Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spurs, Bale & Burley. No Need To Panic

Ready to interview today!

" Bale rejects Tottenham move " and other erroneous headlines abound. The truth, as ever, isn't buried so deep you can't can't find it.

First up, Bale was never going to be wearing any shirt in anger that wasn't Southampton's for the rest of this season anyway. That was never in question.

Secondly the Burley factor in all of this is the key. Burley is without question obsessed by self advancement. He undoubtedly is a very talented manager, but one blessed in equal measure with a mercenary streak a mile wide.

Read his CV.

Bale's best interests one would hope, will best served by his own sense and that of his family.

But make no mistake, this job is the closest sniff wily Old George has had at the Premiership yet and he wants to go up with them. Bale is an integral part of his own success story. Burley doesn't really give a stuff about Bale or Southampton.

He sees himself as the next Charlton or West Ham manager. And he'd probably do a good job, but do not, Spurs fans, think the deal is aborted, it's just Old George, feathering his own nest again...


Anonymous said...

Those who live by the crystal ball must learn to eat broken glass!

Anonymous said...

Egg meet face. He'll most likely be a Manure player next season

oxfordspur said...

sorry harry but you havent done your homework on this one. or was it another george burley who managed Ipswich to 5th in the prem a few years ago!

EL said...

Harry, in what way does what you have written in your article relate to Bale definately coming to Spurs? I didn't get your point although admittedly my intellect is questionable.

Harry Hotspur said...

Re reading what I wrote, his foray with Ipswich does look airbrushed... oops. I can only say I was more than aware of his Prem. visit. If only through Matty Holland's visits to a pal of mine's bar!

My point is Burley is a addicted to his own personal glory, is without loyalty to anyone and If there had been a chance of Bale signing for Spurs it was this that koshed it.

The Saints/ Bale are simply a mechanism for him to get BACK to where he wants to be.

If it was a virtually anyone else I could indulge the idea that the manager DID want to guard the interests of club and player.

It's George and I don't!

Omlette / chinese proverb fans... can't move for'em!

Harry Hotspur said...

And...... I have no guarantees to give, but I do believe Bale will come.


Anonymous said...

Com'on Harry, this is not today's big news. It's Mido for Nene before midnight. Our left side problems will be solved and Mido will be happy in Spain. I really hope this turns out to be true because we don't need four strikers but we need a left winger badly.

Anonymous said...

all the mido stories are even less reliable than the bale one....

Anonymous said...

wow ios it true that shezzas comin back to WHL with a view to a coaching role??
if so that couldn't be a bad bit of business! not sure about the harewood rumour though!
i think bale may still come too!
its just that soton a tryin to hold out!!!

Anonymous said...

There is an old arabian saying; He who puts his head in the mortar should not be surprised at the coming of the pestle.


EL said...

Harry, would you mind informing us as to what, if anything, you are basing
your 'belief' on.

Harry Hotspur said...

el - Nothing more than the strength of a tip off. A source that has been reliable in the past on transfers.

Also, it is unusual for Levy to involve himself at this level is another indicator to me.

I could be wrong!

Harry Hotspur said...

Yid15 - The Fortune Cookie Writers Guild have been on, they assure me that only authentic Chinese scripts are used in the production of their products... but yours is to good not to use!