Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Bids In For Berbatov

Tub thumping, verbally flatulent...only our mother's can tell us apart.

Old Emil has now turned his nickle twisting sights back on THFC.

And after much banging of his big Bulgarian comedy triangle and cries of, 'CERMUUUUUUURNGEDDIT!' it seems the queue barriers wheren't required afterall. Danchev's latest spiel is now some class of precocious damage limitation.

"Bulgaria's top-striker Dimitar Berbatov is very likely to become the best-paid player at the White Hart Lane stadium, if he decides to re-sign with Tottenham Hotspur,"

"Dimitar will not play football all his life. He is not so much after money as after professional development. It will be a hard summer for him, during which he is to decide where to continue his career"

It seems my attempt at funny yesterday in respect of hidden depths that latently lurk within the tortured genius were far too close to the truth for comfort.

So then, to recap.


Anagram to play with: and evil mench.
(Mench being a form of yiddish for human)


Anonymous said...

If we get a card and all sign it, will they make Berb stay?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It eems Emil hada good career befoe Berbatov

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read tribalfooties latest crap, supposedly "miguel" more like "manuel" from faulty towers who is now a cabbie found out from mr ramos himslf who his defo targets are, totally laughable, the old my mothers brother has a friend who told his aunties brother that X is joining , but of all links its suppose to be HENRY!

Anonymous said...

I think I just aw a tumble weed blowing by on Harrys site, is this a sign of things to come??

Christopher said...

I saw the tribal football thing.

Pretty classic story as always from the site that never quotes....well it does but who cares.

Anyway I have to say hands down that Chelsea really fucking deserve to win this game. I don't think i can deal with Man U winning the league AND the champions league.

Christopher said...

Well it seems I completely fucked their game up with good old sods law.

Anonymous said...

Droggers off for a two fingered slappp

Anonymous said...

£500mill Later and Chelski make the final, laughable

Harry Hotspur said...


Oh my dear boy, if only you knew what I knew.

Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

23.01 are you all there, son?

Anonymous said...

So why are'nt you watching it "YOU STUPID CNUT"

Anonymous said...

Peter Cech the HERO?

Christopher said...

Reallllly fucked off. I do NOT want Man U to win.

Christopher said...

Did I say really fucked off? I meant REEEAAAAAALY fucked off. Meh.

Anonymous said...

Abramo should have put his money into Enron, would have got as much payback, hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Wheres the Chelski smile??woooohoooo

Anonymous said...

is it wrong that a little bit of wee came out of me when
Terry missed that pen?


Anonymous said...

John Terry - always was a bit of a slippery character - Yay!!
Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke...always good to see a cheating Blue bastard cry like a spoiled kid.

So, which London teams won trophies this year??


Anonymous said...

How could any Spurs fan want Chelski to win you fu(king mug!!

Anonymous said...

Classic Images!!
John Terry slips on his arse and misses a penalty, Drogba red carded, Avram Grant trudging down the steps in a soaked suit with that expression of a man lost 2 finals this season......The best part is WE BEAT THIS BUNCH OF C###S 3 MONTHS AGO!!!!

Sydney Wale

Anonymous said...

Hard luck chelski ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha argh my sides are sore laughing

Anonymous said...

Is it not wonderful, that a former Arsenal player, now playing Chelsea fluffs their last penalty on top of Terry's earlier miss. I mean it is like the icing on the cake!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't leave us hanging like that.. If you have some breaking news please tell. Glad Chelski lost

Anonymous said...

He means the new HH site.

Anonymous said...

I want someone to remind Petr Cech of his boasting that Chelscumbastardscum were supposedly going to win the Quadruple this season. How'd that work out for you, Petr? Hmmmm? I think your helmet needs loosening. Tit.

As for Dantchev, a tiny little gleeful part of me thinks that maybe no-one wants to bid for Berbatov because of the way he's jerked us around. That fills me with a lovely, warm and ever-so-slightly spiteful glow.

dannyboy said...

As a FOOTBALL fan for 1 moment, putting rivalries aside, I say well done Manure and Chavski for putting on a fitting game of football which adequately proves they are the 2 best clubs in the country, if not Europe, by a country mile; something we as a club must aspire to. They have set the standards, we must strive to meet or better them.


Anonymous said...

Hey HH,

Great blog, just wanted to ask if you could post the link to this article ?

Anonymous said...


Hello and love as always.

