Thursday, February 08, 2007

Martin Jol Given Backing Of Fans

After a good few days of grieving and steam release exercises online and in the pub, the results of the 'Inevitable Jol Out' poll are in.

Only 4% voted to eject the Duchman from WHL and indeed the country, by demanding his deportation.

But there are a fair whack of fans who are far from happy with the all the much discussed inconsistencies and shortfalls of this season compared to last and 13% went for the 'Let's Not Be Rash, Just Smack Him Around A Bit' option. With a further 21% rowing in a pretty similar if less violent direction by giving him the nod to carry on, provisionally to the end of the season anyway.

The good news..... if your first name's Martin, you're Big, and an the current incumbent at Tottenham Hotspur, hoping to avoid threats to your person and or indeed, the 'last card in the pack' is that 62%..... still support you.


Anonymous said...

Give him a break , he has done a great job by taking us into 5th position for the 1st time and beating chelski for the 1st time in premiereship! i'd say backing him up! I'd rather change our director of football! Damien Comolli! after his arrival all we bought is an expensive player! unlike Arnesen...I'm not an Arnesen biggest fan! but look what he bought to the club! Mendes,Dawson,Huddlestone,Tainio,Edman,Davis,Carrick, Etc! they all quality with the low & fair price!

Anonymous said...

He may have had a lucky season last but equally may just be having an unlucky one this term. Needs to stay in the hot season for at least next season as well. Hes in 6th place of Tottenham managers with best win % so deserves some backing!

Anonymous said...

This just in: Internet polls mean nothing, especially ones that can be voted in multiple times.

JolsGoneMental said...

Unfortunately for those of you still infatuated by BMJs street urchin charm I feel i have to tell you I have put in motion steps to remove Jol from Office at the end of teh season. Following a short email to the club regarding just how shite I find the current manager situation I had the following reply.

Dear Sir

Thank you for your email. The comments of which have been noted.


Kay Lovelock
Administrative Assistant - Members Club
Tottenham Hotspur Football & Athletic Co Ltd
Bill Nicholson Way
748 High Road
N17 0AP

Clearly my words have gone to the highest level. expect him gone in May.

On another note they have yet to respond to my request for a refund on my personal contribution to the purchase of zOkora (£7.54). I imagine it is all the admin and red tape they are having to wade through to action my request.

Anonymous said...

Not forget to mention Lennon,Routledge & Fulop they all quality that Arnesen bought, all i'm sayin' is we need to stop buying french player like the gooners did! Did Comolli has connection outside french league?! as for Jol i'm so surprised he never bring in any dutch player! (excluding Davids)look what benitez did ...he brought all the spaniard along with him! (garcia,lopez,Reina,Arbeloa,Duran)

Anonymous said...


"...i have put in motion steps to remove jol from office at the end of the season."

You twat. Do you really think that the club pay any attention to emails from saddo's like yourself? As for your Zokora refund issue - get a life.

BMJ deserves our support at the very least until the end of the season. Time and continuity might actually get us somewhere.


JolsGoneMental said...

'Time and continuity might actually get us somewhere.'

sort of like it did with England and Sven?

or OLeary and Leeds?

As an Englishman I am certainly glad we showed faith in the swede all those years. Imagine if we had got rid of him years ago - we wouldnt have the wonderful lastign legacy we have now and have the memories of those fantastic world cup performances. Hey and those 5 years of wonderful positive football certainly FLEW by didnt they.

Anonymous said...

International football is a different scenario altogether - irrelevent. And I seem to remember O'leary getting Leeds to the Champions League semis before it went tits up - and most Leeds supporters blame Ridsdale for that.

jolsgonemental said...

whys it different?

because it counters your argument.

Do you think we should have stuck with Gross then? Surely you would recommend we gave him the full 5 years?

Maybe if Francis was still around now he would have built an empire? If he had been given the time?


Anonymous said...

Yeah right jolsgonemental, if the FA had got rid of sven after one year we'd have had to put up with mcClaren for the other 4. Or macca for one year, then which ever grey blazered yes man no mark the FA could find for another year, then another, then another.........

The FA are Englands' biggest obstacle to success.

So let's say Levy dumps Jol now and his successor, whomever it was, took us to 17th place by the season's end and staight out of the uefa cup. What would the 'Jol out' merchants think then? Because I know what I'd think of THEM.

