Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Autopsy Part Two: Understanding Your Team

Looking around the various forums and comments boxes across the Internet this morning, I have formed two conclusions.

The first is that there are lot of Tottenham fans out there are deluded by their passion and after only one season of regeneration want excel lance from team who's expectations far exceed their current abilities.

And two, your average Ars*nal fan is even more uninformed if they insist upon perpetuating the myth that thy are genuinely fielding their academy side. Oh but they had. Senderos, Fabregas, Rosicky, Adeybayor, Silva????? Do me a favour.

The absence of Henry and Lehmann does not constitute a junior XI. But that's the brainless gloting you can expect from uncultured supporters who whoop each time when the ball is hit skywards by either side and bellow 'ssshhoooooooooot' when any of their lot are within 35 yards of goal.

I don't care if he's only 15 3/4, Walcott was a disaster for Gooners last night. He had 72 corners and 93 free kicks and one of those machines that fires tennis balls would have achieved more. THAT IS AN ACADAMY PLAYER.

Liverpool who also beat Spurs this season were royally thumped by an Ars*nal youth team in the cup. We were dispatched by noticably maturer side last night. No crumb of comfort, but apoint worth making. All of which only serves to illustrate 'how right' the set up at Cashburdon Grove is...


Anonymous said...

I am also annoyed with them reffering to it as their kids team. There weren't many players that wouldn't have played from their first 11. He has slowly started ro replace the older players with these "kids" anyway. As mentioned on another site, the average age of our team was 25 compared to their 23.5 and we had Hudd on the bench who usually plays. We were also without Berbatov, Lennon and King! Three plays who would make it into their first team and most others in the Prem.

Anonymous said...

It is doing my head in, seeing and hearing all this press and TV bollox about an Arsenal Youth Side!! Is anyone going to realise that the team that finished the match was the best XI they had available except for Henry & Coco The Clown in Goal!
Hoyte in for injured Eboue, Senderos & Toure (no Gallas injured), Clichy, Fabregas, Gilberto, Rosicky, Adebayor, Denilson, Aliadiere. (Hleb, Ljungberg, Van Persie, Baptista all injured) Aliadiere probably only non regular 1st teamer! Wallcot massive waste of money and space!!
Does anyone mention about our injurues to key members? King, Berbatov, Jenas (only playing 2nd game back) Lennon, Tainio?


Anonymous said...

so well said.

The team they had out cost more than ours, also against wigan they didn't play 8 first teamers and wigan were pegged back for most of tie.

I thought in the 90 mins we rarely looked like conceeding.

and saying the team is no heart is complete rubbish, those lads gave there all

but with the players out we were like linford without his lunchbox i.e. lacking the winning edge

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining about how the Press describe the Arse team - they were simply much better than us. What frightens me is MJ's comments on the Spurs website today. He asks whether Spurs should have tried to hold onto the lead - a question that invites the obvious answer "yes they should". But the implication is he doesn't realise that sitting back (which is what the team did) only invites people to attack you. Spurs are not strong enough in midfield or defence to sit back. MJ increasingly takes the negative, sit on a small lead approach. There is only one Spurs way - Push and Run - attack.
As an aside has Keane totally lost it - running around the pitch 2 seconds too late to every ball??

Pid the Yid said...

Kids?? I seem to remember senderos, toure, fabregas, Hoyte, clichy, rosicky, Adebayor, gilberto and flamini on the bench, all playing regular first team football this season? Only Diaby 'a first team regular last season' coming back from injury hasnt played tyis much this season. I think 'the turkey face goon wenger' is very disillusioned, by saying many of his first team are academy players when he plays the week in week out in the league!!! But still saying this and moaning it doesnt change the fact week were rubbish last night, and didnt deserve to win at all. I didnt even know Defoe and Jenas was playing till i see them walk off at the end. We might of aswell of played our academy players, they might of showed some passion and pride and done something out there. Were we playing with 8 men out there? we might of well been??

Anonymous said...

Pray, HH, who are the cultured supporters you know? Those who sing LA DONNA E MOBILE to Berbatov? To sing it to Mourinho I understand, but to the anti-Mourinho Berbatov is, sorry, but I need an explanation.
"The lady is fickle,
she changes her mind like the wind,
you cannot trust her, she will ruin you with her coquette ways,
in tears or laughter she's always lying, etc..."
those are the lyrics, gents !
How can you pin this tune on that discreet, loyal, classy gentleman from Bulgaria?
Football is an entertainment for the people. Cultured people have other hobbies. Get real !

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what we are missing at the moment I believe. We were total shite last night!

