Sunday, May 25, 2008

Berba's Flim Flam Earns Him A Bloody Good Telling Off

Tell Mitka and Whassisface they can both **** right off, will you? Cheers love.

'Berbatov refused to comment the question of the day about his future and didn't reveal if he's going to stay at Tottenham or to move to one of the numerous European grands, which show interest towards him.'

So says Bulgarian journo Kristalina Ilieva.

"Let's wait. We wait to see how the summer will go on. I want a lot of things, but you should ask my manager Emil Danchev. I do not want to be speculated with my word, I do not want to talk." Berbatov says.

So for those of us still awake, the costermonger's biatch is now not just 'merely a child in these matters' but complicit in the charade. You don't want to talk? That's alright, Harry's feeling chatty enough for the both of us.

Listen up, you little Blagoevgradian Burk. Be under no illusion, we're on to you.

We aren't just punters. This club is ours and we, sweetheart, are in deep.

The unfortunate reality is that a man say, like Teemu Tainio, is worth ten of you in terms of what he feels he owes us, but he can only ever give us in terms of 'goals n' magic' a fifth of what you can deliver.

I love what you did/can do for us, but am appalled that we are now indulging your coy whoring. You see, me, we were waiting for you to break cover and reveal... something.

Levy, get this EMPLOYEE in check. What should I tell you? That a growing number of us don't want THFC being used as a shop window from window to window by this down at heel Danubian Double Act. I know you know and I don't mean to patronise. But If I don't bark at you, it's the moon.

Bayonet fixed, HH.


onedavemackay said...

Harry. You've obviously been at the Sherry again.

Don't worry dear it's only the Transfer season, you'll get through it, try and remember that most of what's written is bollocks otherwise we'd be selling 3 players and buying 47.

Amazing how so many of us on this blog love Teemu, can we all be wrong ? Have a word try and get Dan and the Dame to keep him.

Surprised you put your own mugshot on the blog like the glasses.

Anonymous said...

nobodys bigger than spurs, certaintly not someone whos played 2 seasons for us. if he doesnt have the cockrel burnt onto his heart and realise what glory means then he can go now for free.


Anonymous said...

Met Teemu in London last year, he was watching some polo with his finnish mates where i was working. Quality bloke, he even gave me the time of day!! aaaahhhh, he'd be perfect if he had Berba's right foot. OK and head and brain, everything but the NOSE!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Berba and Danchev/Smanchev can FECK 0FF. He only cares about him self so he can naff off, i want players who are passionate, playing for the Yidds, not moody twats

Harry Hotspur said...

ODM my aggitation is probably fuelled by the fact I DIDN'T get out, mate!

Harry Hotspur said...

Something's just dawned upon me.
I'm outraged as a result.

ODM ~ You've just insinuated by default that I've posted on here before when sober.

That is harsh.

onedavemackay said...

Harry fear not.

No regular to this blog would ever accuse you of being sober.

shanemac said...

I bloody love Teemu Tainio.

shanemac said...

strange that i came here first after coming back from a night out.

Anonymous said...

You'd need to be pissed to put up with the garbage from so called other fans. Harry me olde mukka rocks.

Yid from the Middle East said...

No use keeping him if he doesnt want to be at Spurs no matter how good he is. I just hope Mr Levy will screw the buyers (if any) out of a good deal for our GREAT club.

Dimi's sidekick reminds me of Borat's sidekick.
Harry, do u think they would have a free for all, Borat style, if they were to disagree on something?
If they do I hope he gets a good taste of Emil's ball bag!!!

Hristo said...

Well - this is only some of his words, said on the stadium, when he went out of the game for a rest of the show match between the team of CSKA Sofia nowadays and the All Stars of the team. In front of the stadium he'd said, that "all is going FINE and is doing WELL STEP BY STEP". Not clear about what. For sure one of all of that is clear - there are negotiations for his contract - with Spurs or Man Utd ( cause he said also, that he'll continue to enjoy the fans in England ). So which one of the team will be - not clear. But for sure - will be in England.