No one knows how well or badly Jol will do over the course of the rest of this season let alone the next one or how well ANY other manager would do in his place so asking for him to be replaced is not based on rational or exact scientific knowledge, it's based on panicky and reactionary thinking. Not the way forward. Switching managers is a risk whoever you get. I do not want to go back to square one when Jol has shown enough - in my opinion - over the last couple of years to warrent him time to continue what he's started.

And in the mean time, as a Spurs supporter of no half-measure, I will continue to support Jol, Hughton, the squad and the entire club, to the best of my ability and at all times.



Anonymous said...

Its different because unless they are completely incompetent, international managers are always given more time. International football is played over a longer timescale and bad results dont have the same potential financial impact as they do in club football. The FA had a certain amount of face to save by keeping Sven there and also Svens results werent that bad.

Which is also the case with Martin Jol. At times we have seen a certain amount of attacking flair in Jols team which we havent seen for a number of years and you cant ignore the fact that we have had our best finish for donkeys last season and we are doing well in the Uefa Cup. That in itself is enough reason to keep him. Results are great at the moment but all managers have poor periods. Gross was a different situation and was quite clearly out of his depth and never showed any of the potential that Jol does.

Anonymous said...


Your argument is poor and lies in tatters.

jolsgonemental said...


my argument for Jol not being up to the job is not based on the last couple of weeks. I have consistently said this for MONTHS.

It is based on my opinion that Jol hasnt the tactical nous, the motivational ability or the judgemnt of ability to take us where we desire to be. I personally do not believe that giving him 1, 5 or 10 years will help Spurs.

I dont argue that continuity is the key factor in success but i think the key is continuity with a good manager and a solid long term plan. I believe we have made great strides in the latter. I dont believe we have the man to match the off the field improvements.

Please tell me WHY you think Jol can be the man to lead us back to the big time.

How about you provide your pro Jol argument under the following headings - Tactical Ability, Motivational Ability, Selection Policy, Half Time team talks.

Tub thumping is fine, backing a decent genuienly likable fella is admirable. If only it made a difference eh.

Anonymous said...

Dear oh so grown up jolsgonemental,

Well just imagine if man u had taken your advise after 2 years of fergy.
Many of their fans were saying what you're saying now after his 2nd season.

So who would you replace Jol with? Can you assure us that your choice is or would be available? And how would you guarantee that he would do better than Jol.


JolsGoneMental said...

How about you provide your pro Jol argument under the following headings - Tactical Ability, Motivational Ability, Selection Policy, Half Time team talks.

I assume you WHOLE argument isnt based on the flimsy happened one to Ferguson/Man Utd thing, is it? that would be clutching at straws a little i think.

sydney wale said...

Fergie had a track record in scotland.
Jol is still learning his trade.
I think his next job will be his most productive.
Do you think the players have a lot of confidence in him?
I can't say that he is mentioned in a positive way by the players for an obviously charismatic man.

Anonymous said...

Will no one who seems willing to blindly support BMJ regardless of the evidence answer provide positive comments as suggested by jolsgonemental?
Tactical Ability:
Motivational Ability:
Selection Policy:
Half Time team talks:
To which I would add
Use of substitutes:
Team shape:

No answers? No cos he has none.

Anonymous said...

Sydney wale - Jol has been a coach since 1991 so he should have learnt his trade by now.

If he sees his contract out to 2009 his next job is outside of football as he has said he wants to go back to Holland and run a business not associated with football after spending 5 years with Spurs.

I think that he had the total confidence of the players but there are signs that he is losing them - the Edgar Davids bust up did not help his cause with respect to Davids saying (allegedley) "what have you ever won in football" - Davids has a history in losing it but it must have had some effect on morale.

He needs to sort out the morale, and start winning matches, or we will lose our stars in the summer.

Anonymous said...

BMJ tactics:
2005/6: (i) give the ball to Carrick (ii) pump long ball to defoe/mido (iii) sit back on small lead
2006/7: (i) ....umm (ii) pump long ball to defoe/berby (iii) sit back on small loss

Anonymous said...

BMJ on team shape:
Where's Carrick gone?

Anonymous said...

jolsgonemental is a Gooner without doubt.

JolsGoneMental said...


ah diddums. Having a little strop are we? feeling incapable of providing a decent response?

Lets not try and avoid the topic at hand namely pro-jol arguments using the following headings.

Tactical Ability:
Motivational Ability:
Selection Policy:
Half Time team talks:
Use of substitutes:
Team shape:

STILL no takers?

Anonymous said...

