Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal : AUTOPSY VIDEO

Here then are all the goals...

This is how Adebayor lost his marker with ease...

Can anyone tell me. Is Paul Robinson right or left handed? Does he know?

And lastly, here is Robinson palming thin air, two foot to the left of the path the ball actually took. This time he opted for his right hand.


Anonymous said...

That's it for me...the fat man has to not pass can collect £2 million as it will be worth it to get rid of you.

And please, no whining, whingeing posts about well we were in the same poistion last year...we need continuity (we have had it - the same cra* for the past three years)'s not Jol's fault etc. etc.

Look at the Arsenal team...basically a bunch of nobodies mostely but Wenger has made them into a team that outplayed us without even trying and with 4 1st team selections injured. What a joke.

Go fat man go!

Anonymous said...

as much as it pains me to say this as i think paul robinson is a hugely overrated keeper and shouldn't be anywhere close to the england no.1 shirt or even that of a top 5 club. but you can't just blame him for all the goals. admittedly, adebayor's 1st was entirely robinson's fault. he didn't even come close to that corner. i feel he could have done a bit better with fabregas' goal but if your defence are gonna stand off a player of his class and form and give him time and space to shoot, then you're asking for trouble. and as for arsenal's third, i think any keeper would have had difficulty dealing with that strike. it was simply unstoppable. so before you go blame your No. 1, remember your back 4 have a lot to answer for.

Tom The Yid said...

It was always destined to happen, Jol's 'sit back' tactic was in place 30 mins into the 1st half. Jenas for once was making the tackles, but once he did he seemed to think his job was done and didn't challenge further for the ball. Keane is not on form at the moment, and Bent should have started. As for Berbatov, he wasn't at his best but he didn't have the support he needed.

The last quarter of the game Malbranque was dead on his feet, but Jol insisted on keeping him on, not to mention once again playing Lennon on the left, supposedly to 'wrong foot' the opposing right back. Lennon then has to either cross with his weaker foot, or lead in with his weaker foot. If Bale, an obvious attacking threat, came off for a reason other than tactically, then that is unjustifiable.

Probably for the best that we lost, at least now the board (and hopefully more fans) will see Jol's weaknesses clearly for what they are. Get him out.

Did anyone else see the gooner scum in on of the shelfside boxes? What a prick.

Anonymous said...

come on you spurs hahaha seriously though if both sides had taken their chances this could have gone either way and was a great match for neutrals with football played the right by by both sides (something liverpool and man u didnt manage today) and by the sounds of things not too much arguing with the ref intimidating officials etc, jol is a likeable manager and has done god things at spurs and i hope he doesnt lose his job on the basis of 6 games, the league would be a poorer place.

Ian Tandy said...

Robinson made a mistake for the first goal but otherwise saved many more efforts. It wasn't his fault Spurs lost. Spurs are letting far too many goals in due to being crap at defense. Thats ok if they score more goals than they let in but alas they are not. What they lack is a quality midfield player like Glen Hoddle. Unless they buy one I cannot see them ever qualifying for the Champions League.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Personally I think the second was tough to get, and the third was past him before he could get close to it, but the first was a mistake and is enough to incur my annoyance at him. If you come out you must get it, otherwise they may have scored anyway but you dont come out and miss it. Everyone knows about this now with him and crosses and the ball was placed perfectly for him to be shown up yet again. Hate to say it but I think he needs to be replaced. I cant see how anyone can have the confidence in him any more.

Sheikh Gareemi Nahan said...

I've backed Jol throughout all the bad times and I still do in part. I'm just sick fed up with the same old shit: throwing away leads, flapping at crosses etc. Players are as much to blame as Jol. Board is more to blame than either aforementioned parties. The Carrick saga is testament to that.

The question is: If Capello or Lippi or Ramos inherited the current squad, would they be able to improve us, bearing in mind they don't speak English and don't know the squad?

Over to you Sir Harold...

Tom The Yid said...

Robinson is playing badly, but if you've got a defensive tactic in place for most of the game, and your midfield can't win the ball so your defence are constantly under pressure, then the goals would have came anyway. The first was poor from Robbo, but also marking. Personally thought he made some very good saves. The midfield made our defence look shite.

Harry Hotspur said...

Harry will be filing his Autopsy Report in full tomorrow.

