Monday, September 18, 2006

Defoe To Quit Spurs ?

Well wouldn't you?

It seems Jol has done nothing to specifically structure the tactics to include one of England's most ruthless finishers.

29 goals in 58 appearances. Only 9 last season. This was down to a near futile competition between him and RK. The only good that came from that was on Robbie's side. He lost weight and went from being hungry to starving. He was born again. Both Spurs & The Republic benefited. Armbands all round.

But JD didn't play with any tracking back in his game as he has recently and the long ball up to Mido left him marginalised, took him out of those danger areas where his penetrative runs might stem from. He was isolated. Tussling to get at Mido's scraps and left overs, blocked in deep by defenders who also had watched the ball travel direct from Paul Robinson.

So now Portsmouth are in waving freshly dispensed notes in Levy's direction. Harry Houdini has proved with Kanu, Mendes and Lua Lua that he can exploit the latent potential in a player, get him 'back on track'.

I hope that I am wrong, but I don't see how this situation will right itself. JD is a legend, but one without service. He found the net pre-season and he demonstrated the same for England two weeks ago. He won't spend much longer been meted out appearances only as a sub, surely ?

I see the stories beginning to trickle in again.... links with strikers... we really don't need any, we just need to effectively service the ones we have. That's a coaching issue.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is you're probably right. Why would he stay? i don't think jol actually likes/rates defoe.

Shevchenko gets rolled out every week for Chelski - and does nothing, but you don't see him being brought on for the last 20

spursfan4ever said...

I warned everyone at the start of the season that things would be tough this year. It will take time to get the blend right.Yet again we see the imbalance on the left side and I hope this is addressed sooner rather than later. We could go on about players in and out, but I think all the speculation about Defoe or whoever is unsettling the supporters, never mind the team. If we are good enough we will be okay and if not we are in trouble. A run will come soon, we must believe.

Anonymous said...

Defoe is a legend? Daniel Defoe maybe, but not Jermain Defoe; he's merely a player who's been found out by opposing defences and therefore needs to develop his game.

If Defoe does develop his game, then after ten years or so's achievement he might deserve the tag "legend". At the moment he deserves the tag "squad member".

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the back of Defoe. Only came to us as a stop gap anyway and why lose players such as Keane just to please Defoe and keep him happy. It will be all my birthday and xmases in one when he goes. Good riddance

JolFoot said...

Defoe will score bucket loads at any club who buys him off us. Unfortunately for us and Defoe, Jols tactic of hoof it and hope football doesnt really compliment JDs style.

Under a more cultured tactically aware coach JD will thrive.

Jol likes dogged workhorses.

JolsGoneF&^%ingMental said...

Martin Jol...the words bring tears to my eyes. The man who threw it all away on long balls and obsessions of central midfielders.

What a cock Jol is.

Harry Hotspur said...

any relation to vital's jolsgonemental, mate?

Anonymous said...

Lets burn Martin Jol.

Hey Mart whats the dutch for long ball?

I think Martin Jol styles himself on dave bassett.

taxi for jol said...

Mike Basset!

JolsGoneF&^%ingMental said...


I post on pushandrun? if that is what you mean But today i find that so does everyon else (under my name no less) weidoes.

Anonymous said...

Mart Bassett Tottenham Manager.

Anonymous said...

TBFH, i really dont care if defoe does leave. the tiny boy with a a tiny pecker still fires tiny blanks.

he has done it all season last, and will do it all season current.

England manager wont put up for him for long because he wont score enough goals. and no matter what, a striker is there to put the ball in the back of the net, assists and creative play is from midfield.

SPurs as a team create plenty of chances, its not midfields fault if 4 so called "top/world class" strikers can not find the back of a net.

But defoe has nothing on robbie keane. the irish lad has more skills on the ball, is more calm up front, tracks back with tireless work engine, doesnt complain like a little boy when things dont go his way, and generally is a better footballer, and better personality off and on the field. sell Defoe please, and use the money to get a new left wing. we have talents in youngsters coming through for our forward line, and they deserve a chance. i dont want spurs to end up losing another robot dancing goal scoring machine standing at 6'5foot

Mart Bassett Tottenham Manager said...

Itsh eashy thish football all you need ish to kick it high in the air for the big guysh at the front.

Anonymous said...

when is our season going to start i would have bet my life we would have beat fulham we cant keep drawing loseing we what winners why are the shit team down the road so lucky with jd if he wants to go let him i do rate the player i think hes great but we dont want players who dont want to play for us

mart bassett tottenham manager said...

Well. yoush know, ven you come to Endfield wish my kinden tactiksh you exschpect to loseh end datssh what we did today.

Getting raped sish or sheven nil ishn't eashy but we shhhowed real character - it could've bin more.

mart Bassett tottenham manager said...

Itsh not fair when teamsh come to the lane and try and schtop us booting the ball in the air.

Anonymous said...

Thank god!!

I was sick reading all this JOL is god bullshit!

The guy has no idea about attacking football!...tactically very poor...and picks shit teams! many games is Jenes gonna get before the piece of shit gets dropped!!!

FUCK OFF JOL....come on levy...get someone with a bit of fucking flair!!!

Anonymous said...

jol is quality u fucking idiots

Anonymous said...

You know things are bad, when on Monday morning not one of the TV stations even mentioned us!!!

Jol must quickly resolve who should play in midfield, which is not helped with the Lennon injury + the stupid decision to loan Routlegde to Fulham in order to sign Malbranque. Routlegede is the only other right side winger that we have!! Jenas is not a right sided winger and it shows.

