Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Autopsy Part One: The Player Ratings

Robinson: Generally solid performance bar a first half fumble. 7

Chimbonda: Dogged, determined performance. 8.5

Dawson: Powerful under siege. Dawson for England. 8

Gardner: Rose to the challenge. A credit. 8

Esokotto: Above average, better than usual. Stretched. 7

Rocha: What was he doing, playing blow football? -10

Melbranque: Ran himself into the ground chasing abysmal passes. 6

Ghaly: Less of a liability than usual, woke up Spurs after his brawl. 7

Jenas: Mostly a string of nothingy short lateral passes. Failed to open the game. 6.5

Zokora: Positionless. Badly needs instruction. 5.5

Keane: Lots of arm waving and ref begging. No dynamite. 6.5

Huddlestone: Failed to get stuck in. 5

Defoe: No supply. No tracking back. No presence. 5

Mido: Brilliant goal. Then a good shot. Then went sluggish. 7

Before a ball was kicked the first blunder of the night came from Jol & Hughton. The withdrawal of Lennon required the team sheet to be resubmitted. They failed to do so and consequently couldn't make any legitimate changes to the subs list. This type of idiocy may not have dramatically changed the outcome of this game but could have on another night. Unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

Time for a new motto

"Noli nothis permittere te terere"

Anonymous said...

that must be a new kind of Latin... would you care to translate?
Dear Harry:
Rocha: 10 ??!! Is this a new type of irony?! I don't like scapegoats and I refuse to turn him into one for last night, but he felt the Prem on him for the first time and lost it. It was a hard match for a first encounter and we should give him a break. And then Chimbonda had one own goal. The defence was hopeless then.
Next stage: do we have a team to beat MU?

Harry Hotspur said...

- 10 mate.

Anonymous said...

Could you re submit the caption you wrote about how to access live spurs over the net. Read it and then it disappeared. Also far to generous ratings, we were disgustingly lazy and our formation was impossible to recognise. A real balls up all round. And we didn't bring in a left midfielder, what a day

Anonymous said...

I always used to say nil desperandum but apparently that isn’t really latin at all… just some kind of pretentious chav speak.

According to the (probably self-appointed) egg heads that is a literal and correct translation of “Don’t let the bastards wear you down” … I’ll have to trust them on that because I’m from Wood Green.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bit unfair on Rocha. Apart from that slip he looks a decent defender.

Jan said...

what the f*ck has happened to Keano? does he realise that playing in a 4-5-1 also requires him to attack? he was gutless last week and not much better last night.

Anonymous said...

Marge: ”Homer your boss called and said if you don’t turn up for work tomorrow don’t bother going in on Monday”
Homer:”Woohoooo! Four day weekend”

Now that’s the kind of lateral thinking that can get us over last night. Spurs swoop to appoint Homer Simpson as Director of Optimism

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that we didn't beat a team that thrashed Liverpool at Anfield and that we didn't sign Ronaldo, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry and Drogba in the transfer window - outrageous... what were you thinking Tottenham? As for Keano last night - all he did was cover every blade of grass, how come he didn't score 15 goals? And some people say Spurs fans are unreasonable and fickle... shocking!!!

Love, Mesmo.

jan said...

i could have covered every blade of grass but i'm not blessed with the match winning potential and skills of Keano. i'm offering an honest appraisal of my thoughts on an individual who could've stood up to be counted, as with others, and got us a day out in Cardiff. as a season ticket holder i think i have that right. i am also a positive thinker and of the impression that by and large we are moving in the right direction. however, last night was a semi-final against @rs3nal!!!

Anonymous said...

Lost it in midfield. Malbranque and Jenas were awful both lacked any kind of effort. Jenas ball watched for 120 mins and refused to leave his 10m square of pitch ! At least Malbraque got the ball then promptly gave it away ! Thought Zokora played ok. Ghaly was our best attacking threat and that sums it all up ! Soooo disapointing !

Anonymous said...

There was no formation because there were no tactics apart from "let's hope that something happens" - the lack of tactical nous from Jol and Houghton is becoming ever more obvious and an embarrassment. Jol has done well in putting together an exciting squad (although we are now desperate for the left sided fiasco for which he has had over 2 years to sort out)but that is only part of the job. He promised all out attack last night and then he picks that team - OK Lennon was a shock but why not put Jenas on the right with Huddlestone and Zokora in the middle and Malbranque on the left - and as his "tactics" were to use a target man in the front 2 then why on earth was Mido not starting? The club agreed to keep Mido last Friday and all Jol had to do was to tell him "win tonight and you start the match in Cardiff" - that would have made Mido do his stuff. The opposition were not THAT good in either of the matches - we (apart for first 20 minutes of first leg) were awful in both matches and had no shape, no tactics and we showed fear all the time which comes from Jol and Houghton. Before the first leg Jol got Clive Allen to give the "rah-rah" speech based on him playing in the semi final 20 years ago which we lost - who the hell wants to be motivated by a loss? Why didnt he get Chivers or Mabbutt in and tell them what it is like to WIN - his negativity is becoming a major liability to the club. And before we get all the posts saying what a wonderful guy he is - I agree that he is a nice guy BUT ANY manager that comes to us must remember our heritage and a quote from the great Bill Nicholson might not go amiss:- "It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory." There was NO glory in either of the matches.