In the interim I'd love to hear from those who were there....

Just one point to ponder - what the **** was Kaboul playing at???? Turning like a girl???

I could weep.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

simple fact is that the board along wiv commoli f*cked up in the summer!!! y buy a striker 4 16.5mill wen last season we scored 60+ goals. they bought in an area we didnt need strengthening n now defoe cant even make the bence. wot dey should of done is used dat money 2 buy WESLEY SNEIJDER way b4 real madrid got him. jol is 2 blame 4 robinsons stupid mistakes n den berba beating the keeper but cant score. the PLAYERS need to look @ themselves. no doubt evry1 wil b excited cum 10 o'clock thursday wen we giv a second rate team a spanking but it wont cover over the tracks.

dannyboy said...

we're shit and we know we are. after watching them goals - where oh where was the closing down ? ffs - schoolboy errors. get fucking nasty spurs, show some bollocks about you. jesus fucking christ, what a bunch of spineless nancy boys. the defending was disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Pro-Jol poster here.

Jol has to go. Played for the draw when they scored, Why not go for it with bringing Bent on for Keano? Nope, because of his negativity, he blew it. Lennon on the left? What the hell is all that about? Shame, I like Jol, but at the moment, I just like the man. Who's next for the managers position?

Anonymous said...

I think Jol is too much the nice guy, you would'nt see fergie or wenger putting up with players who are not giving their all. Arsenal are a proper team now and not a one man team (Henry).

Robinson is overated and should not be playing for spurs, let alone england. The first goal definately his mistake, the other two defense mistakes, but they were classy.

Tom The Yid said...

Thing is, even if Jol goes, the manager that came would have to be a 'yes' man to fit in with the whole Commoli census. Most top managers won't work with it (I'm suprised Mourinho does, and there's been arguments there). So get ready for the next man who'll just be a tactical front for Commoli and The board. I think I want rid of The board more than I do Jol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos.

16.5m for darren bent? Henry sold too cheaply to Barca? More likely We paid too much for you!

'Arsenal must show premier league pedigree'- Jol. Ya look what happens when they do.

Sometimes I wish our players and coaches will just shut up.

herdee string said...

cheers harry for da goals.

my oh my girls...eighteen games...

god we are good. in fact we ain´t just good, we are great.

our team cost less than two darren bent´s...he looks a good buy incidentally.

wow...spurs really do suck.

have a good night chaps. i will.

Anonymous said...

Ou est le midfielder defensive, Monsieur Commoli?

FYI lads, Jol didn't miss three sitters like Berbatov and Bent. Berba played like he was bigger than the club...Huddlestone was invisible and very, very, very slow. Top notch play by The Shawshank Redemption..shows what the threat of jail does for you.

Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute.. i may only just be home and drying out but Robinson kops too much.

Here's the game from my seat:

Robbo - String of fine saves / interventions throughout, making the lead at 45 a flattery.
Two of his standard out too soon fucks up.

Pascal - Fine Game. Remains a class act. One beautiful assist which should have been netted.

Lee - Always linking up.. Still always looking to run at them rather than pass back. That's to be commended. But still the most woeful of crosses beyond reason.

Dawson / Kaboul - Didn't work. Huge pressure, but didn't work. Dawson always making some massive saves but clearing straight to the scum every time !!

Steed - Should be playing for a mediocre mid-table side. Bloody hell,, 6 games in he is.

JJ - Ran and Ran. And as far as tackles went.. he was the Midfield. Still one of our most gifted players. Still putting in some hopeless corners. He deserves far better than.

Huddlestone - Was i watching Mido.
Saddens me to say he is way off the pace, is not the right foil for JJ and a big reason why they seemed to be playing exhibition footall against us middle park and gave defence so much trouble.

Bale - Thank Heaven.

Berbatov / Keane.
Keane worked hard and cares. Dimi's touch is like gold.

Great to see Aaron. Though it took 15 minutes for him to see the ball.

Bent - There were 34,000 people in the ground who could've put that away. Nevermind the overhead / header.

I won't slag MJ. He's a good man after glory.

And we did anything but back off.. look at the chances spurned. We were massively outplayed in the middle yet again. So his time may well be nigh.. 1st match in charge at home.. last match in charge. Shakespeare would love it.

