Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bolton vs Tottenham Hotspur : Fans Reaction

5 points out of a possible 21, then.
What is your reaction to the result at The Reebok this afternoon?
Were you there?


Anonymous said...

We are
18th in the table (third from bottom)
* Played 7,
* Won 1,
* drawn 2
* Lost 4

* Goals for 10
* Goals against 12.

That clearly tells us that our defending as a team is rubbish, and Jol and company have lost the plot in using

* Rocha instead of Kaboul
* Tainio instead of Bale
* Not even having Defoe as a sub!!!
* Zokora instead of Huddlestone

Anonymous said...

Park Lane Spurs said...
Does anyone know why Bale wasn't playing?

Great question - he is much better than tanino!!!

Does any one know why Bale did not play?

Whilst we are considering this why didn't Defoe & Huddlestone play some part today?

jolsgonemental said...

players all fit inc bale. it was tactical decsions to drop them.

jols match opinion already on

(we did well apparently if you want a brief outline of his opinion)

jolsgonemental said...

pop quiz.

must win game. forwards struggling for goals and form.

what do you do?


yep thats what you do. Its so obvious when you know the answer.

not only is it tactically retarded but it goes against all logic on how to manage morale in a team.

you score, youre out for the next game. like it Jol.

Anonymous said...

Jol's match opinion already on

but if you ask me he has lost the plot - he should be sacked and put on the 1st place back to the Netherlands + banned from white Hart lane for the next 40 years!!!

Martin Jol was pleased with how we coped with Bolton's direct style in Sunday's 1-1 draw at the Reebok Stadium.

It certainly looked the the usual Bolton we were up against - the side that had won the last five league meetings at the Reebok - as long balls rained down on the heads of Michael Dawson and the rest of the defence.

As well as the free-kicks and corners, every throw-in in the last third of the pitch went into the box and the lads coped admirably apart from one free-kick as Ivan Campo rose highest to head home El Hadji Diouf's cross from the right.

That levelled Robbie Keane's strike a matter of minutes earlier and we certainly had the better chances in the second half as Steed Malbranque volleyed just over and Jussi Jaaskelainen saved well from Teemu Tainio and Keane late on.

"It was about two different styles and we had to cope with that style," reflected Martin. "Paul Robinson didn't have a lot to do, so that's good for us in an away game but on the other hand, we had two or three opportunties to score the second goal.

"It's never easy to go to Bolton but we coped with their style, so that was positive.

"We tried to keep the ball on the deck in spells and if you don't do that, you get an awful game. I don't think it was one of the greatest games I've ever seen."

Martin was quizzed by the media on his squad selection with Gareth Bale and Jermain Defoe left out and Aaron Lennon on the bench.

He responded: "You have to make certain decisions. You can only have four outfield players on the bench plus a goalkeeper, so you need a defender, a midfielder, a winger and a forward. It was a choice between Aaron Lennon and Gareth Bale, Gareth has played a lot of games in the last few weeks and he will get his chance again.

"It was the same with Jermain Defoe. Robbie Keane has a great record with away goals and did it again, so it's very important to have certain players. Jermain scored twice against Anorthosis Famagusta and he's pushing for a place again, so that's good."

Anonymous said...

Jol needs to be sacked - NOW

Anonymous said...

"pop quiz.

must win game. forwards struggling for goals and form.

what do you do?


yep thats what you do. Its so obvious when you know the answer.

not only is it tactically retarded but it goes against all logic on how to manage morale in a team.

you score, youre out for the next game. like it Jol."

Lol. Spot on.

Anonymous said...

Before anyone tells me, I know Bolton away isn't trad. easy, but they have been shite this season and we should have done them. Or at least picked an in form team. Bloody bleeding Jenas?????????!!!!!

Anonymous said...


* and you can take that streak of piss 'Hughts' with you.

Anonymous said...

All stupid comments by armchair managers above show that they have little knowledge about football.

Tainio played well, jenas played ok.

you can only put 4 reserve players on the field.

Anonymous said...

