Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur - Who's This Thomas Kahlenberg Chap, Then?

I'm getting a Dirk Kuyt kindda vibe off this guy... I see a lot of good, but my fear may be that he might, as they frequently put in my school reports, ' not have it quite so all his own way next term' if he were to land 'auf dem gut ship Premier'... Rodney...

24 years of age. Danish. Midfielder. Currently boxing out of Auxerre. Certainly demonstrates a will to win (which incidentally, like natural rhythm, which I am reliably informed... you can't but in the shops). Keen touch certainly, however this montage displays him as a goal machine, which he is not.

The name cropped up on HH and this blog is YOU driven, so shazzzam! Here here is. Your thoughts as ever please...


Anonymous said...

Allen Neilsen anyone?

Anonymous said...

another right footed midfielder

oh joy

Anonymous said...

more importantly, who's this keita bloke then?


Anonymous said...

Thomas Kahlenberg is a Danish international, and one we're having high hopes for (yes I'm Danish).

He's very well suited for French or maybe Italian or Spanish football, but bringing him to England would in my view be a mistake.

He's some european experience dating all the way back to the time when he was with Brøndby (Allan Nielsens and Daniel Agger's old club), but he's too slow for English football.

I don't really think there are any really good Danish players suited for Spurs at the moment.
Maybe Søren Larsen who is with Schalke at the moment but struggling to maintain a first team place.
He's big, powerful, and would be a good replacement for Mido.

/Peter from Copenhagen

Anonymous said...

archibaldsteve: Kahlenberg looks like he would fit in to a Premiership squad but not outstanding talent.
Keita like Zokora makes surging runs but does lack close control and end product. I would prefer Sissoko as we need effective midfielder. Would like
Pedersen for left side and let Mido go and get M.Zidan. I hope we don't land up with Zenden or Kewell. Jenas and Ghaly tend to give the ball away as standard operating procedure so we need 1 left winger and 2 central midfielders that can tackle and pass.

Harry Hotspur said...

8.07 Peter

Welcome, mate.

You caused this!

Well done, mate!

Anonymous said...

I see as the perfect solution and here is why: He is technically good, works hard (and thereby giving lennon the freedom on the right), he scores goals, he is BOTH legged, he is used a lot on the danish national team.

From yet another dane...

Harry Hotspur said...

YET AGAIN....archibaldsteve is on the money.

A 1000 welcomes mate.


Harry Hotspur said...

8.22 Welcome!

(I shouldda been a red coat)

Anonymous said...

archibaldsteve: Thanks HH, not sure if that was ironic or not?
Had a think about other midfielder and I would push the boat out and try to prise M.Arteta from Everton. I don't see us getting either Sissoko or Arteta as all the speculation has been about Nani. Like the idea of Shorey from Reading if we went for him despite Bale who I think will soon prove his worth.

Harry Hotspur said...

Zero irony, archibaldsteve you are super super welcome.

HH is TRYING to find a website format/better blog to accommodate the quality that quality punters you provide....

Hope that's clear enough!!!

Anonymous said...

whoever said keita lacks close control is totally wrong and i think they need to take another look at him on youtube cos if you ask me he has the lot control,speed,power,tackling ability not to mention the amount of assists on his clips!!! the only problem is that he seemed to make a lot of his runs from wide right. reminds me a lot of essien

Anonymous said...

James Cutmore; I personally think that there was three 1st team positions that we needed to strengthen before the window opened. The first one we have done, and very well so. The second one, is left wing, and we will do as well. I would say the most important missing ingredient in our side is a Deffensive midfielder in the middle of the park. The reason that we leaked so many goals is that there is no one to protect the back line. I think neither Zakora or Jenas are top class enough to play either the defensive or attacking roles, and i think that they are jack of all trades and master of none type players. I think Zakora is worth another season, but i think if we were a top side, jenas would be used a-la Wes Brown. I think we should try and get Makelelelele, think what the Hud could also learn. Anyway i could go on all night....but its very boring im sure!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hehe, this is kinda funny. I have not ever in my life seen as much as a video clip of Kahlenberg.
But for the last three games I've played Spurs in FM2007, I've always gotten him, and he does great :P

So now I'm going to see that clip :)

Norwegian Yiddo

Anonymous said...

I can see the whole world from the bottom of me garden!!

Sofea Jane said...

Berbatov agent said this evening, Berbatov agreed to move to Manchester United...for 80,000 week. The Clubs agreed Fees of 25 millions, rising to 29. (in English pounds, not Euro).

Spurs also about to sign one striker for around 16 millions, and another player for around 8 millions.

Thank you
sofea Jane from Sofia.

Harry Hotspur said...

So HH has the exclusive???