Tainio, keeps showing us that he has fitness problems in that he cannot remain fit for two games in a row. This means that we need to use Zigler as back up.

We should use Davids or Huddlestone as the defensive midfielder,and Zokora as the attacking midfielder.

We must, as Jol says, gel quickly. And we must start to score some goals. Otherwise back to the bad old days of being a mid table team. Unacceptable considering the amount of money spent.


Anonymous said...

why is jol quality. he plays the long ball game and stuffs his teams full of central midfielders.

most definitely not quality.

Anonymous said...

you were not all saying this last season guys!!!
martin jols barmy army!!!

Anonymous said...


If we build it he will come.

mart basset tottenham manager said...

Dast what happensh when you playsh wid juscht an areial attackings formation. But we aren't changingsh our tacticsh just becaush dey aren't werking.

In fact perschonally want to schign up halb of the der Dootch Airforsh we can reonforsch our attacksh in dees way und maybe sher resulstsh will come.

Did you shay you dah sem donutsh?

DannyBoy said...

fa fuks sake;
listen to you all.

cast your mind back to about 4 months ago, bearing in mind we had a close season inbetween.
last season, we finished 5th, well above where we should have done and you all thought jol was fantastic.
5 games into the season and you all think jol is a tosser.
get a grip. lets not forget, its the players on the pitch who play the football. yes, jol picks the team and devises the plan. if things are not going to plan, as well as the manager, there are 11 players in white on the pitch to think ''fuck, we better try something else''.
the whole team is good enough if they want to be - some of them just dont seem bothered.

you wankers who slate the team really piss me off. will you be the same wankers who praise the team when we go on a winning run? cos it WILL happen. so fuck off !!!

back to the point of defoe leaving, harry - get a life mate and a new story, this is such an easy post to regurgitate. in case you didnt realise, the transfer window is shut until january 1st 2007.

lets hope none of the spurs team or management read these posts. support your club



Anonymous said...

why would you not want them to read it? I would love for them to read it , i would love fo rjol and the waste of space players to knopw how pissed off thefans who support them week in and out are.

Whilst they sit at home on there piles of cash it would be good fo rthem to be reminded who it is that makes them the pampered cunts they are

Harry Hotspur said...


I think it's actually a relevant post to make. Up untill now, all we have had are stupid swapsy stories about JD going to The Pool that were total fantasy.

The Pompey story appears to have some truth to it. He could be brilliant for us and I believe he is going to walk. In January. 2007.

The glaringly obvious is that we ARE not equal to the sum of are parts at present.

That's not fickle that's voicing concern for the club I love.

DannyBoy said...

i say i hope they dont read it because where is the SUPPORT for the club. we are talking about 5 games into a season. they know we are pissed of because they were booed off the pitch at the lane yesterday, we didnt even lose !!!

things are not great, things must improve - my kind of cajoling is obviously different to yours.

and as for the rest of the valid points i make? twat

Anonymous said...

dannyboy you want to stop being an arsekissing pansy.

If they play shit i will give them shit, if they put the effort in i will applaud them.

we arent a fucking charity to provide self esteem to overpaid primadonnas.

If Jol stops being shit I am sure people will stop slating him.

DannyBoy said...

thats my whole point though. constructive criticism is acceptable. blatant slating for slatings sake from people with very short memories, is just jumping on the band wagon.
i love my team with a passion and am desperate for us to do well, and improve we must to achieve this. all i'm saying is i'd rather achieve this by supporting them rather than just slating them.

and believe you me, i aint no pansey !!!


Anonymous said...

Excuses Excuses - No More Excuses!

Apparently our Fulham performance wasn't so bad, considering they put men behind the ball. Or so goes Martin Jols latest excuse/justification for our most recent non performance. Presumably we can add that to the excuses of lack of width/creativity/time to gel, injuries, bad luck.

Personally I am sick of it. I am sick of watching lacklustre, joyless football from Spurs. Call me fickle or a Gooner or any of the other so so typical and original responses to any criticism but I don't rate Martin Jol at all.

Yes he got us a top 5 finish last season, but lets be honest who else was competing for 5th? Blackburn and Bolton. Two bog standard supporter-less clubs, is it really that life changing an achievement to pip Bolton and Blackburn for the first time in eons? Law of averages would suggest that sooner or later if we stayed in the premier league and kept throwing the cash around we would finish top of the mid-table mediocre mini-league. we crashed out of the cups in the most pathetic fashion possible.

And now I am going to be really controversial. WE DIDN'T ACTUALLY PLAY VERY WELL LAST YEAR. Yes we were dogged in a few games against the big clubs, and we performed a few snatch and grab victories in other games, but I cannot think of one really great swaggering performance, no putting a team
to the sword. Please point me in the direction of any such performance under Martin Jol at all.

I don't understand the blind optimists who keep claiming all will be well, we will still finish top 5, we will click sooner or later. WHY would we? What precedent are you basing you optimism on? When have we charged up the table after a bad start, when has a Martin Jol Spurs team gone on the rampage and really hammered a side? We try and snatch one goal victories with stuttering inventive less tactics and have been doing so for months.

Maybe I am unique in that I support Spurs for a reason, and the reason is Spurs are supposed to be the glory glory boys, the team with the swagger and flair. We are the ones who have the Ginolas, Klinnsmanns, Gascoignes, the crowd please-rs. Yes we have had rubbish teams but there was always that chance of a bit of magic, ffs the last true Spurs performances as we know and love were probably under PLEAT!