YiddoNick said...

Berba go and have a open wound handshake with TT, let's get some loyalty and passion for Tottenham Hotspur running through those veins. Saying that I'm a (he might be here next season) sorta guy.

You never know my friends

Anonymous said...

Lets open our eyes about Berbs - he is lazy, moody and can play a bit when he wants - Guys he is over rated and most Foreign manager's know this hence nothing has come in as a firm bid for him.

The sooner he is gone the better IMVHO and then we can move on..... Having the ability to play one good game in 3 is not good enough.

Anonymous said...

you know the thing i'm starting to shit it about? All potential suitors know berbs doesnt want to be at spurs. Hence spurs want to sell him for a big wedge. However if they wait till the end of the window we startup get desperado on selling this bulgarian bandit. So we have to drop the price? we are not in a great position? Take a lower fee or keep a sulking bitch that doesn't want to play for us. Supply and demand and we need a the cash for a replacement fast?

Markspur said...

'I would run through brick walls for Spurs!' Boy if only Berba had the sense to get stuck in, game after game like Robbo. Firstly we would have finished higher, and that shit-stirring pimp of an agent, funny how he said, 'Ask my agent', obviously Ramos doesn't have a say!? would have had the 'Glamour Clubs' of whom I know we are one, kicking our doors down to get his signature. His own self-conceitedness and vanity, am I the only one who saw him tidying his hair band for 5 minutes before the Bolton game, has cost him dear. I hope Ramos gives him a good, trousers down, over the knee, spanking. Trouble is, if we had gotten a line of clubs with big cheques, we probably could have signed Eto, or someone else, hopefully with a blood and guts, genuine attitude. COYS!

Anonymous said...

Guys, I feel saddened that Berba has resorted to this behaviour, for all criticsm, he is in my opinion a truly wonderful footballer. I just hope that Spurs sell him to a foreign team. It would be awful to see him playing for another Prem. club.

Christopher said...

Just woken up from a night out...gone through the motions, coffe, toast, shot of valium to calm the nerves knowing full well I've got another 3 months till the premiership begins again.

And what do I find? My fucking computer has been left on all night with a glowing new HH report glowing smugly in the corner.

Quit glad I didn't post last night since I don't even remember having the sense to turn my PC on let alone going this page!

Aside from that do you really expect anything better from Berbatov anymore?

He clearly has his head in the clouds. I think if no-one comes in for the bid and we get Fred we shuld just load the twat to Hull and see how he likes it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Berba is not commiting himself to us or anyone else for that matter as it clearly pissing off the impatient fans amongst us. I'm getting bored with spoilt and fickle Spurs fans who think we are going to sign every one under the sun and need transfer gossip to fill the void in their sad lives.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.45 - fickle? Fill the void in their sad lives? What are you doing on here? Fick off

dannyboy said...

As I've said before and got slated for, the sooner Berbamolotov fucks off, the better. Said it again. Feels good.

BimitarDerbatov said...

good rant Harry..intense..

despite his shortcomings as a footballer i've always liked Teemu ever since he (literally) spilled blood for the cause in the NLD a few seasons back..

BimitarDerbatov said...

it's just that you're being too strong in your views when you say that Dannyboy..

dannyboy said...

As an aside, I've just been looking at the player stats on the official site; bearing in mind the amount of games Bent DIDN'T play, he still ended up with 8 goals, 3rd behind Keano and Gitface. Just wondering how many he would score given a proper season of starts?
Food for thought.


BimitarDerbatov said...


Anonymous said...

