Thursday, March 08, 2007

SC Braga vs Tottenham Hotspur: Half Time From Harry

It's a game that had Braga come out of the traps at high speed.

Perhaps they were trying to emulate that Ars*nalesque free flowing passing style. Either way, it slowed after 25 minutes or so and it is fair to say Spurs look better.

Our weaknesses and strengths will cause no surprises alike.

Wayward passes from Tottenham punctuated Braga's best chances. Berbatov is behaving in his usual cultured manner, occasionally looking as if he's playing with his slippers on. Such thoughtful touches...

Zokora has been lively and Lennon has come into things more and more.

No goals, but without bias, they look as if they ought to come first from the Lillywhites.



Harry Hotspur said...

Pure quality.

Lennon flicks a perfectly weighted ball into the penalty area onto Robbie's chest.

Fulhamesque volley.


I sniff a second.

Anonymous said...

Nice sniff, harry! --- howabout sniffing another!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

crap harry, getting sniffing --- quick!

Anonymous said...

@@@****!####!!! it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Watching Spurs definately needs to carry a Government Health Warning!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how many more games we gonna score in the last minute?! what an improvement on last season.

Morgan. said...

It doesnt matter who we play, what players we have, who are manager is or even what decade it is, we can never be sure can we! we have always thrown games away(or as good as. they have banned smoking in public places the next to come is watching Spurs. its no good for your health!!


Anonymous said...

Keano keano keano keano!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

That ref wants f##king shooting.

It was a penalty and I am an Ars*wank fan.


Well done you Spurs!!!!!

Morgan. said...

and just to make a point cause im not being negative. I text a mate at 2-0 saying we should be as good as thro but we are watching Tottenhem! then look at what happened. all that aside, a good win, keeping up the run and the goals and keane and berb showing how good they are together again.(now cash in on defoe)

Anonymous said...

With the players we have at the back, I cant understand why we leak goals so badly. They said on the radio, maybe its because we are so attacking but at 2-0 up? we should have dropped off. But But But who cares! we won! and I will settle for a 3-2 win on Sunday too!

Harry Hotspur said...

Have some great snaps chaps. Post 'em up after breakfast.

Come On You Gorgeous Spurs!!!!!!

Harry Hotspur said...


Please refrain from the sniffing encouragement!!!!

I'm a respectable citizen...

Anonymous said...

B slippers, nice, better than g sleepers, from god I mean.

Relax, ya Spurs, the god send this message to thee:

* Free-scoring Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov will stay at Tottenham Hotspur for the next 18 months at least, his agent said.
"Dimitar (Berbatov) is extremely happy at Tottenham and he intends to become the fans' favourite," Emil Danchev told Bulgarian radio Darik. "I can categorically say that Dimitar will be a Spurs player for the next year and a half."
To become??? hehehe!so modest, isn't he?

well, I hope you are all happy and rested and peaceful.
Amen !

By the way: that armband on the god's right arm, anyone knows what was it about? Not captain , not yet, so...

Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm so happy.. not just because Tottenham won a great victory over a team very strong at home, but that the next match is not shown on Channel 5.

It might have been partly the ground due to the lack of half the seating of a normal one, but the atmosphere was so dead. Every time we scored I felt stupid cheering cos there was just no noise from either ground or commentators. John Barnes is not fit for the job!

3 away goals however.. bring on the home leg! They'll never get 3 at the lane!

Anonymous said...

it was a problem in your own transmission because here, in Portugal, the noise was awesome.In the stadium and on tv. I was at the stadium and i recorded the game. It was great. I really like that mountain. Of course, except for a few minutes, the noise was made by the home crowd,but that was expected.
And now for the bad news:
my verdict on the game is that Spurs are still very inconsistent in the midfield, but that would not have been a problem today because the ball was mostly up front, was up to the strikers to put it in the net. I hate to say this, I'm the one who is always saying that Jol is too har on Berbs, but today he's absolutely right in his criticism: he should had done it. He played at the most top level, as he has done for sometime now, and the Portugueses finally discovered Berbatov exists. The crowd there, the media media and the internet forums are full of praising for him, but there is always that tiny/gigantic grey area clouding his triumph: why didn't he score? It's not the team, it's not the manager, it's not his lack of talent or other gifts, I believe it's in his head, not in his legs. Mourinho said today Spurs are a good but not a great team because they fail when they shouldn't and that's why, he says, they will be out of the FA CUP next Sunday.
I hope he's wrong, I'm tired of Mourinho's arrogance, but sometimes he is very objective. Unless something really extraordinary happens, I don't believe they'll prove him wrong. The problem is I don't think we can beat him without Berbs, but I don't think Berbs can beat him with the Gordion Knot he's got inside his brain( whatever that knot is). I wish he will cut it, I wish he can set himself free and kill the beast. But I've been waiting for too long and I'm tired, perhaps like Jol. Today was a very disappointing evening. Our king should be ready, but he isn't. ANd there's is nothing we can do. No support whatsoever can solve inner problems. only the individual can. May the gods help him. And us!
Lisbon Spurs

