Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur To Sign Bent

News just emailed in from a couple of hot HH sources... Darren Bent IS on his way to White Hart Lane.

The failure to capture Nani is largely irrelevant, other than it does leave the £14 million that Tottenham bid for him unspent. Bent is allegedly valued by Charlton at £15 million (ho ho ho) and whilst it is believed we will have to pay a sensible figure for him, it will not reach their estimation. The Feeling Is Mutual Tottenham want him and he wants Tottenham. Bent is said to be pally with a number of the Tottenham lads including Defoe.... who is, as we speak, NOT the man 'moving' on to accommodate the Addick's striker.

That's Mido. Offers for the Egyptian are not exactly flying in, so he may well still be bench warming come August.
More as I get it, folks...


Anonymous said...


Harry, you sound confident on this one, how would you rate it out of 10 ?

Any News on Kaboul or a Left Midfield ?

Anonymous said...

I am a little surprised by this move as we haven't signed a LW yet but we will certainly have a potent strike force next season if it's true. Also I would like to know whats up with signing Kaboul as I haven't heard anything for a few days about whats happening and everybody was saying the deal was already done.

Anonymous said...

i really hope we dont spend heaps of money on him as it would be much better used to put towards a left many times have we heard this!! wat will be bents role anyway?

Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho... I remember reading blog entries from an 'insider' during last year's summer window.. complete tosh... butthis has legs. It's been runoured for a while and if I was in Bent's position I'd jump at a UEFA comp next year and the chance to play with Berbs, Keane & Defoe. I haven't seen him linked anywhere else with such regularity - the top 4 don't appear to be interested. Should help keep the price down if thats true.
E17 Exile

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who isn't entirely convinced by bent? Maybe I just haven't seen enough of him. Wouldn't want to pay more than 8 mil personally. Can't imagine we'd get more than that for say defoe, and he scored 20 goals without ever being first choice.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This will be an excellent signing for spurs....

Guys got pace and in time will be better then defoe.

Will be a great impact player with Berba - excellent news!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope this true HH you tart.

DannyMackay said...

This signing has been a done deal for months. He even applauded the spurs fans after the home game in which we tore them apart.

charlton fans could all see he was off to spurs after the win at the valley - and if a player has picked a club then no bidding war can stop that happening.

Anonymous said...

Serious question from a Spurs Fan here, who sadly can no longer get to any games for various reasons, all of which legitamte, I hasten to add! Based on what I read, it seems to me that if they do buy another striker, it should really be someone that can cover for Berbatov, as it seems that Keane and Defoe cover for each other and Mido has failed to cover for Berbatov. So my honest question is, .. is Bent that type of player?

Zac said...

Great pace, good in the air, and a good eye for goal, he can also hold the ball up well and bring other players into the game. At least 2 qualities that Defoe lacks.

However, Defoe should stay, Mido goes. Can we change the poll to include have both, lose Mido?

Could Bent play the target man in a little an large combination?

LW; Shame about Nani. Why do Spurs deals happen in slow motion (Morrientes, Rivaldo, Nani Bale etc )and Utd just announce a player as signed?(Hargreaves excepted).

So we need to get Sneijder or Petrov.

Question: If we can't get these, should we sign Matt Taylor or Koumas with a view to bringing Taabart through?

Anonymous said...

personally i think martin jol is going to play bale as a left winger and keep lee behind him, bent will be a good signing if it happens, but i would rather see elmander brought in to replace mido.

Anonymous said...

why do people insist on comparing bent to Defoe?

Anonymous said...

"Shame about Nani. Why do Spurs deals happen in slow motion (Morrientes, Rivaldo, Nani Bale etc )and Utd just announce a player as signed?(Hargreaves excepted)."

That's because you're following Spur News!!! If you follow other clubs news, you will find that they are about to sign anything moving on Earth, just like Spurs.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit uneasy about Bent. I mean I'd love to be proved wrong, but this whole craze about the Charlton striker is slightly reminiscent of Michael Ricketts, and look at him now (if you can find him somewhere lingering in the lower leagues).

Anonymous said...

How about Sergio Aguero.. one of the most promising strikers today imo..

Anonymous said...

Harry, you're pathetic. Now Nani is irrelevant because he's not Spurs'! Soon Berba will be irrelevant too. How fortunate!

And Nani cost was 17 Million!

jolsgonemental said...


Of course nani is irrelevant now he hasnt signed for spurs.

for something to be relevant to a spurs blog it would need to be spurs related. as nani is no longer linked to spurs, by definition nani is now irrelevant.

you cock.

I am assuming by your poor grasp of the english language and stuttering undeciperable attempts at coherent sentences that you are probably from Dorset and therefore a Man utd fan - in which case yes, you can consider Berbs irrelevant.

Apparently Sesame street is a fantastic introduction to basic english even for 'mature' learners who have missed out on an education for whatever reason. (i learnt that on Home and Away)

Anonymous said...

I'd rather we signed Bent than Nani anyway.

For a starters, who was Nani before he was linked to Spurs and don't pretend people knew of him before because you would be lying.

