Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur: Lacklustre Lillywhites Limp Home

Let's make no bones about it. Tottenham were awful. No width. No creativity in midfield. No genuine surety in defence. But above all other awfulness'esses was that total absence of service to the strikers.

What is the point of having Bent, Berba, Keane & Defoe if no one is capable of creating space/opportunity for any of them?

Jenas is an increasingly popular whipping boy... I refuse to surrender him. He does foul up. But generally his blunders fail to outweigh his good stuff. He cannot be held accountable for other players lack of movement.

Sunderland were ordinary but consistent.
We were over fussy, inhibited and unsynchronised. To use Andy Gray speak... Everton at home now looks like an 'ask'.

Good Gawd.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that what they call...PURGATORY?

Told ya!


Harry Hotspur said...

Nemesis you are not only uninformitive, despite your own protests to the contrary, but you're boring.

Not because we lost, rather are dull... a High Crime on this site sunbeam...

Anonymous said...

Quite right in everything Harry:
- lack of creativity
- uncertainties in defence

and my point:
- Jol's lack of knowing when to make substitutions

We MUST win against Everton on Tuesday and we MUST win against Derby. Hopefully Dawson will be fit, any updates at all?

Anonymous said...

SNOWYID sez ... HH the game was a disgrace m8 cant believe what i saw

Anonymous said...

it was obvious twenty minutes in that we needed someone with an eye for a pass as there was no width and no space..the hudd should have started and taarabt should have been on the bench..i love MJ but he needs to remove his testicles from his trousers on occasion and show how huge they are ..nuff said ...everton will feel the repurcussions of this result ..Yid4life

Harry Hotspur said...

One positive was Bent on 58'.

Last season it was Defoe on 84'.

Anonymous said...

You said it Harry the midfield were rubbish when will martin see timo cannot play wide.Were was taarabt and routledge?Answers please Martin.

dannyboy said...

typical spurs - all the hype, self made and fell flat on our faces. the whole team except kaboul looked like they were still on holiday.
tuesday cant come soon enough - a must win game. WE are owed a performance and the players owe it to them themselves.
dont give up the hope after 1 game lads.


Anonymous said...

I guess it's a slight improvement bringing on Bent earlier but still his tactics leave me wondering sometimes.

Same team for Everton?
Will Dawson be fit?
Rocha for Stalteri?
Change up top: Bent in?
Taraabt getting a run out?

Anonymous said...

Top 4 my arse! simply dreadful, berba not interested, jenas shite, rest of midfield slightly better, why have 4 top strikers and play midfield that simply were outclassed by a better unit. Play like that against top 4 we will get stuffed. Why no taraabt? - boy looked good pre season. Sort out left side and have guts to play our young prospects or we will get this feeling every away game.

Anonymous said...

where is tarabat ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????jol out

Anonymous said...

What bothers you more...

losing 1-0 away to Sunderland in a game we were expected to win


the fact you have problems getting your choice of a seat? :)

defo said...

we can forget about top 4 not with martin jol 40m no left player

Michael said...

Don't understand we bought Rocha to replace King when injured, but play Gardener instead. Better off playing Gardener at left back instead of an obvious right back. Kaboul is class and where is Taarbet

Anonymous said...

Not Jenas' fault, but it was so dismal all round aside from two class stops by Robbo and a solid display from Kaboul. Shit subs by MJ (who I love) - Tainio and Zokora off? Things that make you go hmmmmmm. Didn't you know when Big Tony G - all of 6'5 - flopped up like a salmon in the death throes that it would lead to a goal? Not the end of the world, but....loved to have seen firestarter Taraabt having a go late doors. Less than four points in the next two games and then I'll be pissed off. Keep hearing about sharing with West Ham for the next two!

defo said...

bring capello as manager or lipi .martin jol take it far has he can

jolsgonemental said...

why are you all whinging? Jol is the best thing since sliced bread, surely?

on a side note, i think actually giving yourself the moniker 'nemesis' comes across a little sad and needy.