"The great fallacy is that the game is first and last about winning. It's nothing of the kind. The game is about glory. It's about doing things in style, with a flourish, about going out and beating the other lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom." Danny Blanchflower

"The biggest regret of my whole football career was leaving White Hart Lane in interest in football weakened after that. I was heartbroken" Jimmy Greaves.

"I earned the right to be in the team and fought every game to be in it." Graham Roberts

"When Gazza came to the Spurs training ground for the first time got the ball, went round 8 players as if they were not there and then smashed the ball into the net. Just to see him play like that made the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Everybody stood there and applauded him." Terry Venables

"Any player coming to Spurs, whether he's a big signing or just a ground staff boy, must be dedicated to the game and to the club. He must never be satisfied with his last performance, and he must hate losing." Bill Nicholson
"Even now, when I go over to my mother'S house and dig out the old tracksuit tops I wore, it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I like to think i am part of a special family. I am no longer connected with the club on a daily basis, but i'm delighted with every win and sad about every defeat." Steve Perryman

"I would run through brick walls for Spurs." Graham Roberts

"White Hart Lane was always a place where I felt I belonged." David Ginola

EL said...

Someone once said; history is written by the winners.

It's been a long time since I 'truly' gave a shit about how well any other team is doing. My focus is on the club who will always be my favourite no matter what. We may not be top 4 (yet) but since, say, we last won the league (after which a lot of people reckon we've been crap) we've actually been one of the most successful clubs in the country outside the top 4 or 5 successful clubs in that period.
We could be a coventy or leicester or man city or west ham (no disrespect) but we've enjoyed an awful lot more fun days out most over the years (unless you're 15 or so years old).

I'm not blinded by the latest win or loss not to notice the big picture and I like what I'm currently seeing over all, even if it's not happening at a speed which suits my appetite. It took 4 years before fergy's manure started to produce properly. Jol is about 2 years in and I like what I see in general and I'm prepared to wait longer to see what purchaces and youth policy proffer.

This is way better than the fayre of just a few years ago. Ignore the doubters and forge ahead.

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

It is not a case of Spurs fans being deluded with passion after "one season of regeneration" - the whole point of being a Spurs fan is to expect the very best and to never accept anything less or are you forgetting our great Bill Nicholson saying "Spurs have got to be the best in the land, not the second best." I can remember the great man saying these things and I have supported this great Club, through thick and thin, for 46 years and, as always, I demand the best from my Club - it is the heritage of the Club and at long last we have the makings of a good quality squad and they are leaderless when it comes to tactics. What is the Club motto? "To Dare is to Do" - Jol is too NEGATIVE and he is not good enough for my beloved Club and he does not get my vote for playing such dire tactics. I demand the very best and the ONLY way to get the best is to have a winner at the helm - Levy has spoken to Lippi in the past so lets get him now whilst we still have the nucleus of a great squad - our best players will all go if things stay the same - players like King, Defoe, Lennon, Dawson, Huddlestone are all coveted by the rest of the EPL and why should they stay when thay are asked to play in such a negative manner or when they need leadership from the bench all the get is FEAR. For those who say they put their trust in Jol - what are you trusting him to do??? Keep us in mid table mediocrity??? Wake up people if we dont get a top class tactician in for next season then we are doomed for another decade of crap because all our top players will go and we will be back to square one. Forget the sentiment over Jol - give me my Spurs back!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

Anon 2.30

You old rogue. You know well I referred to the gooners as being uncultured in my piece.

"ssshhoooooooooooot" etc...

My point is (to continue in your vein) to ensure the Duke is spared and the Jester(s)are told to calm down!

Harry Hotspur said...


Great post. I don't accept mediocrity. But great sides are built as you will know from watching Bill Nick's boys evolve first hand.

One question.

Can I presume you have spent a large proportion of the last (insert number) years banging your head against a brick wall?

Santini, Pleat, (insert name)....

THFC is not a Pot Noodle and it is disingenuous of you to suggest that Lippi would provide a quick fix.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have spent a great many years banging my head against the wall but no matter whatever happens I will still stay loyal - we all know what it is like to be a Spurs fan i.e. a rollercoaster ride - strangely enough even with the great cup runs and those wonderful European nights of yesteryear I still have many great memories of when we played in the old 2nd Division.

Santini, Pleat...?? As in the most negative managers we have had or the most clueless? Either way Gross and Graham are my votes.