Four average central midfield players put in when the team needs creativity and flair. The guy is putting 2 fingers up to Levy now - it is almost saying "go on and sack me or I will keep picking teams like this." for the love of God Jol - go away.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:54:00 PM +00:00 - so you like shite football do you!!!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous 5:54:00 PM +00:00 - so you like shite football do you!!!"

He likes throwing away the lead on a consistent basis (amazing, spurs are consistent at something) and being in the bottom three.

Anonymous said...

Ive said over the last month that Jol must be sacked without delay - further proof is just keeping us in the relegation zone.

Its a shame the ex Chelsea manager seemed to have to signed a contract (on not joining another club in the premier league) for this season.

Because we could have done with him badly. We must clear Jol + Hughton (so what if he has been with us since 1981)out!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed 5.55

Jol knows his time is up and is purposely doing his best to take us to the bottom of the league

The fucking fat cunt has to go TONIGHT

Anonymous said...

All the good vibes and confidence that would have been ringing round the squad after Thursday's win were silenced out by this bizarre and peculiar team selection.

Jol has also lost a huge amount of support from the terraces because of this game. Up until now, the majority of the faithful have been behind him but I catch the wind of change over this, and I do not think he has anyone to blame but himself. I can fully understand his comments about the subs bench, but why not play the XI that are in the best form.

The idea that Bolton were going to go route one and that the team was picked to combat that does not wash; Bolton are a team in disarray and were there for the taking.

The idea that maybe some of the players needed a rest after Thursday does not wash; Bolton also played on Thursday and we really needed to start putting a run of results together.

Kaboul should have played. There is not reason to play the inferior Rocha.
Huddlestone should have played either in the holding role that he is clearly better in than Zokora, or in place of Jenas who, although playing ok, is clearly going through a poor patch.
Bale should have played. To say he's played a lot recently as Jol did is nonsense - he only played for 15 minutes on Thursday.
Defoe should have been on the bench. Both Berbatov and Bent are playing poorly at the moment, whereas Defoe seems sharp. If you must play big man little then play a version of K&B, but at least have JD on the bench.

Jol's got one more game against Villa. I expect us to have parted company with him by the beginning of November.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

We appear to be on the verge of disaster. With Chelsea in disarray there is an unexpected top four place up for grabs but we will do well to finish in the top half.

I kinda felt sorry for Jol when Levy, legs akimbo, ran after Mourinho before the ink was dry on his P45 but any sympathy went out of the window after today's bizarre squad and team selection.

Ekotto played well in the week and kept his place. Defoe scored two cracking goals and spent the day washing the car amd mowing the lawn. It completely defies logic. No Bale or Taraabt in the squad and Lennon on the bench, so no natural width at all. A £5 million+ player in Boateng who cannot get near a squad place but good old JJ was back today.

Jol's post match comments are astounding. Top teams do not "cope with" teams at the bottom of the table, they f*****g well bury them. He must be close to losing the dressing room at this rate, if indeed he has not already done so.

Forget any chance of success this season. We need to make sure we stay in this division. Please don't anybody give me the too good to go down bit.

It is very rare that a No.2 ever makes a good No.1 at the same club. The club needs a total purge, from the Board to the tea lady (groundsman excepted). The first step is to get rid of the obstinate Dutchman and his pictionary pal.

Anonymous said...

Jol must be sacked:

We are more rubbish than: Wigan, Middlesbrough, Birmingham, Sunderland, Reading & Fulham.

Totally crap, Levy must sack Jol tonight - Its getting beyond a joke.

* choices of players
Cut off his nose to spite his face, by not playing Defoe or even having him as a sub.

* wasted £16m on Bent - who has pace but not much else!!!

* Plus criminally playing Bent, and not defoe!!!

* Bad Defending

* Throwing away leads (today only took 5 mins to throw away a 1-0 lead)

Anonymous said...

I was behind Jol when the Ramos thing kicked off.. but this is ridiculous! His decisions are absolutely STAGGERING. Look at Bolton today: NO BALE, NO DEFOE? What the hell is he playing at???

Sorry Jol - thanks but it ain't good enough - time to go - now.