Harry Hotspur said...

HH wants Taarrabt in the 1st team.
He wants trouble, he wants endeavour!

Is HH wrong??

defo said...

40m no left player ? we played today with 4 central midfilders jol out lipi in

Anonymous said...

y on earth MJ doesn't play hudd instead of jj il never know. jj biggest piece of rubbish ever, all he can do is pass sideways and back and he has NO strength. 1 thing is for sure though and that is we have bought a class defender in KABOUL. we need bale, dawson, lennon back asap or we aint getting top4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAD

Anonymous said...

Revspurs-I was today and it was difficult to watch!!!Jenas is supposed to be an attacking midfielder and not once did he try and push up,malbranque an kaboul aside no-one tried berbs doesn't look interested keane was greedy and tony gardener is fucking shit!!and can someone tell me why rocha plays left back all through pre-season but first game of the season he's on the bench,don't know about anyone else but that bewilders me.

Anonymous said...

lovely site mate...


shabbar said...

jol out capelllo in!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we were absolutely toothless. toothless hotspur.

Anonymous said...

If we started with Taarabt and Defeo we would have smashed Sunderland to pieces

Jfranks said...

Jenas was absent the whole game. But yes not to put blame on him. If Lennon is out, why not replace him with his twin: routladge. At least he is pacy, skillfull and will beat his defender to the byline. My next question was raised already, where the hell is our most exciting midfielder: Tarabbt!!!!!! we had no width and space and the two palyers who could have given us both, having lennon out and not having bought a LW were not even ON THE BENCH. Rubbish JOL! the only good thing MJ did which i would have done was taken Temo off in place of bent to stretch the defence as Sunderland obvioulsy were "parking the bus" and to give berbs a partner up front. Other than that I cannot understand jol's selection. It is as simple as not having tarabbt and routladge in the linieup would have reversed our fate. Malcrap is only good enough to come off our bench and i like tanio's effort, but again as a squad memebr. I know we wer missing a few, But Jol left us in the dark.....Again!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bring back Hoddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Boring, boring, boring. Why is it that we always seem to play so well in pre season but when we start we play so badly? We changed the style of play and most of the guys looked like it was there first game of the year, they seemed to not know what to do with the ball and if our guys played with as much heart as the Sunderland players did we might have had a chance. Roy Keane was an awesome player and now he is showing that he will be an even better manager, a team who cost nothing close to what we cost and they worked hard to get there result, not the best game from them but they wanted to win more than us, we almost looked happy to get a draw from about the 70th min. I will not let us use the excuse that some of the players are not the first choice and im not going to accept that they played out of position, they simply had no heart and our Spurs boys could learn a thing or two on heart from the Sunderland guys, it does not have to be great football but points are what we need and I really hope this is they only game I have to feel this disappointed about otherwise 5th place does not look so bad.

jolsgonemental said...

All this fighting and swearing is so much more my cup of tea than the almost civilised optimism of the pre season.

lets forget all that crazy talk of finishing top 4 or even top half and instead get stuck into 16,5m flop darren bent, fairy boy jenas and fat boremonger jol.

i'll start:

Darren Bent, what a cunt, runs around like a schoolboy in a playground. send him to the spammers in exchange for Ashton before window shuts.

Anonymous said...

"jols best thing since sliced bread" what a cunt!

the same manager who continually plays unfit players out of position, who gets it wrong tactically in every big game we have played in last two seasons, who buys quality young players, refuses to play them but sticks with players who can't cut the mustard. Loyalty is commendable but you must give all players a chance especially if they likes of Jenas continally fail to deliver. Jol has to deliver this season, he has had massive backing to get into the the top 4 and after todays shite performance anyone with half a brain knows we are as far away from getting there as we have ever been. We have a defence & midfield that is fucking shit (kaboul & Robbo aside)

Jim said...

