Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pre Match Prattle : Spurs vs Dinamo Bucuresti

What can I tell you?

These boys play a bit. FC Dinamo currently sit top of Romania's 'First League', having so far played and won 17 out of 19 domestic games. Goals are definately their bag, having walloped the thing in well over 30 times already this season.

Okay, I accept that there is perhaps, ahem, a quality gulf between 'First League ' and the Premiership, but the point is they know where the net is.

And they don't mind leaving their foot in. Dinamo average a shade under 3 yellows a game.

Having scoured the net for some likely footage, there really wasn't anything that wouldn't do them a disservice, a lot of footage strayed into Borat territory and if they do anything other that get beat at WHL, a clip running on here of their players playing table tennis to 'jingly jingly' music will haunt me.

The video highlight available was a 1-1 draw which celebrated about 25 efforts that DIDN'T go in. Perhaps Robinson and the back four boys ought to be on the look out for pot shots...

Coral have Spurs priced at 4/7, FC Dinamo at 9/2 with the draw at 9/4.

My guess is Spurs to win, but not find it a walk in the park, 3-1 or 3-2. What is vital, is that we dictate the play from the off. Definitely a match that demands an early goal. (Don't they all?). Anytime scorer Berbatov at 5/4 doesn't represent value, but does look very likely.


Anonymous said...

Come on you spuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurs!

Anonymous said...

they are top of a very average league and were a few points from 3rd in THE toughest league in the world. We also have one of the premierships better defences and one of the best strikers on current form. We should win comfortably and probably will unless we do an 'emirates'.