Excuse me - I might be the eternal optimist but Berbs comments could just as easily be interpreted as negotiating a better contract with us.I know all this Danchv stuff but he's still under contact for 2 more years + option for 2 more.
I hope he stays coz he was joint top scorer last season,and some of the sugested replacements- Eto, Fred are going to be no better (+ Eto will piss off to the African cup for a month ).So let's hope Ramos sweet talks him into staying.If we do end up selling him then anywhere but Manure or Chavski!
There's only one TT.

onedavemackay said...

dannyboy. It is admirable that you stick up for Bent (and Jenus), but what do you base your belief in Bent's ability on ? Sure, he is probably capable of playing better if he gets regular starts and someone cuddles him but he has shown so little talent in his appearances thus far that it is hard to imagine how much better he can become.

On the other hand we have the Berb who scores 45 odd goals in his first two seasons and provides Gawd knows how many assists and you want him to fuck off because without any real evidence you and a number of other bloggers perceive he doesn't care about Tottenham. Remember it ain't easy attracting really top class players to non champions league sides.

Would any of you out there rather the Berb had left 12 months ago to be replaced by Bent ?

Apparently he is very fussy about the position of his Alice band if he gets it wrong it affects his balance.

Anonymous said...

This is way to agonizing and early in the season to start going on about this. Oh lord, I predicted 2 months ago we were about to see a silly season to shame any other silly season hence, and so far I have been right. I count spurs being linked to upwards of 40 players in various rags thus far.
Berbatov... or not an equal or close one anyway... there surely will be another striker coming is when he leaves.

When? I have to admit, I am less absolutely sure he will definitely go at this point, with his agent having hinted he might stay... not usually the slant on his words (Danchev's). Now I only think there is an 85% chance rather than a 98%.........
Big Belly

Anonymous said...

As for Bent, he is good, but lets face facts, he is no replacement for Berbatov... or not an equal or close one anyway... there surely will be another striker coming is when he leaves.........
Big Belly

onedavemackay said...

If you think Berba is moody consider one or two of his possible replacements. Eto ? Quite obviously a grumpy boy. Fred ? Must be good in the air with a head like his. Then we have Anelka, nicknamed Le Grande Sulk.

dannyboy said...

ODM "....and you want him to fuck off because without any real evidence you and a number of other bloggers perceive he doesn't care about Tottenham"

He played a blinder last season huh? God forbid the ball was more than 6 inches away from him. On his day, yes, he is magnificent. Trouble is, he's mainly a grumpy, uninspiring, non-team player. Sooner he goes, the better.

So there.

onedavemackay said...

dannyboy, as ever we beg to differ.

Uninspiring non team player ? How can you create so many chances for others and be an uninspiring non team player ?

Listen, we've disagreed in the past about Jenus and Zokora and whilst I still don't believe Jenus will really become the player his potential suggests he should I have come to understand what you see in Zokora. I think he needs to do more and cut out the rash tackles if he is really going to do a job for us but I can see what you were getting at.

As for Berbatov, even if he is the moody old bugger, you all think he is, I still believe we are far better off with him than without him. There are few alternatives as good, moody or not.

Anonymous said...

"he's mainly a grumpy"

All those useless passes by Jenas will do that to you

GRAZZA said...

Hyvää Teemu Tainio!!

The Terrier of Tornio

Anonymous said...

Look everybody knows Berba is leaving and the sooner he goes the sooner we can start building for next season.

Anonymous said...

teemu should be kept. cost us nothing. gives his all and he's a useful squad player who has the abilty...remember ar5ena1 a few seasons ago?? would have him over Zokora and Jenas any day of the week. As for Berba.... anyone who has been at the lane the last couple o seasons must be resigned to him going.. he's not been a shadow of the player of last season so sooner he goes and we get someone else in the better.... personally id break the bank and bring in Barry and Matty Taylor -spurs boys thru and thru and a quality striker...milito would be my call or even Roque Santa Cruz....and thats all i have to say about that!

dannyboy said...


For the record, I've never rated Zokora! The comment headless chicken springs to mind. One thing we agree on? It's good to talk.


Bruce Castle said...

Frederico Chaves Guedes would be a fine replacement.

Viva La Revalucion!

Mysterious Stranger said...

