Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spurs May Yet Come Undunne

There may have been a 'slight snag'

Harry Redschnapps is trying to ruin a Daily Mail exclusive!
An alleged medical has been allegedly postponed as a result.

"I like Richard Dunne. I think he's a top player but I think there's a couple of clubs in for him at the moment, but I think we've got as good a chance as anyone now." said 'Arry.

Pompey are by their own admission 'in' for Dunne. Newcastle's name is being bandied about, but my view is that 'bandied' is about the size of it.

There is an added dimension to this of course in so much that mouths in Portsmouth have expressed an interest in Kaboul. A player as we know who has been very vocal about wanting to join Pompey...

Which player would you take?

Keano is said to be "really pushing him hard." This is a family show and consequently I am appalled at the thought of this sort of thing taking place, ahem, unless it's consentual, of course.

This is the same Keane who failed to convince Duff to bring his good self our own injury table, by the way...


Anonymous said...

I'm Irish Harry and I like Dunne .. but I don't think hes top 4 .. I'd have him in the team instead of Daws anyday but still feel he only SHOULD be a squad player at best. That is if Tottenham want to be top 4 material. Dunne, I'm sure won't be having that .. hence Harry Rednapp sowing the seeds of doubt in his mind ..

Harry Hotspur said...

bush spurs I think you've got that 100% right. 'Arry will be saying this and more.

Tottenham? He knows they will make him work for his shirt and ultimately whatever Robbie Keane whispers in his lughole... it won't be as sweet as 'Arry's promises of endless shirt waring and building for the future...

Or will it?

Dunne would be good as he's ready to go...

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that Dunne doesn't get fished-in by this desperate attempt by Redknapp to convince him he'd be better off at Fratton Park.

King seems to be a long way short of getting back to full fitness, so he's almost guaranteed a first team spot alongside Woodgate next season.

Dawson, bless him, has his heart in the right place but he panics at crucial moments. You could say he'll get better with age, but I never remember Woodgate or King making such fundamental errors when they were younger.

Harry Hotspur said...

"Shirt waring"

Oh well... may have coined a phrase. One of no great note... but...

Anonymous said...

I just wish we'd make a hatful of signings then get on with pre-season. Stop the farting about!
In Ramos we trust?


Harry Hotspur said...

Dannyboy, I think the fannying around is largely down to the high level security blanket cast over this windows dealings... Someone take Paul Kemsley out for a Biriani!

Anonymous said...

Dunne would be better off stay at Man City than going to Pompey.

Anonymous said...

We dont need Dunne if king is fit. We need Capel and Dos Santos

Anonymous said...

Capel is coming.

Anonymous said...

I think he's a really good option, maybe not top 4 but sure a strong 3rd option........

Anonymous said...

When are you lot gonna wake up and cross King out of the reckoning? His appearance record in the past few seasons means he must be discounted in the planning and kept as a squad player, because that's all he has been. If he proves me wrong then great but let's not be naive enough to think it will happen.

Therefore we need Dunne because he can do a job and is relatively cheap, especially as Dawson is not up to it. Maybe Gunter can do a job there as well but rest assured that given King and Woodgate's fitness record, we will have several matches of Dawson + a.n.other and that will cost us dearly. So better that we buy somebody who can drop straight into that position.

Other than goalie, central defence is the key to next season.

Harry Hotspur said...

I think you're right...

Anonymous said...

In the Kitchen..

Do you KNOW that Capel is coming ? Is this from a good source?

Anonymous said...

Finally a reliable centre back to cover my place, am pushing up to DM to be the next viera or keane. Brilliant!! Im definitely playing first team in the world cup squad now. Hagreaves is shite!! Oh shit, metal knee caps come off.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to forget about it when you're not in it, but the Euro's are on this summer after all. Many of the clubs could be waiting to have a good look at who's on offer after the tournament and players equally will be out to impress. I don't think a blitz of signings is likely to happen. Not yet anyway. But then THFC do have a knack of catching us all off guard

Anonymous said...

Stop this Dos Santos talk. Don't need him, unprooven, and if he was any good Barca would'nt let him go

Harry Hotspur said...


Are you nuts?

That IS a genuine an invite to discuss, seriously, this fella IS not rubbish. The world knows this.


Anonymous said...