If the Spurs site does not plaster the world with No. 1 Club in London,, then please.. sack the PR and give me the job.

It's a long time coming.

Did the honourable and caught the match with Utd pals on the Holloway. Dannyboy.. was it really that good.. in a boozer.. but i thought Utd especially below par.

But as every text came thru for whites of lilly.. "One day soon..."

God Bless Tottenham.

N8 White.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Maybe it was the pitch or the rain or the ungodly local hour of kick off but there was nothing great about the game last night other than the excitement of a shoot out. Couple of decent attacks from Manure but nothing else.

I looked back our our sterling performance in the Carling Cup final and wondered if the gap between us and them is really that difficult to bridge, providing we get a couple of new signings.

Everybody has holes to plug. Hardly anybody in the Chelsea team is going to improve next season, either due to inability or age. Manure similarly although not quite to that extent.

There is a glimmer of hope for us or even Villa providing Ramos is brave with signings and selection.

Saddens me to say it but Arsenal would have provided a much better footballing spectacle last night.

Thom said...


He has nothing to re-sign. I think Danchev the little dwarf added a hyphen.

Anonymous said...

Didn't feel sorry for them at all!!!. show some respect? like they do? wasn't it cech telling everyone they would win the quadrupedal? wasn't it them telling us they would win this ,that and the other after we beat them in the league cup final? last night was for the good of football and showed not only can you not buy class ,you cant buy European cups either.if you are a spurs fan you will have no sympathy for this soulless,arrogant trophy less club,
Spurs being London's most successful side this year :) (!)...
Big BoB

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do I feel sorry for John Terry. No, not really, The wanker let his side down badly!.i can still remember last season against them in fa cup semi how terry Lampard cole was laughing at spurs fans when they beat us, you could say beating them in cup final was enough no its not!!!. How they could let the England captain take a penalty I'll never understand. It's well known that in England you're more of a hero if you miss a pen than if you score, which is why the English have such a terrible shoot-out record.
But I digress: for the arrogant Chelsea to finish the season with N-O-T-H-I-N-G is just soooo funny. To see Terry sobbing on his manager's shoulder was, well, a scream!! They say nice guys come second, but that's obviously wrong - even Chelsea come second, three times in a season. Oh, how I laughed and still ...
Bold Head

Anonymous said...

I wanted Utd to win, as much as I hate them, they have many admirable qualities and on the most part play attacking, entertaining football. They also aren't a shitty little club from Fulham who have a very rich sugar-daddy.

I enjoyed every second of Chelsea's pain, especially seeing Cole weeping after his 2nd CL final loss. Twat. that will teach scumbag for cheating on his wife
...and how are we supposed to feel sorry for poor old JT when all he did was miss a penalty? Shame, I'm sure this week's wage of £13ok will comfort him when he gets home.

It's good for football that Roman and his mercenaries weren't able to buy the one prize they most covet, even for over £500m!!

Jimbob said...

There's a time and a place, oh and a duration for break downs. Terry son, Moscow was not it - should have got your ass down that tunnel a hell of a lot sooner!

We might get a second trophy, last year our very own groundsman won an award for best kept pitch, not too sure with the amount of goal mouth action at The Lane this season mind you...

BimitarDerbatov said...


Finally something we can agree on...

well said old boy..

the sooner we start aspiring to those heights (however far away they might be right now), the sooner we get there..

what the f*ck do we give a shite about Chelsea winning or losing a final or two...they're not our main rivals so who cares...they shouldn't even be on our radar...we did after all beat them in a final this year did we not??

so enough of this pettiness...let's concentrate on Spurs and what we can do next season..

Bring It On..

Christopher said...

My reason for supporting Chelsea is simple.

The fact that living in London I will still have to deal with more smug, arrogant cnuts that support Man U than I will with bitterly pissed off Chelsea fans says a lot.

Virtually every mug and his wife seems to support Man U and whilst a huge amount of supposed Chelsea "fans" appeared from nowhere the moment they started winning anything, nothing infuriates me more than the people that support Man U who are smug as you like, born and bred in London who all come up with genius reasons for them finding it acceptable to support Man U.

"My aunt once stopped off in Stockport for an hour on her way to Scotland so my family have links with Manchester."

What an absolute load of twaddle. True Chelsea fans (fucking few and far between I'll admit) are nowhere near as infuriating as every Man U supporter outside of Manchester.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Spurs in for Gregory Coupet...