Dearest, here is a positive e-mail to send to the big bosses (Jol and Board):

Dear Sirs:
1.Having seen that Berbatov is ranking 24 on the Actim Stats and no other Spurs player is on the top 80.
2. Having seen that he is the skipper of his national team and that Bulgaria got the Cup on the Cyprus tournament yesterday with two goals of his making.
3. Having seen that King is injured for a while and that no goalkeeper can be a good skipper.
4. Having seen that most of Spurs problems are due to lack of leadership and that is common understanding and also the manager's opinion that Berbatov is the key to Spurs victories.
--I do request that Mr. Jol will give the armband to the man asap.
Yours truly:
Spurs fan (signature)
A stats yet to be done concerns the adaptation of foreigner players to the Prem.( Want to do it, HH?) I bet Berby is top of that one.
Com'on Jol, sort things out.Use the talent we have, man!

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows jol e-mail, by the way?

Anonymous said...

Those of you who want Jol out need your heads examining. As Spurs fans we demend the best but rarely end up with it, and although I am not making the case that JOL IS THE BEST, I am saying he is a decent manager who, like the majority of the squad, is still learning.

Some perspective is required. When Hoddle was sacked, what had we achieved? How well did we do under Pleat? What did Gerry Francis do for the club or George Graham. The answer is that Jol has pretty much surpassed their achievements already. Currently our league position is poor, although we are not far from the top 6 with key encounters coming up - Bolton/Everton. However WE ARE IN EUROPE........when was the last time that happened? and when did we last achieve that through our league position? We also made the CC Semi final which is not a disgrace. We continue in the FA Cup and are hopeful of progressing and as mentioned above we are not a million miles from the top 6.

Jol is not perfect and we have not had the best results in the league. That in my opinion can be put down to a hangover from last season's disappointment, inconsistent team selection, the loss of Carrick and the slow bedding in of young/new players PLUS a massive factor is injuries. Kings loss is huge - look how Terry is missed at CFC and imagine Vidic & Brown as the CB partnership at OT, they would struggle. We have also missed Lennon at key moments - Beating Boro & CAFC at home in Nov, we were really starting to play well & hit form. Then King, JJ, Keane & Lennon missed the entire Christams period. Our form stuttered & we have not really recovered decent form until we beat S'end when again Lennon was on fire......only to miss the semi with illness & still clearly unfit vs Man Utd.

Some of Jol's decisions have been poor in recent times and our squad has too much average - Murphy, Ghaly, Tainio, Zakora, Ekotto. The form of some has been poor - Keane, Mido, Robbo, Malbranque recently .

These things all combine to lower our morale and form has suffered but all this cannot be blamed on Jol. He & the players need our strongest support right now.......think about, what is going to inspire them?? stepping out at WHL to a full house right behind them or to chants of Jol out, booing the players, growning & criticism.

This next few months will be a test for Jol and only catastrophic results (relegation battle/early exist in cups) will threaten his position. I have faith in him & the team and hope we start to find some form. Hopefully they will from the adversity of recent weeks!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it lads, if we were told back in 2000/01 that we would be in Europe, in the FA Cup and just missed out on the Carling Cup Final - EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WOULD HAVE TAKEN IT. Even our league position isn't as bad as it seems.The truth of the matter is that with such a rich history as Spurs have, its supporters have a knack for expecting better. And what we are doing is comparing last season with this season, and not the last 10 seasons to this season - if we did that, we would be looking at a completely different picture. Also, comparing last season with this season is almost impossible, as we're playing far more games and have again recruited many new players... So although I am gutted with recent performances, I also wholeheartedly know that we are better off than we were - and we will be going places! COYS!

PL 39 W 20 D 8 L 11 = 68pts

The Drifters said...

Dear jolsgonemental.

Tactical Ability:
Yes there's a small problem here in that he has trouble spotting any approaching doom.

However, I think the blame should lay with the players. We are usually fucking brilliant for the first 10 or 15 minutes, then they obviously forget what they are supposed to be doing and revert to an every-man-for-himself style of play that results in passing between the back 4 and hoofing of the ball to the front men.

Motivational Ability:
Really, who wouldn't want a nice big cuddle? I'd play my heart out for that.

Selection Policy:
1. Eliminate the injured.
2. Eliminate the match tired.
3. Who's left.
4. Pick them.

Half Time team talks:
"Keep it toight lads, give nushink away"

Sound advice if you ask me.