Put Clive Allen in charge until Mourinho can legally work at Spurs. And by the way, Levy would not be doing his job if he wasn't doing everything in his power to get Mourinho -- he should never be criticised for shafting Jol. That's part of the job, we need the best manager available and Levy's spot on to go after him.

'Mourinho's a yiddo!!... Mourinho's a yiddo!!...'

Anonymous said...

Has anyone got Levy's telephone number or e-mail address?

He clearly needs our devine advice!!!!

Anonymous said...

The bloke is totally taking the piss , all the jolites have got to fucking see sence that this con man arse hole is practically asking to be sacked ,sticking his fingers up at levy and us fans as well. the c**t just wants his money ,give it to him and let him fuck off, fucking fat wanker

Anonymous said...

My Gran could pick a better team than Jol!!!!

Anonymous said...

6:18 What's so bad about the tea lady that she needs to be replaced? What have you heard?

Anonymous said...

I don't usually agree with JGM, but he's spot on.

"must win game. forwards struggling for goals and form.

what do you do?


yep thats what you do. Its so obvious when you know the answer.

not only is it tactically retarded but it goes against all logic on how to manage morale in a team.

you score, youre out for the next game. like it Jol."

I agree. The team is so fragile, the last thing we need is chopping and changing the players who are actually performing somewhat reasonably.

Spot on about team morale too.

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me why keano runs his socks off every week chasing the ball, putting pressure on opposition and getting stuck in when our 'star player' seems to think that if the ball isnt played to his feet or near enough he could not be arsed to break a sweat??

Anonymous said...

Throwing darts at the list of players, might have produced a better team!!!!

Total Joke, we need a real manager who accepts nothing less thana win

Jol expects nothing more than a loss or draw!!!!

Anonymous said...

I always thought Jol was a good manager,this was before he droped defoe today. Defoe has been stugglin with convidence for a while, but after scoring 2 crackers, his convidence should have been sky high. Now we have Jol who has had a lot support dropping Defoe and Bale, who as defender scoring 2 in 3 games is not bad odds. Lennon, our most creative and exciting player not starting, wheres the sense in that. I say get Jol out, put anyone in. Im sure they can do a better job.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

6.40, I've heard she (the tea lady) almost made the bench this week and she hasn't even got a left foot.

Anonymous said...

where do we go from here? by the looks of it we are damned if we do and damned if dont get rid of jol now. his tactics and selection are up his hole, whatever about bale he is young and needs a rest-evident in the last few games when the legs go after an hour or so. but defoe shouldve been in the squad, whats the point of trying harder in training and bagging 2 in europe if he doesnt even make the squad sheet.. what is he playing at?

Summerspur said...


Anonymous said...

Summerspur IDIOTS!!!!!!!

Explain your self!!! Because you seem to like relegation standard of football!!!

Death said...

I don't know what it is,
but I know what it isn't

It isn't good

Anonymous said...

idiots? Jol is proper taking the piss out of our club now, being funny with team selections, he prob pissed that we wanted jose so pulls this shit! he dont care bout spurs like we do he just wants his money simple as .....I love martin jol get singing mate you are the fucking idiot

Anonymous said...

Jol said we played well, so its all fine. I think he may have been watching another team...because we were shit once again. Malbranque and tainio as wingers? none of them are actually wingers. Bale and Lennon should have both been on.
In my opinion Bale and Defoe have been our best players recently (not that we have seen my of jermaine) what does the Dutch wally do, he drops them.

Good call bringing on calamity 16million wasted DARREN BENTSHOT for Berbatov when once again our captain plays shit and scores a lucky goal.

Ekotto ?????? Rocha ?????? what is going on with our team.
Everyone here can see the problem so why cant Jol. I never thought I would be saying this but he's gotta go, he simply isn't tactically enable.

I would rather have a fan as our manager

London_Guy said...

I have been behind Jol all along but my faith is waning. His selections defied all logic and we got the result that proves it.

Anonymous said...

surely no one can argue for or defend jols selection today ? get rid asap!

Anonymous said...

if this was big sams bolton would of been a good result! but the fact of the matter is that it wasnt ,this team were crap , there for the taking, i mean thier skipper didnt even know where he was meant to be playin a couple of weeks back! then for jol to pick that team then come away saying we "done well" etc is a joke, we will never get any where with this fraudster in charge.

