Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Braga vs Tottenham Hotspur: A Prematch Appraisal By A Braga Fan

I'll be honest enough to say that I know bugger all about Braga. So I've called in a man who does. It seemed the obvious thing to do. Here's Pedro Morgado, SC Braga fan extraordinaire...

"Next Thursday, Braga's magnificent stadium receives the most awaited
game of the season. Against Tottenham, SC Braga wants the confirmation
of his European status and the reaffirmation as the 4 th most important
Portuguese team.

In the Portuguese League, SC Braga is playing worse than expected. The
team is suffering from the departure of the most important coach of its
history, Jesualdo Ferreira. Since his leaving, Braga has had three
different coaches. Despite all the instability, the team has been doing
surprisingly well throughout the European Competitions.

The Portuguese Arsenalists ( Braga's supporters) still haven't forgotten
the tremendous defeats against Tottenham 23 years ago and so they want
to rewrite history this time. In this European campaign, SC Braga has
won all home games with an impenetrable defence.

Paulo Santos, the goalkeeper, remains confident. Rodriguez has made it
into the team after some good exhibitions as central defence together
with the captain Paulo Jorge. Luís Filipe and Carlos Fernandes complete
the defence, playing right and left, respectively.

In the Middlefield lay the biggest doubts. Andres Madrid, the most
valuable player of the team, returns from a lesion that kept him apart
for 2 months. Either Vandinho or Ricardo Chaves will occupy the
remaining position in the Defensive Middlefield. João Vieira Pinto will
be the playmaker of the team. His European experience has been very
important to Braga during the current season. Wender and Cesinha,
alternating left and right, carry the ball to Zé Carlos, the striker
that will be the cherry on top of the cake. Probably, Braga will play in
counter attack, so it is possible that Jorge Costa goes for a centre
Middlefield instead of João Vieira Pinto.

Braga is looking for the first participation at the Final Quarters of
UEFA Cup. For that purpose, they count with the support of their fans.
Unfortunately, there will be less attendants than expected. Braga's
board has set the ticket prices too high for a country in economic
recession. But the show will go on and the 15.000 expected supporters
will shout "Magician Braga Allez!" for 90 minutes."

Pedro's blog is ( look it up for more!


Anonymous said...

How ungrateful, Harry. You've forgotten your own Lisbonspurs and chose this Morgado guy for information. I feel so sad, I, the one who gave you all the info for so long, the one who told you Spurs would play Braga so long ago(and that without king Berba we are nothing, remember?).It was all in December ! And I receive nothing, not even a thanks. I'm so sad and as I'm in Braga ( I got my day off to see my Spurs)and the players have the day off I'll be chasing autographs and photos all afternoon. But I'll still be here in my room online for a few minutes if you change your ungrateful mind and want some more info about the city and the fans, as for Braga football skills Morgado already told you all.
Sniff, sniff, I'm crying..

Lisbon Spurs

Anonymous said...


Wendell said...

"SC Braga has won all home games with an impenetrable defence"

Good fighting talk. Shame the Spurs version goes...

"Tottenham Hotspur has won all European games, home and away, with an impenetrable defence and an unstoppable attack"

:D Come on Spurs! Couple of goals here and then get 'em back to The Lane for a 10-0 annihilation!!

Anonymous said...

That's what they shout in Portugal: allez! that's French and olé!, that's Spanish, both meaning more or less GO!
But to have the BBC call Braga LOS Arsenalistas that's unforgivable: LOS is Spanish, Portuguese is OS.
The oldest alliance in the world ( almost seven centuries) is between Portugal and England. There have been English people living in Portugal ever since. Yet nobody cares with the small detail that is try to speak or understand the language. Typical !
Anyway; I found out there is ONE Spurs fan who is Portuguese. His name is rogério Martins, he lives in porto and yeaterday was the only one in the airport waiting for the team. The lucky fan got all the autographs and photos possible and all the attention for himself. How I envy him.

Anonymous said...

You support, the others get the thanks. Where on earth have I heard that before?
Join the club, Lisbon Spur!

Harry Hotspur said...

Lisbon Spur, calm dear.

Try emailing me old boy with anything like this in future!!!!!

Address on the front mate.