Monday, September 24, 2007

Bolton vs Tottenham Hotspur: The Player Ratings

Candidates For Jol's Job Queueing Outside The Lane

More iffy positioning.
I've got 'Solid' on Autofill.
Out of sorts?
Alright, but lacking.
Lacklustre Central.
Again, alright.
Young, gifted and benched.
The Corner Waster.
Hit & Hope goal, no interplay with Berba.
The Accounts Dept at Old Trafford must be relieved.
Off the form.
The Dutch Napoleon's 'Font of Footy Tactics' needs a plumber.
Does anyone actually believe that he or his gormless sidekick have the vaguest idea what they're doing anymore?
Bolton make a sub on 73 minutes.
"Chrissh, Chrissh, did you she daht? Quick, quick. Get one of der lads on."
"Which one, boss ?"
"I don't know,... er you chewsh."
Bolton make a sub on 80 minutes.
"Chrissh, Chrissh, did you she daht? Dey've done it againsh!"
"Can I pick annuver one?"
"Yeah, but quickly. And leave JJ on, yeah?"
I could weep.


Sparksyid said...

Ive seriously had enough now im a jol supporter in terms of the man but not as the manager i cant beleive the team selection yesterday it is jokes, lets leave out Bale our best player of the season so far "not that it takes much but still" Kaboul ive like him an dawson why was he dropped no place for defoe again on the bench. LENNON why o why do we wait so long for this boy to be fit then not play him, Im seriously so pissed off this morning our league position is jokes something has to change and now. Jol out.Robbo DROPPED. Jenas DROPPED. We need a new manager to come in and have no worries about being brutal about picking the best team.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Sparks. I'm a big MJ fan but something is amiss. Reading between the lines, leave Defoe out, fans get angry, board sacks Jol, he gets his compensation package. If he resigns, he doesn't get the £4m. I think his heart is not in it anymore, and to be honest, can anyone blame him? If I was treated like that, I'd be the same.

Anonymous said...

Harry, your obviously in love with Steed and hate Zokora. Am I right?

Harry Hotspur said...

Not in love, but the few sparks from our midfield came from the Frenchman. He threatens to score now & then too. sometimes he does.

I acknowledge he's limited. Overfussy but technically superb.


Thrown on the floor buy one of Lee's doormen in white, but little else of note for me yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Been saying it since last season.Jol can not handle it.

If it any other decent manager we would have been in CL 2 season ago without needing to win at West Ham and Jol messed it up that season.

Last season was shambles in terms of tactical awareness for Jol..Chelsea,Arsenal just beat us by sticking an attacking player on and upping the tempo of the game just like Arsenal done it last weekend.

Jol did not even respond to opposition subs...his only tactical change was to switch Lennon to left where the boy went backwards in terms of improving and developing.

Jols mistakes in substitutions and team selections caused loss of easy points.

He must go..and only a top name should be brought in.

Jols,Allardyces,Redknapps of this world will only get you to 5th in the league..It Lippis,Capellos,Mourinhos,Wengers of this world that knows how to be the best.

Anonymous said...

Ok... so I'm chairman for a day, lets make that day today, here's my plan.

Speak to Jose, his agent, his wife, kids and dog too, anything to get to speak to the 'special one' himself. He has agreed, for £17m not to join another prem team this season so I'd agree to pay him the £17m myself (out of ENIC funds) to join at 4pm today. An astute signing in anyones book (£16.5m for Bent springs to mind)

Call a meeting with Jol and Houghton. Explain that Jol has lost the plot and fire him gracefully, reclaim the company 'etch-a-sketch' from Houghton and send him on his way too.

Read out a statement infront of Sky News cameras at White Hart Lane and confirm the departure of Martin Jol from the club.

Arrange a 4.30pm press conference at Spurs Lodge making no further comment.

Appoint the whole of Jose's backroom staff, even the dog if he so wishes. Keep our current groundsman though! Arrange for all playing staff to be at Spurs Lodge at 4pm and inform them that BMJ is no longer incharge of first team affairs. Drive to Chigwell and into Spurs Lodge

Meeting with the playing staff so they can meet the man himself.

Unveil Jose to the worlds press, take all the praise and have my picture taken with him, well in time for tomorrow's back pages and the evening news.

Take Jose's dog for a walk (part of the terms agreed)

Say my goodbye's and return home to my semi in Brentwood, turn on the telly, crack open a beer, sit back and marvel at how good my day was.

Go to bed...

There you go Mr Levy, it's all there for you, have my free advice with 100% blessing.

Can't wait till 4.30pm, my Sky box is all ready on ch 501!

COYS - Forever a Yid :-)


London_Guy said...

Me too, me too, I have stood by MJ up to now but yesterday's team selection beggars belief. He left out the players most likely to win the game for us, Bolton were there for the taking and we were ready to kick our start season on the back of Thursdays's result. It seems this was because we needed to pick a team capable of 'holding' Bolton, that is holding the bottom team in the Division (or one above), that does not give us much hope! With the players at our disposal we really should not be worrying about trying to hold teams like Bolton and fielding a side that will give them problems!

