Monday, April 10, 2006

Stuck In The Mido With You

Do we - don't we, either way it seems the knives are out. According to some the Egyptian ought to be signed as fast as humanly possible, to others we are bungling into a potential minefield with an out of form Phoney Pharoah who has proven nothing and comes at a price tag which seems to have bloated in direct corallation to his own waistband.

Jol made no secret that he expected fifteen goals by now and whilst he's had most of them, the anti Mido contingent are insisting he's too like their local chip shop; he doesn't deliver.

My personal opinion is that a great many of these whinging yids are the same mob who rather truclantly didn't care if Robbie Keane stayed or left once the back pages began proffering second rate transfer link after second rate transfer link.

It seems to me that too much huff and puff is being made of the whole affair. Perhaps the prolonged exposure to the rarified atmosphere of fourth place in the Premiership is the cause of it all. Maybe it's steam release mechanism - we are't coping with the pressure of an imminent overtaking manovoure by the fiendish *rsenal at the death of the campaign.

Let's buy him. Business is good, so much so that should we wish to buy better - his purcahse wouldn't negate that. I'm all for critising the player's when it's due, but let's have a little more support for a man who's seemingly one the hearts and minds but yet has to win the war.


Anonymous said...

I say sign him. We could do a lot worse than him at 5 million and we already know he has benefited the team and being young and passionate about Spurs has potential to develop further.

Think that he is a good calculated risk (low risk) and being one for the future could always be sold on if things go wrong. What you get for 5 million these days is rejects or unproven players that are a gamble and not sure if they will succeed. Still would be even better if we would have got him at 3.5 Million as previously suggested.

After that we need one more player to make up our 4 strikers hopefully a world class player like Kuyt, depending on whether we will be in the champs lge or Uefa cups.

So if our strike force next season did consist of:

Kuyt - 12 million
Mido - 5 million
Keano - 7 million
Defoe - 7 million

IMO that would make a top class strike force worth 31 million which putting into perspective is approximately the cost of just one Chelski striker alone in Didier Drogba, how about that?!


EL said...

Ever since his arrival Mido has blown hot and cold and there's no other big striker with which to compare him or who might help us to see how he responds to pressure or being dropped. Remember his behaviour in Egypt? As a player in a team with two big strikers he's an unknown quantity. Add this to his ability to disappear in some games, appear fairly inaffective in others, and manage only 11 goals inspite of playing in most games and you have a player who despite what he thinks of himself is a little overrated. After this summers spending I would expect to see playing 2nd fiddle much of the time to whoever we buy for upfront. I don't know what figures are being bandied but if they want more than 4 mil I'd rather the cash went on a top drawer replacement.

Anonymous said...

i find it incredible that we would not buy him.

Anonymous said...

testing testing............

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