Ultimately, Woeful.
And Mismatch of the Day.

jolsgonemental said...

uncannily predictable.

half our players dont seem to know where they should be playing or what the game plan is.

dont know why I said half. I mean all.

do we do any defensive work in training? we were opened up time and again with ease.

You know who i blame.

1 win in 25 games against top4? Must be the worst record of any Spurs manager? best since billy nick my arse.

Surely the last remaining Jol fans have left the building.

Lennon on the fucking left?

Jolsgonemental said...

We played a back four of Chimbonda, Kaboul, Dawson, YPL with Paul Robinson behind. These are not mugs.

Yet, it is routinely shown up as the most poorly functioning backline in the whole of the league.

conceded 3 goals 3 times already this season.

Some nobs may whinge about who we should have signed or shouldnt have. Bollocks, no amount of players can plug the gaps in Jols tactics.

We have a squad more than good enough to compete. (apart from maybe Darren Bent..)

Anonymous said...

That was fucking hilarious-the video is labelled 'How Ade lost his marker' and at the start of it you have stewards taking a bloke away!

Jean-Michel said...

I thought Robinson was pretty damn good for you guys apart for the mistake on the first goal.

But honestly, you should keep Jol. You'll never get anywhere if you keep changing managers all the time. He's a good one. If you stand by him through the tough times, it'll pay off in the end. But if you dump him, then you're just starting over, once again.

It gets rid of some of the frustration, but it doesn't lead anywhere.

Anyway, it's your team, do what you like it's none of my business.

Good luck for the rest of the season

Anonymous said...

"Look at the Arsenal team...basically a bunch of nobodies mostely"


Anonymous said...

monkey jiz

Anonymous said...

It takes time and trust to get where Arsenal, manager and team are today...
. too bad Tottenham Hotspurs board is only in it to cash in... manager,team and fans will suffer until tottenham is sold to a descent leadership.
Too fu*cking bad those are very, very rare today.

jolsgonemental said...

go on then get dick van dyke in.

he cant be 'unlucky' ALL the time.

im not even that angry, we all knew that if we scored we would try and fail to hold on ...[again and again and again...]

its gone from being annoying into ridiculous and now plain boring.

we wont qualify for europe this year,also come next year we will be less berbs, defoe, chimbonda.

back to square one, Jols great legacy. jobs a good 'un. cheers mate.

Anonymous said...

things are not getting better with Berbs: no passion or commitment, Sky Sports said

not yet, not footballwise anyway

what a way to start wearing a wedding ring...

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Almost too painful to blog. An irreversable trend of schoolboy defending, goalkeeping errors, obsessive loyalty in team selection and substitutions that beggar belief.

Let's be realistic and write off the season, move Jol out now before the unbelievable thought of a relegation dog fight becomes a reality and put Clive Allen in charge until we get the permanent replacement.

Vinny said...

Well, before today I had said I'm behind Jol being the man to succeed IF he's capable...I think today's answered my own and many peoples questions today, Im afraid NOT.

The same old naivity, negativity and lack of general invention or positivity to bury a game that could so easily have been ours. I was screaming for Lennon to come on instead of inviting pressure after pressure...for fuck sakes we were at home!!!

Already lacking in creativity we decide to try and "grind" out a win???...what the fuck I thought we were the ones who are supposed to be renowned for style and class...the scum clearly showed us up there.

How many times did they get through the middle losing our midfielders who were bamboozled by their superior passing and moving.

Even our embarrassing riches of top strikers could not save MJ today, and instead of finishing the scum off could have instead finally finished off MJ's reign.

MJ I'm sorry mate, instead of constantly blaming bad luck, unfortunate goalkeeping and lack of finishing, everyone knows you make your own luck when you deserve things.

This time YOU have to take full responsibility for this embarrasing day.

Anonymous said...

Clive Allen anyone?

61, never again.. said...

I thought you lot fancied your chances this year at catching The Arsenal ? You might wanna focus your attention on catching West Ham instead..

Sadly, for you lot, your players seemed to believe the hype just as much as you lot did.

Altogether now... "one nil and you f****d it up"

sean k said...

jolsgonemental wot the fuck are you talking about routinely shown up we havent played the same defence once this season!! although you are right about being predictable im as pissed off as anyone how did they miss those chances berbs & bent bottled it, wot do they need an open goal!!!

sean k said...

