Friday, August 10, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Away: Sunderland Prices

Place your bets! Here are my pick of tomorrow's lunchtime liason. Spurs travel with notable absentees inc HH fave Dawson, but refuse to see this as anything less than a comprehensive win.

Tottenham know how badly they performed in the early games of last season and how many points were stupily dropped.

Consequently, they will not be looking to repeat the 'aiming at feet and shooting' exercises of last term...

There must be goals in this game... Bet 365 are offering 6/5 on in excess of 2.5 goals. I'll take that.

Centrebet'll give you 25/1 for a 3-1 win to us. Worth a nicker.

The more cautious amongst you may prefer a DRAW/SPURS WIN for a half time/full time selection... prices vary, but 9/2 is gettable


Death said...

Whooooo were off :-)

Anonymous said... to the toilet!!!
what a start to remember!

Anonymous said...

The predictable feeble performance - Tactics anyone?

Anonymous said...

i've just watched the game and feel compelled to air my views.

we were shit, sunderland were shitter but still tokk the 3 points - against the run of play.

why we were shit:

1) no creativity in midfiled
2) sloppy in the final 3rd of the pitch
3) no width

however, apart from one dodgy header, kaboul looked solid.

gardner is not premiership standard - he should be shot!!

after that performance we'll be lucky to finish in the top 10 let alone the top 5.

as my old school reports used to say - MUST DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Unacceptable loss (0-1) to Sunderland!!!!

Just like last season, in all pre-season games and did not win the first three games!!

£40M spent, only Kaboul started, Bent sub, others injured!!!

Stalteri (Not good enough!!)
Kaboul (Looks a good player)
Gardner, (Not good enough!!)
Tainio (Not good enough!!)(Bent, 59 - No impact),
Jenas (Flatters to deceive!!)
Zokora (Huddlestone, 87 - Only player to shoot on goal!!), Malbranque (Missing in action!!),
Keane (Rightly moaned at the rest of the team!!),
Berbatov (Dis-interested!!)(Defoe, 77).

Subs not used: Cerny, Rocha.

Anonymous said...

poor predictions harry. why dont you learn a little more about football first.

Anonymous said...

let me see if I can get it:
notsatisfied with Berba's fucking armband last year ( bad kharma by any standard) Spurs made the squad dress Maddie girly t-shirts today!!! That is called a bad omen by any standard. Pathetic you Spuds. You really are showing your worth. I can hardly wait to see what's coming. Well the black cats won today. Witchcraft and curses, in the least...

Anonymous said...

i'm excited to see how you plan to exonerate jenas after this one. he's a piece of shit, harry, that's all he'll ever be. he had a whole fucking year last year to put it together for ONE GAME but he couldn't do it. this game was a continuation of last season's shit. l'enfer, c'est jermaine jenas.

Anonymous said...

Goals you say! How disappointing...
It was always gonna need a steely display from the midfield but I can't help but think there wasn't enough creative force in there to create the chances.....
Why the hell is there so much emphasis on Jenas cause in my book the jury is still out. Why no taarabt??????????????

jolsgonemental said...

16.5 Million???

headless fucking chicken.

We could have got Michael Chopra for that money.

Harry Hotspur said...


Valid point.

IF you had declared YOUR predictions and they had fared better than mine.

As it is, you are one, singular, outstanding, sad, COCK.

Do call again, I always welcome target practise.


DMillsio said...

In perspective we played shit but opening day is always random (with all the hype an that). We're a good side and I'm pretty sure we'll show that this season!!!!! They lucked it with the goal...

Death said...

Whooooo were off :-)

With an oooops, hehe footballs' back...mega...

now where can I go and hide till we win a game :-)

Anonymous said...

So, is Berba HAPPY afterall? Oh, now he's DISINTERESTED is that the word? He didn't go when he should, now, well he better go now.

Anonymous said...

to 3:22

if you bothered to notice - it was sunderland & spurs who sported the t-shirts, not just us.

you fucking cock.

Anonymous said...

apologies harry, my prediction was 0-0.

glad to see you respond angrily to a totally unaggressive comment.

please do 'target' me. i can see my computer screen from the toilet.

Harry Hotspur said...


You apologise for failing to make a prediction yourself and yet you simultaneously expect some moral high ground for me being 'agressive' towards your totally stupid remarks..

You really are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

8.45 Don't luuuurve Harry but you are a cock mate.............

Anonymous said...

how the fuk can some of u idiots point a finger at Bent!!! at least he made some runs and passes, he got no service at all!! Berbatov looks like he's frustrated with the lack of or should i say NO quality service, and he'll be gone if that shit doesn't get sorted. Just no creativity in midfield at all. Kaboul was the only standout player. where's Boateng and Taarabt???

Anonymous said...


hey, cocknose.

evey squad in the premiership wore either maddie t-shirts, or yellow maddie wristbands, if you bothered to notice.

please feel free to comment when you've grown a brain cell

Anonymous said...


and if Maddie was killed by her own parents, where does that leave you, Einstein?