Anonymous said...

christopher-you obviously aint been involved in any tear ups for the spurs then have ya?they are our main rivals on that front for sure!you should hang your head in shame for backing those anti semitic, racist morons,call yaself a yid ? knob

Mysterious Stranger said...

I think the noted disinterest thus far in Berbatov speaks volumes.

I would suggest as others have, that Berbatov thinks he is better than, he employs an agent to "sell" his greatness to others, and is keen to ply his trade elsewhere.

The problem with Berbatov is he doesn't realise that, for all his notable ability, he has shown some vulnerabilities to all who paid attention to the entirety of his second season at the Lane. Specifically that he can be moody and that perhaps he is not a such a rounded team player when times are tough. If he'd demonstrated a little less attitude towards his team mates and worked a little harder the "30 million GBP bid" would have been tabled already.

Of course, that the bidding war hasn't materialised probably increases the likelihood of him staying. And if that is the case, hopefully he'll play with the enthusiasm he showed throughout his first season.

As for the CL Final last night, watching it as a pure neutral I thought Man U bossed most of the first half, and were outplayed in the second half and ET. The Drogba incident was silly. Was that a slap with two fingers?! Mild credit to Vidic for not collapsing to the ground "in agony". The indiscipline of the Chelscum came through right there in that whole incident. And as for the pens, I felt sure Ronaldo would not score his (don't ask me why) and did feel mildly bad for John Terry as he slipped whilst setting up to strike the crucial fifth.

Taking a wholly non-partisan view I felt Chelsea deserved to win, but I never have been particularly fond of penalty shoot-outs, except in '84 of course :-)

I hate both teams equally.

Christopher said...

The infighting among so called Spurs fans such as yourself frustrates the hell out of me.

I can't be bothered with name calling at the end of the day but the fact that you come on here as Anon says a lot.

The fact is I had my reasons for not wanting Man U to win and you have yours for wanting Chelski to lose.

Calling me a knob because of that just goes some way to letting us know the breadth (or lack) of your intellect.

Anonymous said...

didn't want to add a name coz i was talking about hooliganism surely even a colour like your self must hate chelscum though,have you ever watched us play at stamford bridge and opened your lug holes?

Christopher said...

Yes of course I have.

I've also made the mistake of being on the wrong side of the bridge in full kit.

Don't get me wrong, I hate them as well. I hate them a lot.

Its just that last night Man U edged them out for the reasons I've already mentioned.

Since last I've had about 20 emails/texts from mates bragging about the amazing win from Man U.

VERY fucking annoying.

Mysterious Stranger said...

To the anonymous poster who "attacked" Christopher. Grow up. The hooligan aspect is not a great one, mentioning "tear ups" and citing Jewish angles in some lame attempt to justify them is not neccessary either. And perhaps as a starting point you could consider the possibility not all Chelsea fans are as you suggested in your post? I don't think discussing the merits and faults of groups who (possibly) wish to promote separatism in the world is required here (whether racially or religion based). We may all have our own views but IMO they do not need to be highlighted, promoted or elevated on what is supposed to be a football related blog.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea have no class, how any Spurs fan can support them over Man U is beyond me.

You've never heard the hissing when we play them?

It's Them and Us said...

The rumours I've heard (rumours and Tottenham.. surely not?!) is that he's signed a two-year extension.

Like most I won't believe it fully until it's officially announced but I have a feeling he will stay for AT LEAST another season.

Christopher said...

Its got to the stage where now if he signed an extention to his contract I'm not sure I'd still want him.

Its been going on for so long now that I just want him gone and us to have a nice fat wad of cash to spend on some other desperately needed areas.

BUT if we kept him for another season and he actually perked up a bit with the influx of some new class to the Lane I'd be happy for him to stay his career out with us.

I just don't know if we'll see that first season class again without the sulking around in between.

It's Them and Us said...

I think his agent told him, "Just stick out this season and in the summer we'll be in Milan or Madrid" and none of those came knocking for his services.

He's an incredible talent, in the grace of Henry at Arsenal, always wanting more from those around him -- but the media helped create this body-language crap. He has always been frustrated. Do I want him to smile, laugh and joke when someone misplays a simple ball? No. He shows the same frustration as any other fan would.

Tempermental? Rooney, Ronaldo, Gerrard, Scholes are just the same. I like that he's a perfectionist. The only thing I dislike about him is this air of mystery whenever he/his agent talks. The fans have always been honest with him, the least we deserve is the same in return.