On another point yes things are bad but you dont have to get all worked up . . have a little faith 4 f***s sake or you just gonna act whingeing b***es, we were just unlucky REALLY unlucky but theres no need to cry about it as much as it pisses me off and everyone else i was smacking the walls when berbs bent n keane missed those chances i mean we cant be this unlucky all the time, at least i hope not.

sean k said...




Anonymous said...

im sorry but you cant blame robinson for r defences shit performance 2day berbatov hit the balll u bulgarian twat dont walk it in to the net u cunt

Anonymous said...


Shanemac said...

I'm not sure how you can put the onus on Robinson for this one. The only goal you can really blame him for was the first one. He probaby should have either stayed on his line or stepped up to the cross quicker, but then we've been useless at defending set pieces dating back to last year. From a defensive standpoint, Kaboul and Dawson had pretty solid games (Kaboul was pretty pathetic with the ball past the half line). With the exception of Adebayor's second and the one shot off the cross bar by Diaby, they dealt with every play into the box quite well. I think it's like you said, Harry, we needed to take this game by the scruff of its neck and we just didn't do it. Our effort today would've been good enough against most teams, but not against the top four. If you think about it, no one individual played a terrible game, the collective just was not good enough to beat a top four side. I've never been a proponent of changing managers during the season, but our progress has clearly stagnated. Whose fault is it? Why am I feeling nostalgic for the Carrick days?


Anonymous said...

If you go to the Spurs website it says:

Martin Jol pinpointed Arsenal's clinical finishing as the difference between the sides as the Gunners left the Lane with all three points on Saturday.

What game was hew watching?

He has been spouting a lot of rubbish recently on whats wrong!!!

But what is wrong is his management of the team:

* timing and use of subs!!!

* lack of keeping the team in an organisation shape!!!

* lack of fitness!!!

* Subbing the left backs, when clearly midfield is getting tired!!!

* but why are they getting tired? What is going on in training?

In summary, Jol must be sacked with immediate effect!!!

Anonymous said...

If these results are not a sacking offence then I do not what is!!!!

11/08 Sunderland (Away) Lost 1-0

14/08 Everton (Home) Lost 3-1

18/08 Derby (Home)Won 4-0

26/08 Man Utd (Away) Lost 1-0

01/09 Fulham (Away) Drew 3-3

15/09 Arsenal (Home) Lost 3-1

Anonymous said...


You are amazing!, you have singled out Paul Robinson as the only player at fault for all the current problems

So what you want is a new goal keeper who saves every single shot and never lets a goal in.

That's amazing, with that we won't even need a defence.

Have you ever thought about being a manager rather than an overweight fan?

Harry Hotspur said...


Have you ever thought of waiting for a match review and player ratings before you decide my verdict?

And are you are clearly at s loose end, so are you able to answer the question?

Is Robbo left handed or right handed?

Anonymous said...

We sucked, I know we did. But it's not like the lads didn't try. Losing to the Arse is bloody painful, but I still think sacking Jol is like shitting in your own sandwich.

True. It's about time he learnt from his mistakes, and his subs were... well, questionable to say the least. But who would replace Jol? We'll end up with another Santini situation looking back at the glorious times of Jol when we could get results and actually play attacking football.

I can't defend Jol's shortcomings any more than our defense can defend a cross in, but I really don't like the instant turn against Jol like we're seeing. We have started this campaign slowly, no doubt, just like last season, but we have some brilliant players. And these players are behind the big man. We should do the same.

Jol knows, he absolutely knows, if he doesn't already, that he's not going well at the moment. But he's a big, honest guy. He'll be working to sort this fetid mess out.

Once we get a few results on the board, which is inevitable, we'll feel a little better. I can understand why how Spurs supporters feel tonight, but imagine how MJ feels. We'll get there. We'll fucking get there. And Jol knows it's upto him. He's proven he has ability - let's give him a chance. Let's take off those Arse tinted glasses, and wait. Changing the manager now would be suicide. What happened to Charlton last year?

Anonymous said...

Match of the Day, has show our problems at defending i.e. being wide open and not closing down. Shippng too many goals.

