Sunday, February 11, 2007

Martin Jol's Post Match Comments Make Me Mad


As Paul Wilson in Sunday's Observer put it, "What's worse than being humiliated by Manchester United? Being outplayed by Sheffield United having been given a goal start."

But apparently, 'we competed.'

We did? I wasn't entirely sure what we were up to. At one point I thought old Warnock had got us along to help fetch in loose horse from his unploughed field.

By saying 'we competed', Jol is seemingly trying to preempt the critics who will accuse him/ the team of failing to play to win with a fundamentally dreary side.

Of course, BMJ's perception of competing in this particular instance is academic having been done 2-1, whatever the hell they were doing was insufficient in every respect.

I am getting tired of the excuses. He stands there mumbling, shifting from foot to foot acting like the outcome of all these games were only ever 50/50 and didn't that pesky ol' coin go and land heads when he called it tails...

I want him to stand up straight, look like it meant something to him and start hearing how HE thinks we sucked. How HE cannot believe that these are the same overpaid tarts who do nothing all week except hone in unmitigated luxury, the allegedly formidable talents that the sweet Lord blessed them with.

Rednapp looks hurt when Pompey fail. Rafa looks guilty. Pierce is a burn out after screaming his sky blue heart out for 90 minutes. Even Paul Jewel is jumping up and down. What do we get? We were unlucky??? Say that again. I double dare you. We were
what... ?

The absence of tangible effort in so many matches this season has now manifested itself for the virtually the whole of our last three games and the manager is still talking about luck.

I am disinterested in luck.

I want passion and flair to mark our performances. Not white knuckles clutching a rabbit's foot.

BMJ may be prepared to go down with his ship live on Sky Sports game after game, but if he wants the fans to hurl him a rubber ring then he's going to have act a bit more like a man who's trying to save himself.


Anonymous said...

Right on! Couldn't agree more. He's been irritating me for a good while with this crap.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy there Harry, I'm also dissapointed like you , but we can't judge MJ by recent result let's remember what he had done to the club last year and this year (beating chelsk*)... Let me quote what one of the fan said in other website "terry venables, peter shreeves, david pleat, ossie ardiles, gerry francis, george graham, christian gross, glen hoddle....what do these guys have in common? answer: they have all managed spurs during the premiership era, but neither has taken us to as high a league finish as BMJ"....we have to give him chance ...I'm still put my faith in Jol! ....Amen!!!

Anonymous said...

I notice you're NOT saying Jol out. I feel the same way.

But he DOES needs to show the anger there is in the stands....

Anonymous said...

excellent piece.

Anonymous said...

Harry werent you the one who said that he was the man for the job last week?

Jol is nothing more than a small time,small club manager who happened to be lucky to have Davids and Carrick in the same team last season.

Even last season if we had someone who was tacticaly aware in charge we would have been in the CL well before the last game of the season,Jols lack of tactical knowledge cost us last minute goals and dropped points also his lack of self belief and determination made us collapse in the last few minutes last season but because we have done well playing 40 games all season ,jols naivity did not show.

Davids was a leader and should have never been sold specialy when we needed a leader on the pitch,carrick no mater how much he wanted to go just to stand up against fergusons usual poaching tactics all over the sports pages week in week out should have been told that he was not for sale.

Jol has been fallen into same trapp as Hoddle..wrong team selections,wrong tactics and formations that upset players,constant bad treatment and eventual sale of some players who brings the fighting spirit to the team (at the time Freund,Sherwood now Davids)..Also Mido case is the best example of a manager who did care about his personal issues than clubs interest..Arsenal game and his selection of strikers simply because of his personal battle with Mido was also negative effect on our players..He would rather play two small strikers and lose the game than play mido from start and give his players a chance all because of his personal satisfaction.

Jol is a good coach who can one day make a very good manager but he should serve a top manager for a few seasons as an assistant..Ferguson wanted him as his assistant after Mclaren left for Middlesboro. carlos Queiroz is a brilliant coach but did not make it as a manager ,Jol is exactly the same.

