very hard i thought he should at least get a 5. Also i agree with the fact that taarabt should be playing and lest we forget boateng who is a brilliant player

Sydney Wale said...

Looks like you have finally started drinking at the ' Jol Not Good Enough To Take Us Further' saloon. I'll be in for a pint at some point.

Anonymous said...

Cyprusyid says... The performance of the team wasn't as bad as the scoreline might suggest. We missed too many chances and that was the problem. Lee and Bale didn't connect, Berba was stuck with glue by a gooner defender during the first half, and produced little or nothing. Should have brought on Benty from 60 minutes, and Taarabt soon after. Lost chances = Lost game. I hope they turn it on against Anorthosis on Thursday. Ano FC played against their bitter rivals and only scraped thru a 1-0 result. They weren't anything special. Maybe they are saving it for Thursday. We need to beat them by 3-0 or more! Seriously. COYS!!!

Anonymous said...

also i hate jenas more than i ever did. HE IS SHIT, completely he is what makes our team awful. Jol's downfall is keeping him in the team

Anonymous said...

You Spurs fans amaze me. How old is Taarabt? 18? When you are down you need experience to drag you out. Imagine, you stick in the youngster and he performs below par in a team lacking confidence. It could destroy him. You blood them when you are 3-0 up with 20 minutes to go.

There is a huge gap between reserves football and first team football. A chasm. As big as the u-21s and the senior team, as much as the big four and the rest. I'm sure Taarabt will turn out to be a good player, as will Boateng, but when you are struggling for points you dont put in youngsters.

NYSpursFan said...

Our midfield was entirely too soft. We backed off way too much and gave Arsenal way too much possession. I don't think Robinson played poorly, as the goals originated in the midfield. Bale was hurt, so taking him off for Lennon made some sense. No way Hudd should have played that entire match. He ran out of gas, and should have been substituted much earlier. Bye bye, Jol.

Anonymous said...

Spurs played pretty well to be fair.

Still, no wins against the Gooners in the current century speaks for itself. ultimately, Spurs are intimidated by Arsenal and it always shows in teh final quarter of a game like this.

Kaboul? He should have his football licence revoked.

Anonymous said...

where are all the blind jolites now eh? dumb ,blind twats! how much more proof do you need? this bloke fucks up time and time again n still just blames everything but himself! To see the bloke on the box last night saying everything's alright n still cracking shitjokes when we just lost to the goons is just galling! as ive said over again the blokes a fraud n a con man ,give him the pay off he's waiting for n move on and do it now before we become last seasons wet spam!

Anonymous said...

steed is the problem,he choose's the wrong moments to dribble,and slows down our attacks.With tanio in and steed out, the team attack faster.Boatang and tanio hopefully get to fight for steeds spot and Lennnon's return and we have chance.COYS!!

Anonymous said...

Gooner here. As it happens I didn't come to gloat about yesterday but to make another point entirely.

It would be criminal if Jol was fired. Spurs played an exceptional football side yesterday and looked very skilful themselves. In football terms its the best Spurs side I've seen for a generation or more with real potential.

I have a feeling Levy has already decided to fire Jol - if so, that's a real pity.

daytripper said...

Wow, all season I have been the one that was very rough on the team, and now everybody is extremely critical, even the usually positive Harry, while I am feeling so positive. Harry's scores are way too low, except for Bent & Robbo.

I thought every starter on our team played an absolutely superb game (except for one), even Bale & Lee were rock solid. Arsenal slashes through every team in the world, no matter how strong the defense is. The only reason they don't score 4-5 goals every game is because they rarely play a team with a keeper as bad as ours.

The goat is clearly Robbo. You could see the team sag after he blew chunks on the first goal. Like Nani's shot, the 2nd goal would have been stopped by any other quality keeper.

Do you ever see any other keeper in the Prem allowing goals from 25+ yards? His footwork on the 2nd goal reveals why this happens to him in almost every game - he's set and waiting for the shot, but he looks almost flatfooted in his reaction as he first shifts his weight to the left and gets little, if any, push to his right as he makes his pathetic dive attempt. He is the worst keeper in the EPL right now and is absolutely killing us this year.

jolsgonemental said...


so glad you have taken time aside from molesting your kids to give us your words of wisdom.

now please fuck off.

and take darren bent with you.