What the hell is Jol & co doing. This is just not good enough!! Face facts it really is time for him to go.

Anonymous said...

The table never ever lies!!!!

The Spurs Board should Sack Jol before things get any worse!!!

17th Tottenham
Home Away
P W D L F A W D L F A GD Pts
6 1 0 2 6 6 0 1 2 3 5 -2 4

18th Reading
P W D L F A W D L F A GD Pts
6 1 0 2 2 5 0 1 2 1 5 -7 4

19th Bolton
P W D L F A W D L F A GD Pts
6 1 0 2 5 5 0 0 3 2 6 -4 3

20th Derby
P W D L F A W D L F A GD Pts
5 0 1 1 3 4 0 0 3 0 11 -12 1

Mental_Micky said...

He's right handed. And to be honest Harry, your post would probably make most people think you're blaming Robinson.

Of course, it's really our awful defending as a TEAM that's our real problem, as I've said in countless threads before.

Anonymous said...

1:02 Hahaha you mug! The table never lies, that's brilliant. I think that saying is supposed to be used at the end of a season, or are you the type of fan that thinks that after even one game?
That's classic, I've read some stupid comments in my time but that has to be the most ridiculous statement in the history of the internet. Well done mate!

Harry Hotspur said...

The video clips weren't doctored.

This isn't an evictee from Big Brother claiming to have been stitched up by the editing...

The ball was nearer one hand than the other and Sammy the Sealion took it upon himself to flap at the fish with his opposite fin.

Case closed.

Was today entirely Robbo's fault?

No,of course not. But very few have come on here and disputed that Adebayor was lethal and I implied that with the clips too.

Anonymous said...

If these results are not a sacking offence then I do not what is!!!!

11/08 Sunderland (Away) Lost 1-0

14/08 Everton (Home) Lost 3-1

18/08 Derby (Home)Won 4-0

26/08 Man Utd (Away) Lost 1-0

01/09 Fulham (Away) Drew 3-3

15/09 Arsenal (Home) Lost 3-1

Anonymous said...

If you go to the Spurs website it says:

Martin Jol pinpointed Arsenal's clinical finishing as the difference between the sides as the Gunners left the Lane with all three points on Saturday.

What game was hew watching?

He has been spouting a lot of rubbish recently on whats wrong!!!

But what is wrong is his management of the team:

* timing and use of subs!!!

* lack of keeping the team in an organisation shape!!!

* lack of fitness!!!

* Subbing the left backs, when clearly midfield is getting tired!!!

* but why are they getting tired? What is going on in training?

In summary, Jol must be sacked with immediate effect!!!

Anonymous said...


Today was entirely Jol's fault:

* team organisation. i.e. serious lack of keeping a organised shape on the pitch

* being wide open, defenders and midfield. Not closing down.

* strange timing and use of subs ,

* team fitness,

* use of players

* serious lack of points

* throwing games away

Jol will be sacked for sure by Monday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Been a big fan of Jol's. But one thing i remembered tonight (and I remember it well) was when he took over he stated all about a 3 year plan!! Here we are 3 years give or take later and same. Thats why the board are looking elsewhere. Good bloke not the man for SPURS

Anonymous said...

Look, at this point the only think we're really playing for this year is the chance to keep Berbatov. I think we should start taking risks like putting in the young ones and give them some experience so they can shine next year.

Tom The Yid said...

Sorry but you eejits still saying to have faith in Jol are living in a dram land. He wants the best for us which is fair enough but Martin (the nice guy) Jol is an ideal manager for the likes of Fooham or West Spam. Anyone who slags him out of this seasons results is a dickhead. Jol showed he didn't have it after Sheff U Vs Spurs. I say us Spurs fans all pledge money in for Jol's sacking. Either way, stop singing that eejits name then maybe the board will have the bottle to get nrid of the prick

Anonymous said...

Marcelo Lippi + talented young north african player + quality team lacking a playmaker = glory for Juventus

Lippi + talented young north african player often compared to above talented young north african player + quality team lacking a playermaker = ?

That may be rather oversimplified but dreams are all we can hold on to in these dark times.