£8 million for Taylor looks a bargain. How many years do we have to play without a left side? But of course spending £16million on a striker we didn't need was the thing to do. That's why being a Spur is great - even when we're shite!

shanemac said...

jesus christ, i haven't been so depressed in ages (since last season). if only because we all should've seen this coming. fuck me, we've spent 40 million pounds and we fielded the same bloody team! kaboul played well yes, but look at the midfield... holy sweet baby jesus! tainio, malbranque, jenas, and zokora!?! that looks familiar doesn't it? time to permanently insert taarabt into this shit and permanently remove jenas. the reason people get on his case so much is because he's supposed to be the more attacking of the two centre mids. and i don't want to hear this "it's only the first game" shit. this game was a continuation of last season, which should have everyone shitting their trousers. thank you and God save us.

Anonymous said...

That was so inept, quite rightly should Spurs fans be disappointed. The midfield was static, lacking invention, with nobody making runs... as for the where's Taarabt questions, wouldn't we all like to know. We needed him badly to create something. No point having Wayne Routledge in the squad if we don't use him. Tainio is not good enough IMO, not a wide threat. The midfield was where the problems started and finished. We didn't need Hudd on the bench, we needed Taarabt or Boateng. I don't buy this Boateng needing more time before being in the squad - surely if he comes on for the last 20 minutes he's fit enough right? Aren't they professional footballers? I've been a staunch defender of Jol in the past, but he's testing my patience early this time... I know it was only the first game of the season (insert cliche here - marathon not a sprint anyone?) but if our performance in that game is anything to go by it'll be a much longer season for us, for all the wrong reasons. Time to step it up Martin. A bad result vs Everton and I'll be considering having a few quid on Jol to be Next Premiership Manager to go.

Anonymous said...

biggest problem for me was there was never anyone on the left side to distribute the ball to, malbranque and tainio spent the whole game playing the same in the middle. Better to get it out the way in the first game, will hopefully be the wake up call we need.

Anonymous said...

JJ's not a whipping boy for no reason...

Don't you think we want to love all our players??

A player whom we carry for most games, who cannot pass forward, cannot tackle and has probably the worst defensive positioning I have seen just can't be our first choice centre mid.

If he could play well, we'd all love him, it's just that he is really not very good.

OK, he's scored some goals but his bad way outweighs his good. If he scored 15-20 goals a season from midfield we could afford to carry him but he doesn't. The sooner we sign an experienced CM with CL experience and maybe some medals, maybe he would be able to learn a trick or ten...

Anonymous said...

Well, HH, you talked here so much about Berba during the Summer and now is the time we all should start worrying.
It was true that Man U tried to get him. I don't know if he didn't have the guts to go because he thought he was safer with us, or if Man U dropped him for Tevez. But he's not the same anymore. He never really came back from the holidays, maybe because he realised Bent was too good, or maybe he's got some personnal problem to solve.
Anyway, he looks miserable, distracted at his best or depressed and bored at his worst.It was notorius in SA and also after that. Cannot be cause of the games, as we are only starting. And today his already fainted connection to Jol imploded.
So, right now I'm afraid it will happen as somebody wrote here sometime ago: that he was just good last season and he'll go back to the anonimity he lived by back in Germany.
I say, if he wants to go, just go. If he wants to stay, please sort your life out, man.The only thing without remedy is death!

Tom Gilmartin said...

This was HORRIBLE DAY. Finish 4th? We can't even beat a side who ust got their head of of the shit league with a manager who is still in his manager diaper.

Jol has no idea how to use the team he has bought. We have millions of pounds sitting on the bench and there is NO CREATIVITY.

I love Jol's ability to build team spirit, but someone needs to help him with tactics cretive enough to win a game.

GET RID OF Chris Hughton AND BRING IN SOME BRAINS! We have had him forever and it's time for someone at MJ's side that can help push him.

