Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Players Exclusive

'In With The In Crowd'

So Is.......... Our Man In The Inner Circle, 'K1ngs'

"I was lucky enough to sit with the first team last night at the unveiling of the 125 DVD at The 02 Dome.

Keeping TT

Firstly I was sat in front of Teemu Tainio and we had a good relaxed chat both before the film and during the interval. Most of the lads had the next day off and were therefore enjoying some complementary popcorn and or a glass of 'produce of more than one vineyard'.

TT was not drinking anything alcofrolic and neither was Berba (who said he had a wife and kids to get back to see).

TT said that he was going to chill tomorrow at his house that he rents about 5 minutes drive from the training ground. I asked him if he was aware of the spurs history before he joined and he said he was a lifelong spurs fan so he knew all about it. I said I thought he was lying but he was insistent that he was on TV when he was young and there was a shot of him from his bedroom plastered with Spurs posters so I let him get away with it.

Any Yids... In The Audience Tonight?

I asked who the other players supported and he said there were a few Liverpool fans in there. I asked if there were any Arsenal fans in there and he said that if there were they wouldn't admit it. He was very likable guy and had lots of time for whoever wanted to talk to him.

Bring Back The Prince, Madness said that ...

During the interval I also spoke with Kevin-Prince Boateng because I noticed that he was being overlooked by all the other fans. He speaks excellent English and is taller than I thought he would be. I asked when we can expect to see him on the pitch but he was unsure.

He said that he has to get used to the English game but he couldn't wait to get out onto the pitch. He is not carrying any injuries so only time will tell. I told him that a lot of the fans were looking forward to see him on the pitch because we've heard great things about him and he really seemed to appreciate the comment and actually put his hand out to shake mine in thanks, another really nice guy.

Splinter Cell 8: The Search For Spock

There were two very distinct groups that were formed between the players - the regulars and then the reserves. Steed and Tainio were very quiet and tried to hide away in the corner and Berba was pretty much by himself the whole of the night (although the other players were talking with him at times) I really got the impression he didn't want to be there.

The main group of players were, Aaron Lennon, Tommy Huddlestone, JJ, Dawson, King, Defoe, Routledge, Zokora, Kaboul and Keane.

Keane was certainly the father figure, regularly telling Hudd and Lennon to keep quiet during the film.

Bale and Taarabt seem to be best buddies and I even think I heard Bale speaking French to Adel. By the way they both had the same shirt on!

Comparing Notes... In The Lav

Stood between Hudd and JJ taking a p*ss while they discussed they Hudd's goal against Man City last year should have been on the DVD amongst the Spurs greatest goals. Clive Allen who was stood behind queuing for a urinal also agreed!"
(Think top draw journalism - think HH)

K1ngs, thank you for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. With all the negative Spurs articles at the moment, this was a breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Great insight, nice one 'K1ngs'

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, thanks fellas. I must say Berbatov is always like that with the team. Slightly detatched and in his own world. He was like that all through last season when I took the team flight to the UEFA Cup away games. Nothing to read into. Off with them again to Cyprus on Wednesday morning, coming back late Thursday night as Jol wants to have as much time as possible to prepare for the Liverpool game.

Anonymous said...

can't believe you stood next to players in the toilet but didn't reveal cock sizes.

Anonymous said...

I bet T-Hudd's packing heat.

Great article though.

Anonymous said...

is this fiction?
if not, post the date.

Anonymous said...

Of course Berba didn't want to be there: it was his wife's birthday and he had to save his drinking for her...and the baby!

Harry Hotspur said...

11.44 there is a certain type of pedantic cretin that infests the Internet.

If you want to know the date, but today's paper.


Anonymous said...

Nice one. Could everyone there speak to the players or did you have some kind of special access?

Anonymous said...

CyprusYid says... thanks for the insight into an interesting night on the town HH. I wonder if I csn use your websight in order to enlighten the Spurs fans on the tickets situation for the Thursday early evening game here in Cyprus. As predicted, the home team has lost hope of overturning the 6-1 first leg loss on their home turf, so the managerment of Anorthosis FC has offered 1,000 extra tickets to Spurs. Since there was no response bby Friday afternoon, they offered the tickets to us, The Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club. We are now announcing that anyone wishing to fly out to Cyprus without a ticket in the hope of finding one here should contact us ASAP. The tickets are for the Spurs end. They are priced 20 Cyprus pounds. Contact us on or phone 00-357-96-319-258. Tickets are on a first come first served basis.
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dannyboy said...

cyprus yid

if i may say, i admire your help, but did the club really turn them down? knowing we only have 448 tickets? mmm

4 Ever Hopeful said...


Different article that's for sure.

