Sunday, November 05, 2006

Spurs vs Chelsea :Morinho's White Hart Whining

Whinging Maureehino disgraced herself again today. Which was inevitable, as his unmerry band of cheats and toerags various failed to get their own way ... and lost.

At last, a Premiership referee unafraid to punish the dog Terry. If ever a player has had a red card coming, it is he. Maureeniho's considerable post match bleating is as ever both priceless and a disgrace.

" Instead of looking at the ball Drogba scores Graham Poll notices a John Terry foul 20 metres away..."

Jose, when you arrived in the Premiership, you were a breath of fresh air. Now, you're at best the novelty item at the end of the news. Mr Petulant with his hard done by address to the stadium's empty seats and the bloke picking up the litter.

All irony is lost on Little Jose, so it's with a straight face that he, of all people, manager of all teams, struts his stuff into the cold north London air. ...

"We didn't deserve to lose... Poll goes home and nobody can ask him the reasons for his decisions."

Ahh, I see, you want any referees that fail to see events as you see them subjected to trial by media.

Of course. That makes sense. If you're a charmless paranoid schmuck.


Anonymous said...

Want to bet Chelsea fan Rob Styles gets assigned to their next game?

sydney wale said...

He is obliged to blame everyone else after spending all that money. he knows his team were matched and beaten on the day and our wage bill is small change compared to Ballack, Drogba, Cole et al.

Why did he bring on Boozalose? He was at fault for the goal at Barca and our second. Then takes him off to destroy any confidence he might have left. The sending off happened after we took the lead and they had chances after that but couldn't convert.

It has shown us that this squad can match the best and win. A similar performance against United and Scum are required if we are to progress this season. Also, let's learn to put away teams like Reading, watford etc. and build on all the hard work.

Hats off to Big Maart. Europe for the first time in 6 years and a win against chelsea for the first time in 16 years. He might puzzle us at times but he is more good than bad and that's good enough for long suffering me.

Anonymous said...

Jol is the man.

fed up spurs fan - jubilant yesterday !!! said...

whats going on with this site? why cant i post a comment on the hissing debate?