Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bolton vs Tottenham Hotspur: Battle Of The Brain Surgeons

Fewer platitudes, more petrol please..

The glug glug glug of the pulling of the plug plug plug gets closer for both incumbants.

For Jol it is alleged absolutely everywhere that Levy rang Jose five times yesterday.

Lee, meanwhile has the Top Man leather jacket clad Paul Jewell lurking.

Disenchanted Wanderers fans chanted "you don't know what you're doing" during last Saturday's defeat at Birmingham.
Lee proceeded to deliver a draw against UEFA eurotrash Rabotnicki.

Tottenham fans sangJermain Defoe's name so emphatically they spurred him on to bag two sensational goals. Jol proceeded to drop JD from the squad. Un-Be-Leedsin'-Levyable,

Both men fundamentally lack the killer instinct.
"Afterwards, hopefully we can have a glass of wine and share our thoughts..." says Lee about prospective post match pleasantries with Jol. Jol has consistantly been over friendly with comments on opposing players.

Harry's unapologetic. I want Jol saying that Bolton or whoever are absolutely beatable and if Sammy's sacked next week that's his look out. Bolton fans surely want the same from their coach. I'm convinced they do.

Both men need to lose the nice guy routine and start doing what they are paid to which is realise our ambition as fans.

Kill off beatable opposition and deliver the goods.
Lee has it all to do. Alladyce has cast a long shadow. And this, Lee's first go at managing.

Canny in the transfer market and quite expert in achieving remarkable results from unremarkable players, Big Sam's Hush Puppies look awfull roomy.

Jol has achieved two consecutive top five finishes for a club that hasn't played in Europe in a dog's age. A club that now wants to increase it's market worth to that of a Champions League one and with a Chairman I suggest, that views Jol as a dolt.

Both are under fierce pressure. But I suspect that the burden of expectation may be greater upon Jol simply on the basis that the charge of us Yids believing we are somehow 'due' glamour and glory - happens to be true.

Wanderers may be more down to earth but their patience too has been exhausted by miserable results.

I apologise (a little) for the headline, but both men must seek to overcome the media hoo ha that haunts them simply 'get on with it'.

Harry can prescribe nothing more than the adoption of 'common sense' and some old fashioned gear one cannot buy in the shops, fortitude.

Keep It Tottenham.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for just going off topic straight away, but i'm just watching the fulham game on MOTD.

All 3 fulham goals by ex-spurs players.

Two Man city goals by petrov...a should have been spurs player that we let slip away this summer.


Harry Hotspur said...

Your apology is like a television set on a honeymoon - unnecessary.


Anonymous said...

When are you going to stop fucking around and get a proper website hotspur you toss merchant?

dannyboy said...

Like I said in a previous thread - just what has Defoe got to do to get a place in the squad, never mind the team ?! The fact he has been dropped, again, after showing just what he is capable of, is an utter disgrace. I've said time and again, it's not that Jol has no bollocks, I reckon he's been castrated!! Favouritism wins no matches and Jol is winning no friends. Any shred of respect or loyalty I may have had has now gone.
Jol - do us all a favour and just FUCK OFF.

Harry Hotspur said...

dannyboy - I take no delight in your personal conversion to the 'Fed Up With Jol' camp.

(Incidentally, I may be a twit for saying this, but I cannot find where he has ACTUALLY dropped JD from the squad anywhere on the Net, only on w*nk sites...)

But if he has, then this really is highlighting what a mug he is.

Yes, yes, it was only Anorthosis, but he came on fired up like a f*cking lunatic and both those goals got you and me and tens of thousands going bloody beserk.

How he fails to get his next game against a flailing Bolton is frankly criminal.

Oi Jol.

It's Sammy Lee, not Bruce.

Defoe please.

Anonymous said...

I hear Defoe has been left out of the squad again!!! Amazing. I hate to say this, but i hope we get killed against Bolton to get rid of the Dutch buffoon

Anonymous said...

