Saturday, May 03, 2008

Spurs & Boris Win, But Taarabt Hands In Transfer Request

What can I tell you? Nothing about this little lot. Even the 'Not quite in love with Robbie Brigade' will fail to welcome another three points...

Oh, yes, freshly stolen* from Spurs Odious, Edel Taarabt has handed in a request and been asked to wait untill the summer but we want to keep him. 'To do what with?' Has to have been his response.

And Kaboul, what of Kaboul? He's the subject of an offer of £5million from Portsmouth...

What a mess.

Keep It Tottenham.


Anonymous said...

While I got really excited by Adel after the WH and Chelsea games last season, as well as his pre-season involvement, it seems that he has to be number one in a team to play well. Or rather he needs the team to set him up, not vice-versa. Shame but for 3-4 million I would let him go. He is so young that his prospective genious works in our favour in the transfer market.

With Kaboul the story is somewhat different. I think we should try and hold on to him, but if he wants out there is not much we can do in the long run. He has great talent but unfortunately Jol gave him too much playing time (out of necessity of course). One's appetite grows the more they eat - Or something like that.

10 million for both of them would be good business in my opinion...

Markspur said...

And the Spurs merry-go-round is here again! is he staying - isn't he! Quite frankly I find it totally boring. I've finally learned to love just the shirt and whatever with the players. Comparing players with a lover, I see Berbo like a descent Parisian whore, in camisole and stockings, giving quality time, until her pimp comes along with the next client. Klinnsman is the one night stand, gone before you wake up, but leaving you with some great, but brief memories. Campbell, the pig you fell in love with. Then fucks off with your best mate, or worst enemy. The Perrymans, faithful till the end, even standing by you when you totally mess up. The Gins and Hoddle's, at times totally thrilling, then frustrating sulking for weeks, and never sure what you're getting next! The Johnny Pratt's, sticking like glue, and unable to shake them off. Bless him! Taarabt will not be content with an occasional cameo appearance. If Ramos wants to play others, then he should be sold. Sickening if he goes onto great things. But blinkered as I am, I must admit we play some great football at times, but we are not in a position to kick out great talent. As for Kaboul, well his silly comments are no different from that shirt-throwing pratt who is too good for all and sundry. Either work hard and justify your place in a vital position, or naff off. Hopefully we'll finally get a settled and successful squad, bedded in by this tine next year! COYS!

Anonymous said...

I really don't want Taarabt to leave... I think he's got a lot of potential and is what we need, a midfielder who is not afraid to dribble and shoot!

frontwheel said...

I'll have a half of what Markspur's on...

Only joking, I quite enjoyed your players as women metaphors.

What's Keano then? A jolly Irish barmaid who always cheers you up, knows right what you want, adds it all up in her head and has the right change ready but occasionally tries to serve to many people at once and everyone ends waiting?

Was Teddy the bird who fucked off with the rich bloke for a while, you took her back and although it was good it just couldn't ever be quite the same?

There must be more of these. Could be quite a fun game. What woman would Anderton be? Freund?

PS Yes, I am very bored. (Hurry up in that bloody shower Mrs Frontwheel, it's lovely out there!)


Mysterious Stranger said...

A real shame if we let go of Taarabt. Having said that I am not surprised he would do this (hand in a transfer request). He is clearly talented if not the finished article yet, but he wants opportunities to prove himself, at first team level and clearly isn't getting them. A little disappointed "the perfect one" hasn't involved him more in some of these recent "meaningless" games. I would have thought it would be a perfect moment to "blood him in", or really give us a proper chance to assess his potential.
I just loved it when he skipped past the Arsenal defence and got brought down in the area. Didn't love the fact we didn't get awarded the penalty... but it was a glimmer of his extreme talent which gave me hope for the future, and ultimately it may be one that will end up being showcased elsewhere.

Bye bye Kaboul I guess.

Anonymous said...

Let the Kaboul in a china shop go as he will never be comfortable with us. Anyone remember Ramon Vega? he was a danger in both boxes. Trabant is going nowhere so no great loss for us if he wants out.

sydney wale

EL said...

I agree that Taraabt has a lot of potential.

For catching 3 chickens in an aircraft hanger in under one minute.

Lot's of ability in the muscles; not a lot in the brain.

I'd take half the money back on Kaboul. Or possibly less if they threw in a sex doll.

Ok just a doll.

Ok just a voodoo doll of Berbatov's agent.

Ok and maybe a new stadium which isn't of the 'generic broad-bowl' variety. Please god.