Anonymous said...


its simple we are not good enough we havent steel in midfield to win balls that we should be winning.
we cannot defend and without berbatov in the side we are clueless.
lets face it we are still a mediocre side thniking big.

Anonymous said...

STOP having a POP! The boys did O.K Gahly was the only PANTS one.They just could not compete with some real atheletes. Something we now need to bring on! (Malbranque pedistrian, Huddlestone Slow, Gahly is not anywhere near the class needed, Keane got the skill as Malbranque just not the pace.) Are lot are knackerd after 70 minutes. Same as was said about Man U.This is a different kind of player Arse have!Liverpool got slaughtered by them. So did Everton! We drew both games without are best 3 players? LEDDERS LENNON AND BERBATOV!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice every pundit, fan, suit or manager from other clubs is supporting Jol? I wonder why...
I've never seen a club with so many talented players being so lost.

Anonymous said...


I have managed to watch the last couple of saturday games over the net using software available on Click on 'links' and then 'live streaming' and you should find instructions and a number of different bits of software to download. I have downloaded 'tvants' 'tvu' 'sopcast' and 'ppmate'. Once you have these downloaded you should be able to click on the link in the schedule of live streamed games on asiaplate on the day of the game. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Did i watch the same match as you guys ?

Ghaly, Zokora, Malbranque, Defoe and BAE were woefull. Some of the others were not much better.

Jol and his backroom staff set the tone for the night with their incompetence with regards to the team sheet.

Anyway here is my ratings;

Robbo - 6 - Did ok but does not instill confidence
Chimbonda - 6 - Good performance until he seemed to run out of stamina
Dawson - 7 - Good, but did start to lose headers and mistime tackles as the game neared the end
Gardner - 6 - Did ok but mistimed tackles
BAE - 5 - Very poor, looked ok attacking wise, but defensively suspect and positionally sense non existent, only the fact he faced Walcott for most of game saved major embarrassment
Ghaly - 4 - Trier but woefull, gave the ball away consistantly
Zokora - 5 - Tried, ran all over pitch, but product was woefull and lost possession consistantly, made some saving tackles.
Jenas - 6 - Good, but was not able to influence game enough
Malbranque - 5 - Tried, but did not produce, and drifting in all the time caused problems down the left
Defoe - 4 - Anonymous for most of the match
Keane - 5 - Tried hard throughout the match but did achieve much, missed one golden opportunity that may have changed the course of the match
Rocha - 4 - What can you say about trying to head a ball 1" off the floor, did ok otherwise.
Huddlestone - 6 - Good, added some power and finesse to a lacklustre midfield when he came one
Mido - 8 - Very good, gave us presence which we had lacked all match, should have started.

Anonymous said...

To say that we did OK is an admission that you are accepting medocrity - the opposition were made to look good by our total lack of shape and ideas on how to attack - Liverpool fielded a terrible team so that result is flattering - yes we had our 3 best players out but Jol keeps on about the strentgh of our squad. Do not fool yourselves - Jol is NOT the man to take us back to the top because when he is faced with making big decisions he is either indecisive or makes a total hash of it. Forget about a plan B or plan C - we never had a plan A! There is no sentiment in big business IMO he should finish off the season and then go - I would love to be proven wrong but I cannot see us winning the FA Cup and nor can I see us winning the UEFA Cup as we cannot even beat Newcastle let alone any tasty Mainland European team - and as for the League we will be lucky to be 7th or 8th and as our great Sir Bill once said: "If you don't win anything, you have had a bad season." And this is not a knee jerk reaction and neither am I fickle but if we dont win anything this season and we do not get into Europe then we have gone backwards - there is no problem with money but how are we going to attract the top players when they see the lack of tactical awareness - it was NOT down to the players last night - the buck stops with Jol - I am all for long term stability but the harsh truth is that Jol is NOT good enough - you can be sure that Levy is also looking at things so Mr Levy get on the phone and call Lippi's bluff - he wants to come to England so get him and get him in place for the close season.

Anonymous said...

Liverpool fielded a terrible team?

Last time I checked Dudek, Bellamy Fowler, Alonso, Carragher, Gonzalez, Garcia and Gerrard were pretty good players.

Anonymous said...

how much more humiliation can the spurs fans take? wenger could have put in schoolkids and jol would still have no clue how to win. he is plainly not good enough.

Danny said...

