Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sheffield United vs Tottenham Hotspur: PHOTO GALLERY

In she goes...

'Let's take it easy now, we've got this sewn up...'

Mirror, razor..... He was my faaaaaaaaatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

You've got a double crown...

Our players can't score, but can get their knickers in a twist. Must word the Ad for strikers more carefully next time...

Defeat gets up our noses too, JJ...

'But I want to sing'
'And I've told you that you can't'

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EL said...

I wonder how many people appreciate these photos at a time like this. And they clog up the site a bit. Any way, Jol looks fed up to the back teeth. Given that he has shown in the past how adept he is at taking a small team and turning them into a tough, well drilled 'play above themselves' bunch, I can't help wondering if it's the lads that are letting HIM down as opposed to the other way round?

Just a thought.

Still the best Spurs blog on the web.

Harry Hotspur said...

Point taken on the snaps, but there were actually emails wanting the Man Utd pictures! I'll monitor the footfall...

There's no wingers, there's no ideas in the midfield, four strikers on and still no goals from the glue pot pitch at Bramhall lane.

My piece before the game was frighteningly accurate. I don't say that to gloat. The opposite. I wish they had just gone about killing Utd off.

But we got what we got, which was, yet again, a pretty lacklustre performance.

Our whole passing game appears to have gone down the toilet...

EL said...

I think we miss having a leader(not ledders) really badly. It's been fairly noticable over the past year or two but now without the confidence, without the injured and without the midfield quality, it screamingly obvious.

3.2 for Rocha? He looks lightweight.
Hope he proves me wrong.

Anonymous said...

photos and videos are always welcome. pity this time there's none of Berbs...

Harry Hotspur said...

Agreed on Rocha.

He's barely thru the doors, but I'm terrified he's a lightweight.

We need more Dawsons, not 'almost theres.'

Jolsgonemental said...

What does Rocha bring to the squad that Davenport didnt?

too much time spent swapping like for like. Now we have a partner for Dawson who has all the frailties of Davenport with the added bonus of needing to get used to the pace of the english game.

The logic?

This was the first transfer window under Jol where we havent swapped our left back with an identikit useless one.

No planning no foresight.

jolsgonemental said...

On the plus side, despite our loss we at least 'competed with them'.

Best we can hope for considering they play an surprising and unorthodox 'English style'.

Next week Everton, lets hope they dont pull a Sheff Utd on us and instead stick to their usual Gallic brand of football.

Anonymous said...

as everyone who is anyone in Spurs visits this blog of yours, hh, let's remind those gents that this week is essencial.
they have time for meetings and training.
urgent is the midfield nonexistence and the lack of leadership. Keane got one yellow yesterday and didn't help on avoiding the other four. not good enough.
remember one week from now it could all be over.

Anonymous said...

Just one win in eight league games, and 10 points away from a European spot is just not on!!!

Robinson - Overweight!!!
Rocha - Rubbish, why did we buy him?
Assou-Ekotto - not good enough!!
Zokora - £8m waste of money
Tainio - sicknote!! (Defoe 63 - flatters to deceive!!!)
Malbranque - not a winger!! (Mido 73 - Mr Average!!!)

No wonder we are shite , and have only won one in eight games!!!!

Expect fcuk all this season!!!!

Anonymous said...

30/12 Liverpool H: Lost 1-0
01/01 Portsmouth A:Draw 1-1
14/01 Newcastle H: Lost 3-2
20/01 Fulham A: Draw 1-1
04/02 Man Utd H: Lost 4-0
10/02 Sheffield Utd A: Lost 2-1

Sequence: LDLDLL = Is rubbish and highly questionable.

Sacking Offence!!!!!

Anonymous said...

According to the BBC website:

"Tottenham boss Martin Jol will bid

£3.2m in an attempt to secure Harry Kewell from Liverpool in the summer. (Various)

And the Londoners have also set their sights on Middlesbrough striker Mark Viduka, who is out of contract in the summer. (News of the World)"

If any of this is true, then Jol should be sacked right now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Harry:
Your site is still one of my favourites places to get info about Spurs.

We didn't have the match on tv this time. I don't know what's going on at WHL, but it was a pain to watch MU game in a cafe full of people cheering Ronaldo and then those 4 goals!!! (and I admire Ronaldo and I like the Portuguese).

Please be a bit more patient with Rocha. The guy is good, honest. He looks good on that last pic.Good for advertising.Pity his goal was disallowed.
I'm very sad for the club of my heart. Please Jol, do something. I want to be proud of my team next Sunday when maybe we'll have live transmission of the FACUP.
All the best, Harry and mates.
Lisbon Spurs

jolsgonemental said...

'if we'd have scored twice against Sheffield United, with their style, it would have helped us, but we didn't.'

with their style? what the fuck is he talking about? Apart from stating the blindingly obvious fact of scoring more goals would have helped....

Anybody? pro jolers? Translation?

Anonymous said...

the one thing missing from the spurs team is passion - can any manager instill that in a bunch of players or should they already have it?

Anonymous said...

Angry and dejected fans queued up on a radio phone-in after the 2-1 defeat at Sheffield United to question the Dutchman's tactics and team selection, while many insisted it was time for him to go.

Their frustration is understandable because a team that came so close to claiming a place in this season's Champions League is currently 10 points off the top six.

Jol's struggling side are also without a win in their last six league matches, while away from home their form is wretched.

Only the bottom three have a worse record on the road this season as Spurs have taken just eight points from a possible 39.

Following this latest loss, Jol offered lame excuses, initially blaming referee Martin Atkinson.

Jol insisted Rob Hulse fouled Michael Dawson for the equaliser; that Ricardo Rochus scored a valid second before half-time that was disallowed for a foul by Dimitar Berbatov, and the winning penalty should not have been awarded.

Replays suggest Jol was wrong on all counts.

Jol also claims his team "is not as strong as last year," despite spending more than £25million on new players last summer in Berbatov, Pascal Chimbonda, Didier Zokora, Steed Malbranque and Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

The assertion is that in losing Michael Carrick and Edgar Davids from midfield, that area now consists of more "football players", meaning he "has to work on the balance."

Spurs fans will wonder just how he has failed to achieve that in view of the money he has had at his disposal.

It also meant that in chasing a point, Jol "did not have a lot of weapons," even though he finished the game with four strikers on the pitch whose combined worth is more than £24million.

"We had four No 9s and that didn't help, but you have to try something. You have to use all your tools," remarked Jol.

Jol's "tools" are not working as he attempts to hammer square pegs into round holes.

"With a bit more luck and a bit more quality we could have led 2-0, but that is England," was another strange offering.

He added: "I felt we were unfortunate, and that is the fine line I talk about between winning and losing matches.

"But the character of the players is good. They gave 100%, so it is not about that. It's about mental and physical strength."

Jol's own mental strength is likely to be tested if the supporters continue to turn against him.

But when asked if he was under pressure, he replied: "No. The only pressure I put on myself is to win.

"Obviously, we are very concerned, but we are of a mind to get it right. It's not something that is hopeless."

Anonymous said...

Jol must be sacked right now witout delay!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

I running a piece on the postr match garbage from BMJ in the morning.

What a load of absolute rubbish.

Anonymous said...

"it's difficult when we have three numbers 9"
he plays the three at the same time
he didn't sell Mido!!!

Jol isn't making any sense anymore.

I wish I was a fly to see what is going on in the dressing room.