Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur - Who's This Huntelaar Chap, Then?

Got his numbers?
23 and 6' even. And 37 goals in 48 games tells us he knows where the goal is.

Tottenham Related?
Huntelaar was the first player to score a goal at the Emirates Stadium in the testimonial match for Dennis Bergkamp on July 22nd, 2006!

Got a cold?
We here on HH are in a long line of folk sniffing around him. Newcastle, Manchester United, Juventus, Liverpool and some pikeys calling themselves Ars*nal have already been 'linked' with him.

He's clearly good stuff. As was mentioned in response to a previous show-reel, the supply of quality balls has to be credited in part... He knows what he's doing, but he's not a magician.


Anonymous said...

Who is this Harry Hotspur chap then ? Does he think he knows it all because he came good on the Bale transfer ?

I think he is a tart.

Harry Hotspur said...

You're right on one count.

The latter.


Anonymous said...

HH..yr an eejit.

Love the site.

E17 exile in Brisbane.

EL said...

It's impossible to tell how good a player would be in this league through an entire season from a youtube compilation. If you did a montage of Jenas from the last few years he'd look world class. It's the bits in between that are the problem.

manure got the right footed left winger known as nani. Can't say I'm all that bothered and of course inspite of our progress, we still lose out to the top 4 on transfers most of the time. Silvan would be my choice but a couple of top 4ers are also said to be keen.

huntelaar looks physical and sharp with a good attitude. Doesn't turn my crank though.

Anonymous said...


DannyMackay said...

Kezman was similarly brilliant in holland.

Anonymous said...

Good player, but looks like he needs lots of good crosses to get his head to! something tottenham arent doing at the mo!

sydney wale said...

Very confident and able young man. However, he can pick where he goes and the usual draw of CL games will decide his expensive destination. I think Bent is the best way to go as he is proven in the EPL where we need to break into top 4 this year to maintain progress. Maybe next year.

Good to see the pitbull again.