Anonymous said...

robbo back in, lee out,kabhoul out,bale out,hudd out,lennon out,defoe out...............jol out pls

jumbo said...

ive been pro jol up untill this season.
but even i got to say i think he's put the final nail in his spurs coffin today.
we need to cut out this rot and fast!!!!
chelski done it now its our turn
i think its time to make the change now u can see why levy was sounding out other managers so early on in the season
he knew things wernt right.
sorry martin you have come to a stand still.
man just when i thought we were getting some where.


Anonymous said...

See the Sky Sports website for complete bollock excuses from Jol:

"Jol: I have Levy's backing

Martin Jol has reiterated he is confident he has the full support of Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy.

The Spurs boss has found his position under intense scrutiny during the opening weeks of the season following just one win in seven Premier League games.

Juande Ramos was strongly linked with the White Hart Lane post before Spurs vehemently denied holding talks with the Sevilla coach.

Now, following Jose Mourinho's departure from Chelsea, the Portuguese has been tipped to replace Jol in North London.

Some reports have claimed that Mourinho has already been offered Jol's job, but the Dutchman has been reassured about his position.

Jol confirmed he has spoken to Levy following the latest bout of speculation and expects to have the club's continued backing.

"Daniel Levy phoned me to say it was rubbish and hoped that I would be with him next year," said Jol after the 1-1 draw at Bolton.

"He is always good to me, always backing me."

Levy must be totally deluded if he thinks Jol is any good as a manager.

* Charging us a ton of money to watch shite standard of football

* Lack of results,

* Bad management, not preparing the team to be ultra fit.

* strange decisions on picking the team

* not giving confidence to the players

* spouting complete bollocks each time we have not won

* not playing £35M of players

* not playing defoe after two great goals in mid week. How crass a decision not to pick Defoe - that alone should mean a sacking!!!

Anonymous said...

Jol seems determined to relegate us on our 125 Year!!!!!

Summerspur said...

I may have been referring to jol and houghton, but i er..... wasn't, just the usual knee jerk reactionary crap. Puts me in mind of the stoning in monty pythons life of brian, load of sheep like know it all's making wrongs right with an instant fix of justice aimed at the easiest and most obvious target.

At last glance harrys poll heavily favoured jol which goes to prove ignorance will always shout louder than reason. come on pro jol, as deliah would say "lets be avin you"

Jol messes up, everyone messes up. you all stop at sacking jol without any contingency except the one loon who suggested , watch out europe, here i come, hughes!!!

this may sound daft, and by no means is any attempt to paper over the cracks of our poor start but if you swap derby and sunderland for sheff utd and watford our results this year are better.

happy days

Anonymous said...

More results like these mean only one thing: RELEGATION

11/08 Away Sunderland: Lost 1-0
14/08 Home Everton Lost 3-1
18/08 Home Derby Won 4-0
26/08 Away Man Utd Lost 1-0
01/09 Away Fulham Drew 3-3
Threw away a 3-1 lead!!!

15/09 Home Arsenal Lost 3-1
23/09 Away Bolton Drew 1-1

Anonymous said...

The Spurs board must sack Jol

- we are not competitive

- leaking and being wide open in leaking goals

- unlikey to win games

- picking the wrong players

- no evidence of any team work

- rubbish tacticks

Anonymous said...

sack Jol when it comes to match days he does not know what team to pick.

We have wasted the money on players we dont need like Beny when we could have spent this type of money on imoproving our midfield and defence.

Come on Levy do what you need to do and get rid of this manager. KPB £5m where is he no where.

Jol take your mate Jenas with you.

Anonymous said...

'IF' Jol had levy's backing then why were Spurs courting Ramos and practically asking Mourinho to name his price?


He's gone and he knows it and he is babbling crap to get sympathy when he finally gets the chop, like 'he' is the victim

And Jol's endless pathetic excuses are making me feel nothing but anger towards him now

If he were to leave now, he would with some sort of affection from the stands, but any longer and it will ALL be gone, which would be a shame

Anonymous said...



