Friday, September 15, 2006

Spurs Need To Get Stuck In To Fulham

Bullard's absence is traded for Lennon's in what must be seen as a 'must win' tie for Tottenham.

Frankly, Fulham are a pedestrian outfit and I'd see this as a bonefide opportunity for Jol to silence a good few critics and restore the 'feel good factor' back at The Lane.

What do we want? Zokora tearing into those west end boys to underline the fact that Edgar can 'have a rest' without concern.

Chimbonda is looking value at 5 mill, so a repeat of Thursday night would be sufficient.

I also want to see Robbie Keane causing the same class of mayhem he did in the first half of the Sheffield Utd game. Get in there, Robbie!


Anonymous said...

Let's just hope that we use Thursday as a catalyst. The lack of Lennon should not be a problem if tthe players can respond. Maybe leaving the pitbull on the leash for a while might help others to find their own feet in the team. I am in Australia and didn't get to see the slavia game. Anyone got a link to any highlights?

Anonymous said...

Zokora is the man. Play him and hudds in the again

Mr.Thomas said...

The team must never take any game for granted, everton anyone?. . . So this game must bring out the hard edged, hard tackling fast passing 'head-shot strikers of Tottenham we know and love. The same tottenham that can dominate Arsenal at Highbury and 'beat' ManU at Old trafford, and come back again and again in away matches last season. We need the Psycho-killer-Tottenham, not the sloppy spurs that dropped three points last game at the Lane.

So...come on, get stuck in and embarrass Fulham on saturday, show the quality and silence the critics. Most importantly 6 points looks better than three.

Anonymous said...

We will need to improve hugely, Thursdays win was excellent but you have to admit Slavia Prague were woeful and made us look good.

Lennon will be missed but so will Bullard for Fulham, calling Fulham pedestrians is an insult but no more than you would expect from HH.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed when supporters of other premiership team disregard Fulham's chances. So many times they are underestimated and go on to win. Afterwards, these same supporters whine on with comments like, 'they were lucky' or 'if only we had taken our chances'. Perhaps some teams are not as good as they think they are. Perhaps we are not the only 'pedestrian' team in the league. I hope we will walk to victory.

Anonymous said...

I don't make harry insulting to Fulham calling them pedestrian. 'Dull' would be another adjective. it's a must win game and Fulham are the new Villa.

defo said...

to hary zokora cost 8 m.

DannyBoy said...

come on spurs - time to push on and start our season from now.
thursday was a good result, but lets not get carried away, slavia prague were not a class side.

a chance to double our points tally against a dodgy fulham side !

hope berbatov is fit to replace mido who isnt quite firing yet.
hope jol sticks with hudds and zokora. jenas right and murphy left? defence speaks for itself.

lets raise the roof again. 3-0 spurs? heres hoping.


Anonymous said...

lets not forget fulham beat the barcodes last week - away, without bullard. dont get carried away my fellow yids. saying that, as long as we are patient and professional, we will still have too much for fulham and should win at least 2-0.
routledge cant play due to premiership rules of loanees playing against their parent club.

Anonymous said...

this site is shite
lets hope you spuds get ammered by the mighty fulham haha
you can only dream of having the likes of henry fabregas van persie and the rest. your 1st european game in 7 long years in the reject cup haha

Vinny said...

If we are to challenge for a Uefa spot again we absolutely need 3 points from teams like Fulham at home, no disrespect but if you compare squads, even if they did have Bullard, why the hell should we be worried? we are talking like he's Zidane or!. However no disrespect to them or any prem team as no games are easy in this league. What some teams lack in quality are made up with good old fashioned hard team work. A good performance and more than 1 goal win would be preferable, but even a 1-0 win will be good for our confidence, and league position ahead of another tough game against Liverpool next week. We were beating teams like this at home last season when we also won 1-0. If we dont get the 3 points, I feel we may struggle to make a uefa cup spot again. However, I believe we will win tomorrow,as Zokora is starting to show his class, and lets hope that Jol realises that Davids at best is good enough for the bench, even though most of us believe that Zokora, Huddlestone, Tainio,Jenas Ziegler, Murphy and Ghaly should all be ahead of him in terms of squad selection. Our 28 million pound of strikers need to start finishing. Defence I have no worry about. Stalteri and Lee Pyo? who are they? My prediction a 2-0 win.

