Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Need Steel!

This just in from another distinguished Spurs fan, this time Dragone, Spurs Thailand.


I like Martin Jol for his man management skills and feel bad about the way the Spurs Board have treated him, but I am beginning to doubt if he is the right man for the job.

It should not be difficult to change things around the winning way with this talented Spurs team.
Indeed we have some extremely talented players, probably just missing two more players to have the perfect team. Left back (Matthew Taylor from Portsmouth) and a super tough Midfield General.

However the problem and reason why we are not in the top 4 is easy to spot.

We lack STEEL in the team. There is simply not enough fighting spirit installed into the players. In the Arsenal game you saw in the first half when Arsenal had a shot on the bar, exactly what is wrong with the team, giving space and taking a passive attitude towards the opponent when they get into the last third of the pitch. Not closing opponents down, not chasing them, and not trying to block long shots (the “Achilles Heal” for Paul Robinson).

Incredible disorganization and lack of determination when it comes to defending corners and free kicks. This is a matter a good coach (like Martin O’Neal, David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson, Big Sam Allardyce etc.) would easy install into any team.

Is Jol blind or is he just stubborn, why can’t he see what the rest of the world sees in every Spurs game. And then please throw away the defensive tactic and attack with wave after wave (like Man U).

I have heard that there is not enough physical training at the Spurs Lodge; if that is the case it should be changed immediately. It looks like Jol is making Spurs play like they were in the Dutch League, playing a more open, slower, less physical game depending only on skills; this does not work in a fast paced and extremely physical English Premier League.

Maybe they will have success in games against some European teams like in some UEFA games last year, but definitely not in English top level football. A coach like Roy Keane would probably be the ‘best medicine’ for Spurs right now.
PLEASE – before it is too late – LET US GET SOME STEEL in the Spurs team.

Thanks Dragone.


Grayspur said...

Its all well and good Jol saying 'dont worry..we have the same amount of points as we did last year' as if thats something to be proud of.Its as if he is saying despite our poor start we are guaranteed to finish just as well as we did last year.Well I am sorry but we are not!!
What is especially worrying at the moment is that where in the past White heart lane was a bit of a fortress and our away form was dire it no longer is and teams coming there will be expecting a result which gives them a head start.
There is also something drastically wrong with Spurs training methods.When Hossam Ghaly nearly went to Birmingham on transfer he gave some insight into this when he stated that doing lots of running in training was not what he was used to.I laughed at the time at his comments but on reflection he was actually referring to Tottenhams training methods where running and building up stamina seem to be a foreign concept!!This is worrying because it is plain for all to see that we are very unfit compared to most other premiership sides and against a team like Arsenal who are ultra fit it becomes embarrasingly obvious.Their dynamic movement and darting runs completely over ran us at times yesterday and considering their players,nearly 100 percent foreign imports who you thought would not have had as much passion for the big North London derby showed a commitment and hunger to win which was totally lacking from our mainly home grown players.
Also Jol must now seriously be questioned regarding his tactical awareness in situations such as set pieces.Why was Bale marking Arsenals best header of the ball for their equaliser.Where was Dawson or Kaboul who have far more physical presence?
And once again Robinson showed up his frailties at set pieces commiting himself to come for the ball ,completely missing it and ending up a yard futher upfield then the scorer.
Its all well and good saying give them time they will come good.I dare say we will win a few games in the near future.However that does not cure what I see as fundamental problems within the team involving fitness levels and tactical awareness and ability to out think an opposing manager at a particular stage of the game.It seems that in every game we are there for the taking in later stages of matches.Teams like Everton,Villa,Newcastle,West Ham and Blackburn to name but a few are currently well ahead of us in those departments I have mentioned which is why I am beginning to get really worried this season because we dont seem to have the nous or the ability or even the desire to learn from our mistakes.It is for these reasons that I say with a heavy heart that Jol has to be replaced sooner rather than later..before we get sucked into a relegation battle which is looking very likely the way things are going.The bottom line is,being a nice man does not make you a great manager

Anonymous said...

good email.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

I can almost hear it now: "We are too good to go down".

wizzbang said...

his position is untenable, he should go asap.
but the board are in a sticky situation, they can't just sack him and put houghton as caretaker as he seems part of the problem.
sacking him and bringing in someone new as caretaker might look too knee jerk, they will be slated for not having a replacement lined up BUT if they sack him and immediately bring in a replacement they will get the same backlash as recently with ramos for going behind his back etc.
2 things might work, coming clean over jols antics this past year, hinted at this morning on the sunday supplement, approaching other premiership sides or another in holland, OR appointing clive allen as caretaker till things cool off and there has been a reasonable amount of time to get the replacement and new team in.
its sort of damned if they do and damned if they don't.
personally, i'd like to see jol go this afternoon and lippi brought in tomorrow, unlikely i know

Anonymous said...

