Thursday, September 14, 2006

Come On You Euro Spurs!!!!!!

Fast forward : Seven seasons on since '84 do we look lively enough?
Whilst our defense didn't look impregnable, it did put up a 'CLOSED' sign on it's front door. Our real question mark came from the quality of distribution from midfield. Frankly Huddlestone fans, he WAS lacking.

The biggest plaudit of the night is to the Tottenham fans. Clearly as 'active' as rumoured when the Slavia Prague man went down, " Does She Take It .............. etc".

Proud to hear you fellas tonight. Really proud.

Jenas must have placated many Yids tonight, his stroking distribution was Thierry Henryesque.

Back to what we do, his goal was pure Spurs. It demonstrated pure Spurs at it's best. He was pinged the ball back from a searching pass and put in the position that every Spurs glory boy secretly wants. A chance too 'do it'.

Sweetly struck, one nil at half time weighed in as heavy as it ever does.

Positives? Zokora. Yes please. Chimbonda again. Defender & winger. King - Rio's model. Dawson - beautifully timed headers plus a desire to attack, attack will warm you to our hearts. Defoe & Mido both tracking back when we were chasing. Quality combined with a pure a passion.

Spurs in Europe? We've got Robbie AND Berby up our sleeves.



Anonymous said...

Thought Hudders looked good tonight.

Was I watching a different match?

Anonymous said...

Sorry mate, if you think that Huddlestone was lacking then you watched a different game. I watched it on TV and he was class.

He made some lovely challenges and allowed Zakora time to get forward. Personally, I think he is coming together nicely.

He made some cracking passes as well.

Dont know how you saw otherwise....

Anonymous said...

Phew, thought it was me.

Hudders and Zokora looked superb - for me Zoks was MOTM!

Who's Carrick?

Anonymous said...

Harry's happy!

Scratchinmegroin said...

Get in there! Great result. I must say the play was most enjoyable to watch. That young Mr. Huddlestone, ooooh, I wouldn't mind his slippers under my bed.

Ad the Yid said...

To be honest, yes we won, but was anyone impressed. I for 1 was shouting with frustration at the lack of attacking thrust. Lazy misplaced passes and the space we gave them in the 2nd half. Defoe was truly awful. His first touch was woeful and usually ended up 5 yards in fronyt of him. How many times did we give posession up cheaply. We'd have the ball, the producers at chennel 5 would show a brief replay and when we returned to the action prague had the ball back. 1st half? spot on, cant fault them. 2nd half, sloppy, invited pressure, lost possesion too easily, no ideas upfront. Once again spurs prove themselves to be below par when they probably could and should have killed off the tie tonight. I'll be there at WHL for the return leg and god I hope we improve. I'll be there sunday too and if our second half is like it was tonight, youll recognise me as the guy slumped in a seat on the shelf crying silently into his shirt. Yes I'm being negative cos a gainst better opposition we'd have been beaten!! Simple as that!!

Harry Hotspur said...

ad the yid welcome.

I think your beef with Defoe is harsh, but some already think my remarks on TH are unfair. So who knows...

Inteliigent constructive critisism is welcome on HH - right chaps???

KingGlenn said...

Ad The Yid, you grumpy fella!
Can see where you are coming from but, compared to the Everton match, thought we looked miles better for most of tonight
Huddlestone/Zokora has got to be the future in Centre Midfield
Didn't think Tom had it in him to put a foot in, but he combined his normal silky touch with a fair bit of steel
Zokora was awesome
Agree that the front 2 didn't fire 100%, but it was surely a major step forward on previous weeks and I am feeling a lot happier ahead of Sunday and the return leg
Who knows, we may even give Liverpool a decent match a week saturday
Most importantly, we are looking OK for the UEFA Group Stages which is surely the over-riding objective
COYS and roll on 28th Sept at WHL!
Unlike those Appy Ammers - hoho!!

ad the yid said...

Cheers HH. Last thing I wanted to do was put a dampner on things. Got an away win and away goal in what was a tricky tie and no we can go into the game on sunday full of confidence. It just really got on my nerves tonight, especially afeter the 1st half show, which was fantastic. Solid defence, strong dominant midfield and mobile forwards. I think we can deliver so much but i worry that our lack of width cramps our play and once that happens we run out of ideas. To be fair to Defoe, what he lacked in touch and awareness tonight he made up in effort and touch comes back to a player when playing regular. Come on you Spurs

Anonymous said...

very good points. nice forum!