Are we not Tottenham Hotspur? If we had one thing we could be proud of it was that we were exciting, that we were unpredictable, that on our day we could put on a show. Now it looks like we haven't even got that. Jol has sold our soul for dogged turgid football. If you need further proof look at his selection and transfer policies...dogged, journeymen central midfielder after dogged journeyman midfielder. Has he ever heard of flair, creativity, excitement? just f**king let loose man! We are gash anyway, give the Spurs fans something to get behind, some old school Spurs mayhem.

JolsGoneF&^%ingMental said... said...

Harry - yeah vitals got you now.

yeah im jolsgonemental.

JolsGoneF&^%ingMental said...

scary. my vitals post posted by someone else same time i was posting....

Anonymous said...

We have spoken to Mr Jol and agreed with him that the situation cannot continue. We must keep the club in "the shop window" at all costs. Hopefully an Eastern European oligarch can pick us up for a tidy sum.
Then we can both disappear to the states and enjoy the ribs at Hustons. Please G-d

Anonymous said...

The fact is you don't deserve to be Surs fans. Sure we are not playing well at the moment, I know lets sack the manager (again). Even better lets bring in an old hero of an ex Spurs player (eg Ardiles, Hoddle) lets get rid of all the squad and replace them with players of a similar ability and whilst we are at it lets do it all over again in 18 months time. FFS get a grip Jol is building something here and it may take time but he will get it right.

Anonymous said...

We are firing blanks, and it has got to stop!!!!

5 hours and 43 mins since we last scored a goal is unacceptable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Relegation form is here, and is totally unaceptable!!

Jol and company are paid a mountain of money to improve things, but its not rocket science to keep routledge as back up for Lennon. But oh no, greed seemed to have got the better of us in our quest for the crocked Malbranque!!

Our chances for a succesful season looks over. And I realy cannot see us wining any games in the near future!! Botom three beckons, and could become a reality!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah we are about as dead as Harry Hotspur who died at the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jol has brought in Chimmy, Zokora, berbatov malbranque assou-ekotto and berbatov amongst others. these guys need time to settle.
stop moaning, and i bet we turn our season around soon

rambo said...

Hello! Hello....
defoe scored only a goal in 16 appearnces for england (granted, mostly as subtitute). how can he is a lagend! he is a good finishers yes...but in patches. last year he had a run of 6-7 games without scoribng and keane replaced him (correct decission by Jol)

the two goals he scored againt andorra...well anybody can score againts andorra (polpulation less tahn the capacity of old trafford)

Anonymous said...

most of the posting abaove are actually written by are***l and wetspam fans

Ghost said...

Yawn!! Harry hotspur, boring old fart...same old same old!!!

Anonymous said...

Will you all leave Harry alone he's a good guy who is only trying to get us to debate about issues on our club!!

And remember he posted a fantastic video on this site a few weeks ago about the style of play we need to get back to. It might be usrful if he could repost the video, and send it to Martin Jol and co.

Anonymous said...


Fuck off you bore me

Anonymous said...

You could start a arguement in a cupboard!!! I'm sure your bird left you long ago!

Anonymous said...

stand up if u hate arsenal, stand up if u hate arsenal ( im standing up by the way)

were any of u at the game on sunday?

all our strikers are in barren form and when they sort it out we will be wicked

Anonymous said...

who ever slate spurs are by default, arsenal fans....

Anonymous said...

lol nice one mate, stop critisizing and wait and see lads. jol is building for the future...

Anonymous said...

Our problem with not being able to score goals stems from having a poor midfield (Taiano, Murphy, Zoroka, Jenas played against Fulham.

Jenas is not really a right sided winger and it shows. And, Tainio has fitness problems, in that he cannot be effective for two games running. He needed to be subbed-off for Davids around the 53 minute!!, but Jol waited until nearly 70 minutes, and brought on defoe – mistake in my view. Like for like subs please!! Murphy has hardly played and did not gel with Zokora. However, Zokora is getting better but he must improve his passing, and do more surging forward runs.

Incedentally, I agree with 5.51 about how we should never have loaned Routledge to Fulham. After all, its hardly rocket science to retain the only other right sided winger at the club!! We cannot recall Routledge back from the season long loan until January!! Bad management, in my view!!

Anonymous said...

Finally some sensible comments; thank you Danny Boy. The rest of you do not warrant the title 'supporter'. Jol is not crap (or worse), nor is he God. He, like all managers, makes mistakes from time to time and, like everyone, continues to learn lessons. Spurs are a team, and complete with Jol, must accept responsibility for their successes and failures. The panic stricken girls that damn Jol after five games evidently know little about football, management, or life.

DannyBoy said...

harry - i started reading your posts as when you first started they were original, humorous and made sense. you seem to have fallen into the trap of obvious posts and comments. no offence, but anyone could have put this post up. get back to what you do best and get original.

here's one you may want to consider - rumour has it arsescum have asked the FA to be excused giving us any tickets for the league game at the new library in fear we may smash the new shiny place up!!
shouldnt we boycott them at ours as a tit for tat measure??


Anonymous said...

Dannyboy: Put up or shut up time fella ==== who's your source?

Anonymous said...

Relegation form is here, and is totally unaceptable!!