EL said...

With no real wingers and an unsettled, inexperienced and out of position midfield, the defences sense of security and the link play going into the box will probably continue to be a little iffy at times. The fulham game might be tougher than some of you think. Hope not.

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

There can be no excuses tomorrow. A home game against an injury hit Fulham should be a gimme. If we cannot role a team like that over then Thursday will have counted for nothing. Other than Ghaly for Huddlestone MJ should play the same team. Last chance for Defoe. I would not even have Davids on the bench, unless the bench was on the Harwich-Zeebrugge ferry.

Anonymous said...

Shame Lennon isn't a left winger. Jenas looked ok with Zakora inside of him. I would play Keane instead of Taino tomorrow, he did nothing on Thursday. Big decision, if he is fit, is Berbatov or Mido? Mido has wroked very hard in the two games he has played. Maybe play the pair of them and drop Defoe? When he isn't scoring his contribution is zero.

Tv's Bill Bailey said...

Fulham are Shit.

ftl said...


Really glad HH didn't delete you.

We can all share in your sorry arsed attack

Anonymous said...

Clean sheet.

Narrow, ordinary midfield.

4 internationals to choose from up front.

Jenas is our top scorer.

J*s*s F**k**g C**st!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god! arse*** just scored with 4 minutes left. I'm going to bed......

Mondayz said...

JOL IS A FAT USELESS COCK. He has spent a fortune, bought and sold like he is on the stock exchange and we have actually got nowhere.

Even Newcastle have started to win now.

We have blown it. Numpties.

What a Fat Cunt he is.. same old excuses about gelliing i see. fucker.

ad the yid said...

Holy mother of god!! What the hell is goin on. Is it physically possible for all of our fit strikers to have a barren spell at the same time? Danny Murphy proved why he should be starting every week. Jenas is gettin better but should never take a corner or free kick again. Zokora still hasnt impressed me completely but our defence at least is solid. Never looked troubled today at all. Chimbonda was fantastic and assou ekotto looked useful again. Mido need a slap, keane needs to stop running away from the ball and defoe needs some serious match practice. In fact if I was the Jol I'd keep them in for extra training on the basics of football. Controling or trapping a ball and passing quickly. They all need a kick upu the arse and play at a higher tempo. Cmon you spurs, get ur act together

Anonymous said...


Captain Mainwairing said...

Fucking fulham indoors. That translates to 0 - 3 to Chelsea.

Well done everybody, you've all done awfully well..........

Ghost said...

Well its happened again another shit performance from a shit team, its all going wrong, there is no point in having a go at Fulham they held us to a draw at WHL, lets look at us and where we are going wrong.

Harry is quiet, probably spending his time writting another lets slag off Spurs article.

ghostbuster said...

"Well its happened again another shit performance from a shit team, its all going wrong, there is no point in having a go at Fulham they held us to a draw at WHL, lets look at us and where we are going wrong."

"Harry is quiet, probably spending his time writting another lets slag off Spurs article."

Of course, there's nothing contradictory in what you've written there, ghost.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ghostbuster,

Ghost made two distinct comments. One was a personal view on the game and the other was a personal guess at what someone else's response to the game would be. The contradiction you speak of does not exist in the article, it stems from your presumption of there being a link in ghost's mind between his two comments.

Now pull youself together!

Yours, Yid15

ghostbuster said...

The contradiction was clear - he is happy to say the performance was shit.

And in the same breath put hh down for preparing a 'let's slag off spurs article'

That's a contradiction whatever way you want to look it it.

You cannot call spurs a shit team and them take a pop at someone you think is about to do the very same.

Anonymous said...


you wouldn't be a part time apperition would you?

Anonymous said...

If I write that I believe a certain player was crap in a particlar game but I also state or infer that I disapprove of the team's manager or a blogsite host regularly doing the same, that is not a contradiction. It's two views, of distinctly separate individuals in a different relative relationship to the subject.

If I simply stated that I think 'people' shouldn't slag the team off and then expressed disapproval at someone else doing it, that would be contradictory.

yid15 (part-time pseudo)