Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur - Who's This Darren Bent Chap, Then?

What can I tell you?

He's a 23 year old, 5 ft 11", biped.

A 'product of the Ipswich Town Youth Academy' is a recurring phrase where this chap is concerned. As is 'Has he left Charlton yet?'

This guy IS a goal machine. His averages throughout his career have been nothing short of eye-catching.

Strong, athletic, fast as you like and with a belter of a shot on him and a temperament that you can well imagine he would 'fit in' just about any squad, not just grace it.

His estimated price tag is thought to be IRO £15 million, but maybe when the open wound of relegation begins to sting less, perhaps Charlton will deal at around the £10 mark. Ahh, spot the Yid, unable to pay retail without moaning!


Anonymous said...

i think hes above average at best, certainly NOT a goal machine. Are you sure spending anywhere near 10 milly for a 3rd/4th place striker is a good idea?
Dont get me wrong hes a good player but i think hes too much of a phase/confidence player in the same vane as saha, mido, hasselbaaink, and at 23 he should be more prolific. I dont see it personally.
certainly not for 10, maybe 3-5 mill. No more.

Anonymous said...

Looks like every goal on that highlight vid was from a great pass that he used his speed to get to. Looks like he is good at one on one's with the keeper, can he create?

Anonymous said...

Seeing as Nani has pretty much signed for ManUre and he doesn't want to come to Spurs anyway (git), Bent might be on the cards.

Harry Hotspur said...


3-5 mill?

Are you Alan Sugar?

Please pick up an application to join the real world at reception...

Anonymous said...

archibaldsteve: For £10 million I'd rather have Huntelaar. Not dissapointed about Nani. Will be interesting to see what our next target is for the left.

Anonymous said...

Harry mate you are an idiot you post blogs about players weve all heard about. truly your blog is possibly the worst on the web.

Anonymous said...

im not one bit disappointed about nani to manure because from everything ive seen of him he didnt use he's left foot once and id prefer us to sign Martin Petrov or Arjen Robben and as for Darren Bent why sign him for 3rd place striker when we could possibly sign a better talent in Leroy Lita and as weve seen from him at reading he doesnt seem to mind coming off of the bench so he could be a very big impact player and for less then the 10million we would possibly have to pay for darren the gooner bent lets not forget when we was losing 2-0 to charlton he was very happy to stick two fingers up to say 2-0 at us so lets stick 2 fingers back up at him and get a better younger talent in leroy lita!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope we dont go through another Summer biting our nails wondering who is going to come in on the left flank and then only to end up with another Steve Melbranque. No offence to Steve, he did not have an altogether bad season but we need better than that. I dont want to go through another season with Lennon wasted on the left.

Anonymous said...

steve????? dont ya mean STEED???

cob said...

I dont agree that his a 3-5mil guy but i dont feel he is worth anywhere near 10mil. Why is this typical spurs, we have the funds now to bring in some top quality players to sort out some troubling positions and push ourselves through that top four door but we are just wasting it on strikers we dont need. 1.berbatov 2.keane 3.defoe all top class strikers with any premiership club more than happy to have them grace there pitches. come on fellow yids, Martin needs to sort out the left side of mid his let it become to big of a problem. it does not take a brain scientist to work out what part of the team to fund the money into!

Anonymous said...

yeah, he is known as steve to his friends! hey you never make typos!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

James Cutmore; I think Darren Bent is a good goalscorer, and obviously hes young and English so fits well into our policy. However, i just dont think we need to be spendng big money on him. If we sell Defoe, then fair enough, go for bent, but i think they are pretty similar and we dont need them both. I would rather sign Dean Ashton or Mark Viduka. It would create less squad rotation problems. Also young Terry Dixon and Thomas Pekhart are going to be well worth a look this season, Barnard should be allowed to go out on loan. Mido should be sold, or just beaten. I think we should save the money for the midfield, as our striking options are allready pretty damn good. Our midfield is our weak link.

Anonymous said...