Jol and company are paid a mountain of money to improve things, but its not rocket science to keep routledge as back up for Lennon. But oh no, greed seemed to have got the better of us in our quest for the crocked Malbranque!!

Our chances for a succesful season looks over. And I realy cannot see us wining any games in the near future!! Botom three beckons, and could become a reality!!!!

Anonymous said...

we are goin' to go down!! where is the fuckin' football Jol? is he really Dutch? I'm sure every true spurs fan like me used to seein' this club go thru bad runs but this is different. Why did they let Carrick go? so they won't pay the extra £5000 a week, now we don't have players that can pass a ball 10 yards accurately like(Jen-ass,"Tiger" really? Tino :), (Murphy) please!! he wasn't good enough for Charlton yet he's our playmaker well done Jol:)oh well forget this season will try next year hopefuly with a new manager. if you are a Season ticket holder I feel sorry for you guys you are goin' to be watching league 2 football. top 17th finish, Come on you shit spurs!!! we love you.

dannyboy said...

bloke down the pub told me - in prague!

Anonymous said...

Was he a little green man with a red beard and a small pot of gold under his arm? Pull the other one!!

imetablokeinapubonceandhetoldme said...

I bet harry will take your editorial critique to heart danny.

The pipes are calling.

Now do one, tough guy...

dannyboy said...


Anonymous said...

Why are we going downhill again?

Why can't we score?

Why are our key players hurt again?

Why is Robbo suddenly making blunders?

Why is Defoe so disinterested?

Where has Keanos enthusiam gone?

What happened to Mido since he lost 20 pounds, and cut his hair (Samson and Delia?)

Why can't Davids run anymore?

Why can't Jenas string two decent games together?

Why can't Tainio remain fit for at least two or three games?

Why are our fans so fickle?

Why did the scum get in three class defenders for peanuts when we spend millions on our fullbacks?

Why do the two best teams in the premier League play in London?
Why is it never our turn to be good?

Why did we sell Carrick?

Why didn't we sell defoe?

Why do I bother?

Spursfan4ever said...

It is a known fact that bad Karma or constant negativity create negativity. Spurs at the moment are not clicking as the team is relatively new. It will happen when we all believe it will happen. How about all REAL Spurs supporters thinking positive about the Liverpool game and lets try to create some positive Karma for the team instead of the negative support the team is getting.The team will improve.Let's not play the blame game.

Anonymous said...

We should play the sack race instead. Face facts!!

Anonymous said...

We could not even score in a brothel, even if we tried!!!

Defence is looking good, midfield is shite. Up front badly needs service from a shite midfield.

Jenas is not a winger. Tanio is a liability because he never puts in consistent performaces because of fitness problems. Murphy has hardly played and is a faded player. David's cannot play 90 mins. Zorkora is really the only one worth keeping in the midfield line up. Beggars belief that we loaned out Lennon's only understudy (Routlegde) to Fulham.

Jol seems afraid to use Huddelstone, and Zigler. But until we sort out the shite midfield, I can't see us winning any other games. Bottom three looks a certainty!! Unacceptable!!

Anonymous said...

I'd say sell him to Pompey! swap him with Lua-lua ....Lua-lua is more determine than JD! plus Lua2 is a spurs fan what more can you ask from him?!

Anonymous said...

good onya danny boy. spot on.

Oh dear oh dear... what have us Yidz done said...

Oi... tell Jol that Spurs should play like the re-born England team, not telling McLaren that England to play like Spurs!!!

Anonymous said...

Im not over concerned if defoe does decide to leave , who could blame him , in my opinion he is to light weight up front yes hes quick and has a good shot but hes recent record speaks for itself is it 1 goal in 15 prem games ? not good enough , although he is an excellant squad player, our back 5 looks fantastic and i can see us getting many clean sheets this season , its a shame that we have to many central midfilders ver herd the saying " to many cooks " well im not one to slag of the team i love so lets get behind the team look where we were before MJ ......exactly. COYS

Anonymous said...

To answer the post with all the 'why's?' - it's because a man called Irving Scholar f***ed our beloved club years ago. It took nearly ten years to plumb the depths, stopping (hopefully) after the Hoddle/Pleat seasons. It isn't going to turnaround overnight, but let's hope it doesn't take another ten to get back where we belong.

Anonymous said...

Come on lets all push the panic button. What is wrong with you lot? You were the same bunch of idiots who decided that we were going to finish top four a month ago. Now apparently Jol needs to go, we will finish bottom three and Christmas has been cancelled. Now get a life, do some work and let BMJ work his magic.

Dan Mac said...

What has SDfoe done to become a legend??? He made 30 odd apperances last year... 9 goals... the year before, he only score 2 goals from the turn of the year to then end of the season...

you're right what a legend... and, yes he scored 2 goals for England... against a team that would struggle against my old Sunday league team... I have never been too worried if he left, I have never particularly rated him... I hope he gets a run and proves me wrong though, cos we need it!

spursfan4ever said...

What would u guys think if Lee was played on left of mid field??? He has pace, can cross a ball and gets into a tackle.It could solve a problem.

Anonymous said...

why did we ever buy players we sell off without ever giving them a chance at the top? Mounir El Hamdaoui is on three goals already in the Dutch league for Willem II Tilburg. We wouldn't be worried about people like Defoe today. The same will happen to Lee Barnard whom we have not really given a chance.

Anonymous said...

You lot slagging off Jol are complete fucking wankers. You aint Spurs fans, you're fucking armchair mugs who aint got a fucking clue....cunts.