Is it really so that we have to keep Jenas, Malbranque and Robinson in the squad ALL THE TIME? Even though Robinson keeps sucking 1-2 easy goals in every game, and even though Jenas & Malbranque should not be even on the bench! I can't understand why somebody sees these two as quality players!? Is it because they have 1-2 short good moments per game?

Spurs is missing tough guys on the midfield squad, but at least - for example - Zokora and Tainio are GOOD players, not superb but GOOD. What the heck is happening? Why they've been moved aside? Tainio has not even been on the bench lately?!? Look at this playing: when he has the ball he plays FORWARD! Not always making the easy pass, _but_ makes it when it is needed. Plus he's a tiger on the defence direction. Almost the same with Zokora (he only should understand that he's a terrible shooter).

Jol, do some changes! LOOK what's happening on the field. Or someone, throw MJ out. Maybe it really is the time for him to fly away...


dannyboy said...

Right. Shock horror. I've changed my mind. It pains me to say it, but Jol isn't the man for the job. After something like 27 games in 3 seasons against the 'top 4' we have won one; not good enough. On paper, we have a title winning team. They play like a championship team, which must be down to the manager. Secondly, I've been wanting to see his bollocks for ages, even when we score show some emotion man; I reckon he must have been castrated.

Thanks for bringing us this far Martin, but time to move on and let a quality man take charge before it's too late. 6 games in is plenty of time to rescue the season, but not by him. Sorry mate. You're a lovely guy, but maybe that's half the problem. Give me someone who is confrontational, controversial and who will roll his sleeves up and fight.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Jol isn't the man for the job. It seems most people agree on that after the last showing. But would sacking him right now do any good? The fact is we know what he can achieve. He's put us within touching distance of the Champions League twice. The best thing to do is give him the season - if he feels he's messed up, he'll leave because he's a honest, humble guy. Then he'll go straight into the Holland national job. That's when we should look for a replacement, not now. If we sack him now, we'll be in a world of pain. At least the players are behind him, and that is one thing I am holding as a positive. We'll push up the league.

dannyboy said...

....and another thing, if we can all see the problems, why the feck can't he? Sigh. If he lasts another week, don't be fooled by the 5-0 thrashing we'll more than likely give to the Cypriots on Thursday.

My prediction - if he's still in charge next weekend, lose to Bolton and he's gone. Sigh.

jolsgonemental said...

wise words dannyboy, possibly your wisest ever. took you a year mind. welcome home.

A wise man once said the best thing we could do last season was to replace Jol before the start of the new campaign.

That wise man was a fucking visionary legend.

But too late now. we have fucked it up.

This was our final fling, our chance to get a seat at the top table before champions league and larger stadium money pulled the clubs above us out of our reach possibly forever.

Ironic really that you have all been singing 'i love martin jol' whilst he systematically strangled the life out of any chance we had. He has installed a fear of success or achievement in the team rarely seen outside of our national side.

you dicks. singing love songs to our executioner.

Now watch us slip away back to midtable nothingness again.

jolsgonemental said...

A laughing stock.

bought to you by Martin Jol

and Chris fucking Armstrong Mk2.

How many times can we be fleeced for millions by shitty south london clubs.

History does indeed repeat itself.

Looking foreword to the new Doherty and Iverson. Kaboul is making an early claim.

Anonymous said...

Sorry....but you're idiots. All this hysterical clamoring for Jol's head is just tedious. If Berbatov had done his job yesterday (and against Manchester United for that matter) would you all be sat on here slating the manager? Of course'd be proclaming him a ledgend. So get some perspective.....or at least a bit of consistency and call for Berbatov's sacking too.

Anonymous said...