More like getting him the sack!!!!

Daithí said...

Rite.... Firstly Tainio and Bale are two completly different players. Just because Jol decides 2 play tainio on the left instead of the centre dont mean that tainio is bad.
Tainio was a good choice for today's game as he is a tenacious midfield player and thats wat you need in the reebok. it's a pity he wasnt employed in a central midfield role along with Huddlestone cause jenas is a waste of space.
Baler is a left back and i believe he would be more at home there so that malbranque could play on the left.
The reason why Defoe wasnt in the squad because he couldnt touch the strikers in the squad. He looked good on thursday against UEFA cup minnows. Bolton Wanderers is a different kettle of fish.
SET PIECES!!!! They need to be sorted out!!!!
As for jol. He aint gonna survive at spurs for long unless there is a massive change in form. He will go on to become the dutch boss or sumthin and he will turn into a world-classs manager. the press will say whyu did spurs get rid of him and the answer is that the press never gave him a break. It's a pity cause i love the jol-ly green giant.
This post seems very negative and i aint usually like this but i read the 1st 2 posts and they angered me because i am a massive fan of tainio and i think he is higly under-rated.
Gr8 site Harry

elk said...

Hugton's face is beginning to make me self harm.

Anonymous said...

Harry Hotspur you ugly bastard.

Anonymous said...

summerspur sorry you are right with your last year stuff,were just where we want to be at this stage we are going to lull everyone into a false sence of security then climb the league and get 4th, is this mj and your master plan? idiot! knee jerk well my reaction comes from jol fucking up all our major games last year ,losing us 4th the year before (not lasagne, we lost it at places like boro n had a big lead on the scum) n starting this season like a pile of crap with his usual dodge selections(must be the only manager that plays as many people out of position as poss,seville the lane last year)and his usual negative tactics(fulham and could reel of a long list but cant be bothered) you are the sheep mate

Anonymous said...

I see Jol now has the dreaded vote of confidence from Levy - this usually results in the sack

I fear that unless the Spurs Board sack Jol and get in a competent manager - The Octber league fixtures:

01/10 Aston Villa (H)
07/10 Liverpool (A)
22/10 Newcastle (A)
27/10 Blackburn (H)

look as though we will get "Nil points" or two points - and we will be adrift in the relegation zone!!!

I used to like Jol, but the consistent bollock excuses for why things have gone wrong, are making me think he is an incompetent fool !!!

Anonymous said...

Summerspur you talk shit

Will you be singing the same tune when we get relegated?

Wake up and smell the coffee fuckface, Jol is taking Spurs to the Championship you mug

But i suppose you don't care to much from that dirty armchair of yours

Anonymous said...

midfields not good enough.

no cover for lennon
no playmaker
no left winger
no cover for left winger
holding midfielders fall short

Defence not good enough
Best centerback out
2nd best inexperienced in prem
3rd best needs 1st best alongside or becomes 2nd rate
one good leftback
one good leftback is inexperienced and tends to play left wing
4th & 5th choice centerbacks no good

Keeper ok but not top 4 quality.

a fully match fit 1st team on a consistant run could make 5th or outside chance of top 4.

aint gonna happen
squad no where near good enough
who we/they trying to kid?

Anonymous said...


player out of position against seville was due to ridiculous injury list.

3 defenders unfit and tainio at rightback plus no wingers

squad not good enough and injury problems

ring a bell?

Death said...

Yes I know I said "A horse,a horse... my kingdom for a horse!" but 16 million for a donkey wasn't really what I had in mind.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation Martin Jol and THFC should part company with immediate effect.

The ham fisted bungling that has surrounded the manager’s position has left both parties in an impossible situation. For the board to issue ridiculously insincere statements of support from onboard the ambulance attending the Mourinho/Abramovich car crash, is condescending and insulting to anyone in possession of an iq in excess of room temperature. Martin Jol is manager in name only, that’s the truth of it and with not even a pretence of team work involved in the off field activities why are we surprised that our team are devoid of any on it?