Anonymous said...

course goon boy wants jol to stay ,he knows with jol in charge wenger will always dick all over him! get a proven quality manager and watch them shit thier pants!

Anonymous said...

why the hell do i bother..I'm taking up golf and watching bowls.

Anonymous said...

"he knows with jol in charge wenger will always dick all over him"

WTF are you talking about? Five fucking Spurs managers haven't beaten the Goons FFS. Why blame Jol?

daytripper said...

JGE - love ya!

I so badly want to rip Jol for this loss, but you can't really blame him for lousy goalkeeping, or 4 one on ones on Almunia with not a single goal.

Putting Lennon on the left was total madness, but the worse moves were the two that he didn't make. Steed and Tommy were awesome - they ran their butts off, made ferocious tackles & delivered wonderful, cutting passes the first 60 mins, but they were clearly looking tired at that point and would have been replaced by a coach that has a clue.

It looked like Jol was in a drug-induced stupor the whole 2nd half. Why is he still our coach? WTF is wrong with Levy?

Anonymous said...

great game - great result.

Jol on the dole (with a huge pay off) What has happened to the Spuds - I was bought up with the Spuds a force - Waddle Hoddle etc...

but now the board have messed it all up - the club will be sold and who know's then - another Fulham if you ask me.

How can tottenham really move on when the Board and Directors are only intrested in getting the 4th spot to add value to the club to be sold.

I myself think it's fooking hilarious - Up the arse!

Birbeck said...

Where's Tainio? Why does he NOT play or haven't played for ages? Is there some non-football issues between him and Jol?

Anonymous said...

Is BMJ picking Jenas or is he forced to play him?

Anonymous said...

Our problem is the two most important positions on the pitch. Both center Midfielders. Jenas is complete shit. Hudd is ok but way way to slow and relaxed. Needs to get some urgency about him. Zokora was a poor buy, not suited to PL. Our best center mid is Tainio! Play him and Boateng. What else we got to lose??? Also MENDES was a class act!

And fuck all that about Spurs played well, they didnt play at all! There was no game plan apart from sit back and soak it up! We should have lost 1-6 easy! Jol talks shit saying we were unlucky.

And also, Robbo (love the man) is a dog shit keeper!

jb said...

The difference between Martin Jol and Arsene Wenger.

Wenger " I encourage my players to play a broad expansive attacking dynamic with close support of players in possession. They must provide a variety of options to the player in possession in order to maintain pressure on the opposition. All my players must have the ability to pass the ball quickly,efficiently and accurately and must also be adept at receiving and controlling the ball with either foot.
A sharp brain, keen but controlled aggression and a tremendous enthusiam are all qualities which my players must display".

Martin Jol.. " I shit myself every timt the opposition get a corner or free kick against us ! "

jb said...

Great game at your place .
Loved the atmosphere generated by a both sets of fans.
We missed sitters.
You missed sitters.
Our goalie made a howler and was bailed out by Toure.
Your goalie made a howler and was punished.
Both of them also made great saves.

Both teams had poor players in the middle of defence.
We had Gilberto (was never a centre back)
You had Kaboul who was dreadful.
The difference was Cesc who was superb and our better fullbacks.

You scored a great goal.
We scored 2 great goals.
I honestly dont think their is any point in you dumping Jol .
You are playing some great football but need a quality midfielder and King back.
Shame about the aggro after the game but we gave as good as we got.
Shame some of your idiots have to resort to slapping kids and women.

See you at the grove !

sydney wale said...

So the addition of Tanio would have helped us beat Woolwich!

Anonymous said...

goonna here ...

most successful managers have longevity in one club ... most also suffer a bad season here and bad season there (even fergie and wenger) .. so, dont be too hasty to sack Jol b/c he has made steady progress over the last couple of years ... well, he may now be to damaged with a meddling bumbling board to be as effective as he could be ... the current spurs squad is full of potential quality, all they need is your support and confidence in them and they will come through .. well, dont know about ur going ahead of us, and hope that never happens (but then again, I am bound to feel that way .. right ?)

Anonymous said...

"So the addition of Tanio would have helped us beat Woolwich!"

Actually yes, if you remember last season Tainio bossed the midfield against the scum until he went off injured after a dirt Arsenal player stamped on him (they didn't show that on the MOTD). After that Cesc came on and they basically took us apart.

Failing Tainio (Didn't he get injured pre season?) why not give Zokora his chance this season?