I can't believe I miss YP LEE. Jesus, what a sad state of affairs.


Tom Gilmartin said...

This was HORRIBLE DAY. Finish 4th? We can't even beat a side who ust got their head of of the shit league with a manager who is still in his manager diaper.

Jol has no idea how to use the team he has bought. We have millions of pounds sitting on the bench and there is NO CREATIVITY.

I love Jol's ability to build team spirit, but someone needs to help him with tactics cretive enough to win a game.

GET RID OF Chris Hughton AND BRING IN SOME BRAINS! We have had him forever and it's time for someone at MJ's side that can help push him.

I can't believe I miss YP LEE. Jesus, what a sad state of affairs.


Anyone have thoughts on Mr. Hughton? Please share.

Daytripper said...

The rest of the midfield better than Jenas? I agree with Harry here, too early to get on him. He had some great tackles, and unlike Tainio & Zokora, he at least tried to push forward. Tainio & Zokora are too similar to Jenas (but much weaker) - only one of them should be on the pitch at a time. Also, why the hell was Tainio on the right & Steed on the left - you gotta put your best MF on his strongest side dont you?

On a positive note, I'm in love with Kaboul already. He reminds me of Toure - a pillar of strength, who attacks the ball everywhere. It's a really sad day when your centerback makes more runs forward into space than your midfielders..

With King, Kaboul, Bale, Chimbo & Dawson now, Im ready to give up my crying about our defense. If Jol pulls his head out of his arse, no reason we can't make Top 4.

Anonymous said...

Hughton must have some serious shit on someone important...

How else has he survived through all the shite in the last 25 yrs?

DMillsio said...

9.59 A midfielder that scores 15-20 goals?? lmfao

Anonymous said...

So much pre-season hype and we get a performance reminiscent of most away games last season, top 4?? yea right, played more like a bottom 4 championship team. thank god we didn't play ManU at old trafford, woulda made us look like a conference side!

dannyboy said...

I wonder why they call us fickle ?

Anonymous said...

is it just me who wonders why teemu tainio insists on making everything appear so difficult?

the best players are the best because they do the simple things very well, tainio takes 3 touches every time he has to control the ball and consistently ignores the opportunity to play the easy ball. he offers us nothing on the right and isn't much better in the centre.

stalteri is much the same.

i'm not one to get on players backs, and would never boo, i will these guys to do better but they have consistently frustrated since signing.

robinson played well today and couldn't do anything about the goal, gardner is a good player, but switches off, i was impressed with kaboul today.

jenas has talent but i think he needs to give a bit more sometimes. i like zokora, but i think he plays better in the european games, he needs so show more of that stuff in domestic fixtures. malbranque does a job on the left, but he does narrow it. when you have someone like tainio on the right, you need an outlet on the left, unfortunately steed doesn't offer that - not due to inability, just that he is right footed.

obviously all the strikers are class - but today berbatov looked disinterested for an hour, though i can understand his frustration at the lack of service. robbie did ok, but they didnt look like the same players we've been watching in pre season. i just hope they pull their collective fingers out before wednesday.

jol is a good manager, this is his team so just let him get on with it. i trust his judgement - largely, everyone makes mistakes and i think it's fair to say that martin is still learning. he can take us all the way, we're not going to win the league this year, so we might aswel forget it, get behind the lads and the gaffer, and hope to f*ck that we finish above the scum.

Anonymous said...

I had to get up at 4.30am to see that shite.
Mark, Canada

FTM said...

I hope this has taught you a lesson about respecting your opponents.

Jol, to a certain extent, got his tactics right. He used Tainio on the left not to give you width, but to shackle Carlos Edwards, who is Sunderland's most creative outlet.

On paper the lack of a recognised right back should have caused Sunderland some problems, but Jol's concern of Carlose meant that that link was never tested.