To the first poster, Petrov, at 28 years old chose to go to Man City. Money was no doubt an influential factor, as he earns at least twice as much at Citeh than he could if he had joined Spurs. He's not getting any younger. If you were offered more than twice your current salary would you change job? Darren Bent's stance i.e. not taking a fat pay cheque to play for the Spammers, and accepting greatly reduced wages to play for Spurs is very commendable, but he's only 23, and his decision was based in part for long term football reasons. He isn't the finished article yet, and felt he could get better/learn more at Spurs.
And so fcuking what if all of Fulham's goals were scored by ex-Spurs players? Actually, since when was Hameur Bouazza ever a Spurs player? So what are you saying, surely not "we want Danny Murphy and Simon Davies back"? Clown.

shelf16 said...

Let's get a grip! Just watched Motd and results did go a little our way, any draws are good for us now, but we do need to beat Bolton. Yes ,Petrov went to 'citeeh' but had we gone in for him start of transfer window instead of making it clear to him that he was low on our list, he would have been lilywhite! Bit of a miss I think! Jol et al clearly have doubts over Defoe's team play. Jol describes him as the best finisher in the prem, for which read..., he can't stay onside, never creates goals for other players, doesn't create his own space, doesn't read the game well and unless it is provided on a platter won't score. I think he feels he won't have it on a platter at Bolton like he did with Famagusta. I get confused with all these strikers but feel that none of our strikers would have got Bent's goal on thursday other than Bent. Power, pace and opportunism. He may not have the flair of Defoe, but who got to the goal quicker against Derby? Maybe Bolton away may not be Defoe's day as much as Middlesborough on thurs at home? I would probably make the same call but have robbie on the bench.

shelf16 said...

Berbatov and Bent to start against Bolton, Defoe and Bent to start against Midd! Prince also on thursday please! Taarabt at least on bench for both.

Anonymous said...

shelf16? Did you miss the bit where I said Petrov is on a big bucks contract at Citeh? That's why he wouldn't come to Spurs... money. A big contract coming towards the latter years of his career. Money is the motivator. Petrov knew we were interested, he said he was flattered. But if he's looking at two offers, one that says, we'll pay you £25k p/w, and the other that says we will pay you £50k plus p/w? Which do you go for - as a 28 yr old with low resale value (another factor for him and the club that buys him to consider)?

Petrov was quoted shortly after signing for Citeh as saying "My choice is not only about money, but football questions too". Sounds like a polite way of saying "Spurs didn't offer me anything like the salary Citeh offered me". Better (as a Man City player) to not sound like you are only there because Spurs weren't going to pay anything like as much...

Or perhaps his football questions went along the lines of BMJ? Perhaps his thoughts were as follows... "This Jol's tactically clueless if you ask me and on paper hasn't achieved that much, but this Sven fella has a decent Club pedigree, and is a former England manager too..."

Hmmmm. Next.

Anonymous said...

what i just cannot get a handle on is who is in charge of transfers. whoever paid 16 mill for bent when we had three who had scored over twenty each last yr needs his head examined. had we moved quickly we could have had wesley scheider (sp?) for ten or 11 mill and drenthe for another 7mill, all we needed was decisive action at the start of the summer. and in the same vein, if jol is to get sacked, levy should hve done it in early june and not ruined the season by talking about it a few games in. i do not blame jol for the bent fisaco, but the fact that he does not play defoe, our most natural finisher since jug ears, and his selection, is enough for me to say he should go, but why not in june, we had seen his failings such as they are, all last season. i have learned nothing new about jol this yr, he has always been weak in that he has favourites who cannot be touched, keane being the biggest prob. yes he has talent, yes he works hard, yes he can score a spectacular goal, but wiull he ever get the ball around the edge of the area with his bcak to goal, control instantly (instead of knocking it back to his own goal 8 feet and running after it) and turn and get a shot off that works the keeper? NO. DEFOE WILL DO IT ALL DAY, SEE HIS SECOND GOAL

Waxy said...

If it turns out that Jol has dropped Defoe from the squad to face Bolton, I will lose any remenants of respect I had for the man.

What more has Jermaine got to do to get some starts. I really feel for the lad and wouldn't be at all surprised if he leaves in January. Who could blame him? He works hard, he comes on and scores goals and lets face it Keano has been doing lots of running about, but currently the final product is missing.