Anonymous said...

And Davids looked iffy as ever. First touch was a giveaway. I despair. Anywho, COYS!

Vinny said...

This same midfield should start the next game against Fulham. This is the midfield bar Lennon for Jenas that I wanted to see starting a long time ago. But Jenas played well and will be good more defensive RM cover for Lennon. Good to see Davids effin last! Worrying that our forwards are not scoring. Would like to see Berby and Keano start next game, with Mido and Defoe on the bench ready to storm on, if needed. Or maybe a great time to try the 3 pronged attack in Lennons absence? Keep the rest of the team the same. On the bench Cerny, Ziegler, Murphy/Ghaly/Davids, Defoe and Mido. Chimbonda showed again he wasnt in the prem team of the year for nothing, was well happy we signed him, even at 5 million is worth it with at least 5 good seasons to be had out of him. Zokora carried on the good work from Saturday. Huddlestone needs time as carrick did, but is class and will come good, trust me Arry me old mate.

Harry Hotspur said...

If Vincenzo believes, I'm prepared to believe too....

Or at least try! (F*ck me he made some dodgy passes tonight)

Anonymous said...

Point of info for those not actually at the game. "Does he take it up the ****" was in fact "Does SHE take it up the ****" and directed at the lass who did indeed "Get her tits out for the lads" and had nothing whatsover to do with anything happening on the pitch. I suspect Robbo must have been mystified when he heard "Robbo, Robbo show us your tits" unless he hadn't actually been concentrating on the game.

Vinny said...

Cheers Arry ;) The Hud needs a little time and backing by Jol, just like he championed Carrick after that dik Santini left. Gives young players with a lot of potential the belief and confidence to fulfill it. Not saying will happen over night, after all Carrick himself took a good couple of years to establish himself too. Unfortunately we could not help his departure, and so inevitably there will be a mini transitional period for Carricks old position to be filled. We are lucky we have the possibility of filling it at all, as those kind of players are rare these days. Pirlo at AC Milan another great example of this rare kind of player...great vision, always an outlet for defence to link with, calms and compose all players around them dictating the pace of the game...pure footballing artistry. Except if big tom develops a steely side to his game, he could be even better than Michael who?

EL said...

Considering how little he's played for us I thought Tommy 'H' played pretty well and it was good to see some physical presence in the middle. Zakora was outrageous with his midfield bite and penetrative runs all over the place, move over Davids! The back five once Ledders is properly up to speed is top 3 in my oppinion and if Jenas could muster that sort of performance for 9 in every 10 games I'd stop worrying about needing a playmaker. For those of you concerned about lack of 'thrust', of course we're lacking thrust, we've no fucking wingers plus in my view the two frontmen we played are the two which rely most on service. Both Berbatov & Keane I tend to think are more mobile and use the ball better outside the box when they're on form. All things considered I thought they did a very good job away from home, under problematic circumstances against a fairly useful side. Now lets unceremoniously trample all over fulham and get our prem campaign back on track.

Go on the Spurs!

DannyBoy said...

i was at the game and must say harry, i think youre being a bit unfair on huddlestone. he did give away the ball a few times, but in my opinion, got better as the game went on - a confidence thing.
im told he runs englands u-21 midfield, but thats because hes used to playing with the same players, familiarity etc give him a run of half a dozen games and he will improve every time. hes still only 20 dont forget.

other points, zokora was awesome - was davids of 10 years ago. sorry edgar, your starting place is gone mate. tanioi struggled, but not match fit. daws looks so much more assured with king alongside. benny is slowly developing into a class left back. lost count the amount of times he made their right mid look stupid. mido - liven up mate, dont let the laziness return. defoe lacking confidence.

overall, clean sheet, a win and a professional job done.

final word - we have quite simply the best fans in the country. the atmosphere was quite amazing. would have liked to have heard it on tv, but alas had to settle with being at the game !! interesting to note ferguson is slating man ures fans for being too sleepy! bit coincidental after they were outsung by both celtic and us last week ?!