No, Berba is staying at WHL.........

Henning said...

Tommy Kahlenberg is much better technical than Allan Nielsen. He's a left-sided attacking midfielder with very good dribling skills. His first international for Denmark was a couple of years ago vs. England - he basically made Glen Johnson look like a mug!

Auxerre signed him to fill the void left when Teemu came to Spurs, and dare I say he's better than him. Attackingwise, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that Berbatov agent hasn't spoken to anyone, ever. He's mute and expresses himself through the medium of dance.

Rumour has it a Sunday mirror journalist saw him practicing a contract negotiation dance, not as 6000 man u fans have reported while on poppers in a Guilford pub, a rhythmical transfer number.

P.s. Whats with all these youtube related football manager wet dream vids about Hazza? Nani i kinda get, never heard of the other two blokes, even on tribal football!

Anonymous said...

Stu: Anyone else think jermaine jenas is a pile of cack. I think hes an overrated newcastle reject, how the f#ck this guy '60 clicks' as he likes to be known (coz hes on 60k a week) is in the england squad is beyond me.

Anyway we need someone to replace J Penas, a new left winger - Pedersen would do and a new back-up forward (big guy) to replace Mido. That Kaboul fella would be a good signing too

AllWhite said...

Mitko is going to stay at WHL.
;)Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

Makes me laugh how most blogs get spam promoting viagra and cosmetic surgery etc.. but not HH

Permanent spam regarding Berba going to ManUre.. give it up! You lost Berba to us, you lost Bale to us.. next year you're gonna lose the Premiership title to us! (maybe)

Anonymous said...

Kahlenberg....I would say sign him now.
He is a good winger, and contrary to what some have said, he is pacy. He has great technique, and would be a great addition. Furthermore he is even better in the middle, as a partner to zoks.
He would be a perfect signing, as he covers more places than our other midfielders, and does it better than Tainio, Malbranque or any of the other backups. It would even prefer him before Jenas.

Suprise....from yet another dane

RVS Bl said...

... but if we do not qualify fo CL next season, we may lose Berbatov.
So COYS and hope to whatch CL-football in 08/09 season :)

Anonymous said...

If you guys have any doubt aboot who we should sign then have a butchers at Keita on youtube.

Anonymous said...

guys, check this link out, forget kahlenberg, forget gamst, forget nani, this guy is ridiculous, and he can use either foot. this is who we need, a strong quick ambidextrous dude who can play behind front two, left side, right side or even up front

Anonymous said...

Sofea Jane, talk to me, honey, please.
80,000 ? isn't that a bit too much? 29 million also? Why should MAN U pay all that if they can have him for 25 M ( that's the clause).

And where did you heard Emil said that? On TV? Where? Because Berba is not talking about a thing until the 7th June. I know Dantchev had a meeting with Man U yesterday. Is that the outcome of the meeting? I don't see it online as all the Bulgarian press is still talking about the Spurs' extension of contract between 44,000 and 60,000, in which I don't believe.
So, tell me more.
Signed: know it all.

Anonymous said...

All White:

you're a joke?
did his mother tell you that? dunce!

Anonymous said...

Compared to the Chelsea scum players, 80,000 a week is peanuts.
It's all smoke and mirrors, but there's no smoke without fire.
Old rat Fergie had him on watch since March. I bet Berbatov is going.

Anonymous said...

Know it all:
you don't know much about real business, do you?
Let's imagine the buy out clause is indeed 25 million, but Manchester don't want to pay that all at once. Perhaps they will pay 2/3 now and 1/3 in January or something like that, with interests due, of course. That explains a negociation going on concerning circa 4 million more to the seller. It's good business, as Spurs will get 4 million just for a few months part of the payment delay.
I believe something like this has happened this last few days.
Congrats to Spurs. They made the best with what they've got.


Anonymous said...

If spurs sold berbatov I wouldn't even wash my car with his shirt!
No disrespect to zokora but I think we would have got 3rd or 4th place if Carrick had stayed.

Selling Berbatov would be unforgiveable even if it did get us 3 or 4 fantastic players to compensate.
He is that good!!!!
We'd be F@@@@d if he got injured.
That's why M Jol is the manager, he can take the blame..........
I'll sleep better when I hear Berbatov has signed new Spurs deal
and we have a great left midfielder plus a creative attacking midfielder ( I still think Robbie Keane would be ideal ).


Anonymous said...

it's not a question of Spurs wanting; there's nothing else they can do!

Anonymous said...

We are not gonna sell Berbatov. Like he said.
"They wanted me at the same time as Spurs did, but Spurs wanted me more. Why should a go now. I'm happy at Spurs"
Dream on Manure. Stick to KLAAAAAAAAAS.