Why are there still people here who think Berbatov is loyal/so good we must pander to him/irreplaceable?

It's clear he is insisting on letting his agent do his talking for him. And it is clear he wants away. Which means we need to get shot of him. I would rather have a solid group of players both controlling the midfield and supplying the likes of Bent to do what strikers are paid to do. Which is, primarily to score goals. And set up a few in between. And most importantly, THEY SHOULD WANT TO PLAY FOR SPURS!

Berbatov can do one. And then we can invest in some guys to fill problem areas, players who want to wear our shirt.

Jamie, London said...

If Spurs are gonna make the step up into the top 4 and become one of the Champions league teams, they need to start acting like one. Look at Sir Alex. When a player acts like Berbatov, he doesn't give them a second chance, they would be left to rot in the reserves and then sold on to a club like Sunderland! By waiting to see if he will stay or go, spurs' preparation for the new season is being disrupted as they dont know wether to sign a replacement striker or go on and strengthen in other positions. In my opinion, they should sign a quality replacement and leave Berbatov in the reserves. That will send a message to the rest of the players (such as Chimbonda!) that no player is bigger than the club. If they dont do it, then they will become a selling club, a feeder to the big four, and our best players will take the same route as the great Michael Carrick!

BimitarDerbatov said...

oh mysterious stranger no..

no no no no no..

i accept what you're saying about Berb but please don't say you are interested in replacing him with Bent??

read ODM's comments, i agree wholeheartedly with what he says..

ok put all Berb's 'apparent' flaws aside for a moment..

now nobody seems to have copped this yet but if we sell him we're not only losing a world class player but a world class strike partnership..

strike partnerships like Rob and Berb do not come along very often (Cole & Yorke; Shearer & Sutton; Rebrov & Shevchenko)

and it's my view that Robbie would not be half the player he's been without Berb.. although he had a great half a season the first year we got 5th under Jol.. so i'll give him the benefit of the doubt there..

so let's say we sell Berb...Can he be replaced by Bent?? an emphatic 'NO'.. let's face facts lads..

can we replace him with an astute purchase during the summer?? a definite 'YES' with an even bigger 'BUT'

and that 'BUT' is followed by the question "WILL WE??"

how can we risk our already world class strike partnership for someone that MIGHT come in and gel well with other players...perhaps we's be left with another Rebrov or perhaps a Postiga..

it's a no brainer for me and if we're all to stay positive i think this is the point we should be thinking of..


Anonymous said...

If that Thomas Kahlenberg has been on Spurs' radar for over a year he must be a Commoli initiative, as Ramos wasn't around then. That makes me feel kind of uncomfortable.

Are Spurs effectively being held hostage by Berbatov? Sure, we have no clear idea what's going behind the media froth; but any player stalling for personal gain (like Berbatov apparently is) must know that he is actually damaging the club that employs him. Defoe was a case in point. By signing a long-term contract a player doesn't bar himself from future moves, but at least he ensures the (financially-based) goodwill of the club on account of the transfer fee he will command.

I realise it's a balancing act, and players don't want to run the risk of being parked in the reserves for 3 years. I'm also aware that players have a right to pursue their personal development as they see fit.

But, if an informal understanding is reached that enables a pragmatic win-win situation to both player and club, I can see the type of inertia we're currently experiencing with Berbatov being avoided.

I'm probably being delusional, but I think using honesty is not a bad way of conducting business, provided egos and insults are set aside. I'm old-fashioned that way.

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...

My understanding is Kahlenberg was/is a Commoli initiative...

Anonymous said...

The issue of Bent is complicated if we consider what he wants.

Assuming that Berbatov will leave and we sign Eto'o or Moreno or Fred or Uncle Tom Cobbly, I can't see Bent being satisfied with another season warming the bench. He will want to contribute somehow - and who can blame him?