Now we all have to admit, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. We don't know if Jol is being told to play certain players or what politics are going on in the dressing room. But if it is obvious to ALL the Spurs fans that Jermaine deserves a chance why can't Jol make it happen.

I really never thought I would say this, but I am now starting to want to see the back of BMJ.. :O(

Anonymous said...

Seconded mate.

Anonymous said...

This is why Jol must be sacked!!!!

Ps. Still in bottom three!!!

Bolton and Spurs share tame draw
By Stuart Roach (BBC Website)

Bolton and Spurs remained locked in the Premiership relegation zone after they cancelled each other out in a 1-1 draw. Robbie Keane fired Spurs in front at the Reebok, crashing home after Jussi Jaaskelainen saved from Jermaine Jenas. But the home side were level within five minutes as Ivan Campo marked his first start of the season by heading home El Hadji Diouf's free-kick.

Spurs came closest to a winner when Keane's late drive was brilliantly saved by the alert Jaaskelainen.

Both sides were in European action in midweek but both started this game in the Premiership relegation zone.

A tense opening half an hour highlighted the desperate position these two sides find themselves in, though the tedium was broken by a rare moment of inspiration when Keane teed up Dimitar Berbatov for an acrobatic volley which was beaten away by Jaaskelainen.

But the game finally burst to life on 34 minutes as Keane continued his remarkable scoring streak against Bolton.

Didier Zokora created the opening with a clever chipped pass over the static Bolton back line and Jermaine Jenas forced a fine stop from Jussi Jaaskelainen with a stinging snap shot.

But Bolton failed to clear their lines and Keane followed up with a fierce drive that Jaskelainen got a hand to but could not keep out.

It was Keane's sixth goal for Spurs against Bolton and his eight in total having struck twice for Wolves against the Trotters.

Five minutes later, though, Keane spurned a chance to tee up strike partner Dimitar Berbatov for a simple second and Bolton issued swift punishment with clinical free-kick.

El Hadji Diouf was fouled by Ricardo Rocha and Diouf whipped over a deep free-kick which invited Campo to climb highest and crash a header beyond the reach of Paul Robinson.

The England keeper had earlier been hurt in a collision with his own defender as Rocha was forced to slide in and hack clear as Nicolas Anelka closed in on a Kevin Davies flick-on, but Robinson seemed unaffected by the crunching collision.

Another coming together in the Spurs defence then had Bolton screaming for a penalty early in the second half, Michael Dawson lucky to escape unpunished after appearing to shove Davies as they waited for a hanging cross in the penalty area.

Ten minutes later, an identical clash involving the same two players 10 yards outside the penalty area was punished by referee Andre Marriner, though Anelka's consequent free-kick straight at Robinson was far less significant than an earlier penalty award might have been.

Twice more Davies found himself floored in the area by some industrial marking from Dawson, who was riding his luck.

So too was the Bolton defence, with Tainio's low drive producing a smart save from Jaaskelainen and Steed Malbranque sending a dipping volley just over the crossbar.

And, in a vervous finish for the home side, Jaaskelainen was forced to fly at full stretch to keep out a rasping drive from the lively Keane.

The Spurs striker then saw a poked effort in a goalmouth scramble bobble just wide as Bolton hung on desperately to their point.

Anonymous said...

Jol must be sacked with immediate effect!!!

How come the average, and not good enough Rocha played in place of Kaboul - considering the Spurs website said:


There were no new injury concerns that emerged following the UEFA Cup victory over Anorthosis Famagusta on Thursday evening.

The only players not available for selection on Sunday against Bolton at the Reebok Stadium will be Ledley King (knee), Anthony Gardner (ankle) and Wayne Routledge (knee).

Anonymous said...

What a shite line up, so expect bugger all this season (only relegation standard type games)

Robinson 6
Rocha 6
Chimbonda 6
Assou-Ekotto 6
Dawson 6
Zokora 6 (cannot defended)
Jenas 5 (over rated)
Malbranque 6 (not good enough)
Tainio 7 (not good enough)
Keane 8
Berbatov 6 (lacking)

Where is Defoe?????

Jol must be sacked before things get any worse!!!!

Anonymous said...

Berbatov lacking? what?

Anonymous said...