Possession-wise there is no doubting that Spurs had the better of the game, but for all the ball they couldn't carve a decent chance. This was not the fault of the midfield - they bossed Yorke in the first half - as the breakdown came around the 18 yard box.

The weak link in that frontline today was Berbatov, who couldn't handle McShane. After 20 minutes or so his body language was terrible as the toys went out of the pram. Without him, their didn't seem enough creativity to break down Sunderland and carve open chances.

On balance over the course of the season Spurs will do very well. There's more than enough talent and technique in the side to make them a top 6 proposition. It's a question of finding the right mixture to the potion.

Just an honest opinion from a Mackem of what he saw today. Piss-taking aside, good luck with breaking the top 4... it's about time someone did.

Izly said...

no creativity. no flair. no width. i dont get jol really. he started with a team meant to protect a lead and in the end he fielded all his strikers. i think it should be the other way around. start with attacking minded players ie tarabat, hudd then when we're leading, bring on tainio. dats wat the top 4 teams are doing. treat all the games equally.. home or away. dats wat we did towards the end of last season. the starting line-up really tells u that jol doesnt want a win.

kevostorio said...

Sorry to point out the obvious but after that display we're not getting fourth, we're not even getting fifth and come next summer Berba will have done one to a quality side...unless things change pretty fucking drastically

jolsgonemental said...

I had correctly summized pre season that if we were to win our opening three games (very very doable given decent management), the confidence and momentum would get us top 4. As a confidence team yesterdays results and resulting downward spiral of shit will ensured a battle just to finish top 7/8.

come january lets get Bent, Jenas, Jol out and get a decent midfielder in, chalk this one up as a another false dawn.

I think I would be correct in thinking that our first choice 11 is effectivily the same starting 11 who bottled every big game last year? and all for 40m...

Anonymous said...

The blame has to go with jol first gardner is not good enough for top 5 club his constant mistake lead to clear cut chances. Secondly playing tanio as a right wing is just a joke, some one reason mentioned to keep carlos edwards marked but he played on opposite winger. Tanio and marlbranqe aren't wingers and that is what we missed to stretch them. I like jol and i think hes done a good job but to make the mistakes you made last season in the first game is just stupid (gardner out, and some natural wingers playing. The only bonus was kaboul great first game for the yids.

Harry Hotspur said...

Respecting opponents?

I have some bad news for you.

If you think Sunderland are staying up with a performance like that you're on drugs. And not very good ones. Spurs were pretty abysmal and your superior play consisted largely of being able to pass to each other. A cunning system we appeared to largely abandon yesterday.

You won, but don't kid yourselves that it had little to do with how poor we were. A real top 5 team (not to be confused with us) would have quite rightly dispatched us 2, 3, 0r 4 nil.

Now back to your pigeons...

pjkais said...

This game was always going to be tough against Roy Keanes newly promoted side. for those of you with your get rid of Jol now heads on, can I suggest you shut the f*ck up. Yes he has spent a lot of money but so has every oter spurs manager, Gerry frnacis anyone! He is the best thing to happen to Spurs in a long time, and I have been around long enough ro remeber! I think the loss to Sunderland will give us a kick up the arse and we will push on to a good season. FFS it's only the first game.

anders33 said...

Totally agree with the lacklustre and lack of creativity comments, we must change the midfield around for Everton.

Give Hudd the start and move Jenas out to the right, Taarabt is a must for the bench.

Berbs was a major concern, he seemed frustrated within minutes of the kick-off.

Maybe its still last nights booze talking, but I'm not ready to write us off yet and cant belive that some are calling for BMJ's head!
...and how can anyone can blame Hughton?

sweeno said...

I have to say I'm disappointed with the almost complete lack of educated comments so far.

By no means did we deserve to win yesterday, but in all honesty I expected a draw, and but for Pascal Chimbonda switching off in the last second that's what we would have got.