Once again we see the corporate model flying in the face of good business practice because….. because….. It’s football and they can get away with it. Football clubs are bequest with the kind of loyalty and devotion that does not just cross into “Insanity Country” but takes citizenship and sets up residence in it’s capital.

Chairmen. Directors, Managers, Players, Staff et al, they all come and go, the only people stuck with a Team for a lifetime are the supporters and we get treated like dirt for the privilege.

jolsgonemental said...

Our next 3 games.

Villa (H)
Newcastle (A)
Liverpool (A)

so 8 points from out first 10 games is my prediction.

He will definitely be gone after that. Mark it in your diary away to Liverpool.

Which is a pity as I would rather tha last thing he takes from Sprus is the sound of 30000 fans booing his name.

Anonymous said...

Levy's email address.. Not sure but try all of these:

Whatever one it is, message is clear...

"Martin.. you are now acting like a total c**t and you are therefore f**king out!!!"

Mr Levy, pleeeeeeeeeease stop this now..

Monday's 'To Do' list:
1 - Sack Martin Jol
2 - Appoint Jose
3 - Pay Chelsea shit loads of compo
4 - Sit back and relax, job done!
5 - Go home



Anonymous said...

how many players has jol actually improved? is dawson loads better now than when he made his debut at anfield? lennon, huddlestone? jol doesnt improve our players which is a big problem when you have a club that buys young players with great potential to improve every year.he just gotta go

dannyboy said...

Come on Harry - very quiet from Hotspur Towers! And your thoughts are?

My thoughts; all this crap about squad rotation is nonsense - pick your best team and play it week in week out, tweaking where necessary. Remember the scousers of the 70's and 80's? They won the title with 16 players one season I think and that was playing 42 games! And I don't subscribe to all the 'more demanding, more physical these days nonsense' merchants; try telling that to Bobby Smith and Dave Mackay. Not to play Defoe after Thursday is nothing short of criminal. Dropping Bale, if fit, the same. Berbatov is not a patch on last season - why not drop him?
Why drop Kaboul, 6'4" and dominant in the air, against long ball merchants? Why not play Gardner in that respect?

I fear Jol is losing the fans. Shame really, cos he's a decent bloke but his tactics are baffling and must be looking over his shoulder. Thanks for bringing us this far mate, but go while your dignity is intact and leave with a stoop rather than head held high or doubled over. The King is dead, long live the King, whoever that may be. Act NOW Levy, while the season is still rescuable.


sydney wale said...

Jol's problem is that he thinks he is smarter than he actually is. I think he has actually out foxed himself with this team selection. Nobody on this planet would have believed he would pick that team today. Bale, defoe and kaboul have been succesful on the pitch this season and can't even get on the bench for a must win game! What's he saving them for?

The alarm bells were ringing for me after the Chelsea game last year and I was convinced by the Sevilla game that he is not the man to take us further. If they were symptoms then we are currently seeing the full blown effects of a man who has reached his limitations and now surpassed them. It must be all over bar the replacement.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, finally some lucid comments about our esteemed, hugable loveable big bear of a manager. The penny has dropped. JGM was right all along. I too have posted many times here before, but was never in the leave BMJ alone, sing your heart out camp, because like JGM I recognised quickly how many tactical/selection blunders this clown makes. Sure, he's a nice bloke. But he is not an out and out winner. I agree with the suggestion we pay Chelski compensation and get The Special One (or even give Mourinho a large signing fee). Not sure we could do that, depends on how Mourinho's severence agreement works, or whether it has been finalised. He can instill the confidence and defensive nous we have been sorely lacking. And he would have the guts to drop Robbo, Jenas et al because he wouldn't have this obsession with giving players 3rd, 4th chances. And if we can't get Mourinho, we get someone else. BMJ should be all done as Spurs manager. He has reached the limit of his capabilities, and if anything seems to be regressing, a bit like our team under him.

Anonymous said...

Jol has mismanged our team - which is the worst Spurs team in recent times!!!

It is as bad as the 1976/77 side which was relegated.

We are playing relegation standard football, and if we will remain there if we do not vastly improve in October.

Clear answer is to sack Martin Jol.

Anonymous said...