Spurs should go and get Lippi or someone who knows how to win titles,trophies,someone who has been succesful at a big big arena and managed big big players..Jol,Curbishley,Francis,Moyes etc will not do the job for Spurs anymore.

Daniel Levy should have learned now..Top teams work with top managers who knbows how to win.

Jol i am afraid should depart immediately if we want to win one of the cups and europe next season..

i am going to make you all laugh and say bring back George Graham til the end of the season and let him finish the job that he should have in terms of winning the FA Cup.

Jol has lost all his credit the day he argued with Davids in the dressing room.

kpsgonenutsagain said...

I don't see a viable alternative to Jol.

I don't see a manager any better than him in the last 10 years at WHL

I DO expect a bit more Dunkirk spirit both on the pitch and from the dugout.

'We were unlucky' is beginning to grate. Isn't it having the same effect on you?

That's not an anagram for Jol out...

Harry Hotspur said...

Lippi or Graham??????????????!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Graham ..that was only to make You laugh harry..

But seriously the only way to make the big time is someone who has been there and tell his players how is it to be a winner..

Jol is not a winner how can he tell his players how to be one?

Lippi is the ideal choice but wont say no to Allardyce if we cant get a top name manager to be honest,it seems like contradicting comment but at least he has got guts and can inject some determination and fighting spirit to a club,Does not sign a bad player with no money either.

Anonymous said...

I can understand some of the comments that are coming out now....if you'd seen some of the crap I had over the years (not aimed at you Harry, I mean everyone) you'd be frustrated by Jol nut not ready for blood.....yet.
What I believe we need is a general in midfield, In the 70's we bought Terry Yorath and I believe that was the start of our resurgence under Burkinshaw......Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Lippi has already turned us down once because his wife "Didn't want to live in the UK" Now he's talking himself up for the Chelsea job, thats the one he wants.

If you want your club run by Lippi you need to support another club.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes its all down to the midfield, its been very different this season to last year, Huddlestone mau eventually be as good in the holding role as Carrick but he isn't at the moment and in his first year in the premiership we are asking far to much of him. Zakora has been a massive disappointment and we lack replacements for our wide players when they are injured. We should never of let Routledge go out on loan.

Harry Hotspur said...

10.54 in a word mate, yes.

Anonymous said...

Again, I don't cite this as some overall answer either, but why the hell is Routledge still with the 'Cottagers' and why is Murphy at this club?

Is Jol really after Kewell?

We should be told!

Anonymous said...

The excuses are just another thing to moan about (shades of Gerry Francis' "the grass was too long") but whatever the results/reasons, Spurs are just not pleasing their paying customers.
So what do we change?
The players?The management? The Board?
Realistically, nothing is going to change before the end of this season, apart from perhaps some improvements from the team(after all it can hardly get much worse....please?). But I would not be surprised to learn that Levy & Co have been in discussions for some time to cash in the value they have created with some shrewd management of the club's finances after Alan Sugar stopped the rot.
Who to and for how much, I do not know nor care. This Spurs is not the one I have supported for over 40 years. The club cares little about me(and the thousands of others it rips off with high prices), so why should I worry about their future?
Yes I will be sad if they end up like some other once big and famous clubs(Man City, Leeds, Forest, Wednesday, Wolves) and I will be disappointed if they just jog along with the other mid-table mediocraties of the Prem while scooping up oodles of TV cash as cannon fodder for the big four.
But unless they can show the heart, fight and determination to match the passion and loyalty of their support, I would rather not witness this sorry show.

Anonymous said...

while i do not want to see BMJ go....he must be given the time to make it happen.....the only possible replaceemnt would be big Sam that would put the fear of God into the players!!!!!!!

sydney wale said...