But since when did fans actually matter in football nowadays?

S Cooke said...

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Anonymous said...

Non-Berbatov related question. Should Ronaldo have practiced his penalties more? Is he a bottler? Everyone knows that penalties are completely based on skill, so I ask you, oh football sage, to explain the miss.

Ginola14 said...

It's them and us, good post. Exactly what I was thinking. Berbatov's body language hasn't changed since the first game he played for us. The only thing I feel he could have done better, is to shut his agent up.

Anonymous said...

SPURS have reportedly made a £7million offer for Fiorentina striker Daniel Pablo Osvaldo.

Italian reports claim that the Lilies' have received a bid from a premier league clubs, and sources close to the club suggest it is Tottenham who have made the approach for the Argentinian.

The 22-year-old forward has made only 13 appearances for the Florence side, scoring five goals, since joining from Lecce last year.

This lad seems to have the same poise and skill as Berba, so uncanny. Well worth more research, but the fee.....

advertisement3:22pm today

Harry Hotspur said...

19.19 You're a card. There's more of sage & onion about me than Sage.

I spoke to a number of good folk about his miss and all of them said that they thought both he and Anelka had MISS written all over them as they approached the kick.

Ronnie was a victim of his own cleverness. He's a quick thinking little viper with fast feet and he knows it. Unfortunately he appeared to me to go intgo feint/deception overload as he took his staggered approach.

The complexities of options heated the little oik's circuit board up, a fuse blew and the resulting shot was actually awful.

Anelka looked like a man who had not so much volunteered, but rather everyone took one step backwards when the cry 'Who's up next then, lads?' went out.

Christopher said...

based on that vid the guy does indeed have some hints of berba's touch.

would need to see alot more to be convinced. i think that the mastter editors of youtube footy vids could even make Anthony Gardner look like he doesn't have the subtle touch of a rapist.

Harry Hotspur said...

mysterious stranger

I think you've summed up the lack of bids. For each sublime stroke of the ball there has been this season, there has also been a 'Chrissakes!!! What am I doing here?' to match.

Most managers don't need it. Sir Alex is a masterful man manager and he wouldn't tolerate it for a day. Harry Redschnapps has trhe whole 'dealing with footballer's' routine down to a fine art too, in a different way. He'd have even less truck with Berba's Hurt.

Anyway, I'd **** him off just for excessive exclaimation marks, at this stage...


Harry Hotspur said...

'rapist touch...' nice work Christopher, good evening, mate.

Christopher said...

Cheers. Evening to you mate!

You heard anything about this Osvaldo guy HH?

Anonymous said...

Cech must've anticipated the Ronaldo feint, because he remained rooted to his line, focusing with laser-like concentration.

At that point, Ronaldo must have thought: 'Uh oh. He wasn't supposed to do that. I'm going to look a real chump in front of millions of people if I now step backwards to my original starting position. Therefore, I'd better shoot.'

(All of which went through his mind with the speed of, well, thought, in that micro-moment just before he finished his run-up and shot; and all of which he probably would have understood in Portuguese, but I don't know the Portuguese for 'uh oh'.)

The problem then, however, was that his final run-up would be a little too short, because his feint had been performed a little too late. This was followed, as HH says, by an information overload. In the face of so many choices, fuses, and one of the most expensive players in the world looked a chump despite his efforts (not that the failure to score will have knocked any millions off his price).

Did anyone else have a deju vu experience with the Anelka penalty? When he stepped up to the spot I immediately thought of Jermaine Jenas: the same stooped demeanour, the same short run-up. The pressure surely got to him, and he wanted to relieve it quickly by disposing of its source. I couldn't help thinking of the lottery/skill debate after our UEFA exit.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

I mean 'fuses blew'. Must've blown one myself.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

John Terry is an anagram of 'Retry, John'.

9.37 Anon

Wrighty7 said...

Harry, do you really want Berbatov to stay after the way his agent has tried to hoar him around Europe?

I'd tell him to fuck off.

We are in the same boat with Hleb and I want the ice-cream munching muppet to clear out his locker at the Emirates and do one.

They are just money-grabbing bastards and our clubs are better off without them.

By the way Harry, wheres my link gone?


Anonymous said...

If Berba doesn't transfer to a Champions League club I envisage a delay to the launch of his male-grooming product range. Also, the opening of his chain of burger-bars - Berba King - will have to be postponed.