Arsenal Fan said...

although todays result was not completley to be blamed on your keeper, he's still shite and you'd be better off without him.

and personally, i hope you DO sack Jol, because you'll be much worse off without him, he's gotten you closer to the top 4 than you will ever be for the last 2 why of a sudden is he shit? sure, you've had some abd results of late, but it's still early on.

the reason you lost today is because you were played off the park by a very good team, and your midfeild was torn to peices, especially by a certain 'cesc fabregas'.

cesc's goal and ade's second were unsaveable and robinson could have done nothing. to be honest guys...was the result of today ever in doubt?

enjoy your season =] lol

Anonymous said...

Another CRAZY GAME !Jol really should go..this is bad man..i thought last season was a nightmare,but seems to me this season is even worst after spending so much money on players like BENT!? Defence is like crap..don't really knwo what they are doing..Goalkeeper is also like shit.Those goons don't even have their their star players and they kick out butt once again.Shit you jol! Change Jenas and change Robinson and use your sub properly.That might save your a$$ from getting fired or so !

Fab4 said...

I'm not on here to gloat, chaps so don't get your backs up.

A lot of you are complaining that Jol put Lennon on the left wing instead of the right, but in a way, I think that was the better option. On the right he would have faced Clichy, who is just as fast as him, and has kept him quiet on several occasions. On the left he was up against Sagna, who was already on a yellow. Your problem was, he did not see enough of the ball.

Robinson was definitely at fault for our first goal, but not for the other 2. Our finishing was just as woeful as yours for much of the game.

Sacking Jol would not help you now. You need continuity. And a play maker in midfield. I can't understand why you keep buying a whole load of new players every season, instead of letting the ones you have continue. If you come 5th 2 years running why buy lots of new players and have to start all over again?

jolsgonemental said...

I cant believe we have bought Chris Armstrong again.

I think Jol is trying to emulate the glory years of 98-99.

And we kept 6 clean sheets last year or something like that...we have conceded 11 goals in 6 games this season and it is not Jols fault?

Tottenham are unravelling. No Europe this season will ensure we return back to finishing 10-14th every year.

Mark my words Berbs, Chimbonda and Defoe wont be here next year, King is finished. How long will Lennon, Dawson etc hang around for?

Come next season we will be left with Keane and Armstrong and a couple of panic buys to lead our line.

Would have been difference if we got rid of Jol preseason rather than wallow in sentimentality.

Begeegs said...

You lot are really harsh on your team. You did have a lot of chances, but didn't finish them.

You can blame Msr. Comelli as he was the one who bought Bent and not a creative midfielder and the defensive midfielder that you needed. Jol is working with what he has and he can't turn water into wine.

If you sack Jol, with your current fickle environment, you will not get a top class manager. No one is going to come when Comelli is buying the players.

jolsgonemental said...

why are there gooner posts on here?

jolsgonemental said...

the jollickers are clutching at straws now.

its comollis fault aparently.

nothin to do with jol. nope. not me guv, never touched it.

have you seen our league fixture list coming up. fuck me we are in trouble.

Fab4 said...

jolsgonemental - the reason I saw this site was because it was on our newsnow site.

Mental_Micky said...

Gaping holes in central midfield (Hudd is not the player we all hoped for), central defenders who continuously back off and have no idea that there are offensive strikers in their penalty box (both Dawson and Kabaul guilty)and our very own 'quality' strikers missing pretty much open goals.....

Yes, I can see why you all think it's Jol's fault we lost against Arsenal.

Of course Jol makes mistakes, his tactical errors are legendary. Yesterday his mind boggler was taking off Bale for Lennon.

I've said it before, but people need to watch the game and criticise their favourite players when they fuck up as well as their current favourite whipping boy, instead of just passing the blame for everything that goes wrong on Jol/Robinson.

Berbatov should have scored twice yesterday, Keane and Bent once each. Dawson and Kaboul were nowhere for all 3 of Arsenal's goals (Adebayor's second was awesome to be fair), Huddlestone was a spectator for the most part.

How can that all be Jol or Robinson's fault?

Anonymous said...

If you had SGE as defensive coach and Wenger as offensive coach you could put 9 men back and hoof the ball into the box for Berbatov and Bent.

It would be like watching a Howard Wilkinson team, but at least they've won the league since 1961.

Harry Hotspur said...

I think away fans who have something to add are alright to pop in for a natter and a dig.

We don't want to turn into cannibals.