To correct one error though it seems Kaboul pulled out yesterday morning.

Howabout the venerable Mr. Venables as caretaker?

jolsgonemental said...

in jols defence we did actually 'hold' Bolton didnt we. We didnt manage to 'hold' sunderland despite trying to.

So we did in theory achieve the main objective.

bravo to martin jol.

the question should really be why dont we just try and beat these sort of teams. picking players in form would be a start.

Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers, Matt.

Tip top!

Anonymous said...

i didn't watch football first coz i thought im going to get more angry... saw the goals on motd. yet again we concede another set piece arghh! ruined may day man. i cant get my head round the team selection. why have y.p.lee on bench rather than bale... better yet... why aint he playing?!? rocha over kaboul and still no defoe....?!?!?! not looking good for us and his interviews are getting on my nerves aswell. he always says the same thing... "we should do better" no kidding jol, do something about it (maybe use our best players) and train on set pieces and defending!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Jol's post-match comments? The usual "Bolton's a difficult place to come to and difficult team to play against tactically, blah blah blah..." Personally, I'm sick of listening to this shit from Jol. After somehow outplaying a poor Bolton side for periods of the 90, the usual excuses spouted forth from Jol. Tactics and the manager do not go together for some unknown reason. Jesus, Bolton were there for the taking yesterday. How many corners does Jenas need before he gets a decent delivery? Why can't Keane's brain work a half second faster and deliver a pass EARLIER, instead of dithering and getting closed down by defenders? When is Robinson going to be dropped? Why is Rocha (4 ft tall) a centre back defending set-pieces against a man a good 12 inches taller than him? (Campo's goal). Jol out now, top, winning , tactically astute boss in pronto Mr. Levy.

figlio di lupo said...

bring back andy reid, the fat yock was great.
and shoot hughton, all he does is sudoku on that clipboard the whole game...

Vinny said...

Agree with Harry with appreciation of Steed. Not saying he will ever be Christian Ronaldo due to being a little predictable and too right-footed for our left side, but the guy don't stop trying, hassling and harrying, thats the kind of attitude we need in low times like these.

Zokora - made a great throughball towards the first ball, but appart from that fizzed out and pushed around too much having to dive for his own protection - dissapointing and not the sign of a good midfield hardman.

Jenas - a couple of diagonal slightly forward passes, I was happy for the bloke (but generally uninteresting as usual). As we all say he is so young, maybe he'll get it in about 10 years time...wait a minute, he'll be 35 then!...:)

Tainio - 2 seasons ago, I would say he looked like he has great potential to be a great team member, now looks like he has not moved on from being a good midtable player...nothing of note.

Midfield still boring and hugely lacking, some of that can be attributed to Jol's shocking selection of course ommitting our only dangerous winger in Lennon.

Koffers said...


Its disgusting what do they do at the training ground??

They should practise attacking and defending freekicks as Robinson has no aerial presence and Jenas cant keep the ball in play from dead ball situations.

We needed to spend 16.5m on midfielders not an overated english striker.

As for Lennon he has one attribute, pace! No trickery and defenders can now read his play and they just push him into the corner and then he is presurisd to deliver a sh*t cross!.

I tore my seaon ticket up last night and used it for roach!

figlio di lupo said...

koffers loves the green

Stuspur10 said...

Need a rant! Sure a lot of it has already been posted. Does Jol now want the SACK?! His post-match comments were as baffling as his pre-match and in-play decisions. He seemed satisfied with the draw -disgrace! He reasoned that it is easier to leave out Bale than a more senior player because Bale won't make a fuss - absolute disgrace! This is not top-4 management - it is second-rate, reactive, timid and ultimately negative. The players that have any credibility this season are being sacrificed for the one's whom have little left - yet it is too much of a headache for Jol to drop or even sub these 'senior' players - Keane, Jenas and Robbo spring to mind.
Jol's job is untenable - he is now a virtual caretaker manager. Board have created this mess with their clumsiness (getting caught - Ramos) but it's happened. We must now replace Jol n replace him fast. Our season is at stake.

Anonymous said...

Alot has been said about yesterday ..but has Mr Jol not learned from Chelsea and Liverpool over the seasons...ROTATION DOES NOT WORK!!!!!! only if there is an injury .....pick your stongest 11 and stick to it...for god sake man!!!...we have a hugely talented squad ...why cant he pick the best the best 11 and have the other 5 as subs and use when necessary..

Goal ....Cerny

Defence....the chimp,dawson,kaboul and lee

midfield lennon,the prince,huddlestone ,bale,,

strikers keane and berba


the rest can find somewhere else in january

what do you reckon???

Summerspur said...

whats a "roach" Koffers?

Anonymous said...

Now, hh, are you going to post my update or not?
see, curses don't change like that.

and this one is big, right?

well, you should be glad cause Berby dear declared his love for Spurs : unless he's sold, he's not leaving. he's settled ( just wonder who is he settled with)
and purgatory it is.

liked your comment about MAn U: see, you should have sold him.

Told Ya.