Is there any truth in the rumour that Robbo will be advertising Fairy Washing Up Liquid - under the slogan 'For hands that do misses'?

9.37 Anon

onedavemackay said...

9.37 Did you forget to mention that Berba's burger chain is a joint venture with Ledley ?

Anonymous said...

I thought West Ham had hired Ledley to do a remake of "Knees up Mother Brown"

shanemac said...

Did anyone notice the Evra cross which just missed Hargreaves'ss head? afterwards, hargreaves was applauding Evra's efforts, but Rooney was skinning him for not playing it to his feet. Can't please everyoone, eh?

Considering the grief we give Berbatov for throwing his hands up in disgust at a poor pass from a teammate, how would we deal with someone like Rooney who screams at everyone else constantly and just generally behaves like a child on the pitch?

If Sir Alex can cope with Rooney's petulance, he'll certainly be able to manage Berbatov's occasional outburst. Especially because Berbatov actually scores sometimes.

shanemac said...

cheers for the link anon 19.55, the similarity is pretty striking.

jolsgonemental said...

I hope we sell Berbatov in a way.

Awesome player. wanky bloke.

If he stays he signs a contract extension and thats the end of it - no more of the berbatov circus, no more pandering to his fuckign ego. he stays , he tells his agent to shut up and he does his job on our terms.

or fuck off now.

Park Lane Nomad said...

I agree JGM, the same with Jol, they dragged it out for far too long not telling us anything.

They need to ask him if he wants to stay, get a straight answer and get on with replacing him, or welcoming him back into the fold and preparing for next season.

All this "will he wont he" doesn't help anyone.

Great player, but do you need that kind of negative influence?

When he's at it, he's the best in the Premiership, if only he could sustain his performance level we could have a real Spurs legend, on our hands, the only difference is that he shows no passion for the club, which is a basic requirement for any Spurs player in my opinion.

We can all forgive the odd off day, if the committment and desire is there, for feck's sake we loved Steffen Freund!!! (I still do by the way)
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'd rather have a team of Steffen Freund's than a team of Berbatov's when he's in his sulky mood.

dannyboy said...

the sooner berbatov fucks off the better

onedavemackay said...

I find all this fuck off Berba stuff a bit over the top when the player himself has not, as far as I can remember, said he wants to go ( please correct me if I'm wrong ).

Most of your usual Premier League Prima Donnas are quite quick to make hints that they are moving on - Ronaldo, Lampard etc. yet with the Berb it comes from others and it may only be a ploy to increase his wages.

As for his lack of enthusiasm, he seemed pretty animated when he sank the pen against the Chels and the sight of him, Keano and Lennon hugging and jumping up and down when the 5th goal went in against the Arse will stay with me a long while.

I accept I am biased in his favour but maybe his detractors are even more over the top in their criticisms.

I await the critical avalanche.

BimitarDerbatov said...

all valid points there lads..except Dannyboys who seems to just abuse Berba..retribution for all the flak Jenas has got perhaps??

anyway i think we all know that Berba is not a money grabber as Wrighty7 put it..

Em*l D*ntchev most definitely is however... and it is him who should be soundly told to f*ck off by the likes of Dannyboy..

i'll say it again..the moment we sell Berba for the money we'll have officially become a feeder club with no aspirations of our own..

i dread to think ahead to this time next year after Modric has taken the Premier League by storm and we look to sell him on for the money.. and yet again we'll be left with Jenas telling us that we can definitely get ahead of Arsenal next year..

i hope Jenas has a stormer next year so bigger clubs will come knocking for his signature..

and i'll also say again that if Berba wants to go then by all means he must go.. but i don't think he does..i just think he wants the best from Spurs (or indeed whatever team he may be playing for)

who doesn't??

BimitarDerbatov said...

well said thoughts exactly..

we'll face this avalanche together..

Park Lane Nomad said...

I'm not telling him to f*ck off, just to say "yes im staying" or "i want to leave"
Kinda reminds me of a certain Mr Campbell.
He also needs to adjust his attitude, yes he has appearred passionate, in a cup final... but on a cold wet night at Bolton? Nope.

Just an answer is all I'm looking for, not a badge-kissing gushing speech about how he loves Spurs and is planning on getting a tattoo on his leg.