Away to a newly promoted team with Roy Keane in charge is difficult at the best of times, let alone when you're terrible away, and you have a makeshift back 4.

The midfield was picked to contain Sunderland rather than create chances. I love the guy, but I'm afraid JJ needs to stop going missing when we need him most. He's a player who should be able to run the game but frequently disappoints.

Having said that it was the first day of the season. Better play these games now than later. Kaboul looked awesome. With Bale, King, Dawson and Lennon to come we should be alright.

Also, someone said that all the hype was 'self-made'. Unfortunately all the hype has come from the fans and the media, not the club. BMJ has said time and again that a top 6 finish and some silverware is the aim. To call for Jol's head is just complete and utter stupidity. It makes me ashamed to be a Spurs fan sometimes because time and time again our fans show themselves to be among the most uneducated, fickle football followers around.

Shame on you all.

sweeno said...

PS The Mackem has spoken the most sense so far. Good luck this season mate. Roy Keane knows what he's doing. I hope its enough to keep you up.

Anonymous said...

in seven months?
next year?
sorry, mates, but I believe Berba realised yesterday he doesn't belong there anymore.
he has got 19 days to move.
and we'll thank him for that.
There's no doubt in my mind that if Bent was on his place yesterday, things would have been different.
Berba was good but it's over.
The team has to find its way without him and he has to find his way without the team.

Jolsgonemental said...


am i correct in thinking you said and i quote:

'The midfield was picked to contain Sunderland '

Do you not see the inherent comedy in your quote?

We lost becuase our game plan revolved around 'containing' Sunderland?? Not only that our game plan revolved around 'containing' sunderland - and we COULDNT 'contain' sunderland.

I have not seen a less threatening football side, since they were were last up.

In the same post you defend Jol! you dopey cunt.

Any manager that looks at our squad,then looks at theirs and still decides that a containing game plan is required isnt meant for this sport.

The top 4 sides will go to sunderland and score 3-4 goals each.

contain sunderland....fuck me, I hope you dont work as a defence lawyer.

sweeno said...

Jolsgonemental - Thanks for proving my point.

Picking a midfield to 'contain' a combative side away from home on the first day made sense to me. I never said that was why we lost though. We lost because we didn't score, and because we switched off at the last.

You sir are the epitome of what is wrong with our club.

May I remind you that Jol is a top flight manager that's managed to get us to 5th place in two sucessive seasons.

You on the other hand, are just a cretin.

jolsgonemental said...


did you say , and i quote

'Picking a midfield to 'contain' a combative side '?

This is the 'combative' JENAS (HAHAHA), Zokora, Malbranque and Tainio?

Do you not see the inherent comedy in your comment?

Yes I refer to the very same Jol whose negative tactics cost us top 4 two years back, a CC final spot last year a FA cup SF final spot and UEFA cup SF place.

Also blessed us with bottling a lead against the Arse numerous times.

Anythign we achieve (as of yet nothing) is in spite of Jol. He is too dull, too negative, too safety first. FACT.

decent manager with our squad? we'd be flying.

pjkais said...

Yes the game yesterday was utter shite. But take a step back and look what the big man has acheived so far...
Martin Jol currently has the best record for any manager in 20 years at Tottenham based on the percentage of games won, drawn and lost.

2005-06 Season accomplishments
» Highest ever finish in a Premiership season and highest in 16 years.
» First European qualification via the league in 23 years.
» Best home league record for a season in 15 years and 16th best of all time. (65% wins)
2006-07 Season accomplishments
» First league victory over Chelsea in 16 years.
» Won the most consecutive home games (league) in over 13 years. (7)
» Won the most consecutive home games (all competitions) in over 25 years. (12)
» First domestic cup semi-final for 5 years and first European cup quarter-final for 15 years.
» Best home league record for a season in 16 years and 14th best of all time. (68% wins)
» Club and British record amount of consecutive wins in Europe. (8)
» Second successive European qualificiation via the league for the first time in over 20 years.

