Friday, April 14, 2006

Psychological Damage

I believe we can beat Everton, but the pyschological damage to the squad if we don't would be horrible. It's probably the most important game in a way. A win sends out a clear 'we mean business home & away' signal. If we are to threaten the *rse at home we have to go there with current form on our side and not 'hoping for a miracle'. I think the Man Ure game is about damage limitation and attacking on the break. they made Wenger's CL men look like schoolboys. nobody expects us to beat them so we MUST remain focused with every blooby pass or we will be screwed! Bolton, believe it or not I see as the toughest game. they are bloody hard work, they travel well and they are totally frustrating in so many ways. West Ham must be squashed - even if we only turn them over like we did to Man City.

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mabbutt said...

Great photo, Harry, is that you, mate!? Fantastic win at Everton. Haven't seen the Sky highlights yet, but a win is win. Let's have a right good go at ManUre, eh?