Anonymous said...

spursfan4ever 9:58 AM

I presume that was a joke, yes ?!

Good One, lol !!

If not then you need to be drowned because Lee (Wipey) can not get into a crossing position let alone cross a ball, more like run down the wing, stepover, check back onto right foot, stepover, fall oever, GOAL KICK.

And as for TACKLING, i dont think i have EVER seen him make one tackle in his whole time here, he would rather jocky then jocky some more.

Michael Dawson makes TACKLES

Wipey-Lee couldn't spell tackel

You should have gone to spec-savers bro

Anonymous said...

I love martin jol , martin jol loves me! what a load of wankers we have on here ! its so early in the season and already they are wanted jol out? ive been ticket holder since 91 and last season was the best league placing we have achieved and we looked like beating everyone remember the arsenal draw we totally out played them - please have faith with the big man - it wasnt his fault carrick left - i blame carrick!!!!! we are in the uefa - i can see us winning a cup this season - i would sacrifice a few league places for that - who ever jumped on the spurs bang wagon last season fook off and go surport chelscum u un loyal coonts

Anonymous said...

Defoe's a good player, but not a legend. People who say Jol doesn't like him should remember that keane also spent a long spell on the bench. When he got his chance he took it with both hands. But I've always felt that Jol doesn't handle the squad rotation department very well - like, for example, Ferguson. Jol tends to stick with the same basic side once he's settled on one. If Defoe wants to leave because he can't win the fight for a place, well, I think all Spurs supporters should wish him the best of luck in his future career.

Anonymous said...

Defoe is not a good enough all round team player for a club aspiring to a top four position, (well we can dream can't we?) and when he is not scoring then he really is a luxury we cannot afford. Trouble is we should have sold him months ago when we could still have got an inflated price for him. I'm sorry but when a striker cannot even head a ball from six yards and the ball hits him on the shoulder instead (Man U game)then its time to say cheerio. We missed a trick not buying Andrew Johnson. In away games especially his work rate and ability to hold the ball up is very valuable. Defoe simply cannot do that.

As for Jol? Well at least Curbishley will not have to move house.

Anonymous said...

I just threw up in my throat listening to your anti Jol remarks:

Walk over to a mirror
Look into it
Slap yourself hard across the face

Then go and support Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking a lot lately about strikers we could have bought but didn't, for one reason or another: Dean Ashton, Darren Bent, Andy Johnson, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, Shola Ameobi, Dirk Kuyt ... Nothing to say, just thinking about them

Anonymous said...

There is a pole on another site that puts 99% of fans behind MJ, why don't Harry Arsenal and the other 1% bugger off and support another team, you lot make me sick!!!

Anonymous said...

Murphy !? damn..he's useless..i'm sure that we waste $ on him..worthless fella.A reject from liverpool and charlton..i guess charlton must be happy that someone is willing to buy him.He can only attack when there's free kick that's all..i don't rate him at all.i would rather see some other pple play than see him play.Defoe should get 1st 11 so that he can build his confidence n so on..look at how he play for england and how he play in spurs..alot of difference.

Vinny said...

In these times of limited chances, we need our 28 million strikeforce to start sticking the ball in the net. Even without Berbatov last season, any of Mido, Keane or Defoe would put away at least 1 or 2 per game, we never won by any big scores but they would finish decisive chances that nicked us tough games. Ironic, we solve our defensive vulnerability and now develop a scoring problem! All round this year other prem games are showing games mostly won by low scores. The prem is getting defensively tougher, so putting away limited chances makes all the difference. Even liverpool are finding it difficult despite having Kuyt, Bellamy, Crouch (and Fowler). Ok lack of creativity is a big part of that, but look at the last game against Manu for eg. Mido and Defoe missed 2 point blank headers. You will not get many of these chances in the prem, so when they come along you have to finish em. Can only put it down to lack of confidence through the whole team. Im sure it will come, maybe too late for a champs league place, but hopefully will come in time for at least another uefa place and a good crack at winning the cup itself, as good teams do not turn bad overnight. And I dont buy that rubbish that we were bad all last season. Obviously if we had played brilliant every game as some people say we didn't then we would have finished 1st in the prem! but we didn't. What we did do is finish as a respectable 5th best team in the toughest league in the world, the league table does not lie fellas. Ok right now we are the 16th best team in the prem, but remember form is temporary and there is still a lot of time for improvement. Outside of last seasons top 4 I still do not see any better squads than us. And lets be brutally honest here, if we could at least qualify for Europe again this season, that will be twice in a row after not having qualified at all for how long?!...that will still represent progress fellas. With all the changes in the team, this is looking like a transitional season...I'm afraid we may be ready to challenge for a champions league spot only next season AT THE VERY EARLIEST!!!...sorry fellas...just the reality of things. If so would still be a great achievement IMO if we qualify for the champions league next season in MJ's 3rd full season in charge...lets not lose faith yet...COYS!!!

twd said...

Still the blinkers remain on - we had our chance of CL qualification last season, and it could have changed the course of the club's history - JOL blew it.

I don't like to spell it out too starkly - I know how touchy people can be on here - but you can kiss the top four goodbye this season as well, with only five games played. Spurs have played nine halves of football this season, and scored, against the worst team in the League, in only one of them.

The squad looks good on paper, but is being led by a fraud. A big, fat, useless fraud.