I like to see more and more UK based players arriving at Spurs than foreign ones. That is unless they are proven.

Personally, I would like to see Downing at Spurs, a player who according to the Opta stats provided the most successful crosses last season (I bet most of you did not know that either).

sydney wale said...

Nani left Jol not content
So he must now focus on Darren Bent
To add to young Gareth Bale
Snapped up early in the summer sale.

Will we get him, yes or no?
To form a second string attack with defoe?
Let's just hope he don't cost the earth
And we only pay them what he's worth.

Harry's got our hopes up to a fever pitch
For an ex charlton player from Ipswich
We await the next news to which we will sing
'Who the f**ck's gonna play left wing?"

Anonymous said...

Hey Sofea Jane
Secret Agent
Uncle Bulgaria
where are you guys?
Manure has just splashed over 50 million, where's the money to buy Berbs?
And where's the news about it?
Not even in the SUN?
Pray let us know where's Fergie's goldmine.

Anonymous said...

before Nani was linked to Spurs? You idiot! He has been linked to Manure since January. And stop looking down on foreigners. It's not pretty.

Anonymous said...

archibaldsteve: In reaction to Sydney Wale. Once you 've removed expletive... Quite!
We are dragging our heels again and I can see us landing up with injury prone players like Kewell on cheap or even worse M. Petrov at high price who has spent most of last 2 seasons injured and who has looked at best average according to other Spurs fans who have watched him on telly. Pedersen is what would suit us as isn't `one for the future' and wouldn't need to `adjust' like Jenas or Zokora. We were supposed to be swooping for Kaboul about 6 weeks ago and were gazumped for Nani. Bale was portrayed as if we had snatched him from under MUFC when if you remember his transfer was another that had actually taken ages as it was agreed in part last transfer window. I watch with interest to see how we will shape up on the left. BTW talk of Kader Keita seems pointless as he would be off to African Cup with Zokora leaving Spurs high and dry.

Anonymous said...

I'm not putting foreigners down, being English and supporting an English club I would like to see the heart of it and more with English players.

If you are so happy with all the foreign players in our game, I suggest you go support Arsenal :)

As for Nani, my point is most Spurs fans would not have cared less about him "until" he was linked to Spurs.

Anyway, don't be so touchy, unless you are foreign :p

Anonymous said...

archibaldsteve: Would prefer Huntelaar from Ajax instead of Bent to answer posting. Bent is OK but would not bring enough with him to unseat other 3 strikers, whereas Huntelaar is a thoroughbread who has replete range of frontman abilities. Good with both feeet, strong in the air, canny positional sense and can produce the unexpected with over bicycle kicks and is more robust than his frame suggests.

Harry Hotspur said...


Thank you for the price check on Nani.

I was referring to the £14 million that Tottenham Hotspur bid and still have, as the bid, of £14 mill, was unsuccessful...geddit?

And they say supermarket staff are improving....

Anonymous said...

You are right Harry, they improved them so much that in most stores they have automated tills :)

Anonymous said...

Harry are you crackish! The last time i read your site i heard Giggs was on the way. What planet you on bruv?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lol, insult him anonymously tough guy :)

Gotta love the Internet...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Agree with the above. We should start abandoning these lame sites.

Anonymous said...

Do we believe him or not?
Manure's Gill just said on tv that all his major deals are done this Summer.
Well, Sofea Jane?
What have you got to say in your defence?

Summerspur said...

Hey uncle bulgaria AKA know it all (know fuck all).
I have thought for a while you to be a total and utter fuckwit. your amusing tales of secret meetings with agents and whatnots on the golden beeches in Sofia, CSKA training camps, gorky park no doubt,all a bit cold warish, beware the agent with the brolly!!

Deadlines have come and gone as i rush to get my copy of the sun dreading the news of berbys departure, but nothing! your not really uncle bulgaria are you, your rupert murdoch trying to boost your sales.

are you quiet because its about this time of night nurse comes round with your medication before tucking you up in bed ready for your bedtime story.

Harry , read your berba song!!! did you used to be spice girls songwriter?

Harry Hotspur said...

Moron, I've never even typed the word Giggs.... until now.

What IS your beef??

Please lead by example.

Summerspur you wag!

sean k said...

bloody get a left winger!!! for christ sake!!! we may now have 4 top draw strikers (providing the above is true) but the service isnt perfect. so waht does this mean pushin bale foward at every oppurtunity then whose at left back . . exactly and i think every team in prem knows we do this. WE BETTER GET A LEFT WINGER OR ELSE!!!!

kpsgonenutsagain said...

I thought the YP @ LB and Bale in front of him suggestion earlier wasn't entirely insane.

Any takers???

Anonymous said...

"Manure's Gill just said on tv that all his major deals are done this Summer"

Mr. Gill was right. Just wait the details announcement on the 8th of June (Hint: After the Bulgarian game).

Be patient everybody!!!

Anonymous said...

Gay off!!! Berba's staying you twot!!

sydney wale said...

Did you know he is called Uncle Bulgaria because he used to pick up trash at night on Wimbledon Common?

I see the bit of verse went down well.
I don't know why I bother!