Yes, I have watched players evolve (I can still remember Stevie Perryman making his debut - he is now living in village next to me and is often seen around the area and he still looks the same) and I will always support evolution over revolution and in that respect I am far from being disingenuous about Lippi supplying a quick fix. The evolution started when Levy came in and now that the backroom facilities are in order, as are the finances and the business systems, the main focus is on the playing side. I have already stated that Jol has been instrumental in building up a very good squad (the best in many years) but that is only part of the job - what he lacks woefully is tactical knowledge and you can see from his actions, his comments and also his body langauage that he has lost confidence. What this Club needs is a proven tactician and as we are Spurs we should go for the very best and Lippi fits that bill. In order to be a top class side we need 2 or 3 really top class players and even though we have the money we cannot attract them - we cannot even attract a 17 year old Southampton player so what chance do we have with the creme de la creme? The ONLY way to get them is to have a top class manager e.g. Lippi. The squad is nearly there but it desperatley needs leadership and know how - if this issue is not addressed we will go backwards and fast as our best players WILL leave. IMO Jol is an excellent man manager and a good training ground man in respect of discipline and the training ethos but when it comes to tactics and systems he is not the man to take us to the top - I also think that he knows that as he realises that maybe the job is too big for him.

Anonymous said...

2-0 and you fucked it are a shit side, remember that boys...keep whinging and praying on arsenal's downfall...that is after all, where spurs boys get their joy from as their own side haven't brought much joy over the last few years.

Theeres only one Arsene Wenger! love you all

You last won the league in black and white said...

The only morons peddling the myth that Arsenal play their "Academy" side are the tediously lazy journalists.

Wenger played a side predominantly made of reserves and squad players.

Arsenal’s first choice line-up if all were available: Lehmann: Eboue, Toure, Gallas, Clichy; Hleb, Fabregas, Gilberto, Rosicky; Henry, Adebayor/Van Persie.

For Tottenham’s benefit, let’s say Adebayor would get the nod over Van Persie. So, three of the regulars started last night in the semi-final second leg. Two began the first leg. Another 3 came off the bench last night. On Tottenham’s side, three 1st XI regulars were injured for the return, although two of those did start the previous mid-week.

Last night proves, if any more evidence were needed, that our reserves are better than your average, over priced 1st XI.

Worst still are the pathetic "In-Ger-Land" chants that pervade from Spurs fans. Your club, like others, have paid over th odds for average English players. Well done. It has got you far hasn't it?

You last won the league in black and white said...

Arsenal last night fielded a predominantly young team: Almunia (29), Hoyte (22), Toure (25), Senderos (21), Traore (17), Denilson (18) Diaby (20) Gilberto (30), Aliadiere (23), Adebayor (21), Walcott (17). The subs were aged 21, 19 and 25.

Also, why do the Spurs fans sing that ridiculous and disgusting song about Wenger being a peaedophile? Aside from it being a disgusting myth, it shows you lot up to the c***s that you all are. You wish you had Wenger, or a manager half as good. But you don't and you;re shit and will remain shit.

What do you think of Tottenham? Shit!

Anonymous said...

were all proud of the english players we have but is this a policy that is actually going to win us anything ,are we really going to suceed with average english players,im dissaponited not just in MJ with his negativity but also in Comolli, he must see the areas that are weak yet we continue to buy average players to fill other posistionsit mkes you womder what kind of communication our head coach and director of football have ?

Anonymous said...

oi, Arse ... fcuk off back to Woolwich

Anonymous said...

spurs fans are so intelligent...honestly...why don't you for once graciously accept or no kids spurs did not deserve to win either game...your team is overrated boys and your laughable expectations of them doesnt thankful that you are in the top ten and accept that you are nothing.

Harry Hotspur said...

You last won in black and white -

Correction, the lazy hacks are not the only ones. Every loud mouthed Herbert that supports you is bellowing from the rooftops how your 'kids' beat us.

It was the introduction of Rosicky that helped kill us off, not Theo the bottler.

Do you dream of a team full of Walnuts? No, no one does. And doesn't that emphasise what a waste of an airplane ticket he was in the summer.

If you object to our fans singing 'Engerland' etc...

Stick your fingers in your ears, catch a Eurostar until you able to but a horse-meat sandwich and you shouldn't be able to hear them from there.


You last won in black and white said...

Oi HH.

Not every Arsenal fan is crowing that our kids won us the tie. Of course the experienced ones was key, but the point is that your top players aren't good enough to beat pur reserves. Only the moronic Gooners, who aren't capable of thought independent from the media, think that. Probably the Arsenal equivalent of the moronic Spurs filth that chant their charming song about our manager.

And starting on Walcott? Bottler, at 17? Of course. What was he supposed to do, refuse the idiot Erikkson's invitation to select him? He'll be great, no problem.

The reason you Engerland chants are so foolish is that you have plenty of foreign players, but still maintain this pride in your "english core". its hypocritcial.

Its very enjoyable reading the words of a bitter Spurs fan who has to resort to childish, mildy jingoistic comments. My old man, a Spurs fan for 60+ years, has the grace to admit that your lot just are not that good.

Harry Hotspur said...

My old man's a dustman.

Anonymous said...

You really are a pleb HH.