It has been blatently obvious for nearly two seasons that Jol is a complete disaster. His after match comments are inane... his coaching abilities non existant... his tactics are pathetic, his team selection is unbelievable. This squad should be one of the best in the PL if playing as a team...he is destroying this club.. he has been found out at last and he must go now....... right now.... out the door and hail him a cab .....

Anonymous said...

you lot are all idiots, im embarrassed to be a spurs fan.

sydney wale said...

You are also an idiot. I too am embarrassed to be a spurs fan...with a manager like Jol.

Rob cumbria spurs said...

you should all be ashamed of yourselves! even if big mj is no longer the man for the job, slanging him off like that is bang out of order. This man has taken this club on strides and put us on the verge of success again. and because we have a bad start your givin it, ''fuck of you fat cunt''. GROW UP. I think he does have major faults and maybe we eill have to get somebody new in at somepoint BUT wateva happens he can hold his head high as a top spur.

Anonymous said...

Jol is playing a dangerous game with our club and it needs to be sorted now.Ditch the dead dutchman and bring in Ramos we still might not be able to beat the scum but at least he can pick a team that will win some games.Dump the dutchman now while we still have a season to play for.

Anonymous said...

How can Jol hold his head up high with pathetic results like these????

11/08 Away Sunderland: Lost 1-0
14/08 Home Everton Lost 3-1
18/08 Home Derby Won 4-0
26/08 Away Man Utd Lost 1-0
01/09 Away Fulham Drew 3-3
Threw away a 3-1 lead!!!

15/09 Home Arsenal Lost 3-1
23/09 Away Bolton Drew 1-1

Anonymous said...

Sat on the M6 for fuckin ages thanks Mr Jol

Anonymous said...






Haggis said...

Man for man, I think we have a pretty wicked squad. We need a manager to show the squads full potential. I have backed Jol for years but hes sending us down. Poor tactics, bad selection, and not a winner. Im too depressed to write any more. need a prozac!

Anonymous said...

I don't like being anonymous, but don't have time to register.
I hate the blame game, but understand the frustration 100%.
I was bored Saturday evening and watched the Scum on Football First.
It made me almost cry. That should be us - in every way (except for their f- - k awful supporters).
Bruce Rioch was a nice guy and took an average gooner team to a fifth place finish in the league, but the board decided to replace him with Wenger.
We should have showed the same balls after Jol's first 'nearly' season when the football was dire and we blew an easy 4th place finish, went out of the cups to Grimsby and Leicester and ended up with stupid excuses for the last day loss at Wet Spam. We have what we have because the board bottled the hard choices two years ago. It's a crying shame.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Surely the Board can see that we are going dramatically backwards. All the warning signs are there:

1. Completely unable to keep a keen sheet.

2. Manager whose post match interviews make him look oblivious to the dire mess he has created.

3. Discontented players.

4. A reliance on trusted plodders like Jenas and Zakora leaving talent on the bench - or worse. Its just like Terry Neill and Alfie Conn. Left out of the team week in week out, even after a devasting game against Newcastle away (5-2 win I think) and in the end only turned to him in the last game of the season in the do or die match against Leeds, where again he was brilliant.

5. Team selections and substitutions that go against any common logic

6. Absolutely no sign of progress but every sign of being in retrograde mode. Someone else made the good point about Dawson. Yes he has gone backwards, so has Lennon, so has Robinson. Given time Jol will do the same to Bale, Kaboul and Bent (assuming the latter ever had it there to start with - no evidence yet).

We need to steady the ship and that is not possible with a rudderless Dutchman at the helm.

Anonymous said...

We also badly need a consultant who can teach our defence how to defend. Whoever we've got in that role at the moment should be shown the door as they just are not up to the job.

I heard a stat yesterday that I've not been able to confirm, but it said that we've kept only 3 clean sheets in the last 36 matches.

That just is not good enough and we have GOT to address that situation.

I like MJ as he is a really great bloke who has brought the club on, but I believe he has reached the limit of how far he can take us. He, sadly, should be shown the door, along with our defensive coaches.

Story in the Daily Mail (must be true then!) reckons he ready to go. See

Anonymous said...