Berbatov lacking - not scoring goals!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where's Bale, Defoe, Huddlestone,Taarabt, Prince-Boateng?

And whats the point of spending £35M on players if Jol does not play them!!

Jol is not only a dead man waling he is taking out team to the coffin and ready to put six foot under i.e relegation!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Top four - having a laugh - more like bottom three!!!!

Expect Jol to be sacked soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Bale wasn't playing?

Anonymous said...

Park Lane Spurs said...
Does anyone know why Bale wasn't playing?

Great question - he is much better than tanino!!!

Does any one know why Bale did not play?

Whilst we are considering this why didn't Defoe & Huddlestone play some part today?

Anonymous said...

We are
18th in the table (third from bottom)
* Played 7,
* Won 1,
* drawn 2
* Lost 4

* Goals for 10
* Goals against 12.

That clearly tells us that our defending as a team is rubbish, and Jol and company have lost the plot in using

* Rocha instead of Kaboul
* Tainio instead of Bale
* Not even having Defoe as a sub!!!
* Zokora instead of Huddlestone

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Jol is gone already, the board are just trying to find a replacement (without the press spattering it all over the papers first)

Goodbye Jol, thanks for what you have done for the club, but you have peaked, now going backwards and it is time for you to go.

Defoe?!! poor bloke

Keane is Jol's love child

jolsgonemental said...

Bale was fit. as was Defoe. But they needed a rest, I kid you not. The same players who played literallty minuites between them midweek.

Confirmed by the fat man himself on his opinion of the match (spurs site).

he does mention that we have lost our last 5 visits there. so thats ok then. nice spin on things.

His tone suggests he believes we did well today and coped well against a top on form side away from home.

I think he has lost his mind.

Anonymous said...

Jols comments on the game sum it all up

'It was about two different styles and we had to cope with that style'

What the fuck??????

Clearly hasnt got a clue, team & tactics were based on them and he was more worried about them (who were rock bottom and going down) then playing our own game, to our strengths and taking them apart (which we should have done)

He will get us relegated at this rate, so i fully back the board for wanting rid of him

And please sack that fucking useless permant fixture Hughton aswell.

With the money he has been given & the players he has we should not be where we are.

His line ups, negative tactics, motivation, confidence and pathetic substitutions are a joke, a bit like his love affair with Keane & Jenas (and don't even get me started on the Defoe issue)

Time to move on
Thanks & Goodbye Martin Jol

Mental_Micky said...

I've been saying our defense (as a team) has sucked since Christmas last season. And everytime I've said it, people either jump down my throat, say we should sack Jol, or jump to the defense of Dawson and co.

Being a Spurs fan shouldn't mean you are allowed to be blind to Spurs' obvious problems.

I've continuously stated in the past that we have not been the same team since Carrick left. That's the one position we need to fill in my opinion.

If you're honest, you would agree that we haven't played any different tactically, either before or since Carrick left. We just haven't coped since he went. Carrick was key to defending our leads and counter-attacking appropriately. It's not just Jol that uses this tactic, just take a look at Man U and Chelsea, amongst others. And remember, it wasn't Jol who wanted to sell him.

The whole Mourinho debacle springs to mind when I think about what's happening off pitch and for that, I sympathise with Jol 100%. People who have no idea about football management and building a team are trying to pull the strings - selling players that the manager wants to keep (Carrick), blocking or not giving backing to any requested transfers (Petrov) and providing their own opinion of who should come in (Bent) - then washing their hands of any responsibility.

Oh yes, it's all Jol's fault!

Anonymous said...

Bale was rested, he's not injured.

He looked tired against Famagusta and we have bigger games ahead, like Villa and Liverpool.

That's all.

To be honest, the team against Bolton should have comfortably managed a win.

Anonymous said...

Talking statistically, Defoes away goals record sucks over the past season or 2, whereas Berbatovs, Keanes and Bents doesn't.

As a manager of an amateur team myself, I've seen first hand the difference in how players play home and away.

I'd have probably not played him today for that very reason myself.

GRAZZA said...

Anon 4:37:

"Tainio 7 (not good enough)"

7 out of 10 isnt bad for someone who isnt good enough?