How long did it take fergie to get Manure where they are today?

All I can say is there will sure be even better to come..

COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

After another typical Jol performance has anyone considered that he might just be an Arsenal fan at heart....anyone seen him having dinner with David Dein?

jolsgonemental said...

jol is definitely not a yid.

Anonymous said...

9pm: i showed up at the Pig n Whistle pub (im in Bris, Aus) to watch the first game of the season. I gave up a guaranteed lay for this on a saturday night no less (we all know what a saturday night lay means too - it means you get 2 for 1 with a sun morn blow job to boot - thats a big deal for a single guy) Not only was this tottenhams long awaited first game but the Prem league decreed us so strong for their ratings that they made us the first game. Woo hoo!!!

9.30pm: drambuie number 3 had been consumed waiting for the game to start and listening to the pre game comments from that useless prick Robbie Slater made me even more anxious for the game to start. He really is a plonker - why do fox sports persist with such a knob as one of their lead commentators...

9.45pm About 30 spurs supporters had congregated and started singing our wonderful club songs

9.46pm kick off - woo hoo!!! COYS!!!!!!

10pm onto my 5th drambuie - the boys are still feeling each other out i thought as it was pretty drab beginning. Oh my god a group of Sunderland and Spammer (!?)supporters are grouped together next to us. Mild mannered banter starts between the spammer/land and the lillywhites...

10.30pm half time brings to an end a frustrating but ultimately mildly entertaining game thus far. I have noticed along with the sales of drambuie a noticeable increase in banter and swearing between the spammerland supporters and the coys brigade.

11.30pm my mate, with 5 minutes to go, says to me at least a point is better than a loss and that we can redeem ourselves against the blue scousers on wed morning. I kinda agree but nonetheless dissapppointed that a game that promised so much for spurs could fizzle out to a drab, boring display by a squad that has been mentioning top 4 for the last 3 weeks. The spammerland supporters are trying hard to outsing us, but im sorry boys you cant beat the "west ham is our feeder club" song and so they start resorting to stomping on the ground to make it look like there are many of them against spurs

11.35pm GOAL to sunderland. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! say it aint so - im wishing for the referee to find something wrong with it but then i hear the piercing shriek of the whistle being played from the ref. No please say that aint right, no we cant lose against these lightweights, we're spurs we cant lose against these northern nobodies. Hang on i just remembered who im taklking about. If theres one way for a club to piss of its supporters this club will find it and exceed it. Ohmygod this is shocking, the worst thing that could have happened. Now its time to drown the drambuie and take off cause the spammers are laughing their heads off and the sundies...well the sundies are going nuts over this.

11.36pm one of our drunk coys brigade starts thinking he is 20ft tall and despite the fact he is as tall as my wallet (which by this time after spending $7 per glass of dram is looking very lean) thinks he can take on all the spammerland supporters.

11.37pm its on for young and old - security get this little coys pillock out of here cause as much as we lost i cant stand the fact that our only outlet is our fists and that dont wash for me.

Sunderland wanted it more than us - that was obvious. We just showed no spine for taking the game to them we just looked like we went through the motions.

The wash up from all of this is aimed at Mr Jol...

Please, please, please i love you BMJ, i really do think that you're the best thing to have happened to my beloved club in 20 years but even you will find it difficult to keep the fans support when given the resources and all your coaching and decison making can conjur up is such a pathetic display from a club that has spent a record amount and has clearly stated that top 4 is its goal. A gag on all players and managers is now required as supporters want to watch what you do, not listen to what you say. Make us the top 4 club that we know we can be, not the top 10 club that (if we're lucky based on yesterdays performance) we will end up being...

Now i have to try and patch things up with madam sat nite cause after that pathetic attempt at football i need to make sure one part of my beloved spurs scores somewhere...

Your thoughts people???

MHSpurs said...