I think he has been found out as a small time coach.
Anon 10;29 makes some excellent points supporting this. I like the guy and don't doubt his passion for the club but he is just not good enough to bring success. He should stay for the rest of the season but then shuffle off when we can get someone better.

I think that is reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Agree with everything you said m8!!!

Anonymous said...

You say you want consistency and then you moan every week.

You support the most consistently underachieving team in the Premiership and have the manager reel off the same excuses week in week out and you complain.

SHHHEEESSSHH boys, have some consistency.

Would you rather have a manager with a winning mentality who gets critisism for being a bad loser???

Of course not.

Harry Hotspur said...

There's a gulf of difference between being a bad loser and a serial loser who takes defeat as ' just one of those things.'

Are we in the trying and winning business or the rabbit foot business?

I don't want BMJ sent to the stands every other game for chucking Lucozade bottles at the Ref, but I do want him showing us he's NOT HAPPY!

Anonymous said...

I was being ironic Harry. Every team in the league would prefer a winner in charge, even if they get critisism for not being able to lose gracefully. Show me a happy loser and I'll show you a habitual loser. I laugh every time I see your boss on MOTD giving a lame excuse for a dire display. I genuinly pity your supporters. You deserve more from what you give.

Harry Hotspur said...

All irony's lost on us. We're too busy being hurt!

Anonymous said...

However much I try to stay positive about the current situation at Spurs, I'm certain that I am not the only supporter who gets a regular sinking feeling whenever we start getting pushed back. This seems to have happened so often lately, you can almost sense the defeat before it's happened. Don't get me wrong, I'm a life long Spurs supporter and try very hard to look ahead to the days when our young team really gels, but as it stands, with a possible 36 points up or grabs, just how many can we expect to bank on current form.

Anyone care to make a prediction ?

Everton v Tottenham
Tottenham v Bolton
West Ham v Tottenham
Tottenham v Watford
Tottenham v Reading
Chelsea v Tottenham
Tottenham v Blackburn
Wigan v Tottenham
Tottenham v Arsenal
Middlesbrough v Tottenham
Charlton v Tottenham
Tottenham v Man City

Come on Spurs, we need grit, determination and backbone...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure we should be looking at BMJ 100%. Sure he's not showing the passion he should sometimes from the touchline but it's the players are the ones lacking spirit and fight. They showed it against arse, and MANure, and again on saturday. They are failing to take their chances, and when they do go ahead, they are not finishing teams off. Maybe it's the rotation of players and not having a settled side, maybe it's to many new faces every season. Whatever it is, it needs to be sorted and soon. There needs to be an urgency in the squad and a passion, a desire to win and a strength of character that is lacking. With that the squad is almost there.

Anonymous said...

Levy needs to get into the changing room and start handing out warnings.

My boss let's me know if my work goes off the boil and expects me to immeadiately rectify any shortfall in effort.

For which aggro I am paid above market rate and have a career.

made up name said...

Based upon current form, without rose tinted spectacles.... my predictions...

Everton A #DRAW
Bolton H #WIN
West Ham A #DRAW
Watford H #WIN
Reading H #DRAW
Chelsea A #LOSE
Blackburn H #DRAW
Wigan A # WIN
Arsenal H# LOSE
Middlesbrough A #DRAW
Charlton A #DRAW
Man City H #DRAW


Anonymous said...

I am a Blade here in peace.

I and a lot of other United fans I spoke to were expecting a tremendously tough match on Saturday against a team with real quality.

Your quality was apparent in bursts but there was no real consistency and your players just didn't look up for it. Say what you want about Neil Warnock and the Blades squad - at least nine times out of ten they're fired up enough to give it a go - even if we do get battered sometimes!

As for Martin Jol - I sit right behind the dugouts at Bramall Lane. I didn't even realise he was on the bench until he was up berating the referee after we scored. He'd been sat down most of the first half, not shouting, dancing or generally winding the linesman up like we're used to seeing Warnock doing.

