Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sheffield United vs Tottenham Hotspur : FIX BAYONETS!

As any good chef will tell you, it's the blunted Blades that cause accidents.

Big Martin Jol will be looking to get in and out of Sheffield without so much as a paper-cut if he is to begin distancing himself from the 0-4 thumping Tottenham took last Sunday.

Neil Warnock is a fighter and will be telling himself this morning he can smell blood. Only Watford have achieved less at home so far, but points won at home have been shored up with those earned by draws and what I would call 'gutsy performances on a ploughed field.'

The phrase, 'I guess we're not in Kansas anymore Toto' springs to mind.

Spurs, put simply, are going to have to get stuck in and distinguish themselves from the off. Any attempts to 'pick their moment', 'sit on a lead', etc etc will result in doom at Bramhall Lane.

Tottenham's away form is dismal so far. Only Manchester City, the free falling West Ham, Charlton and Watford have achieved less.

The order is, 'FIX BAYONETS!'


thenight said...

Have our current team got the balls to even find the gun with the bayonet?
Oh for a cheap £35,000 signing from Weymouth to be leading our team today.

Anonymous said...

"Any attempts to 'pick their moment', 'sit on a lead', etc etc will result in doom at Bramhall Lane."

Well that's what Jol always does, so expect more of the same. And yet you continue to defend him.

Jolsgonemental said...

Love Honour and Obey is a good film.

Anonymous said...

I do believe Jol will face a dressing room revolt if he doesn't act like a proper boss today. it's not our patience that is going, it's the players'!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OK, gents. FOUR forwards!!! we can't blame Jol if they don't score!!!

Anonymous said...

And they can't score! and half of team is yellowed! and we were beaten again !
This is a mental problem and I don't see any solution for it. Without CHANGES there will be no improvement.
I'm off !

Anonymous said...

Just one win in eight league games, and 10 points away from a European spot is just not on!!!

Robinson - Overweight!!!
Rocha - Rubbish, why did we buy him?
Assou-Ekotto - not good enough!!
Zokora - £8m waste of money
Tainio - sicknote!! (Defoe 63 - flatters to deceive!!!)
Malbranque - not a winger!! (Mido 73 - Mr Average!!!)

No wonder we are shite , and have only won one in eight games!!!!

Expect fcuk all this season!!!!

Anonymous said...

30/12 Liverpool H: Lost 1-0
01/01 Portsmouth A:Draw 1-1
14/01 Newcastle H: Lost 3-2
20/01 Fulham A: Draw 1-1
04/02 Man Utd H: Lost 4-0
10/02 Sheffield Utd A: Lost 2-1

Sequence: LDLDLL = Is rubbish and highly questionable. Sacking Offence?

Anonymous said...

today it was clear the team is lost and away from the manager and the manager doesn't have a clue about what to do with the players.
the downfall started in xmas.
we should had gone to war then. instead we were dazzed and confused.
as predicted, the FA CUP and Uefa Cup will be gone soon.
yes, I don't believe in Santa and I'm bloody right!

Anonymous said...

Another away day and another 3 points's starting to get tedious now isn't it?!

I really can't understand how a change in surface can bring about such a change in performance all the time.

So here we are in a winless 2007 and i think we have to start asking ourselves if these players actually want to win games or just turn up to pick their wages up.
Rocha slight feeling he was a panic buy but i'll give him time just hope he hasn't signed to get a pretty pension!!!!!

MJ your excuses for the boys are not good enough i'll continue to love you but the boys need extra training and serious rollicking why u persist in loaning out ziegler and routledge when its quite clear they're needed is beyond me. I think some of the so called big names need a reality check. Zokora needs to prove his 8mill price tag, tainio love his heart but not much else. Keane defoe your paid to score goals start doing it. we need a consistent team sheet barring injuries it should be the same week in week out e.g lennon hudd JJ malbranque leave the middle pair to gain a playing relationship thats what we need and thts wat we had last season with carrick and jenas.

On the plus side we got a bye to the next round so come on boys let's turn it around.

Lovin the yids!!!!


dannyboy said...

each season, there is a team that goes into freefall and gets suck into the relegation scrap. losing becomes a habit, like winning and if we aint careful, that team could be us.
i can forego some football the 'tottenham way' in lieu of some points. a couple of boring 1 - 0 wins will do, just to get us out of this mess we're in.
patience is starting to wear very thin I'm afraid. keep the faith but we need to turn this round and now. I say next time out, play a team of cloggers if it means 3 points. starting to look over our shoulders now. 2 more defeats and we are in the sticky brown stuff.
another pissed off weekend.

Harry Hotspur said...


Anonymous said...

a)I hated the the text updates from today's game.

b) It wasn't that bad

dannyboy said...

....and just watching match of the day, 1 shot on target, 3 corners, no fight, no passion, AGAIN, jol just sitting on the bench looking gloomy - why aint he on the touchline screaming and losing the plot with the prima donnas?

Anonymous said...

Re:5.43p anon

yeah right, every time any manager goes on a 6 game run without a win they should get saked! if that happened, the league would resemble a bloody merry-go-round.

very silly idea.