Whatever his qualities as a player he has, at least, remained a positive presence in the Spurs squad. Or so it seems. And I'd be more inclined to say that he would actually leap at the chance to play for Spurs, whereas Berbatov would leap for a new club if he got the chance.

Also, there are no guarantees that Keane - who rightly gets almost unilaterally applauded here - will be an automatic selection next season. Why shouldn't Bent form a 'telepathic relationship' with Berbatov and make Ramos' task more difficult? It's what Ramos would be expecting of Bent.

Berbatov is like a great opera singer (complete with moods and melodrama). But the orchestra supporting him is apt to play out of tune and make a dreadful, screeching caterwauling from time to time. I'd rather exchange our prima donna for a lesser (but able and consistent) light, while reforming the banks of musicians, so that a better, overall harmony is achieved.

I recognise that people esteem Berbatov highly, because he shows the extraordinary flair so adored at the Lane. But they say you can tell a man by the company he keeps. And one great player (with questinable attitude) doesn't make a good team.

9.37 Anon

yiddonick said...

Has anybody on here or know of anybody who has spoken or even knows Dimitar Berbatov? It seems to me that a lot of assumption is going around, wait for pre-season to start then we can go for it! that one's for H, sorry mate

Anonymous said...



9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Following Leeds' failure to reach the Championshiop, do you think Jonny Howson will jump ship to Spurs now, H?

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...

I think Howson may well sign yet, but my energy levels visibly dip when it comes to these lads.

I DO wish them well and want the best for them but... this 'for the future' business...

Where's Broadway Danny Rose? Even the smiled upon Fresh Prince didn't cut the Colemans.

We've as good as signed some lad from Palace. I'm inert.

Household name please.

Harry Hotspur said...

20.15 Don't be sorry, mate. The quote provided in the piece above is good. It's him. No guesswork. Therefore he sucks.

Pre season? I suspect we're in for some pretty ropey viewingin relation to the Bulgarian.

I might suggest to those pencilling in Norwich away that there is a triffic KFC located less than 10 minutes walk from the railway station. Towards the city centre, over the water and on your right.

A comfort box of Unlucky Fried Kitten may well be in order. I wouldn't put it past him to play with his ipod on at this game. Afterall, he kept it on throughout the St Pat's tie last time out.

Paul Elmes said...

Easyily one of your best stories HH.

For the first time, I've agreed with EVERYTHING you say.

As someone said previous, the sooner we offload Berbatov the better, because at the moment he seems to be causing more trouble than he's causing good.

I don't think I can cope with another 2-3 seasons of what Dimi seems to see as a GAME.

He doesn't care about the fans, because he would have put us out of our misery by now!

yiddonick said...

I'll take the deli counter in morrisons over the road from Norwich City fc you know where you are with the deli

BimitarDerbatov said...

quick question

would it be acceptable if Berba came out and stated that he is still unsure about whether he wants to stay or not?

at least then he'd be being straight with us..

Anonymous said...

Good enough for me, bim. Then I'd tell him 'On yer bike, schnorrer'.

Problem with Berbatov is he's neither old enough nor from the right cultural milieu to remember Pan's People. A few hours on YouTube would sort his priorities out.

9.37 Anon

dannyboy said...


If any player has any shred of doubt that he wants to play for OUR team, then he can fuck right off. Now. Pronto. Vamoos. So, to answer your question - NO. Grrrr.

Nuff said.

Tottinghams said...

Jesus Christ.

As I've said, the bloke is flirting with clubs like Lucas Neill in a miniskirt.

TMWNN said...

"Why are there still people here who think Berbatov is loyal/so good we must pander to him/irreplaceable?"

No one in their right mind thinks he's loyal. You're dreaming if you think Spurs are in the position to let quality players like Berbatov go so easily without any consequences. Get a grip Mysterious Stranger, even without all your flowery prose, I'd have thought the penny had dropped concerning quality players not wanting to play for a club outside the CL. Spurs aren't the giant club you and I would like to believe (yet). Times have moved on, get real.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe the hype

Anonymous said...

