Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Training Pictures 19.09.07


4 Ever Hopeful said...

Not surprised Jol looks so pensive. Just when you thought the Board could not stoop any lower. No doubt the five calls to Mourinho were all wrong numbers, just like the meeting with Ramos was purely coincidental. Have these peole no ethics at all.

Vinny said...

Great photos Harry...cheers.

On the last blog, "Cheeky Greeky" made a very valid point about us being a great side minus a midfield genius, so just wanted to add my thoughts.

Very frustrating not seeing Zoks living up to being the midfield dynamo he looks like being in bits n pieces but the rest of the time, very average I'm afraid, Mr Comolli you have to take some responsibility for this one.

Photo of Hudds and Kaboul cuddling makes me hope they go on to do great things and give us pictures like this in cup final and premier league wins, they both have great potential. Hope Hudds especially lives up to his by overcoming that lack of mobility downside to his wonderful passing game. At the worst he maybe another Michael Carrick (which ain't bad either) needing that agressive midfield dynamo to buzz around him giving him a positive outlet, something more than Jenas' sidewards passes. Talking of which, I'm not on a witch hunt, but can never see that boy JJ being that top 4 quality CM we so badly need, here comes Danny Boy!, although can see even DB himself didn't include him in his latest team selection...:). Hate to cry over spilt milk, but feel we missed out big time by not signing Yaya Toure when he was available for 3 million from Olympiakos and then sold on to Barca for 6 million the year after. Maybe he would have stayed on had he joined the great Spurs adventure, why didn't Comolli give him a go at 3 million? which seems peanuts these days. Sadly I just can't see where that midfield dynamo will come from...hope I'm proven wrong.

The rest of the team when all fit has great potential with a bit of luck and the right leader.

What a mess if rumours being true about Mourhino being the latest to turn us down with MJ having to carry on with the guilotine hanging over his head, makes for an "interesting" atmosphere I'm sure. Hope it has a positive effect and makes people like JJ and the rest of the players he placed so much faith in turn things around, however that top 4 place is already looking out of reach. Would another 5th place finish and a cup win save MJ's bacon?

On a footnote, is Malbranque finding it hard to hold back a cheeky grin for the camera in that training photo?, his serious Mr Angry look never fails to give me a private laugh to myself, not to take away from his 100% effort every game...respect for that, at 2 million we can't complain.

dannyboy said...

Oi Vincenzo!
The team I suggested was to give regulars a break, hence no Jenas. Potentially, he can be a top class midfielder; he just needs to live up to the potential. I will run out of patience even eventually otherwise!

A General type figure is missing as you say and as I have said more than once. Zokora has failed miserably and should be sold in January. Not sure who the answer is though ? One other thing - DEFOE MUST START TOMORROW!!! DROP KEANE.


dannyboy said...

I can't believe it - I've just read that Defoe is not even in the squad for the Bolton game, let alone the team! Just what the hell has Defoe got to do. Sorry, but my last faith in Jol has gone. Bad management pure and simple. So Keane starts with Berbatov I guess - favouritism or what? Fuck off Jol.


EL said...

Our manager's demeanour on camera after the game seemed very flat & almost disinterested to me in a way I've never seen before. Like a man just waiting for the inevitable to happen. If it wasn't for the cash, I'd really think Jol should walk away. This is utterly disloyal and shabby treatment irrespective of what the board think of his ability.

We appear to have a caretaker in our midst.