Use of substitutes:
See Tactical ability.

Team shape:
Apart from Steed drifting inside too much and Lee wanting to stand next to King/Gardener for most of the match, I don't see much wrong here.

What you doom and gloom merchants want to remember is that last year when we rocked the league we were out of both cups embarressingly early. This year we have made it to february and we are still in 2.

Anonymous said...

I am pro jol.

Tactical Ability:
Master of lump the ball forward like a hot potato
Motivational Ability:
Players showing the mettle and fight for the whole of 90 seconds.
Selection Policy:
Use Tactical Ability above and select the shortest pair of strikers when the key talent is injured
Half Time team talks:
Dont worry lads we are just 1 or 3 goals behind. I will make changes at the 85th minute.
Use of substitutes:
Select 4 good ones and 1 ill one. Then use them sparingly even if we need to turn the game.
Team shape:
Nice block of jelly

Jamie said...

big MJ should stay until the end of the season, if we finish in the top 8 his safe, if not ship him out and bring in Van Haal. The guy has expereince at the highest level, happy to work with and develop young talented players and is able to attract top players.

Anonymous said...

Zakora has been a massive let down. I cannot think of any very strong attributes other than energy. I would prefer to Davids. Huddlestone should start alongside Jenas, at least then we will see if these young STARS are the real deal. If Jenas does jack shit, through Murphy on and stick with him for a couple of games. Murphy knows his time in football is quickly running out unless he stakes a claim very soon. thaispurs. Also judge BMJ in June, we might be singing his praises, downing european success.

Anonymous said...

Name possible replacement managers and they have to speak english. I can think of the Trap, Capello in a couple of months, Lippi, Sven, Klinsmann - yes Jurgen is tempting but something tells me working with a quality national team was perfectly suited, a long term building plan with an average squad and limited funds could be asking too much. thaispurs

Anonymous said... are the only one talking any sense. Every time you ask the pro-Jol lot to support their argument there are never any hard facts, and even the ones like "jol is taking us in the right direction...5th last year etc" are actually flawed as the anlysis by HH showed the other day...the trend is backwards and downwards.
Perhaps there should be a new Church of Jol where the faithful can continue to worship and ask their leader for great gifts....I expect the result would be the same as in the real world with the real can ask for what you like, but what you get is just more Cr*p poured on your head.

Anonymous said...

If we were in the carling cup final with Mido's last minute effort, you would be perfectly happy with Jol. Give him until the end of the season to judge his results. thai

Anonymous said...

this talk about jol should end because we are stuck with him till the end of the season.
he has got to make changes and get better. that's it.
anyone knows his email?

Anonymous said...

What will the 6th, 7th or 8th places afford us next year, anyone cares to explain, please?

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between crap tottenham fans & arsenal fans.. very little methinks.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that BMJ cannot see what thousands of spurs fans see ever week. This spurs team is more suited to attacking that defensive play. If he would adopt a braver attitude in most matches instead of being scared of losing, at least the team would know how they were supposed to play. There have been many times this season when a bolder approach could have gained us important extra points and we couls have looked forward to a successful one rather than another mediocre one

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, mate. One more reason to have Berby as captain.

sydney wale said...

I said that his next job will be more productive.....outside football in his native Holland!

dannyboy said...

jol will be here til the end of the season and barring any calamaties, ie just escaping relegation, will start next season as well. maybe if we have a poor start next year, he may go. thats my thoughts on what WILL happen.
my thoughts on what NEEDS to happen is he needs to get a grip, sort out the poseurs in the team, stop favouritism picking of the team, drop the out of formers whoever they are AND START MAKING US PROUD AGAIN.

Harry Hotspur said...

Nice day at the office chaps. great posts.

What is required is more of this, perspective, class and passion. A bit of the Dunkirk spirit!

cheshuntyid07 said...

'This just in: Internet polls mean nothing, especially ones that can be voted in multiple times.'

Also just in... f*ck off you pedant. Are you the pr*ck that haunts the shelf pointing out spelling mistakes?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Paul - spurs for life said...

What we need are some young players in the team who a Spurs through and through ie. grown up supporting them. Perhaps then we will get some pride in playing for Spurs, players who would hate to lose wearing a Spurs shirt. I know it's really possible nowadays but wouldn't it be great, some local lads in the team, people you can identify with. There just seems a lack of fight and motivation in most of the current first team squad because it's not their club, just a business that pays their wages.

Harry Hotspur said...