I onfess to also having "crossed the line" with BMJ.
Yesterday was as comprehensive a summation of the problems at WHL.
Naive tactics - manmark Fabregas FFS, HE IS THE KEY TO THE GOONS!! - negative attitiude as soon as we scored and paper-thin confidence.
At 1-1 the heads almost visibly dropped.
Finally, my other major criticism of Jol's management/personality - way too indecisive with his substitutions.
Bent should have been on BEFORE they equalised. He would have stretched their back line in a way that Keane can never do and would have created more space for Berbatov.
I don't blame him for the miss; he had about 10 minutes, broke through twice and didn't run offside. Unlike Keane/Berbatov who were off EIGHT TIMES previously.
Someone has got to get to grip off what is a hugely talented group of players, develop a structure and discipline, a TEAM structure, and inject some belief into a bumch of guys who clearly do not believe they are worthy, to the point that it has become a self-fulfilling prophesy.
I just wish I knew who that man was.
Wouldn't say no to either Roy Keane or Mark Hughes, but why would they, even if they were available...
Ramos sounds like a seductive option, but not at all sure about either of the Italian candidates, neither of whom, I think, speaks English.
Not another Santini, please.

dannyboy said...

anon 2.42

Ok - Berbatov should be sold for £40 million to ManUSA and invest that in 2 world class midfielders. Defoe, Keane and Bent to battle for 2 places up front with Barnard recalled from Crewe as well. Not such a bad idea actually.


shanemac said...

Can we discuss what kind of an impact sacking the beloved Jol would have on the players' morale? Can you imagine Jenas' face when he hears the news? I think he might actually break down in tears.

Anonymous said...

Jol and co (i.e. Chris Hughton + others), must get the players playing as a team:

* closing down the opposition

* hard to break down

* fit

* passing

* movement

If they fail to get the team to do all of this, then should be sacked.

Sadly, evidence so far has shown a complete absence of all of these qualities.

Summerspur said...

many many wise words after the event, but i have to agree with anon 2 42, players that know better and are better, let jol, us and themselves down.
we do not have a divine right to break top 4 just because we are spurs, its gonna be bloody hard work as the top 4 are good sides in the best league in the world.

it was berbatov who missed a sitter at 1 - 0 not jol, if that had gone in I'm sure we would all be singing jols praises, quite justifiably too, as we played OK against a team, who no matter what we think of em are half decent.

some non English speaking, flash harry in a suit worse than anything santini donned with nothing to loose, trying his hand in English prem, rubbing his hands at the thought of a 4 year 2million a year really is the last thing we need right now.

Anonymous said...

got a bad feeling about Cyprus

something really bad is about to happen

dannyboy said...

Lazy Sunday afternoon. I just looked at the league table; 7 points off top 4 with only 6 games gone. That's the reality. We're shit. 40million spent - what a waste. Jol out. There, said it again. Replace him with Jolsgonemental !!! Altogether now - Jolsgonesmental's blue and white army, etc.

jolsgonemental said...


been in a coma?

not been following the season so far?

Anonymous said...

get rid of chris 'yes boss' hughton. there's a common theme in all of the recent failed managers. we need someone in the changing room that'll give the lazy b*stards a kicking when they can't be arsed to run.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be an area between the centre circle and penalty box where our team fear to tread, especially when the opposition are on the ball. 350million squillion shots from range and some are bound to go in. Why do teams get given so much space all the time? Most goals from range against us this season have gone unchallenged and not been closed down. It's like we're saying "go on, have a crack" to everyone. And they do. Until that gaping whole is filled, there'll be plenty more.

Anonymous said...

Consistent bad defending by the defenders and Midfield + lack of points and only beating a rubbish Derby team = should mean the sack for Jol.

Ghaly recently claimed that the Spurs players only do ball work, no running.

Kanoute recently said that the trainig at Spurs was not good enough. And that traing was much better at Seville

This season Sevile are going to play Champion league footy, after winning the UEFA Cup for the past two seasons

We meanwhile are areadly in a relegation fight - no wonder the Spurs Board tried to tempt Ramos to replace Jol.

With four losses out of 6 games.

Jol is a dead man walking. The Spurs board should hurry up and find a new manager to replace the incompetent Jol: i.e.

* players not closing down the opposition

* like butter to break down

* clearly unfit, i.e cannot last 90 mins and conceeding 2nd half goals.

