Saturday, December 09, 2006

We Love You And That's Why We Want More

Charlton's real troubles started well in advance of Tottenham's landslide this afternoon. It was the moment that they had ideas that were genuinely above their station and threw the baby out with the bath water. Iain Howie won't be remembered as the greatest manager in the Premiership, but Les Reed may yet be remembered as the one that led Charlton into a rotten relegation battle.

Berbatov still appears to have his critics, not physical enough, not this, not that. I could have sworn his receipt reads, '1 x Goalscorer' and considering he's switched leagues etc, etc I believe he's returning well on the investment.

Defoe's goal was beautiful.

Tottenham undoubtedly used this mob for target practise for at least an hour today and so they should have as this kind of Spurs team looks far more likely to give a top five side a run for it's money rather than get stuffed by one.

There have been some dreadful performances turned out by Tottenham this season and for all me believing him to be unequivocally the right man for the job, Jol has been woefully naive tactically more than twice; to add to the erratic results.

Today's victory isn't to be sniffed at. But it is essential that we don't just take the points, but get the point. We play flowing push and run here. We play Tottenham Hotspur football here. Defoe, Keane and Berbatov are all extraordinary talents and it ought not just be shambolic visit from Charlton that illuminates that.

We love you Tottenham. And that's why we want more.


rebecca freeman said...

at last the real spurs we all love
free flowing football
it made us girls warming to the boys of white hart lane
come end of the season
we will be bringing home to north london major sliverware
l always thought Berbatov is at his best when playing up front with defoe
its a parntership made in heaven

Anonymous said...

You can't impose the Spurs style on players that are not good enough.We now have a manager that at least says he believes in the spurs tradition and we are assembling a squad that have the class and quality to play it.Carrick,whose sadly gone,Jenas,king Berbatov Hud and others play with elegance and have time on the ball,the spurs way.Dawson Zok,Chimbonda/and Davids in the background add the necessary grit for abalanced team that can go places

defo1 said...

lee is the best left back we have that is final.good game keep it going boys.comon you spurs.berbatov,berbatov, is only one berbatov

sydney wale said...

Makes you wonder....

3 out of 4 wins
3 out of 4 starts for defoe and Huddlestone

Jol dropped a bollock at Arsenal

Well played Tottenham!

Anonymous said...

I was really impressed with Berbatov's work rate, and the way he made the runs for his goals which he took with great aplomb. I'm also glad that Malbranque scored his first goal for us - great strike, and the way Defoe belted one in - he needs goals to boost confidence.

I also think Huddlestone is starting to look like the real deal in center midfield - he makes his own space, distributes the ball before being closed down, gives great weight to passes including (a valuable skill) to through balls. His long range passing in the air reminds me of the "Hod". If he caries on progressing he can, as Jol said a few months ago, become as good as the "Kaiser". Shame Jol did not play him against Arsenal.

Back to earth - We just need to sort out the away form!

Anonymous said...

I believe that SPURS should concern themselves with bringing up Barnard and Perkhet while Robbie is out for upto six weeks.Watched the game on tv and it would of been a perfect time to give a up and commer a go.

Anonymous said...

i'd be interested to see perkhart given a run out considering alot of the top teams in europe wanted him in there academy... however, barnard, i don't think he's premiership quality, if he was im sure he would of gone out on loan to premiership clubs and not leyton orient. however, i'd love him to prove all his doubters wrong!

Anonymous said...

you lot are all stupid, jol tactively naive....since when, apart from last season, have we gone to arsenal and played them off the park...think realistacally...jols a godsend and any spurs fan who doesnt agree is a big dogs cock

dannyboy said...

erm, jol has been tactically naive. lets not forget, he as well as the players, is still learning his premiership trade.
however, lets bask in the glow of a fantastic performance, great result and superb individual performances. as ive already said, these are the games we must win and win in style, to progress.

man city away next sunday will be the true test. lets score a few goals from open play spurs, away from home. huddlestone = superstar in the making. give him the role on a permanent basis jol and let the others fight for the remaining central place.


Anonymous said...

fantastic result! i know it was "only" charlton, but it was a derby, and as we all know, anything can, and usually does happen, against our london neighbours. i thort we looked hungry, crisp with the majority of our passing, and really up for it! a glipse of the spurs we all love and wanna see wk in wk out. Berbatov is begining to look a snip at the 11 odd we payed for him too, the geezer looks to have everthin we've lacked in recent years, his movement, eye for a pass, work rate, all exceptional. not to mention his eye for a finish which, obviously, goes without saying. Huddlestone is another whos finally looking the real deal, but we all knew he was didn't we (collective YES) but hes been gettin his chance in recnt wks, and definately impressing. Defoe will hopefully make his mark in the comin wks too, now that keane is laid up, great finish on saturday!

Anonymous said...

Hate to see Arse draw today. Here in Lisbon they still talk about what went on with Porto. It stinks! Have to tell you I don't have a clue about what's going on in MJ's head. How come he stopped Berbs chances of scoring a hat-trick?! Mourinho has put up with Sheva until now and he's crap. Jol he's always putting Berbs down or something. Anyone cares to explain what the hell is wrong?

Anonymous said...

shut up mate your talking bollocks.

Anonymous said...

We already have Keane & Mido injured, we would be in trouble if Berby got injured as well...taking him off in game that's already won makes good sense.

Anonymous said...

So you know it all mates! Berbs could play 90 minutes yesterday but not against Charlton !!!
Jol is full of shit and he's the one who should talk less and use his brains more cause he looks like he doesn't have a clue. but see, he wanted bloody Feyenord, well he's got it. has to go back home just like Mourinho. we shall see what he's really made of cause without Berbs we are done, mates!