This is the man who banged on about Spurs' traditions and way of playing the game, evoking Danny Blanchflower - the great Robert Daniel is spinning in his grave as Dawson King and Robinson fire long balls up the pitch like mortar bombs.

I'd like to ask all Tottenham fans - where is the TAG now? Our club needs us - Jol has to go.

JolsGoneMental said...

twd, couldnt have put it better myself.

Last season we could have and should have struck a huge blow for our future success and possibly Arsenals too.

Jol blew it, playing negative tactis in games we should have shown a bit of commitment in. Dropped point unluckily in teh final minutes of games, Bollocks, we should have put Sunderaland and Fulham to bed long before the final minutes but didnt because of negative Jol philosophies.

We have assembled some good players and frankly I think Jol is letting the potential we have slip through his fat fingers. A season in midtable will surely cause this squad to split under bids from the top 4 next season, people do not seem to realise we dont have the luxury of a few seasons to build and grow, we need to show our players they can achieve their ambitions at Spurs

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Defoe is sheer quality, what we need to do to accommodate all our strikers is to just try and try to get keane on the left wing. Alright his crosses aren't legendary (but neither are lennons!) however Keane is one of the best dribblers in the premiership and with those skills he will be able to beat most right backs, and With Keane/lennon on the left/right flank respectively and defoe and berbatov (who link up pretty well) in the centre we will have an awesome attack. As for Mido, he can carry on winning the corners as a super sub in the last 20 mins....
Never ever should we consider selling him....who to? our rivals? who are above us...never...

Besides if that fails we should still have about 10+m to spend on a left wing in the January transfer window

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think we should sack Jol and have Glen Hoddle as a manger - he will sort us out and win things - you'll see.

Anonymous said...

JolsGoneMental said

So what you are saying is that MJ blew 5th spot? So who got us into 4th position for most of the season, the tooth fairy perhaps!!!

Just shows you how much you know about football, have you ever been to a game, your probably a frustrated Man U fan.

Anonymous said...

You realise its actually you guys who get on the managers back and the teams back who are the problem. Its ridiculous.....Jol has been a god at white hart fans make me sick...Jolsgonemental is a fucking wanker along with any other negative wankercuntarse

Anonymous said...

Jolsgonemental you are a wanker

JolsGoneMental said...

If you finsihed 5th after being top 4 for the majority of the season I view that as losing 4th not winning a 5th spot.

Anonymous said...

JolsGoneMental said

You didn't answer the question, who got us into the position to win 4th spot??

I take it that you don't think MJ had anything to do with it.

Harry Hotspur said...

Lads, if you think someone (including me) is talking sh*te, can we raise the bar a little and express why in words just a tad more sophisticated than ' your a muggy sp*nkface c*nt' etc etc.

Football Factory was a great film but I don't want to spend my recreational time with those who failed the auditions.

I'll probably get slated for posting this but someone posting a four paragraph thought only to be told they're a c*nt who wants a slap isn't debate.

I've just checked this blog's front page and nowhere does it say Cyber Warriors Wanted.


JolsGoneMental said...

anonymous, why post under anonymous?

If you are so sure of you opinion why hide?

Personally I think we were lucky to get alot of the wins we did, yes we were solid and i thought they caught a few teams out but we rode ourt luck.

Also our direct rivals were having there worst season in a decade. And we still couldnt get one ovber them

To put it in perspective we just pipped Blackburn to 5th in the end.

Harry Hotspur said...

Oh yeah, I couldn't give a monkey's if you've found a site that has 99% support for Jol.

I'd rather read confliting opinions by people with passion than surround myself with a bunch of mindless rosetinted spectacle wearing nodding dogs calling themselves 'staunch'.

I'll run a piece saying "Klinnsman In By Christmas" if I think it'll give 3 people like me a a break from the largely awful performances served up by this directionless mob of superstars.


Anonymous said...

JolsGoneMental said...

Block 52, Row 9, Seat74

OK You so clever. what would you do, sack our most successful manager since the Premiership started?

You need to grow up, we are not going to become a top 4 side over night, it will take a number of seasons.

MJ did an outstanding job to get us into 5th spot and if anything we were unlucky not to get 4th. If leadly hadn't broken his foot and Mido got injured we would have done it.

It's easy to critise what would you do?

JolsGoneMental said...

well put Harry, Klinsmann for me too.

The blind faith ProJol mob do make me laugh and I cant help going a little too far just to wind them up.

They try and act like they are the voice of reason and not reactionary, yet are almost extremist in their fervor and stubbornness to defend Jol (as if he is some sort of defenceless sheep in need of heroic protection). I have yet to see a well worded articulate response, its all insults and witless threats.

Anonymous said...

Defoe is better then mido and sometimes better then keane he just needs to get a lot of games and he be the best scorer we had for a few times!

dannyboy - the voice of reason said...

fuck off you wankers
bring back hoddle? really suuccessful last time - if my memory serves me right he was sacked after losing 3 - 1 at home to fulham !!!!

heres a challenge - if you are all that unhappy, chuck all your season tickets on the pitch at the slavia prague game. not mindless gestures like last game of the season v blackburn a couple of years ago when it didnt matter.

harry - my opinion of you has gone right down. bring in klinsmann if it makes 3 people happy ? u twat.

support the current management. read his comments on the spurs web site - hes as pissed of as us.

now fuck off the lot of you negative pricks and get behind the club. either that or boycott the game saturday and let real supporters go.


Anonymous said...