I think a team's spirit has to lie with the manager and if he doesn't start having serious words, you're going to get dragged deeper into that tightly compacted scrap.

Best wishes for the rest of the season anyway.

Oldson said...

Ah, the old Jol debate. At least you werent calling for his head like so other people. i agree that Jols ramblings at the end of every game are becoming tiresome, especially as he doesnt seem to change win or lose. We have a real serious issue here. A squad which is now underpreforming, a place in europe next season is looking further away and this is the real issue. We keep losing silly games and the players need to be accountable too. If Jol cant turn this around then he has to go regardless of his achievements to date as right now its getting pretty pathetic. We werent good enough doesnt wash when its getting as serious as this, sort it out Jol quickly please otherwise your head will roll!!!!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous naming all those managers who have never got us so high up the prem.
They never spent as much money as well.If you spend money like we have then 5th in the prem should be expected.
Get any average spurs supporter, give them
some money to spend and they'll do just as well as Jol has. Teams around us have spent less
so Jol has no excuse.Performance wise last season I though in a lot of games we never played well
but got results and I feared we sould struggle this season. We just
buy anything resembling talent and then loan thenm out or try getting rid after they flop.
Teribble management if you ask me!!

Jolsgonemental said...

To all those who are Pro Jol because he got us a top 5 finish last year I would refer you too the famous quote about giving a monkey a typewriter and infinity time....

Sooner or later one of the monkeys we employ would bumble and fluke their way to a half decent league position. It happened to be Martin Jol.

To all those whose whole pro Jol argument is repeating the 'Rome wasnt built in a day' mantra. I ask this. Do you think half way through the Rome 50 year year plan the chief architecht was sat around scratching his head wondering what the fuck he was expected to do with these 'brick' things?

No further proof that Jol is clueless is needed than to look at his post match comments. He is winging it, hoping we get lucky breaks.

A manager that has resorted to crossing his fingers and hoping for the best is a manager who has run out of ideas. You make your own luck in this game.

And if you want a shining example of Hughtons ineptitude in both motivation and judgement of ability please have another look at his 'Steed is the new Andy Sinton quote'. comedy fucking genius.

Jolsgonemental said...

I would like to see two things happen in the Summer.

Joey Barton and Harry Redknapp.

Anonymous said...

Any truth in the rumours that Barton is great at nicking car stereos and that Rednapp is also sh*t at buying players?

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously think that Jol cares about the fan and how they feel? Remember the last time Spurs played against Judas. He put his arm around him and literally welcomed him to our home. To him, football is just a game, lost to a smaller team and his response was “we compete”. Give him 3 more games, if the result is not forthcoming, just give him the boot. Enough is enough. Bring back Hoddle if need be. He can't do any worse.

Anonymous said...

Comolli was the man in charge of buying those "expensive player" this season....Not Jol!, look at when we under Arnesen he got us a decent player with the reasonable price!...I don't think MJ should be a scapegoat on this case...give him a honest chance...and if he's really running out of excuses... sack him & Comolli!

Anonymous said...

Let me quote what one of the fan said in other website "terry venables, peter shreeves, david pleat, ossie ardiles, gerry francis, george graham, christian gross, glen hoddle....what do these guys have in common? answer: they have all managed spurs during the premiership era, but neither has taken us to as high a league finish as BMJ"........I think somebody ought to check their history e.g. when the Premiership started and where did Pleat take us first time around?.........Also Lippi turned us down when he was offered the job before because he took the Italian National job

Anonymous said...