Opinions of Berbatov are becoming polarised, just as they were with Jol.

What do we do? Do we insist on hanging on to the most talented player in our squad, despite his APPARENT wish to do one?

I say 'apparent' in fairness to the man, because we don't truly know what goes on inside his head. Even so, he doesn't exist in a bubble. He and his Svengali are nothing if not media-savvy; and the pair of them could easily clarify for us (via the media) the difference between what is apparent and what is real in respect to Berbatov's intentions.

If we exercise our right of contract over him (against his apparent wish to jump ship) who really benefits? We can't force a man to play with skill and passion for us, if his heart isn't in it.

So do we make an example of him as a warning to others not to mess with us, and sentence him to 'rot in the reserves'? But who benefits from that? Who benefits from confining a player - valued at £25-30 million - to the backwaters of your club? Certainly not the club, who can't afford to buy a replacement for their unwilling and idle prisoner, since their money is tied up in him.

And what happens when your two other strikers get injured - perhaps at the same time - or fatigued? Who will step forward to score the goals? At Spurs, I suppose we could use Jamie O'Hara as a striker, or maybe Huddlestone. Or what about Zokora? There must be a goal in this guy at some point in his Spurs career. Or maybe we can introduce the much-mooted Pekhart?

Berbatov is an exceptionally skilful player who graces the Spurs colours when he plays well and when his attitude is willing. But this bloke is 27 years old. He's old enough to show a bit of maturity and speak like a man - not like some tart who has just discovered everyone likes her scent and sends coy glances to rich suitors. The histrionics are a drain on other players' mental strength and composure. We'll only get to the top four next season if we stretch, not strain, ourselves. Yes, I'd love it if the guy stayed, but only if I saw a sea-change in his attitude (which I think is unlikely). And maybe the management, in its wisdom, thinks we would do well to trade him in for funds to rebuild in other areas. Maybe they're right.

Either way, I don't want to see self-righteous knobs in the Lillywhite shirt. Spurs deserve talented, level-headed footballers who are committed to the club, not candidates for next years' Eurovision Song Contest.

9.37 Anon

Mysterious Stranger said...


I think if you will have read some other comments regarding Berbatov you would detect some Spurs fans who are unwilling to accept that Dantchev is simply doing as his player wants him to.

I also do not deny there may be a consequence in releasing Berbatov from what he would seem to consider to be, his "Tottenham shackles".

Such as giving a hungry, younger striker in Bent the opportunity he craves. Given his limited time on the pitch I will side with Dannyboy and a few others on that score.

If we sell Berbatov for a reasonable profit and this enables us to improve the quality behind the front line (midfielders, goalkeepers, another defneder maybe and a replacement striker) then I'm all for it. There is no "I" in team.

Maybe I do resort to flowery prose.
But at least I don't wear rose tinted glasses when it comes to the issue of Dimitar Berbatov, or Spurs quest to become "Top 4". It is a hard task indeed to break the stranglehold up there. I never said it would be easy...

But I'd probably swap Berbatov for Arshavin in a heartbeat, and leave it to Bent and Keane (or A. N. Other) to do the scoring. If we increased the level of contribution from the middle of the park nobody would harp on about Berbatov's assist total, which perhaps is magnified due to the lack of support in behind.

Mysterious Stranger said...

Sorry, I see it's tmwnn. Apologies for the typo.

I guess you assume Modric is not quality, then?

Summerspur said...


its not as black and white as a player being spurs through and through or"fucking off"
most of our players and players at other clubs have no affinity with the club beyond the pay cheque.

personally, i dont like him, never have, never will.

dannyboy said...

Summerspur - you and me both; hurrah, we agree on something!

Mysterious stranger - "There is no "I" in team." Correct, but there is "m e" !!!

As someone suggested, swap Berbarot for Arshavin; like it, love it lots. Go get him Levy.


Chirpy said...

