Sunday, November 05, 2006

Super Tottenham Singing And Winning

What a great game.

The atmosphere at The Lane was incredible. 36,236 through the doors and didn't we know it!

A gutsy response was required after Makelele's opener and that's exactly what Spur's gave. Jol spoke afterwards about players 'standing up' with particular reference to Robbie Keane, but he wasn't on his own. And that's how we fought it out.

Our defense looked pretty tight and this against the current Champions. Dawson is something else, isn't he? King was absolutely staunch as usual and the often under siege Chimboda demonstrated again and again why he wasn't expensive.

Ghaly wasn't great for me. We seemed to be pinching so many balls off the toes of Chelsea players today and he was the one on our side losing possession. Berbatov was always chasing but never quite got the break. Defoe came on like a terrier and perhaps if he'd swapped with Berbatov we could have thrown even more at them late on.

Keano took MOTM and deservedly so, his footwork was something out of a bumper book of soccer skills as he left a hypnotized Boulahrouz on his arse and floated his ball in to Lennon. Lennon's finish was nothing short of exemplary. What a beautifully and confidently struck shot.

Well this was a landmark victory as every budding Motson between here and Honolulu has already told you twice by now. But what will be really useful, is if we can steel ourselves after this. We won a huge game today. We beat, sorry, convincingly beat the Champions today. We went 10th.

So onwards and bl**dy upwards!


CyprusYid said...

What a great night!
We won and we deserved to win it!
Our boys did us proud! Thank you guys! We met in a Larnaca sports Bar. We met the Larnaca and Limassol crew! All in all, an unforgettable night!
Contact us on for details of the Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club.

LisbonYid said...

This looks like Spurs all Over the World. Same great night though! The Portuguese media have treated Chelsea like this country's 4th great team next to FCP, Sporting & Benf++a, because of you-know-who. So it was with huge added pleasure to see the game in my local café, which is a den of Benf*ca fans and let 'em hear a lesson in supporting your team. By the end, they'd started to get the point that Chelsea are hated in England by all except their own so-called fans. What joy it has been today! If only Benf*ica had lost as well, I loathe everything about that club, it stinks. But the Arse served up another helping after their comedy on Wednesday. Yep, a brill week for us! On the up & up. Cheers, H!

Anonymous said...

Go on harry say "Well done MJ" go on I dare you.


Anonymous said...

Well done Tottenham!

I will enjoy seeing my colleague today who was discussing the "Lineker legacy" on Friday.
For Lineker now read Lennon.

sidyid said...

i went on pride of london.

it was shit.

maybe you lads want to get something worth plugging before you go public.

It's me said...

fantastic night , one I will never forget, oh f*** off wsv!

sid said...

We outplayed em all right, don't agree about the chimbonda comment though, I thought that he was immense, But H would'nt be H unless he was whinging!

Harry Hotspur said...

It was Ghaly I wasn't in love with...

Anonymous said...

Dear Harry,

I know Sid doesn't know what he's talking about but don't think any less of him. Not everyone can read you know.