Ur right, he's unproven at this level and so was christiano the - 42 goal scoring machine - when he moved to manure.

Ramos, what the hell are u thinking??? Dos Santos?? get kaka..


Anonymous said...

I like Kaboul and though not many will agree i actually rate him. Confident going forward, showed that hes confortable with the ball. Really think he should be allowed time to adopt to the english game and groom into the spurs system.

He will come good in years to come. Hot prospect and obviously much better than daws.

Anonymous said...



frankly the suspense is killing me..

i really hope that the proverbial carrots of Dos Santos and Capel are not being dangled in front of us only to be whisked away again in a flash..

and, for that matter, as much as i love Berb, i need an answer so that if he does go then i can move on as quickly as possible..

imagine Capel, Modric and Berb in the one team.. am i dreaming?? we're 2/3 of the way there but Berb, i need an answer..

Anonymous said...

i don't get would dunne be guaranteed a shirt at pompey - Judas and Distin have just won the cup with them, who's shirt would he take?

Anonymous said...


"Ramos, what the hell are u thinking??? Dos Santos?? get kaka.."


Anonymous said...

Again, I appreciate Dunne, but if you're going to raid ManC for a defender, why not go for Richards, who is younger and more versitile?

At any rate, the following potential 1st team lineup sounds like a big improvement.. 4-3-3 then?

Dos Santos


Zok (probably won't happen)

TMWNN said...

Think we'll see at least 1 player from our current midfield sold. The players earmarked above won't raise much cash collectively for new players.

Not too bothered one way or another if Dos Santos or Dunne aren't coming, hope Capel does though.

Anonymous said...

If there is any substance in Kaboul's link to Pompey, might it be that Rednapp is using Dunne as leverage to obtain Kaboul more cheaply, with the threat of snaffling Dunne instead if we don't reduce our price?

Pompey can offer European footie next season, and maybe the lure of Rednapp's 'English Riviera' lifestyle is a bit tempting.

Dunne probably is more assured of regular starting-places at Pompey but, before he commits, he might want to consider David Nugent's experience of the Riviera life.

Anyway, if Dunne doesn't sign for us, it's the way it is. Some do, some don't. It's a competitive market.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

I can understand theorising the whole using Dunne as leverage to try and acquire Kaboul on the cheap thing. I probably would indulge myself by jumping on that particular train, however. I believe there is always at least some credence to what Mr Redknapp says.

Therefore, I firmly believe 'arry would like the player and has made him an offer, which is to say Dunne is in the enviable position of having the choice of two great managers to work with.

Unknown said...

Anon 01:00

Agreed that the Euro cup does provide a chance to check out players one last time in the transfer window...but then you end up players like Zokora popping their ugly heads up and ending up at the club.

Meanwhile class like Ronaldo, Henry, Lampard (even if you hate Chelsea he is still a great player) and so on play like absolute shite for their respective countries.

I think it is more likely that targets have been chosen and the Euros would only come into play if Ramos and co don't want to risk buying a player who becomes crocked on the international stage.

onedavemackay said...

I am not really bothered whether we buy Dunne or not as there are any number of decent central defenders available. The critical positions for us are goalkeeper, defensive midfield and striker (depending on Berbas departure obviously).

Anonymous said...


Interesting. Please name 3 available centre halfs who would improve our squad; the emphasis on available. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

reductio ad absurdum.

Unknown said...

The Daily Mirror:

"Others on the way out include England keeper Paul Robinson, who is heading to Middlesbrough, and young midfielder Gary O'Hara."

Fecking halfwits.

Anonymous said...

Harry, Pompey have offered Dunne a really good deal in terms of money and are being upfront with him in that they see him as a Cnutbell replacement. Our offer is not so good.

More interesting and you touched on it recently is that Pompey want Lennon but only see him worth about half of the 12 million that Levy sees him worth. Typical.

benhotspur said...

hi guys, i am a fellow yid from shrewsbury, i was at a house party last night and joe hart's dad was there. He told me that joe had signed for spurs and that it was definately a done deal. Apparantly it will be made public after international duties. I have just been down the bookies and placed a £100 bet at 6/1, i suggest you all do the same! watch this space....

Harry Hotspur said...

Joe Hart? 6/1? Which bookies, mate?