The mighty Spurs 19th out of 20th in 2007 - come on all you pro Jol people - you say dont sack him and give him time - so a simple question - how much time? do we let him go to June 2009 when he is going back to Holland regardless of what damage he does to the club?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if Lippi did refuse Spurs so he could manage the national team the fact remains he is after the Chelsea job if Mourinho leaves and he's just won the World Cup, the man could walk into many of the top jobs in football and has done a number of times in the past. He will not be satisfied with Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.25 list of remaining matches, I only see 6 points from these on current form which would mean that we are potentially in the relegation battle.
As regards Harry's call for passion from Jol what difference does it really make Harry if you can't organise a football team anyway. A lot of managers stand in the technical area making indecipherable gestures to their players, while shouting such inanities as "Push-up", "come squarer" etc etc which probably make sense to the players if, and in Jol's case it seems to be a big if, they have practiced tactics before the game.
I don't see any problem in removing Jol now as he has proved that with the current squad you can probably avoid relegation even when you have no idea what you are doing. So why not give one of the younger British managers in the lower divisions a chance to show what they can do until the Summer. If we get relegated I suggest that the same thing would have happened anyway with Jol so we will be no worse off, and we may unearth a gem. If not, and we don't get relegated, then look around for a more high-profile manager, but I do think any genuine current,high-calibre manager will want to come to Spurs when we are likely to finish in the bottom reaches of the Premiership this season, irrespective of whether we win any of the cups.

Anonymous said...

Lippi has stated that he wants to work in the EPL and none of the top 4 clubs will change their managers next season so where would he go?.......How about the club that he told the Chairman to go the continenatl route in management?.......How about the club whose Chairman he knows very well and admires?...........How about the Club that has a heftfy transfer budget available?

Anonymous said...

We are definetly missing some leaders in the team.

In Ledleys absence I would make Dawson captain. That boy is our future and he is a better choice than Robbo and Keano.

In my opinion we need a midfield general in the summer, and at the moment the only one who would be likely to come to Spurs would be Joey Barton. I know alot of you will call him a thug or whatever but that is what they said about Roy Keane and look how successful he was.

Anonymous said...

Big transfer budgets don't mean shit, Newcastle have got more money than us and frequently pay higher wages than us you think he will go there?

Lippi might want to manage in the EPL but he won't just go to any old club.

Anonymous said...

Agree about the leaders, we haven't got any at the moment, especially in midfield, I want someone whoose willing to tear a player off a strip when he's let a player get the slip.

Dawson is the only player I can think of at the moment who is still standing up to be counted.

jolsgonemental said...

Lippi is not the right manager for a midtable English club.

Anonymous said...

The Newcastle Chairman is not a personal friend of Lippi - and Newcastle is not in London! Newcastle is not perceived to be a big club in Italy - Spurs still are in most quarters.

ginger said...

chris coleman is worried about the state of the craven cottage pitch he said it needs fertilised well chris just wait as martin jol is on his way with a load of shit

Anonymous said...

Roy Keane would scare the crap out of some of our lazy , passion-less overpaid primadonas.. or Brain Laws?

Anonymous said...

Newcastle not perceived to be as big a club in Italy? You reckon all the Italians that regularly watch Champions League and UEFA cup matches agree with that? What about the Italians that were watching Newcastle beat Palermo. The fact is much as I hate to admit it, Newcastle have been regularly involved in European matches for the best part of a decade now and we haven't, I think you'd be suprised about what the Italian supporters see as a big English club.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off ginger

Jamie said...

The name that hasn’t been mentioned so far is Van Gaal. Van Gaal is one of the best managers in the world; his style of football has won him trophies that include the Dutch Eredivisie, UEFA Cup, Champions League, the Intercontinental cup and the Spanish league title. He coached the famous Ajax’s side of the 1990’s that like Spurs at present was full of promising home grown talent. He not only managed to develop these players into a world force but kept the egos of these fast rising super stars in check and managed to keep them hungry for success week in and week out. Obviously, after working in Holland and Spain he would be more than happy to manage under the Director of football system that the club currently has in place and as such an overall of the system would not be needed. I’m also sure he would be tactically astute enough to understand that to beat Sheffield United you need two wingers to turn the defense and whip in crosses instead of the continual tactic of trying to play through the middle of a team that has implemented a solid spine. Gaal is currently manager of AZ Alkmaar in Holland, a mid level team who will never be able to compete finically with the likes of Ajax’s, and PSV and this is why the managerial position at our club would be too much to turn down. Not only does he get an amazing group of talented youngsters, he would also have a budget that would allow him the freedom to stamp his style on the team as well as the English League. In Van Gaal we would be getting the Dutch Fergy, a man who commands respect due to his long line of achievements within the game.

everybody said...