Tottenham Hotspur dominated possession against Fulham today, but created no chances for three strikers, and look likely to struggle for months.

There were predictable defeats to Bolton and Man U, and a mould breaking defeat to ten-man Everton at home. But a listless draw at home against Fulham signals that Spurs are set for an extended stay near the foot of the table.

The cause of this is very simple. The Lilywhites scarcely venture within twenty yards of either edge of the pitch, and thus make it easy for opponents to pack the box and head hopeful crosses clear.

Against Everton, despite a one man advantage, new players just couldn’t break down a solid defence. But that was defeat to a good and very complete side. Defeats against Bolton and ManU could be written off after years of failure at the Reebok and Old Trafford.

Today was different. This was Fulham. A side that at best was mediocre, and that offered little attacking threat and that has a less than stellar defence.

So the fact that Spurs spent 90 minutes giving up very few chances at the back was hardly surprising. Sadly though, they also spent 90 minutes floating high balls on to Zat Knight’s head.

Barely one low cross or pass through the defence was played. Instead the midfield stood with the ball, poised outside the Fulham box, and lifted it in time and time and time again.

Playing like that there is always a chance a deflection might land close to a Spurs foot or head and offer a chance of a shot. Unfortunately the two occasions when Spurs got lucky, the players to benefit were Tainio and Essou-Ekotto. Neither were likely to score their half chances, and neither did.

To put that in perspective, Mido and Keane had roughly no shots on goal all day, and a lively Defoe sent one free kick off target. And that was it for strikers hoping to score.

Essou-Ekotto and Chimbonda to their credit, did try to get wide with the ball. Unfortunately, as they did the midfield all drifted towards the middle of the box, offering the full-backs little chance to get deep or play a useful ball. Again the end result was usually a lofted ball to the head of Zat Knight.

Finally, in the second half, things changed a little. Zokora saw some space in front of him and ran at it with the ball. A little while later Defoe did likewise. Both were blatantly fouled before they could shoot, and Spurs put the free kicks off target. But at least there was recognition from those players that thoughtless lobbed balls just didn’t work.

However, this was a passing fad and Spurs returned to type. This was partly because Fulham were able to safely draw all their players into central areas, where Spurs had all their players. And it was partly because as the team saw the main tactic fail time and time again, everyone but Keane and Robinson, along with subs Defoe and Davids, seemed to give up hope.

As the game died away, only those four rushed to get play going again when the ball went out. Only those four tried to rush the ball forward at a Fulham side happy to waste as much time as possible. In short, only those four were still fighting while everyone else let the momentum die every time they got the ball.

The next three games are Liverpool and Villa away, and an excellent Pompey at home. As such it seems Spurs will have a very long wait in store for another league goal and probably a fifth league point. All of those sides are better than Fulham. All of them are defensively tight. And all of them are likely to at least sneak a winner.

But a very poor start lasting eight games is nothing compared to what may be to follow. Three months of transfer window saw Spurs start out with a simple list. First, if possible, get a couple of full-backs to supplement our otherwise useful defence. Secondly, sign a new big striker, to offer an option other than Mido plus one.

But crucially, the list’s biggest priority, was to sign a winger for the left hand side to help open up defences. Instead, Spurs effectively chose not to, and got rid of Routledge from the right hand side. Apparently no one thought Lennon might suffer an injury.

Note that Spurs have just two goals in five league games. The first was thanks to Lennon’s pace out wide (followed by his low cross to Berbatov). The second came on the break against a Sheffield United team who had to press forward because they were behind to that first goal.

With Lennon sitting behind the bench injured, and Routledge sitting behind the Fulham bench, on loan, Spurs seem to have nothing to offer against resilient organized defences. And that just about describes most sides in the Prem this season.

A long hard slog ending in painful disappointment now looks likely.

Harry Hotspur said...

The Klinnsman thing if you care to reread, Danny was a joke.

You've called me a good few names so I'll return the favour.

You're thin skinned.

If you think anyone with half a brain is happy with the dross that's being served up at present you're wrong. If, you think by shouting and getting stroppy with those who dare to voice their concern you'll shut them up, you're wrong.

You forget yourself, you're no more of a fan than anyone else who loves this club - which incidentally I think 99% of those posting would describe themselves as.

People who tell people at the top of their voice how 'staunch' they are and how 'fickle' others are invariably uninformed and dull dull dull.

If you want to rant at and I quote, "w*nkers" try an ars*nal forum they're full of them. This blog has only got Spurs fans on it.


Anonymous said...

Our chances for a succesful season looks over. And I realy cannot see us wining any games in the near future, unless Jol sorts out the crap midfield. Our strikers are being starved of service.

Tainio, keeps showing us that he has fitness problems in that he cannot remain fit for two games in a row. This means that we need to use Zigler as back up.

Jenas is not a winger and it shows, but he has to be used there because of the bad move to loan Routledge to Fulham. After all, its hardly rocket science to retain the only other right sided winger than Lennon at the club!!

We should use Davids or Huddlestone as the defensive midfielder,and Zokora as the attacking midfielder.

Jol also needs to teach the midfield how to move forward to support attacking moves. Otherwise it will be much harder to score some goals. At the momement we couldn't score even if we tried. Absolute joke, and totally unacceptable.

dannyboy said...

harry mate - 100% spurs here, have been since 1973 and counting.
ranting, letting off steam, call it what u will - not thin skinned, just passionate.

just putting a point of view across. just extremely pissed off when i read dross by so called supporters. all entitled to our own points of view - as you are yours.

by dross i mean sack jol 5 games into a season - incredible !!

i'll be at slavia prague, as i was for the 1st leg, even if we get beat 5 - 0 saturday, as i'm sure you will.