I was very disappointed yesterday. I really cant understand why we dont allow the players who played in pre season to continue on in the first couple of games.

We didn't have one creative midfielder on yesterday. If were not going to play with width we need someone like Hudd on to supply the thru balls to berba and bent. The best our mids could do was cut inside and play a sideways pass.

Stalteri was a joke at left full whereas gardiner, ifill and rocha played well there pre season. I think he is a good back up right full but not on the left, no way.

Routeledge was starting to come in to his own on the wing pre season so why not have him in against the likes of Sunderland and see if hes going to cut it?

Same goes for tarabet and ifill.

Tanio was a joke. JJ never got out of his own half and Zokora couldnt pass 10 feet.

The way to beat poor opposition is to play with width. Playing through the middle allows teams like sunderland to pack the defence and midfield and hope for a break.

I think we will rue not signing petrov. He had a very good game for city yesterday and would also help settle berba long term.

I dont think berba is as fickle as some of the posters think. He was pissed yesterday at the lack of service, and who could blame him?

Lenny said...

Everybody remember that this is game 1 of 38, but i do agree that our failings so far this season are the same as the last two years. I cant bring myself to slate Jol just yet as he is the most successful spurs boss in my young life time however tactically we keep getting it wrong and yet again we are still 2 signings away from a balanced/complete side. We desperately need more width in the squad (where was Routledge on Saturday?) and I'm sorry Jenas Is not a good enough play maker for a side with champions league hopes - be honest - he just isn't. more creativity and the ability to make a killer pass is still lacking. We have spent big (really big) but look at our starting line-up only Bale will be starting regularly. We needed to buy experience and genuine quality on the flanks and in central midfield for now not in 2 or 3 years time. All spurs - draw on that unrivaled optimism of ours - things will get better.

Anonymous said...

this is bollocks, typical knee jerk reactions from spurs fans....we need to remember that we've got a squad with enormous potential....that and at least we're not West Ham

Anonymous said...

Jenas is a workhorse, but certainly not a creative player, Malbranque might get 1 pass in 5 right, Tainio is simply a Championship player who might string 3 games together without getting injured! We cannot cope with a combative team. Any bit of rough and we are stumped! Roy Keane is moulding a team in his image and it showed yesterday, this team is going to be another Wimbeldon. As for Jol he is pissing me off, when we win he is all over the TV laughing, smiling, joking. When we lose where is he? Makes me wonder what the players think of themselves when we have a reserve player telling Steve Bruce his players are not up to scratch, hopefully we are not feeding the egos of prima donas? Anyone else agree?

Anonymous said...

This is rubbish, typical spurs fans and knee jerk reactions

Yid71 said...

Look at the other results of the day from the top 3/4 clubs.

Arse just managed to scrape a win against Fulham....and i mean scrape.

Brummingham put 2 past chelsea.

ManU draw 0-0 against reading.

All the top teams had a crap opener really so lets forget it and get behind our boys for the game against Everton.

AlexTheYid said...

We need to start playing half decent teams pre-season. The likes of Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool etc are playing Inter Milans, PSG's and we're playing fucking st patricks and grays ath. Needs to change in my opinion - utterly disgusted at the lack of bite we have in midfield.

Anonymous said...

y did MJ not start wiv taarabbt or routlegde the bring pace to the flanks summin we need wivout lennon..
kaboul i fink woz 1 of the only playwers hu did sumfin in the game
the other player wz robbo....
berb looked like he wasnt intrested jus like 1st g ame last season..
as soon as i saw gardner in the team i worried, he didnt make fings better wen he fucked up early in the first half n then robbo ad to save his bacon
we cnt call for jols head it took us a while to get started last season it jus might this season aswel


Anonymous said...

defo said...
bring capello as manager or lipi .martin jol take it far has he can

Saturday, August 11, 2007 8:50:00 PM +00:00

But they play shit, boring football-