Keane is w*nker and I don't want him anywhere near WHL even as a paying customer...

Anonymous said...

these c**ts dont give a shit about us , like someone said look at jol with his arm round judas at the lane, or his arm round fabregas after weve just lost to our arch rivals in a cup semi! he lost my support that day. was i the only one to notice mido laughing and joking with warnock walking off the pitch on sat? Disgracefull , i say alladyce or keane , give these pricks a rocket up there arse , jol out asap

Anonymous said...

Lippi is an old school in Italy and the comment about Spurs being regarded as a big club in italy is completely true.Specialy in Milan Spurs have a big name..Anyone remember when we signed Nicola Berti and his words were in italy Spurs are a big big name.

I am originaly from Milan and i can tell you that Newcastle are never regarded as high as Spurs in italy.

Lippi providing paid well and supported financialy will come to Spurs. If he does so Spurs will not be a mid table EPL club anymore..You are talking possibly the best manager in the world in the last 15 years and someone better than Ferguson.

On the other hand in terms of English managers look no further than Sam Allardyce or Van Gaal as a foreign alternative.

Today whoever supports Jol will be eating their words when we are out of FA Cup next saturday and UEFA cup against Braga.

Anonymous said...

Fulham away was a game that Jol has already gone on record as saying a draw was alright.

I'm getting depressed....

When is it okay to say this? Even f*ckin Warnock and Pardue look at Fulham home or away as a good crack at points...

Anonymous said...

A few points which are annoying me at the moment:
• Jol has no tactical knowledge. Only has a plan A. If plan A fails theres no back up. Apart from to switch Lennon from wing to wing.
• We have no left hand side to our team. Malbranque is not a left winger and don't get me started on our pathetic left backs.
• Why haven't we signed a decent left back or left winger. Two players that have sprung to my mind are Bridge and Duff.
• Create a partnership up front. Stop rotating!! My suggestion would be Berby and Defoe!!
• Sack Houghton! He has been at our club for ages but has delivered nothing - how about getting Teddy Sheringham in as assistant manager?

Anonymous said...

When was the last time we gone on that pitch to win a game?

Jols selection of team doesnt even suggest he wants to win the game.

Against a bunch of long ball merchants playing power football he sends out the shortest possible team which also suggests that when we are buying players we are not interested in the physical presence of them.

Football today is all about pace,strength and work rate as much as technical ability..How many Spurs players does this apply to?

Anonymous said...

I tried to sign both Duff and Bridge.

Duff wouldn't sign because we wouldn't pay him £55k a week like Newcastle would, Chelsea won't sell Bridge because he's their only cover for Ashley Cole and at the start of the season he was their only LB.

Decent Left backs and wingers are pretty difficult to come by in England, although I'm as disappointed in most of you that we haven't managed to sign a proper left midfielder.

I think we can thank Comolli for the arrival of Ekotto.

Anonymous said...

Anyone thinking Lippi will go to a club that haven't won fuck all in 20 years (other than the Worthington Cup) is deluded.

I don't think you can take anyone literally on what they say when they join the club, every player joining a new club bangs on about how be they are and how he watched them as a boy blah blah blah, all a load of badge kissing crap.

Anonymous said...