Just simply Berba are you staying?


delete as applicable

Summerspur said...

the problem with berba is that at times when we are attacking its alomost like having 12 men but when defending we may as well only have 10. for instance, that lunatic tevez tears about like some deranged psyco for 90 mins. now i dont expect berba tp do that but perhaps he could look mildly interetsted in making life at least somewhat akward for the oppo.

Anonymous said...

Where have all the ITK's gone?

Anonymous said...

Poyet has stated that Spurs have "no interest" in signing Eto'o.
Surely it's now obvious that the reason we signed Bent is that he is Berb's successor. Come on people, we didn't splash out a club record because he keeps the bench nice and warm??????
Big BoB

TMWNN said...

Sign two more quality mid fielders and I'd like to think Berbatov will stay. Maybe he's waiting to see if the clubs ambition matches his own. Who can blame him for wanting to leave playing in front of the current talentless midfield. Lay off of him.

onedavemackay said...

Big Bob. Bent is Berba's replacement ? YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS. So far he looks more like Chris Armstrong's replacement.

Thanks for your support Bimi.

That's fair Park Lane but as I said before when did he say he wanted to leave ?

dannyboy said...

"Just simply Berba are you staying?
delete as applicable"

exactly; bang on the money. Well? What's the verdict? My earlier comments stand.

"i hope Jenas has a stormer next year so bigger clubs will come knocking for his signature.."

Bimi - not so that Spurs can be successful then? You cock. Jenas at least displays a passion and a willing for the club. Berba = oh no, is my alice band straight? You 2 are welcome to each other. When he does go bimi, what you going to call yourself? I'd love it if we signed some Asian kickaball merchant like "Puking Frick" :-)


TMWNN said...

All the passion in the world won't turn Jenas into a decent player.
Dannyboy, how much more time are you willing to give a player that is obviously not good enough?

TMWNN said...

Also, I think in this day and age it's completely naive to think a player will say "yes, I'll definitely be staying next season". I would love to hear the players being more honest. It's only the shit ones that are.

Anonymous said...

In my mind Bent was signed to replace Defoe who was going to run down his contract. If Berbs was to go I think we would need still need a centreforward who can play with his back to goal and bring others into the game.
Paxton 66

dannyboy said...


I'll give all the time in the world to a player who can be a bloody good player for us and who shows committment to the cause; hence my non-comittal to Berbatov for his non-comittal!

Harry Hotspur said...

Ladies, purleease.

I don't condone (who cares!) nasty names within the gang here purely because they can come across as a bit heavy, when I'm sure they aren't really.

As I say, it's an emotional business.

Jenas doesn't measure up for a number of reasons for a number of fans.

Berbatov's (for those of us old enough tho remember the Ad) Harmony Hairspray routine aka 'Is She Or Isn't She?' is equally frustrating. Get a a lend of a f*cking Mont Blanc, sign or waltz.

In the words of David Coverdale, ..'take what you like, but don't take too long' And frankly the little love IS.

Whilst I have been as afar afield as Switzerland to have the best surgeons remove splinters from my peachy arse, I subscribe to both angry views.

As Citizen Summerspur quite rightly pointed out, Berba, when he isn't looking like an orgasming Jim Henson chicken after scoring ( my last blog pic), could well do with looking more than mildly interested.


My problem, although I don't think I'm entirely alone, is that I grew up with Hoddle.

I didn't have many of my heros in the Engerland squad. Not on a regular basis.

It was all Butch Wilkins and a phrase that still haunts me in my 39th year, 'WORKRATE'.

My THFC CV is punctuated over the early years with the MATCH WEEKLY line drawings that showed how Hazard's short ball to Crooks was then chipped to Hoddle who beat two men and then looped the damn thing in from about 27 yards out.

So I want Jenas to step up and echo the past. I'm a romantic. I'm a fool. I'm not for changing.

What's my point?

John Terry IS a low rent dog and after this week, an all round entertainer.

Tall Paul said...

Harry you fucking star. Match Weekly. Fucking hell mate.

dannyboy said...

Blimey H, you're the same age and era as moi! Match Weekly, Shoot...I can feel a dose of nostalgia coming on here! Every Saturday, sat on my bike, thumbing through the pages looking for anything Spurs, when I should of been delivering papers.......oh my. Hoddle, Hazard, Crooks; stop it ya git!

And for the record, I ain't no lady ;-) and as someone once said "it's an emotional business".


Christopher said...

Christ...this all makes me feel very young.

Best do a good impression of not acting my age...