Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spurs vs Arsenal : Spurs Must 'Boss It '

According to Tim Sherwood on Sky Sports, Spurs will have to 'Boss It' tonight if they want to get anywhere with Ars*nal tonight. And he's right.

And all eyes will be on Jol to deliver an authoritative, attacking performance.

The last performance showed painfully that if the Ashgrove Adolescents are allowed to get into their free flowing passing game the end will be well and truly nigh.

With Wenger's seeming continued reluctance to run out the likes of Henry, Lehmann & Co. the emphasis will be on taking charge of the game as Tottenham did in such commanding fashion for the now infamous first 45 minutes of the previous tie. The kids have to be overrun.

The answer as ever is goals and if Defoe wants to really wants to distinguish himself in the Premiership then he hasn't had a bigger game come his way all season.

My big fear is the absence of Berbatov. He clearly edges it over Mido and the Bulgarian's elegance and ingenuity may well be marked in their absence. hopefully the goals will come from all over as they have so far this season and a piece of opportunism from the likes of Malbranque, Lennon or Jenas could well seal it.

Michael Dawson has an 'infected toe' (mmn, nice) but is '99%' playing.

William Hill are reporting a fair bite on 11/4 for Spurs, with the next best activity being in the draw. Which only serves to remind all concerned, as if they needed it, that this game is for Spurs to seize and dominate.

If they don't sustain the control. They will lose.

On a lighter note, press PLAY.



Anonymous said...

This is where MJ shows to the Spurs faithful his true mettle! It's either attack and win, or nothing. We know we can do it, we proved it against Chelski. Now we must show it again, against the Goonies! COYS!!!

Anonymous said...

ditto above.

Anonymous said...

Priceless clip... COME ON YOU SPUUUUUURRRS!!!

Anonymous said...

The only way spurs will 'boss it' is if Arsenal again get stuck in traffic and Spurs deny the chance to delay kick-off and start without them.

The kids will humiliate them again.


Anonymous said...

Boss it? You lot couldn't Boss a bunch of teenagers on your own turf! And what a sad twat on the clip.
Welcome to a class 60,000 stadium tonight - a far cry from your 2-bob lego toilet.
The inter-toto awaits! Followed by Aaron Lennon's transfer for sure. Great player wasted.

Anonymous said...

doesnt matter either way who wins tonight, Chelsea will wipe the floor with you paupers. proper stadium, yes right, we could buy that if we wanted it. Doesnt it seem a bit funny to name it the emirates stadium then have Israel adverts posted all over it???
come on the arabs.....

Anonymous said...

top 6 club, only in your dreams,never have been and never will be! one season wonders and you f***ed that up too.
COYS should be FOYS.
Lennon will leave for sure when he goes away to england squads and mixes with all the other players who play in the champions league and will want the same..
enjoy his last 5 months as a spud player then he will be off to manure as ronaldo's replacement
HAHAHA , this is your cup final and place in europe as chelski will be in champions league whatever happens.
you will not qualify through league or fa cup
as for eufa that your in now!
bye for this round then bye bye in the next

Anonymous said...

Berbatov "shades it" over Granny would shade-it over Mido and she's been dead for forty years. I await MJ's masterful tactical selection, and don't be surprised if Murphy and Ghaly feature. I cannot believe that if we are supposed to be a passing football team then DeFoe and Keane can't play together up-front and be more dangerous than Mido and only one of them....still, Jol knows best.....I'm going to watch the Bill instead.

Anonymous said...

woops forgot to say if by some miracle you win on away goals or penalties to get chance to play chelsea that is..
no way will you be 1st team to beat us at the grove!!!
it will never happen just like you will never ever ever win a league title again!!!

Harry Hotspur said...


Have you got your nerves out of your system yet, sunshine?


thfcthfcthfcthfc said...

313 you lonely gimp.
'The sad tw*t in the clip'
The clip is from soccer am.
It's supposed to be a joke.
Enjoy watching your French coaching school play tonight, won't you?

And when is Walcott going to admit he's bottled it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

listen to all the monkeys having a rant!! they wanna get on there own websites and do that cos it just aint funny!!
we will see later on girls!
cos we will be straight out the blocks again tonight and wont stop beating ya's this time!
so like i said we will see later!!!xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope I'm wrong, but this is a battle we cannot win.
We would need more than Berbs' elegance and ingenuity tonight, we would need his full strengh and he's not even there...
Don't give in without a fight anyways! Make them sweat!