Paul - spurs for life = Total sense.

paul Spurs for life said...

How is it that clubs like southampton, derby etc can produce real gems of players and yet Spurs as a club can't produce hardly any homegrown talent worthy of a first team place. Apparently we have great facilities, great coaches, a great scouting system and probably thousands of youngsters who come to us for trials every year. With all this we fail miserably. Why ?

Harry Hotspur said...

2 new quotes on the front page....

dannyboy said...

give youth a chance - love the idea. something that has been advocated before. we all know it won't happen though, more's the pity.

paul Spurs for life said...

Why can't the current owners of the club see the sense of producing your own players in the long term. For what you can spend on one mediocre player these days(and Spurs have a few) you could increase your scouting system and youth facilities enormously. Why does it seem like fantasy when in reality it would work ?

dannyboy said...

paul spurs for life.

i think there are plenty of good youth players in the ranks, they just need to be given a chance. look at rooney - debut at 17. if you're good enough, you're old enough etc. it just needs BMJ to take a risk on 1 or 2. the talent is there, just gotta use it. would love to see dixon or pekhart for example given a subs run out. the reserves can't be that bad, they won the title last season after all. and before the whingers start, i know the reserve league and premiership don't compare.....

Paul Spurs for life said...

Danny boy
I have heard such good things about Dixon. What a shame we aren't brave enough to blood players like him in cup competitions. So many of the current first team sqaud seem totally knackered at the moment and some young blood in the team might liven us up. I know it won't always work but if you don't try you'll never know. These boys would be bursting with pride to step on that pitch. Give them a go !

Anonymous said...

total agreement mate

Anonymous said...

Dear jolsgonemental,

Just got back. I see you conspicuously avoided my last questions by asking some of your own.

Tsk tsk. And what with you claiming others were avoiding answering yours.

Let me try again because I'm not completely in disagreement with you and I'm interested in your answers given that you appear pretty bright.

Who would you replace Jol with? Can you guarantee his availability? Can you guarantee he would want to come to Spurs. And how would you guarantee he would do better than Jol.


Anonymous said...




(Tumbleweed blows by)

Please answer my questions jolsgonemental. If you answer them with convincing elan I'll join your club. Honest.

(an old, torn, badly printed WANTED poster with Jol's face on it blows by, rolling in the dust.)


Anonymous said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky! We got a bye in the UEFA. Feyenoord are very dangerous. Thank the gods for that.
We need to win away, we need to attack, we need to go to war. Please, please, please, Jol do what you have to do or we won't beat Fulham in the FA CUP!

sydney wale said...

Very lucky to avoid feyenoord.
Our exemplary form in europe this season is the only thing to cling onto at present.
Now we have the luckiest of breaks.
Dare I say it , not to put the mockers on it, but do we have a charmed life in the UEFA Cup this year?

There, that's fucked it!

jolsgonemental said...


two quick points. You posted at midnight and were questioning why i hadnt responded by 9am. Do you really need me to tell you why?

Sorry if you had a wasted night sat at your keyboard.

secondly i may actually notice your posts more quickly if you stopped hiding behind the anonymous tag? Just a thought.

Anyway....Bit of a silly question though from you, in fairness. How would I know who is available or is guaranteed to do a better job? Personally I would like to see one of the lower league managers come in rather than go for a big name foreign coach (Santini) or a big name ex footballer (Hoddle).

A semblance of tactically ability and positivity would be decent starting criteria. But i havent really given it much thought to be honest.

good word 'elan', by the way.

jolsgonemental said...

To be quoted alongside Jasper Carrott has always been my dream Harry.

Well apart from the dream I have that involves Me, Natalie Portman and a bowl of fruit.

Anonymous said...

"But I haven't really given it much thought to be honest".

Ahh, there's the rub.


Anonymous said...


All my posts are signed except the 9.58am one in which I referenced my last post, so it was obvious.

All the best, Yid15.

Come on you Big Martin Jol who had an extremely good tactical record with a couple of lower league dutch teams which proved able to perform in a manner greater than the sum of their parts on a regular basis. Allegedly.

Anonymous said...

We may have lost to a team of reserves over 2 legs and failed to score against a team without goalkeeper (John O'Shea) what?

We can still look forward to FA Cup and UEFA cup. Any team outside the top 4 would like to swap position with us anytime.

MJ should only be judged by end of the season. For now, we should support the team to ensure that this is worst for us this season and from now on the only way forward is up!!!!