Harry Hotspur said...

Spot on mate.


Anonymous said...

"even if we get beat 5 - 0 saturday"

Harry Hotspur said...
Spot on mate.

What have we come to? The team have not scored in something like 5 hours of play. Relegation form, pure and simple. Open your eyes and see the reality!!

Anonymous said...

And Harry, I suspect you already know that the team is playing shite football.

You did after all post a video a few weeks ago about the style of play which our team needs to get back to!

Anonymous said...

I hate to ruin everybody's day but we're actually gonna be fine. It's just a bad start fella's, just like several other sides are having.

Now......take a deep breath........ hold it.........a n d......o u t... .......

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, let our anger out!!! Fat lot of use that will do!!

We are going down unless things change!

Face facts, no goals in 5 hours of play.

Unless thing change in the next five games Jol will be sacked!!

Mark my words and remember this!!!

Anonymous said...

Famous last words "too good to go down"!!!

This phrase stick with us this season.

But the reality is because of bad management we are rubbish in midfield, which means that we are unlikely to win any games unless we play utter dross.

Not much dross about, unfortunately!!!!!!!

cliff thorburn's elfin bride said...

good points well made. Let's hope we aren't all burnt as witches by the 'staunch' brigade...

Anonymous said...

Harry your stats of 29 goals in 58 games where did you find them.
JD has scored only 29 goals in the premiership for Spurs in almost three seasons

Anonymous said...

now for the most true , realistic and honest comment - jolsgonemental and harry hotspur are miseral twats that need a reality check - where were you through the years from 91 - now? did u witness the shit league form throughout those years ????? did u return home every week pissed off ?? i doubt it otherwise you wouldnt be saying last season was a bad result were tottenham wake up we are not chelsea man u arsenal or liverpool - and it will take years to get on a par with those teams who have performed year in year out Consistantcy u twats i rest my case by mugs and yes football factory is a good film and yes u do need a smack freedom of speach is magic

Anonymous said...

Dear Marty-baby the big boot from Robbo or Dawson to big striker to flick on to little striker is not the greatest tactic but it has no chance at all when big striker stands on left wing all game. a plan that has half a chance would be much appreciated.

Blog head said...

Anon 9.40

You are not worthy to tickle Martin Jols balls,

But you can tickle mine for me if you lie, Go on, Tickle me, Tickle my balls now !!!!!!!!!!

JolsGoneMental said...

anonymous 9.23.

Hello Huscarl, only you can consistantly spell speech with an a.

Why the secrecy? scared?

Blog head said...


I bet you aren't a season ticket holder cos you dont know shit


Anonymous said...

jols gone mental ,
im not scared my name is rash i sit in the north lower - and i dont give a flying fook what twats like you think - you know where to find me ? or maybe in the park pub ? scared ??????? :)

Anonymous said...

who thinks jols gone mental is a wanker? and should take up sewing?
please leave your comments lol

Anonymous said...


Listen...5 Games in...yep not playing well.... not scoring goals.. but ledley has been out...chimbonda just arrived..berbatov injured ...zokora getting accustomed to premiership football...lennon injured..need i go on!? united have been in great form yet we should have nicked a draw! bolton is our bogey side....everton had to beat us sometime in the last 20 years! and we are off to a winning start in europe!! Can we possibly stop panicking!?look at liverpool and arsenal!? they are expected to be up there with chelsea and man utd...but are they ? NO! everyone can have a bad start to a we want to go back top the days of Christian graham....or jaque santini? I FUCKING HOPE NOT! so how about you get behind the club!? if we had a bad 5 game run in the middle of the season like last wouldnt be saying all this crap why at the start when there is every reason to give the players a bit of time to bed in , recover from injury or world cup! look at the teams that are playing well.......they didnt have a fucking players at the world cup!!! pompey!!?? jesus..... maybe one or two!! GIVE JOL A BREAK...HE'S THE BEST MANAGER WE HAVE HAD FOR YEARS!!


spursfan4ever said...

I agree. We have been unlucky so far with injuries etc. King -out, Lennon- Out, Barbetov- Out- Zaroka in , Chimbonda -in,Mido - back in etc. The team just needs time to gel.We drew after playing (and winning away)in Europe for Gods sake. I would expect the team to get better real soon. If the fans got behind the team and tried to lift them instead of Knocking them at every chance. Leave MJ alone he is the beast manager in recent years and I feel sorry for the guy. If I was him I would tell the Spurs fan to stick their job. Get behind the team at Liverpool, cheer instead of booing and lift the team. Come on u Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Would you ever get over defoe!! The rest of your post are tip top tommy, definitely the right job.

Anonymous said...

I've read most of these posts and im confused, this is a blogsite for fans of which club, arsewipes or Spurs?

Anonymous said...

We have now played 6, won 1, drawn 1 and lost 4. Goals for 2, against 7.

If that is not relegation form, what is?

Anonymous said...


We have now played 6, won 1, drawn 1 and lost 4. Goals for 2, against 8.

If that is not relegation form, what is?

Jol has three more league games to get some points:

Home 1st Oct Portsmouth
Away 14th Oct Aston Villa
Home 21st Oct West Ham

otherwise he will defintely be sacked!!

EL said...
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