Harry Hotspur said...

Well Lennon on the bench due to 'being a little unwell this afternoon.'

Ghaly in his sted. Great, here come at least 2 free kicks in dangerous positions for THEM.

Ghaly is rubbish. Let's hope he has an off day and plays a blinder.


Anonymous said...

i cannot see were the goals are coming from.

what shape are we playing???

Anonymous said...

Jenas is playing every fucking ball square or short as he's got not space.....

Anonymous said...

What sort of shit is this?

sort it out Jol get Mido on and Lennon for fuck sake.

Anonymous said...

the thing is: o-o and no extra time needed, the scum wins!

Anonymous said...

1-1 and extra time. now we need legs and to surprise them. anyone in the defence, please score !

Anonymous said...

1-1 and extra time. now we need legs and to surprise them. anyone in the defence, please score !

Anonymous said...

What the fuck went thru Rocha's mind??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

They have let us all down, we can't even beat the Arsenal youth team.

The one who has let us down most is you Martin you are dog shit.

I don't know what passes for mangement in holland but you should fuck off back their.

We are going backwards and Martin you are a cunt.


and before someone say's it he's got us to this semi final, we played low league teams all the way.

and then lose to a second team

db said...

quite simply not good enough. outclassed - again. shocking. we were found out. nuff said. 90 mins left of the transfer window - need about 10 signings on that showing.
right, im off out to find a gooner and shake his hand then pucnh him in the face.

Anonymous said...

shit - weve even gone down a place in the league to the bar codes without even playing. what a miserable night.

Anonymous said...

lol you guys are not as good as you keep telling everyone. some things never change

Anonymous said...

So who's the twat now?
Told ya this was coming.
The writing on the wall says: CHANGE MANAGEMENT!
The players are not the problem, the problem is the team, and this team cannot beat any of the top four and sooner or later that will happen in the FA CUP and that one will be gone too.
Top six in the Prem? Don't believe it.
UEFA CUP? Only until we meet a big one (lucky we were with Feyenoord or would have been them to kick us out).
Next year? Zero Europe.
Who wants to support this?
Transfer Windowis off, get the managers off with it or get stuffed, Mr. Levy and Co.!!!

Anonymous said...


Fuck you yid scum. Field your best team and you could'nt even beat our 2nd string?? Wankers.


Anonymous said...

GUNNER'S FANS sit down, shut up & please retire to your "Oh so quiet" stadium, you dumb little bigots.. your turn is coming and you know it..we all know it.

Until the next time.


Wendell said...

I honestly can't believe the sh*t I hear from so-called Spurs fans on here.

So the Arse beat us at their stadium? Nobody's beaten them there, plus this is pretty much the same team the beat liverpool 6-3.. at Anfield for f*cks sake! Did they beat us 6-3 at the Lane? No! We drew 2-2. So shut the hell up.

Chant 'Get Jol Out!' all you want but he's the man who got us into Europe for the first time in about 2 decades, got us our highest premiership finishing position and has one of the best winning rates of managers at spurs.. this side of WW2.

So he might not being doing amazing for us right now but there's virtually nobody else in the world I'd rather have as our manager right now. To my memory all their goals came from their left side, so once this is fixed we'll be fine. Keep the faith and support your team how teams are meant to be supported!

Tottenham Forever!

Anonymous said...

We looked like a team with our captain out, new defender, crap left back, no left winger, no right winger, best forward out and midfielder just back from long term injury. We did well not to get beaten 6-3 ourselves. Away from home too. We're gonna struggle through this season and it will be very impressive if we make any final whatsoever. We're 3 great players and another year of experience away from even seeing if Big Martin Jol is the man or not.

Calm down, keep the faith,


Anonymous said...

totally agree 1018, all those gooners tellin' us that we put out our strongest team??

King out
Berby out
Lennon out
Jenas just came back from injury

imo vital players for our strongest squad

fuckin' dumbass woolwich scum

Anonymous said...

wendell, please go to church and take Jol with you. Stop preaching here!
Ever heard about the principle of Peter? That's were Jol is right now: he has achieved his level of incompetence. So stop your sermon about the past. He was that good to get us there but he's not good anymore to get us higher. If we want to evolve WE NEED A NEW BOSS!

EL said...

re: 12.50

That's what manure fans were saying about fergy after 2 years. The board obviously knew better than those fans. Same again perhaps?

leedsyabab said...