Friday, March 09, 2007

Glorious Tottenham In Technicolour : The Sidebar Snaps

What a game. You need the okay from your GP these days to be a Spurs fan...


Simon Kelly said...

yeah it was a great game i know but i just don't understand y we are playing lennon down the left and steed malcrap down the right. Steed is absolutely useless... Y the hell is he getting in the team?

Anonymous said...

agreed, Steed trys to take on too many people and loses alot and cant make a pass. But then he does show some brilliance at times.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing people complain about Malbranque, Tainio, Zokora and one or two others. But you know a few seasons ago, these guys would have looked at Spurs, the difference now is of course, they are playing alongside the likes of Berbatov, Lennon & Chimbonda. To go that extra mile, we do need better and I would not argue but right now they come in are doing are job, its not feasible that we can play the same 11 every game, so lets give them a break, they are no as bad some are making out.

sydney wale said...

Absolutely Brilliant Week!
We win away (3 goals) and scum exit CL.
I'm not complaining.

Simon Kelly; useless Steed scored our second goal.

EL said...

Tainio, Malbranque, Zokora & Jenas.

These players are not bad at all and they would all do a good job in a great midfield. The problem is that together they don't MAKE a great midfield. They're all one or two facets short of being the full diamond. If we bought a great left winger and central midfielder, any one of the aforementiond players would do a fine job alongside, but together they're not good enough creatively to forge into a top 5 midfield. In my view.

Go on the Aaron!

Go on the Hud!*

Go on the Taaaarabt!*

Go on the SPURS!

*not quite ready yet, granted.

bushbaby said...

Steed is the new Rocket Ronnie!!
-Taking on too many people, running down dead ends and falling over. But every now and agin he comes up with a bit of magic. Oh, Rocket Ronnie, Roonie Roonie Ronnie Ronnie Rosenthal!

Anonymous said...

Very much agreed that steed is crap. Regardless of wether he pops up with the odd goal you cannot afford to lose possession as much as he does.

On a more serious issue, what the hell was their keeper wearing? He looked like he was going to GAY in his tight crop top and hot pants! Shocker!

sydney wale said...

The form and fitness of lennon has been vital to our recent run and shows how much we miss him when not there. Malbranque will always look crap playing on the corresponding flank to lennon when Azza is on fire. I wasn't too excited when we signed him but I think he can be useful to the team and do not underestimate his ability. Still, I can see the value in bushbaby's view.

anyroad, looks like the quarter finals are looking very promising. Some results in the other games were interesting. Sevilla drew 2-2 at home, the others are all pretty tight. If we get into the next phase against a weaker team we could be looking at the semis. Thanks Feyenoord!

Anonymous said...

The game was good, the stadium is fascinating, the crowd behaved and there were no incidents (except those two creeps two nights ago).
I still find it funny to see all the Englishmen drinking gallons of beer at 9 o'clock in the morning in the land of the best white sparkling wine in the world. Well, I sat outside a cafe, enjoying the sun and a good iced bottle of Verde and eating a lovely grilled fish. It was so good. Unfortunately it was the best of the trip.
See you around, HH.
All the best for Sunday.
Lisbon Spurs

Anonymous said...

we wrote the book on beer drinking. That's why we steal St. Patricks day, so the Irish don't have a national day of drinking all to themselves!

Roll on March 17th!!