Robbo 6.5 - This lad is lacking in confidence big time, has no command of his area and control over his defenders.. stays backs and hopes they deal with it. Can't be faulted for the goals. Made some good saves

BAE 6.5 - This lad is being harshly criticised in other posts. But I thought he was the better of the bad lot. He at least defended solidly and attempted to get forward. Saying that he was kept in check by Arsenal's right side..

Dawson & Gardner 7 - These guys were not caught wanting that many times ( apart from against Rosicky) and credit to them - they did their job.

Chimbonda - 6.5 - Looked classy at times and dealt with alot of what Arsenal had to throw at us (which was alot) Also did as well as he could (given our ineffectual midfield and attack). Unfortunate for the own goal

Ghaly - 6 - Pretty ineffectual, but again came into the game late on and tried his damndest to make his mark on the game. However, Traore did a great job on him. Not as bad as people make out mind

Jenas - 5 - First game back from injury - but I do wonder about his contribution. Was missing for large parts of the game, and I just didn't see any effort from this lad whasoever... hopefully gets better as he gets more match fit

Zokora - 4 - woeful. Yes, he ran and ran - but he might as well have stood still for the impact he had on the game (if anything negative). I can see flashes of what could be there - but they are few and far between - hoping this is 'first season syndrome' cos this boy has a LOT of improving to do.

Malbranque - 5 - Continuously found out by Arsenal's right side.. and not much really came off for him at all..

Keane - 6 - All round play was good, but ineffectual when attacking. Could have and probably should have done better with the one on one with Almunia

Defoe - 5 - Just wasn't in the game


Mido - 7 - 100% effort, and with end-product too. Why can't you do this every week mate? Unlucky with his shot that was just wide..

Huddlestone - 5.5 - faired no better than the other two in the middle

Rocha - 5 - I expect more from a player of his pedigree than to try and head a ball that is almost rolling on the ground, but I do concede that as a first game against proper opposition (wish the press would stop harping on about Arsenals 'kids / reserves' cos they ain't that with the amount of first teamers involved) that it's probably quite daunting. New club, new expectations etc etc.

Jol - 5 - He was tactically outclassed by Wenger, this time and last time at the Emirates and I think he knows it. Jol is a good coach - but he's no Wenger, and has a lot to learn. Hopefully Spurs do not have two much of an inferiority complex to go for the knee jerk reaction and let him go too early. I say this because I feel the potential is there and he has great man-management skills - however, I think his Indian Summer is over and there will be harsh lessons for him to learn for the rest of this season - mainly the fickle nature of football fans..

P.S. On the Lennon front - there were reasons for it. Do not be so quick to judge ..

Anonymous said...

some really silly coments on this site.

"there were no tactics"???

yeah right. Jol said just go out and do your best boys. I have no plan for ya. see you afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Uh, think your ratings are screwed...
Surely 5 out of 10 is an average performance and on the whole we played average to poor and let the Gooners dominate midfield. (Daws was superb, though).
So, on that basis I'd give Zakora a 3 at most.....go figure the rest yourselves!

Anonymous said...

The team sheet WAS a fiasco. WAKE UP.

Tottinghams said...

3.27 - you might have been joking, but you summed it up.

Jol - good man-management, and is a great bloke, just CLUELESS when it comes to tactics.

Anonymous said...


Carragher and Alonso were on the subs bench that night and by the time they came on - Alonso on 58 minutes and Carragher on 75 minutes - the score was already 4-1 for Alonso and 5-2 for Carragher.

Anonymous said...


So when we beat chelski, all our uefa cup opposition, all our FA & league cup(excluding arse) opposition and every team we've beaten in the league, you think what? That Jol had no input and the players just winged it? Or maybe you think Jol was just lucky. All those times. And ALL last season.

Opinions of all sorts are fine. Except when logic goes AWOL. Then it's just a frustation fuelled mindless rant. Which we've all heard before on these sites and no doubt will hear plenty more of.

Jol may well not be the man but I'm not convinced of that just yet and according to the facts(statistics) he's taken this club forward over all since he's been in charge.



Matt said...

As far as I could tell we had ONE attempt on target in 2 hours of football on Wednesday night - and that was when Mido scored. It is simply not good enough - Keane and Defoe were just not up to it (though they may have a case for saying that there supply was not there).
We never looked like winning the game - I was almost a little disappointed that Mido scored in the 83rd minute as for me it only delayed the inevitable and made the agony more drawn out.
Without Berbatov, Lennon and King we don't look very good - and Arsenal's teenagers looked more than a match for our first team.

isthatalump said...

Speaking of new mottos, hows about "one step forwards, two steps back"

Defoe to go. If i see him looking across the line from an offside position one more time i will personally remove posh beckham the skinny fucking media whore and george dubya from the top of my hitlist and replace them with him. Even kids in the park, jumpers for goalposts, know the rule, "STAY THE FUCK ONSIDE!"