Spot on James

Midfield is where we need to invest, and invest in quality this time, not more central midfielders or stop gap panic buys.

Out with:
Murphy (WHY did we ever buy him)

In with 1 or 2 of:
Ryan Babel

And maybe 1 of (for back up):
Pedersen (not good enough to perm fill void imo)
Ben Arfa

Bring back Routledge or SELL

And get Giles Barnes, the little git!! One of the best british prospects out there

Also someone like Riquelme to bring some real class in CM/AM and while hes there he can show Jenas how its done and hopefully teach and bring out the best of his attributes

Gardner, Stalteri, Lee to go

In a quality CB
A decent RB for cover

And is Defoe goes, then Bent is a ready made replacement

Anonymous said...

Harry, your journalism - if you can call it that - is frankly pathetic. Your assertion that Spurs fans were 'belligerent' for booing Malbranque when we were cheering his name (and failure to admit you were wrong) was embarassing. In this article you make a weak and unfunny joke on a stereotype about Jews - frankly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

look at his EPL goal record, its actually better than any of our strikers including Berbatov. If any of you dont think he would not help push us into 4th are delding themselves. Mind you i would prefer Hunterlaar.

Anonymous said...

Hey putz,

It's not the EPL, ok?!!

League, Prem or Premiership will do fine, but not EPL, ffs!!!

Anonymous said...

it is EPL (if your world is beyond England)

Anonymous said...

Nani has the deal with MAN U, as predicted. 17 M and 43,000 pounds a week wages.
What do we call a club who pays Berbatov 22,ooo? EXPLOITATION! You really exploited the guy. Your time is up. MAN U has all transfers completed before the end of May.
Told YA!

Anonymous said...

It's ok to make jokes about anyone but when it comes to the Jews it is wrong?

What Harry said is funny and frankly true!

For example, why do Jews have big noses?

Because air is free :)

I'm a Tottenham fan through and through but just because Jews used to live in that area before most of us were born does not make Spurs Jewish in my book.

Anyway, that area is now full of blacks, are we all Africans?

Anonymous said...

The Sun's report of Nani deal is a laugh but shows how fragile Spurs are. Monday they didn't have 14 M to buy Nani; yesterday they agreed the sell of Berba to Man U , so today they have.(it's 29 M). Comoli run to Lisbon, but got a NO from Nani himself via his agent. Nani costs 17, the same as Anderson, cause they're not paying the full amount at once.
I told here before that Man U were after Nani since January and that he would have awaited one more year to go there. I also said he had told no other club in England interested him.
Berbatov's transfer is already agreed but kept in secret not to disturb his games for Bulgaria.
So, who is the moron, etc. , etc.?

Know It All

Anonymous said...

'NOT a goal machine' eh?
I think if You took a look at Bent's scoring record... You might change Your mind?
He scored 13 times last season and only played a hatfull of games.

Harry Hotspur said...


1) You dull, dull little man. My assertion that Steed was booed by SOME stands. Perhaps if you were at the games I mentioned you'd be better placed to argue the point.

But that's not your purpose here anyway, is it?

2) Well done for noticing. I do the jokes.


4 Ever Hopeful said...

There is a lot about Bent that would suit us currently. He is a trier (unlike Mido or Defoe), he can play as front man or just behind and thus give both Berbatov and Keane a rest and he does know where the goal is. My fear is that at the very top level he will turn out to be a Beattie or Johnson, i.e. not quite good enough but providing we do not pay silly money for him then I'd say he was worth a punt.

Not disappointed about Nani either. The Premiership is littered with wingers unproven over the longer term (Richardson, Shaun W-P and dare I say it even Lennon). We already have Taarabt, Routledge and Dixon if his knee is mended. What we need next season is a couple of older heads like a Redknapp or a Naybet

Anonymous said...

Once again the rubbish responders strike again.
Some of the stuff posted on these sites is bordering on the purile, both from the so called correspondent and the responders.

Get a life, a copy of the Sun and bugger off for gods sake.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

shut up! i can handkle most things.