H, you're on the money. Those (players/employees) that lack the required committment to the cause should be reprimanded and stuck in the reserves for a period of reflection. Disappointing to hear/discover that Berbatov is complicit in his pet toad's dealings and commentary, and discover that the player's silence was not for honourable reasons. It shows contempt to club and supportes alike.

Reptile_16 said...

H, you're spot on. We're talking about an EMPLOYEE - whose conduct has been nothing short of evasive for a while.

Remember the last time this happened? I do. Not suggesting Berbs is going to do one down the Seven Sisters Road, but he should speak out in his own defence at least...anything else just leaves him open to further speculation or criticism.

So (and I don't care which) either:
Levy - sort this toerag out, or
Berba - when asked, tell us what's going on!

dannyboy said...

Time for a new topic methinks. I wonder if we can have a discussion without Berbarots name being mentioned?! Any suggestions?!


Anonymous said...

The coverage Berbatov gets in the Bulgarian media suggests one thing: that his country has high expectations of him.

Bulgaria is an emerging EU member, keen to push its cultural and sporting icons into prominence in order to further its national interests.

It's hard for us to understand, being situated this far west of Moscow, and with our liberal lifestyles.

Berbatov is just the right man at the right moment - a national tool of his time. It's he who believes the hype.

With such forces driving and governing him, it's probably better for Spurs that he take himself and his baggage elsewhere.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

New topic would be good, I am concerned about some of the "herberts" we are being linked with.
Be good if Dos Santos, Capel come true. This Moreno guy cold be good also.

H, any new snippits of info on any of the above?

Harry Hotspur said...

None worth repeating mate, but I am, as ever, mostly ears...

Faust said...

Tell you what for free; all this Berb discussion has become frightfully dull, what with it continually repeating more than a spicy onion and garlic bhaji.

Let's recklessly chuck about some transfer speculation, shall we? For instance, I, for one, have a sneaky suspicion that our next first team signing is that chap who's always being commented upon with the phrase: "Dare I say that was very Beckhamesque".

onedavemackay said...

To all of you out there who believe we can become a top four side with Bent as one of our main strikers.

Anonymous said...

Carlos said..

I would be over the moon if we got Bentley. The boy is becoming a world class footballer. not sure that Hughes will let him go.

Harry Hotspur said...

ODM, even on my nineteenth heavily jewelled goblet of vintage Neuf de Pap, I could not agree more.

I was a huge Bent fan, all the way up until he failed as a Premiership striker.

I'd love to get into some worthy vibe about building and gelling, but I fear at heart (on this occasion) that I'm just a 21st century toy ( an erstwhile London Boy) and immeadiacy seems great.

We aren't £16.5 in the hole, that was all add ons. So let's flog n' move on.


Anonymous said...

The reality is that the longer we wait for this sage to unravel the less chance we have of moving into the transfer market early to grab the players we want.Tragic as it is the money we get from Berbatov "IS" our transfer kitty this summer and I doubt we will see any quality signings other than Modric.... (which was a good buy but probably to keep the fans happy once Berbatovs move was announced)until Berbatov has gone. We shouldnt have squandered the money we have done on crap like Zokora, Kaboul, Rocha, Gilberto, Boetang and Bent...... sell them all as a job lot and I doubt we would get much more than 10 million for the lot.

onedavemackay said...

H. Absolutely. We must pray that Curbs convinces the Head Pikeys to take the bent one off our hands.

As for buying for the future that's OK if you've got enough for the present and spending 10 million on Boatang and Kaboul now seems one hell of an investment.

Even on a more modest Italian Dolcetto I know it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov leaving will be a very sad day for all Spurs fans. A life suspending moment when hearing the news, just like Hoddle, Waddle, Gazza, Klinsman, Judas......The man is an absolute class act on the pitch and I am a prouder and happier fan for seeing him play for Spurs. I still watch the goal in Turkey he scored for us when he first joined. Perfect balance. Then the goal at Charlton....a first touch as good as the Bergkamp goal at Newcastle. I hope he stays....forever. some great players look like they aren't trying. Effortless? How many games did he miss last year? How many times was he subbed? I hope he stays and plays every game next year. Worth his weight in gold. Bent to the power of 10. Bent is not as poor as we seem to think but is just another striker alongside Mr Berbatov. No replacement, just an accessory.

