Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reed Goes Public On Derby Disaster

Les Reed, there is a name to conjure with. He sounds like he was Showaddywaddy's drummer, but it turns out he's Charlton's new manager. The quote is, "If we're bottom at Christmas, we're not going to throw the towel in."

I don't rate or like this guy. He's a driving instructor/school supply teacher that has unfortunately for the club he now manages allowed his own desires for achievement demonstrate they far exceed his abilities.

How prophetic was my last post? A 'rotten relegation'? Come on Charlton, get shot of this clown.


Anonymous said...

You're only writing what most CAFC fans are saying Harry. Reed has got to be the pits.

Anonymous said...

You're all wrong about Reed. He's gonna pull charlton away from the bottom and sneak a champions league spot.

come on the reds.

T. Wat

Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers T!

Bring back Sid! said...

recent post on North London Pride....
At 13 December, 2006 00:07, Harry Hotspur said...
What a pile of old wank.

You clowns have spammed my two bob but wonderful blog to death of late and you STILL have NOTHING worth posting.

Strongly suggest you rebrand as a fanzine for Chelsea or .............. just get lost.

You're at it again Westy!!

Its because of your constant spamming on fellow fan's sites that make you so hated and despised!

Harry Hotspur said...

Well if you can't make an extremely valid comment about a sorry bunch of morons on the on internet, where can you make it?

You won't embarrass me. That was rubbish. And judginging by the bulk of the comments, I'm not alone in that opinion!

How is politically correct Sid, I wonder, stll searching the internet for Heather Mills jokes?

How time must fly.

Harry Hotspur said...

sidisaflid, why didn't you c&p these too? Balance is the way forward mate.

"At 13 December, 2006 11:34, Anonymous said...

I am a yid, but sorry yo say this article is complete shite."


" At 12 December, 2006 21:19, Anonymous said...

What the fuck is the point in this thread?? I think talking about the size of my xxxx on here would be better!!"


" At 12 December, 2006 20:05, David Lee Roth's Gran said...

Rubbish article. Give up"


" At 12 December, 2006 19:18, Anonymous said...

What the fuck. this was crap. why do you bother. hold your breath and never stop. thank you."


" At 12 December, 2006 16:49, Anonymous said...

This 'article' is so shit, I just had to let u know...loser, sorry, sad loser..."

Well done, chaps. You claim to support the same team as me and yet you not only produce rubbish but attack me!

Go and wind up some gooners. You look stupid.

Anonymous said...

bring back sid ????? what a sorry vital mug you must be. come on here to support spurs or @@@@ off.