* rubblish passing i.e too much long balls

* lack of movement

* timing and use of subs!!!

* lack of keeping the team in an organisation shape!!!

* lack of fitness!!!

* Subbing the left backs, when clearly midfield is getting tired!!!

* but why are they getting tired? What is going on in training?

* worst of all bollock excuses from Jol. i.e, finishing the key! What about all the issues that Ive identified above!!!!

We have heard various managers who spout excuses as to why their team lost and is near the botom of the table over the years, and Jol is now shounding like one of them!!

Enough said, Jol must be sacked!!!!

Anonymous said...

we need a Cesc Fabregas
that is all
and the muppet who said sell Berbatov is an idiot.

dannyboy said...

anon 7.56

I said sell Berbatov for 40Million, read the comments I make in full.
Dannyboy - remember the name.

Harry Hotspur said...

Go on DB!

Anonymous said...

yeh yeh lets sack jol, its all his fault, we deserve top 4 cos we on paper should be, yeh jol is useless man........

idiots, the lot of quick u turn on him after all he has done, how quick you want to cull the best manager we've had in donkeys...

sad pathetic, knee jerk bullshit that unfortunately too many spurs fans always churn out when things are a bit rocky.
We've only played 6 games..twats the lot of ya.

Anonymous said...

Its easy, if we had one central midfielder as good as say Berbs is up front or Ledley (remember him?) is at the back, we would challenge for a top 4 spot. But we dont, and we wont have for some time to come in my opinion.

Martin Jols biggest mistake (and I still love the guy) has been to stand by Jenas. We cannot move forward with JJ at the heart of our team and there is no one in the club any better than him. So we are screwed.

I wouldnt mind but I've been say the same FUCKING thing for 2 years now! I dont care about left backs or right wingers or even £16.5m strikers, without a brilliant central midfielder in this league you stand no chance.

We'll finish anywhere between 5th and 9th at least 10 points away from 4th.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why at 1-1, we left Malbranque on the pitch (wasn't having a great game) and subbed off Bale (good game and a natural defender) to put Lennon on on the left where he is more ineffectual!?

Tom The Yid said...

Jol may well been gone by now if it wasn't for rounds and rounds of "Blue & White Army" and "I love martin jol" not to mention petitions and what not.

When are you eejits that still back Jol going to see that Jol constantly employs a tactic that has rarely worked not to mention cost us a good few points last season as well as this season. Two fifth place finishes, fair enough. But its not like he wasn't given plenty of finance to build a squad of that calibre. He has done well to bring us this far, but he won't take us further and at the moment we're going backwards. Don't give me this shit about a young and inexperienced team either. Arsenal had just that at the weekend.

Stop being sentimental because Jol's a 'nice bloke' if he talks frank or uses a load of hilarious irony in an interview some spurs fans seem to think he is a great bloke and they never want him to go. The facts are infront of you and this news of him being here for another 6 games is horrific enough, let alone being given til the end of the season.


Sam said...

Whatever anyone thinks of Jol long term, his treatment of Lennon last season and on Saturday is just baffling. Our one player who can go at the them and change the game in the last 20, he sticks him on the left where he is forced to cut inside, and the whole ground has to watch as he gets passed the ball three times in 25 minutes. Unbelievable. He has done nothing to suggest he likes playing on the left, so why stick him there?

Anonymous said...

This talk is really starting to do my head in. I HATE being a YID sometimes, not cause of my team...but cause of the fans! We are not in that bad shape..Jesus I remember the old times and we are a better team for Jol. If a new manager comes in...he is going to want to spend his own money and given that Jol has spent over £100m ...who is going to pay for the new outlay of players....the fans! Prices will go up to accomodate...stick with Jol...he will come good!

Anonymous said...

Even if you get 10-0 with the 3rd rate Cypriots, how does that do anything for you? You did the same with Derby. What then?

Yes, Jol is part of the problem but Berbs is the other part. What's wrong with him? Nothing, he tells us. But all the world sees otherwise.And Jol simply isn't good enough.

Tom The Yid said...

Sign The Petition!!!!

Get Jol Out.

Jolsgonementalsgonemental said...

Hey Jolsgonemental, could you be more negative? Oh actually, looking at your posts, you probably can't.