Got any ketchup?

yoshiwara said...

...walking along the holloway road we were 1 up as I smirked past the Wig and the time I got to the Angel it was 1:1 and when I got home I just knew what was going to happen...and now there's monday to endure with all those gooners and neutrals coming out of the woodwork and asking me why I have a samurai sword stuck thrust deeply into my chest and what's all that blood?

Anonymous said...

Christ almighty. Does anyone not know that Bale had to come off with a knock?

Jol's hand was forced to bring Lennon on for him, but you're all so quick to act like it's what he wanted to do.

You only ever see what you want.


Anonymous said...

Where the hell is Boateng? Much has been said about him. It's time to unleash him. Bent has to be on the bench and a run in the reserves. Defoe should get a start with Berba up front and keane in the hole behind the front two. It's about time we get a new left back and right back. They were awful against Arsenal.As for the centre, Dawson did fine but Kaboul needs time. The team lacks width and the fighting spirit. They should learn from teams like Arsenal. Spurs, are you listening. It's not too late!!!

sydney wale said...

2 cracking goals to win the game. However, if it wasn't for Robbo's flap they would not have had the confidence to try it (and if berbatov had been given the Clichy one). Criminal really how we can't hold a lead and control games. It's proper curtains for Jol now, must be.

Mental_Micky said...

Actually anonymous 11:07, I give blame/credit where it's due and I didnt know Bale got a knock. I also do not slate off Jol like many do. I suppose I meant his change was mind-boggling at the time, but now I understand why he did it.

I was at the game with some friends and Bale looked fine when he got subbed. Everyone around me thought 'what the fuck?'. They don't tell you why at the game, ho hum.

I had a few beers after, went to the GF's house, came home, went to bed, woke up and posted here, so please excuse my ignorance.

Jasear said...

I am amazed at you people trying to deflect responsibility from Jol.

Huddlestone was crap, defense was bad, strikers didnt finish the game off e.t.c.

Who bought huddlestone? who bought and sets up the defense? who bought the strikers? All of this in the end is down to the manager! He has the ultimate responsibility.

While you can criticise every player on an individual basis the ultimate responsibility (even for the individual mistakes of players) lies with Jol.

He spent 90 million in 3 years for God sake its not his fault that the players he has bought are sub standard?

Anonymous said...

surprise surprise robbo has come out in support of jol! Worried by any chance? he'd be first out when jol goes coz basically in all honesty he aint very good! Robbo:“One result doesn't make him a bad coach. We are hopeful the manager will be staying and we'll dig the results out for him in the next few weeks." seriously 1 result..... its hardly one result robbo you mug, were dig it out yeah alright whatever ya say mate!
expect to hear jj come out in support tommorrow, notice how its always the same ones and that the team dont exactly come out on mass in support only his favs which will be the death of him!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me why you Spurs fans are always so revolting to us gooners outside White Hart Lane every season?

Anonymous said...

coz most yids know goons that give them grief in thier everyday life and you always beat us! your fans are in the park lane end which as you might realise houses some of our most passionate its simple, you win ,passionate yid wants to pummell the first goon he sees,wrong place wrong time! if we won it would prob be a more gloating atmosphere, anyway no appologies ,stop crying like a little girl, you prob stood there giving it the biggun in the ground! dont come next time fucking little bitch. that explained well enough?

Anonymous said...

Harry - luv ur site - but days like this make me weep.

we were outclassed by a team that cost a fraction of what Jol has spent. Yeah we had chances, but look at also the ones they missed. it could've finished 7-3 which would've been more painful.

Hudds is a great footballer but lacks the dynamism as a holding player. Fabregas outpaced him & was left free to score.

Robinson will always give a goal away when we need to hold on.

Keane is obviously Jol's pet but has to be dropped for Bent. You can't blow £16m on a player to stick him on the bench in the big games.

Berbatov is a God - but must try to score 1st and win Goal Of The Month 2nd. He could have slid the ball home twice but tried to beat the players and score a la Best. Genius if achieved - idiotic when failed.

And the most hurting - I wish we played like Arsenal. At times it was breathtaking. We wont meet that calibre of team much this season so its not all gloom.


oh well "top 4 tottenham" maybe next year u can win the championship!!!! ARSENAL TO WIN THE LEAGUE