We have a dinky toy size stadium and fanbase that is exploited in terms of ticket prices. Club making noises about doing something in 5 years time. Martin Jol needs replacing now. I would invest serious money in a proven manager who is tough and has the respect of the board. Hiddink, Lippi, Van Gaal or Steve Coppell. We need to have a team that keeps possesion and can tackle to allow the flair we all expect and admire. Once we have a manager that can instil a system of play and team ethic aligned with decent tackling, ball hungry, skilled players in the middle and on left side and at left full back, the club can justify having the 15th highest income in the world. Comolli it seems is a thorn in the the side of whoever is at the helm. The board seem happy for us to founder forever while the money from Sky, Puma and Mansion(dirty money) roll in to give them the feeling of champagne at the Lane while we hang our heads at work play and study. It is disheartening to feel encouraged by rumours of a takeover. We have the fanbase and income and some talent on the pitch to be so much more.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

The root cause is the set up. Who is Director of Football at Chelsea or Man U or Arsenal or Liverpool?

Why do we persevere with this crazy structure? It never worked with Hoddle & Pleat, Santini & Arnesen and quite clearly it is not working with Jol & Comolli.

That position is a cop out for both the manager and the Board. We need accountability off the pitch before we have any hope of getting it right on the pitch.

The Board should be choosing the Manager. The manager chooses what players the club signs, at least at first team level, who goes out on loan and who gets sold.

The current situation is beyond repair. Players being brought in that Jol doesn't fancy and on the other hand no succession planning when Jol gets fired, as he surely will in the next few weeks. Levy, Comolli and Jol have all got to go and quickly.

My first reaction to the Redknapp rumour was outrage but on reflection it might make sense (though not as much sense as Allardyce). At least Redknapp will do it all his way and next season we might just need a relegation escapologist.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree, 4 ever hopefull. You feel that the whole set up is wrong. Also Jol really has no clue. Even when the injury to Keane conspired to show Jol what we all knew in that Defoe and Berbatov are the obvious best current front pairing Jol couldn't wait to re-install his pointless rotation at the first oppurtunity once Keane returned. In case anyone wondering why I included Coppell in the list of replacement candidates it's because he has forged a team who play simple and effective football with players I had'nt heard of and excuses about giving time to Jol don't wash. How long has Coppell been in the Premiership ?

4 Ever Hopeful said...

It is so obvious when a manager has "gone". A combination of inane comments at the post match interviews, team selections that defy belief, an apparent unwillingness to accept the seriousness of the situation and acting out a sham that he can still go on and win.

Its like watching Frank Bruno against anybody who could punch. Wobbly legs, nothing pulling in the same direction, chasing shadows and an inability to accept reality as he made a post fight comment that he wants a rematch, when it is obvious to all the world that he has stepped a class too far.

Harry Hotspur said...

6.02 & forever hopeful.

First class posts. Welcome.

wendell said...

We need Ledley King. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Milanese, what kind of Italian are you already implying Braga will beat Parma.

Maybe it will be Parma who will get us kicked out of the UEFA CUP.

Any Italian manager is a bad idea for Spurs, unless we want to play like Chelsea. I say it's Jurgen or nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Adelaide in the warmer part of the planet; you can forget all the previous managers, they didn't have the money that is available to Jol, given the amount of expensive talent at his disposal Jol is just not getting enough from them. The Dutch style of play is very attractive and when you have 2 goog wingers, works well, but why can't he play any other formation well? Isn't there a plan 'B', how about having some faith in a pair of 1st choice strikers, Defoe and Berbatov, and make Keane & Mido play off the bench. Surely we have enough European, Cup and Premiership games for them all to get games through injuries. It's frustrating to look up the results each week and see that we lose to teams like the Blades. Time to pick it up or move on Jol!

Anonymous said...

Spurs has been through a bad spell lately and what do our loyal fans do?????? Complaining about MJ & the board out of frustration. Yeah! losing games is really frustrating but criticising and demanding the sacking of MJ is really not the way out at the moment. We should let MJ sort out the problems with his players and give him until the end of the season to see where we are then decide his future. Which teams don't experience bad spells??? Give MJ a break and let us all support and cheer on our beloved SPURS no matter what..........COYS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts exactly unfortunately. Perhaps time to look at the mighty Jurgan "Klurgan" Klinsman..?????