Sydney Wale

Anonymous said...

sydney wale, you made me feelings known about berbie perfectly BUT (and there always is a but) he wants different things than you and i. We have to accept that and move on. I tried stalking Angelina but she didnt want what i had to offer and i had to move on - the same must be said about our berbie. Move onwards and upwards and maybe the next one will like to sleep with women too...!

Pete The YiD said...

Hi all.
with all this transfer speculation flying round , i do hope this is true coming from Telegraph
they clam that Giovani dos Santos would welcome move to spurs, but i fear he could end up at man shitty or chelski. here is another you tube clip of this great talent left winger.

onedavemackay said...

Well said Sydney. You are right to associate him with those others (where was Ginola?).

I'm still not convinced he's 100% gone and I really think he gets a bad press on here.

Anonymous said...

Well, the latest (cough) ITK speculation (splutter) suggests one Richard Dunne will be a house guest of Keano's on Thursday night - following the Rep of Ire game at Craven Cottage. And, following a hearty Friday a.m. fry-up, will schlep it over to Spurs lodge for a medical.
Signing to be announced Sunday or Monday.
Crap, maybe, but at least it's Berba-free.
Oh, and Dos Santos on a season-long loan deal - if they convince Barca of the mutual benefits.

Anonymous said...

Sydney Whale

I'm still getting over the departure of Jimmy Greaves...

pompeyyid said...

So's Greavsie himself, Sid.

And as for Waddle's exit, I always liked the story about Gary Lineker's reaction to the news. Having signed from Barcelona, Lineker thought he'd be playing alongside Waddle and Gazza in the coming season - instead, Chrissie sloped off to the South of France. When they met up as part of the England squad that September, apparently Gary's first word to Waddle was simply "Bastard".

Anonymous said...


I reckon Jimmy Greaves still is, too.

Does anyone know our purse for this transfer window? I'm assuming there is:

a) X amount already set by;
b) Some of it already spent on Luka:
c) Kitty augmented by potential sale of Berba;
d) Kitty augmented by definite sale of sundry others;
e) Juande's chorizo allowance.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

pompeyid -

... and Waddle's first words to Lineker were, MISTER Bastard to you' (apparently).

9.37 Anon

jolsgonemental said...

Juande likes Chorizo?

Next week it will be Adebayor washes elephants.

This is how it all starts.

This site is a hotbed of Nazi propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Only his dad washes elephants. Get it right. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry - pompeYYid

I'd wash an elephant if I could but my hose isn't long enough.

9.37 Anon

jolsgonemental said...

Adebayor is his dads name.

Park Lane Nomad said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, your new England captain for the USA game...

Anonymous said...

But the clip shows JT respectfully emptying the green, viscous contents of his oesophagus onto the sleeve not bearing the captain's armband. Surely that redeems him?

Hang on. That IS what 'C' stands for, isn't it?

Dos Santos on loan? That'll do for starteres. Better a loan to the Lane than a snub to the club.

Rumour has it that Spurs' spending power is based largely on profits from the now defunct tuck-shop.

I haven't seen the trading figures for Pukka Pies, but I feel certain they must have taken a hit since October 2007.

Rocha's off to Benfica. Isn't a 'Rocha' some kind of pear? Bought for about £3 million, what will we get? Nothing for a pear?

Oi, Harry - I see Vitalfootball now links us with Jonny Howson. Either you were on the money or that website takes its leads from you.

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...


Vital signs... *boom boom*

Gawd knows, but either way I shan't deluge'em under 38 different aliases suing for theft of 'private info'

Rock on......