A couple of points:

- Anyone who says that Tainio didn't play well at Bolton don't know much about football.
- Nothing wrong with Assou-Ekotto's performance either.
- According to Match Of The Day Kaboul was injured.
- I think it would have been harsh to drop Keane from the starting line-up and maybe some "fans" still remember what happened when Keane was replaced by Defoe at Fulham?
- Slagging off Zokora and Jenas who created the goal is not necessary. BTW, Jenas pass to Bent late on in the Arsenal game was top quality, but haven't seemed it mentioned anywhere 'cause Bent missed.
- Stop with this Mourhinho bullshit, during his time at Chelsea their attendances went down because nobody wanted to see their boring style of play. Attendances at WHL have been consistently high during the Jol years.
- This time last season everyone wanted BMJ out as well. I for one wouldn't have wanted to miss the fantastic end to the season where every game seemed to finish 3-2.
- Spurs fans should know that football is about more than just results. It's about style as well. Forcing Jol out at this stage after all he's done for us would be everything but stylish.

One more thing. Our support at Bolton was shite. Stop complaining about the players who are trying their best if you're not even bothering yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Ok... so I'm chairman for a day, lets make that day today, here's my plan.

Speak to Jose, his agent, his wife, kids and dog too, anything to get to speak to the 'special one' himself. He has agreed, for £17m not to join another prem team this season so I'd agree to pay him the £17m myself (out of ENIC funds) to join at 4pm today. An astute signing in anyones book (£16.5m for Bent springs to mind)

Call a meeting with Jol and Houghton. Explain that Jol has lost the plot and fire him gracefully, reclaim the company 'etch-a-sketch' from Houghton and send him on his way too.

Read out a statement infront of Sky News cameras at White Hart Lane and confirm the departure of Martin Jol from the club.

Arrange a 4.30pm press conference at Spurs Lodge making no further comment.

Appoint the whole of Jose's backroom staff, even the dog if he so wishes. Keep our current groundsman though! Arrange for all playing staff to be at Spurs Lodge at 4pm and inform them that BMJ is no longer incharge of first team affairs. Drive to Chigwell and into Spurs Lodge

Meeting with the playing staff so they can meet the man himself.

Unveil Jose to the worlds press, take all the praise and have my picture taken with him, well in time for tomorrow's back pages and the evening news.

Take Jose's dog for a walk (part of the terms agreed)

Say my goodbye's and return home to my semi in Brentwood, turn on the telly, crack open a beer, sit back and marvel at how good my day was.

Go to bed...

There you go Mr Levy, it's all there for you, have my free advice with 100% blessing.

Can't wait till 4.30pm, my Sky box is all ready on ch 501!

COYS - Forever a Yid :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, the Spurs fans of today make me sad.

When George Graham took over fans were very sceptical, and famously refused to sing his name because of his Arsenal connections.

Today so-called "Spurs supporters" are praising Mourinho and wanting him to join us even if it clearly won't happen.

There are a lot of similarities between GG and JM. Successful = yes. Twats = yes. Welcome at Spurs = shouldn't be, really.

I'm longing back to the fanbase of ten years ago. Still I guess that´t what a couple of top-5-finished does to your support.

/ Chris

Anonymous said...

chris /get off your soap box you plum i was there 10 yrs ago too mate n longer, i think a lot of fans want jol gone and replaced but im not sure about how many fans would want maureen. I think you are just assuming a bit there and in defence of spurs fans wanting him i dare say its because they want spurs to be a force and the bloke certainly has the pedigree.So as for the fan base from 10 yrs ago its still there mate,either build yourself a time machine or stop being such a patronising,assuming arsehole!

Anonymous said...

get jol out and bring venables in as caretaker or full time if he does well, he would do better than jol this season,has respect of the players and fans,can organize a defence, plays attacking footy,can improve players and has unfinished business at spurs! if he only does ok get someone else in the summer and keep tel as asst

Anonymous said...

anon 9:40 - it was Huddlestone that made both the great passes that Bent choked on. Jenas has never connected a pass longer than 20 yards forward as a Spurs player.