Anonymous said...

Reply to post @ 2am:
Berbatov just had one of those games last night where the ball wouldnt go in for him...but he's scored 16 goals for us in his first season so I am certainly not worried, he was still outstanding. I think we can and will give Chelsea a proper game on Sunday.

Also, I thought Zokora and Tainio in particular were excellent last night, I lost count of how many attacks Tainio broke down, and we started to see those storming runs from Zokora that we saw before he came down with malaria early this season.

It was annoying to concede 2 because Braga were very very poor, but I can see us giving them a bit of a pasting at the Lane next week.


EL said...

The midfield still has a terrible habit of giving the ball away whilst under no pressure whatsoever. I would have felt fine taking a 2-2 draw back to the lane but 2-3 is great.

braga are strong at home and knocked out parma & chievo. This was a good result against a team who's penalty and free kick goals were iffy to say the least. Could quite easily have been 0-3. (Would like to have seen one or two Spurs players attempt to get to the saved penalty first).

Zokora does well going forward when he has time & room. Pity time & room are in short supply in the premiership. Gardener's starting to look better than ordinary. Lee's still ok. Oh for a left winger!

Just hope we give chelski a really good game. A win's not impossible.

Go on the Spurs!

Wendell said...

@ Lisbon Spurs...

Lay off Berbatov a bit! So the mighty man didn't score? Wayne Rooney is hailed as the saviour of England and he hardly ever scores! Main front man for Man U and he hasn't scored in his last 8 or 9 appearances... compared to Berba who's scored 4 and made at least as many assists.

So he didn't score in the last game.. and we still won. Drogba scores a lot but does he score in every game? F*ck off Mourinho, you're just arrogant and bitter about your DEFEAT earlier this season.

Keep the faith Lisbon Spurs! 7 UEFA Cup games, 7 victories.. and the next game is at home!

Forever forward.. never backward.

Anonymous said...

Lay off Berbatov! Excuse, me!
Please, dear fellow Spurs, I believe I'm entitled to be gutted and as you call it to pull rank ( isn't that the expression ?) as far as that gent is concerned. I find it amusing when I read his thanks to the Spurs fans that were with him from the first minute (so he says). Well, I'm with him, let's be fair, from minute zero. The first time I watched him play was exactly in Braga in the Euro 2004 and I was so impressed that I've been following his career ever since.
So, with him coming back, with a fairly good but not impressive team as Braga is, the stage was perfect for him to shine. He had nine ( NINE) clear chances and didn't make it. He could have broken a Spurs record in the Uefa CUP and a world record of sorts in goals, as Jol said.
On the contrary, I don't know where his head was but it wasn't there. He looked like a teenager on exams day doing all the right maths but failing in the totals. By the 20th minute I was screaming my head out. Today I can hardly face my friends I've been selling Berbs to during the last 3 years: he's good but imature, it's their verdict. Imature at 26? Shit ! and other ugly words I'm not going to write here!!! It was a kind of nightmare completed with that armband no one knew what it meant( if the public doesn't know, what's the point?); the exchange of shirts at midtime( was he thinking he was not going to be there at the end?) and the yellow card (I don't remember him getting any other yellow card).This wasn't the berbatov the world saw in every Uefa Cup game this year. It was his shadow.
If it wasn't for Keane's lethal hunger we would have lost it. A very important pundit here in Lisbon ( I'm already back)wrote today that maybe he should play as a midfielder if he's impotent ( strong word indeed) to score, because such waste is sinful! No comment...

So, begging your indulgence, I, who never thought the man was god but still think he's one of the best ever, I am entitled to be furious with his display last night. And I repeat, I hope Jol finds a solution for Chelsea, because Berbs needs an holiday. A long one, to set his head right.
Lisbon Spurs