Anonymous said...

Im sick and tired of players and martin saying " we played well but we need to start fighting" "played well 1st half but droped off in the 2nd" its pathetic! we need a left winger its so frustrating we have not had anyone on that flank since GINOLA - how many years ago is that? we are a bunch of tarts we also have a TEAM of SQUAD players ... TAINIO, ZOKORA, LEE, EKOTTO, GHALY ... can i add ROBINSON to that list now? also this is how bad i beleive it is ... if teams like Reading, pompey, sheff u, wigan etc had the "quality" we have with THEIR fight they would be top 4/5 thats how bad it is - although HUDDLESTONE is a quality player its no point in pulling ya socks up to ya groin if u cant fight for the ball .. u aint proven yet son! soddin BATTLE for everything ... teams do that to stay up so y cant we do that to win things?????!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous post "Football today is all about pace,strength and work rate as much as technical ability..How many Spurs players does this apply to?
"...My sentiments exactly..This is the premiership.You need all this attributes to succeed in the prem.We lack it..

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous post "Football today is all about pace,strength and work rate as much as technical ability..How many Spurs players does this apply to?
"...My sentiments exactly..This is the premiership.You need all this attributes to succeed in the prem especially against teams like Everton, Bolton who try to bully you.

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Mr Hotspur,

Could i ask you if you have a larger version of the first pic of JJ lobbing kenny you wouldnt mind emailing me please?

We had tickets for the home end and we happen to be in it, desperately looking for a souvenir of another shoddy away day apart from cholera!

Cheers, good site by the way always enjoy reading it/checking out the photos.


Anonymous said...

a manager's past successes means fuck all re: a guarantee of future success. Look at sven & England.

Look at martin o'neil at villa. I suppose most of you Jol out lot reckon he should be sacked too?

Go on Martin Jol, come on the Spurs.
Get over this bump and get it back on track for next season. three more top players Levy.


Anonymous said...

Sack him. Our team building is getting ridiculious. NO WINGER IN JANUARY!!! That itself should get both him and comoli sacked...

To mad to formulate any intelligent thoughts, but I´m I the only one who thinks that he has lost the plot - completely?

Anonymous said...

I love BMJ but he really has repeated himself too much now. Spurs have been 'left' out this season ( no left wing / midfield etc)but you never see Jol galvanising the team when it really matters.
take the Carling Cup (please), when it went to extra time Wenger, the Premiership's geekiest winger went round shaking his players. Urging them on. Where was BMJ? I didn't spot him.
When he puts on 46 'number 9's' does he scream at them when they dont score? No.
And how often do we start badly / concede straight after scoring / have goals scored against us at the end or beginning of a half???? ALL THE F******G TIME!!!!!!!

Come on BMJ, be a BMG and kick their lazy asses

Anonymous said...

Paul Spurs for life
I said it before and I'll say it again, to play in the premier league, supposedly you are one of the top players in europe if not the world. You are supposed to have fantastic footballing skill. There must be thousands of kids turning up for trials with teams like Spurs, only to be turned away because they are not quite good enough. Just a tiny percentage make it even into academy teams. How is it our current bunch of first teamers barely seem to be able to string more that a couple of passes together. How bad must all the would be hopefuls be who can't get a game ? Surely we must have some youngsters in our reserves/academy who can offer something to improve our team. If not, why haven't we just scrapped the whole system and sacked their coaches and scouts. We seem to be forever sniffing around other clubs for their young talent. Why can't we produce it ourselves.Arsenal(god forbid) seems to have got things right over the years and are now reaping the rewards. Even if we have to copy a club we hate surely it is better than the situation we have now, always waiting for the transfer window to make a 'miracle' buy that supposedly will change the team's fortunes.

BigYid said...

Great Post Harry, Talking sense as usual and cutting through the bullshit.