You never mentioned Robbo. Maybe he dropped his ticket and lost it.

Bale seems to have fitted in a real treat in all respects. However much we paid for him it looks like a bargain. Hopefully Boateng will get a chance soon

I agree that Berbatov always seems a little aloof.

Where was Defoe? On a wooden bench in the foyer?

Anonymous said...

CyprusYid says...

DannyBoy, I and other CSSC committee members currently hold double the original THFC allocation of tickets. Originslly, we applied to THFC for our members for tickets and were told we should queue up behind the other applicants for tickets. I made an appointment and together with our Chairman, went to see the President of Anorthosis FC. We were told that they were restricting the allocation of tickets for Spurs so they could create a hostile enviroment for our players. But after the heavy defeat they suffered, they knew that there was no purpose to restricting the away supporters. Hence the position we find ourselves in now. We have tickets and we want Cyprus to hear the Spurs fans singing! COYS!!! Besides, who can resist a
balmy 30+C and fantastic clear warm sea?

Totting-ham said...

"Stood between Hudd and JJ taking a p*ss"

Now that's something you don't hear every day...

Thanks for that, a very enjoyable read. Is that you in the picture at the top?

Anonymous said...

'Packing heat, lmfao, this site attracts the best alright...

Anonymous said...


What do you do mate to be on these trips?

Anonymous said...

cheers harry- gr8 article. but you omitted to mention who had the longest todger... JJ or Hudd??? (I've a fiver says Hudd)


k1ngs said...

Hi Guys,

Robbo was there but I think he was doing some corporate entertainment because he was always talking to people. Defoe was there but was a little quiet.

Anyone could have gone along (It was Thusday eve), but you needed to buy a ticket in advance. Not everyone could meet the players, you had to be sitting in the VIP area, but Keane and King did go down to present some prizes and sign autographs towards the end.

11.44 believe what you want....I'm not sure why anyone would want to make this up.

I can honestly say that my eyes were forward the whole time and didn't even think about looking down, sorry to disappoint ;)

Anonymous said...

We really should have signed a left side winger i.e. Martin Petrov when we had the chance. Look at him now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Regular visitor to the site. I'm meeting Sir Les Ferdinand next week to do a little interview for a Spurs fanzine that I produce. Was wondering if any yids had any questions they'd like to ask him? If so; post way! Chrz

Anonymous said...


Ask him why he smashed up the Blue Peter garden

Vinny said...

Harry and K1ngs, thanks for that, very enjoyable getting a look into the players personalities outside of the footy pitch. For a moment you can almost imagine being there through K1ngs eyes.

I know he'll never be Dave McKay, but loved hearing how Teemu has as much passion for the shirt as the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

re 10.17pm

A villa fan recently wrote that of all the players they currently have, petrov was the one he thought was the biggest waste of money. Reckons apart from a good debut, he's been pony.

Vinny said...

4.05pm - anon 10.17 means Martin Petrov of Citeh...not Stilyian Petrov of Villa!

BTW I agree with 10.17, Martin Petrov seemed such the natural choice to fill our left wing problem, at 4.7 million a fecking bargain and international team mate for Berba.

the management do great business sometimes getting players down to a reasonable price, but on this occasion dwelling gave Sven the chance to sell him the Citeh dream. Shame, he deserves a decent club like us.

sydney wale said...

That bit about having a piss with two first team players makes them seem almost like real people.

GRAZZA said...

Well K1ngs, how the other half live huh?! ;)

Would have been very interested to Meet Tainio as my girlfriend is finnish so i could have used some of my loose finnish on him! He's a bit of a hero back home, watched the home game against reading last year in helsinki and there were plenty of locals supporting Tottingham.

Sounds quite good craic after the event, im afraid i was too sceptical before hand to go!

still my plastic flag tonight will make up for it :)