Anonymous said...

come again? the second part of the quote is a lie!

nice try.

try again.

Berba is going. The Sun will have the exclusive of the news very very very soon.

Anonymous said...

Surely if we keep hold of him they will have to bring someone else in and therefore wont be bidding for him next summer either!

Anonymous said...

is that the same sun that said bale was going to man u?

EL said...

Re:kahlenberg vid.

Yeah he looks ok. NEXT!

Re:"there's no smoke without fire". Yes there is, in tabloids, most days, most weeks, all year. Please try again.

Re:"we'd have got 3rd or 4th place if carrick had stayed".
Have you forgotten the number of games of us in which he didn't show? He's a little overrated and that 'little' bit is the bit that would make him world class. Which he isn't. Hence Ledley's being considered as England's holding midfielder and his being found out in the CL at the highest level. Why do you think manure have just bought hargreaves. carrick will end up as back-up.

That's my view anyway.

Great stuff Harry, you put in the work and it shows. Makes the summer less of a drag. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

3 luncheon vouchers to the first person who makes up a decent chant about Berbs which includes the words;

"he plays with his slippers on".

or somesuch line.

Anonymous said...

meh, Quaresma >>>>>>> any other "Left winger" u'll come up with

Anonymous said...

how about this guy as the creative midfielder!!!! Ahh it's nice to dream!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Yj7GoXPZw

Summerspur said...

hows about to current tune

dimitar berbatov
explosive as a molotov
he came from leverkuson
and plays with his slippers on

looking forward to my vouchers reedeemable at any curry house.

gotta go , sir tim rice and andrew lloyd webber are at the door.

Anonymous said...

What about coincidences? Please substitu Nani for Berbatov ans Sporting Lisbon for Tottenham FC. It's the same situation:

Sporting Lisbon have reiterated their desire to hold onto Nani, amid speculation Manchester United have stepped up their bid to sign the exciting winger.

Red Devils chief executive David Gill and assistant manager Carlos Queiroz reportedly flew to Lisbon for talks with Sporting officials on Wednesday.

Nani has a clause in his contract allowing him to move for a pre-determined fee and United and Tottenham are ready to battle it out for his signature.

Sporting are also determined to do all they can to keep the talented 20-year-old, but admit if the release clause is triggered they are powerless to stop Nani leaving.

"Nani is a Sporting player and it is the intention of Sporting that it stays that way," director of communications Salema Waiter told A Bola.

"So if Nani is to leave Sporting, the clause will have to have been exercised."

Queiroz refused to be drawn on the outcome of the meeting with Sporting officials and Nani's agent, Jorge Mendes, in a Lisbon hotel.

He said: "You will have to ask Sporting and not us. We will not make any comment."

in Sky Sports

Anonymous said...

archibaldsteve: Nani sounds expensive for someone who won't cure our left wing problem as he seems right footed all the way. If you want excitement M. Zidan or Huntelaar are better bets. I think Pedersen will land up at Liverpool due to CL but he'd be my 1st pick to solve left. Bellamy seems a thug but he has revs. Would even consider Shorey at Lback and try Bale on Lwing till January transfer window. With all the rumours generated over Berbatov (mostly by obssesive bloggers)I wonder what will happen. Levy has stated we are not a selling club but that only holds until big money is on the table. I wouldn't blame any player leaving for a triple pay rise as much as I would take a salary hike when offered one.

Anonymous said...

Is Bale any good. There were a few negative match reports towards the end of the season. Is our budget 60 million, I can't see it the Tv money could give us a 40 million budget, realistically. Levy previously has not spent huge amounts of money after subtracting player sales. Portsmouth and Utd gave us plenty of cash. Im still upset we let Mendes go for peanuts. He is probably better than Zakora, Tainio, Murphy, Ghaly etc.

Anonymous said...

like it summerspur, best song so far.

Harry Hotspur said...

Donna e Mobile (ish)

Dimi-tar Berba-tov
Shoots like a gun gone off...

When he puts one past Leh-mann
Its like he's got slippers on...

Get In!

Anonymous said...

Nani has the deal with MAN U, as predicted. 17 M and 43,000 pounds a week wages.
What do we call a club who pays Berbatov 22,ooo? EXPLOITATION! You really exploited the guy. Your time is up. MAN U has all transfers completed before the end of May.
Told YA!

Anonymous said...


transfers complted my arse!

if the transfers had been done we'd have heard by now. don't say it's all kept under wraps until after the bulgarian games cos
nothing in the world of football can be kept a secret.
u know fuck all, you fat fuck

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing is Berba's signature and that's why they have to wait until the 7th June. Did you know about Anderson? No one did. Enough for your silly statement. TWAT!