Sunday, April 27, 2008

Signing Number Two Is Done

THFC have beaten Chelsea, Reading, not to mention the mighty Wycombe Wanderers to the signature of Sean Jocelyn.

Spurs scout Darren Britnell said of the eight year old, "I think he is something very special and as soon as I saw him I knew he was a real talent. He is the best boy I have ever seen in that age group."

For the full story read the Bucks Free Press...

More transfer news as it lands folks...


Anonymous said...

Ramos said 'No more sweeties for you, young man'!

Anonymous said...

The 'Bucks Free Press', eh?

Is the editor one Mr Spooner?

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Any inside knowledge on the Modric transfer, Harry? Some reports suggest that he was interested in the Tyneside move and had all but agreed it.

Is this Newcastle:
a) Saving face?
b) Stealing a smidgin of our gloss by association?
c) Circulationing questionable stories about touting for quality players?
d) A bit of nifty work by our board?
e) An alien conspiracy?

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...


Less beer on my cornflakes. More milk.

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...

I can say hand on heart, that I hadn't got a clue about this and they may have well signed that slow Copper from Balamory for all I knew...

alcapone said...

so harry, what's the story in balamory

Harry Hotspur said...

'Slow Copper Doesn't Sign'

Anonymous said...

sounds like he is currently better than jenas

Anonymous said...

not saying much

Anonymous said...

"It is a big thing that Ramos wanted me in Tottenham so much," Modric said.

"Ramos's desire was my major motivation to play at White Hart Lane."

Don't you just hate being right, Harry?

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, i never said he would be another rebrov, I'm just being cautious and think we should wait until we see how he plays and adapts to the premier league

another example is zokora - people were raving about him before he played any games for us - but i think most would agree that he has turned into a bit of a damp squib.

Acquisition of Modric will be the first of several early summer signings, with part of the agenda being to perhaps convince Dimitar Berbatov to stay. Not a lot of people are aware of this, but one of Tottenham's problems is a recent clause from UEFA that means Berbatov will legitimately be able to buy himself out of the remainder of his contract next year, having served three years, although he would not be able to go to another English club under those terms.

If Spurs cannot convince Berbs (and his vocal agent of course!)to sign a fresh contract, then they may feel obliged to take as much money as they can get for his transfer this summer.
Big Belly!

Christopher said...

If we're completely honest with ourselves, should Berba leave, provided we spend our cash on a strong and classy midfield (whilst earning enough to cover it by selling the shit we have at present) it will be the best bit of business we've done in years.

The important thing is that we don't sell him to the mafia at Chelski or the tap-up king Sir Fergie. any English side basically.

The reason Berba is such a massive asset to us at the moment (other than the fact that he is undoubtedly class) is the fact that his hold up play is so good. Him Keane are basically are playmakers and strikeforce combined.

Bring in a couple more fizzing midfielders and a holding chappy and we won't need to rely on Berba anymore.

I think it's a fair point to say that if we had even half the midfield of the "Big Four" every one of our strikers would be hitting the 20 figure by the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

big belly : Modric is not a rebrov end of! Rebrov was only any good when with shev and was just a pure bad buy. modric is recognized as one of the hottest young property's in Europe and is a major coup for spurs. Can see why people slate our fans coz some are never fucking happy! we havn't made a bad signing since Ramos has been there to give the yes or no so have a bit of faith for once you fucking negative cretin. And as for pointing out rebrov etc bet you was sceptical when we signed berba ,woodgate ,hutton ,keano etc and they aint worked out too bad.I really despair at people like you mate if we went out and spent a couple of mill on an average prospect from the championship or something you would no doubt be fucking moaning then too, numpty
Anyway great signing weve needed a good creative mid since gazza and we finally got one ,over the moon and certainly aint gonna be negative bout him before he's even kicked a ball
well done spurs

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with the poster's sentiment above. Modric's signing is nothing but positive and I do really want Berba to stay... However, I suspect that announcing the Modric deal is a bit of PR to soften the blow when Berba goes. It's also an attempt to deal with it; I've always thought that if we lost Berba we'd have to replace his creativity, possibly in midfield. If Modric can create from midfield then Bent and Keane could be a good partnership up front - If we have enough flair, nous and creativity in midfield (which we are lacking at the moment) then we will need it less in the front two. We do still need to deal with to deal with the lack of steel in midfield and there are some questions over Ledley's fitness - maybe he will be ok next season, but we have to deal with the possibility that he might not be...
Floppy TiTs

Anonymous said...

I'd look at Bendter, just because he's falling out with many of is team mates and had a scuffle with Adebayor!

But on a serious note, I don't think Levy is saying we are a selling club looking to offload Berbatov, more that every player has his price. We also should make sure we do not become over reliant on one player. Hate to use them as an example, but look how much Ar5ena1 relied on Henry last year, they were lost without him, but once he was sold, they've actually looked a better team this year.
I agree totally that if we are to sell him, we should be looking to get the best price possible, and equally as important is to sell him abroad, Ferguson very rarely sells anyone to a club he thinks will come back to haunt him.
£30m+ could buy us any two of Fred/Milito/Crouch/Quagliarella etc, and still leave change to sign someone like Tiago. Add to that the money already spent on Modric, and we will have added the midfield play maker we need, boosted our striking options to four and added the midfield general. Hopefully there'll be enough left in the pot, especially when you add any potential transfers recouped, to pick up an extra wide man(Granero?) and another keeper(Kameni?).
We need another keeper, a right back only if Chimbonda goes, an extra wide man to either add natural width on the left or add some competition/cover for Lennon on the right (maybe both), add a midfield general capable of taking a game by the scruff of the neck, and boost our striking options. That's between 4 and 6 players depending on departures. Central defense is better off than some think, Woodgate looks to putting together a solid run of games, no injuries as yet, Dawson has been one big learning curve this season, Kaboul will be better next year after a tough baptism this term, he has all the physical and technical attributes, just needs to sharpen up mentally, but he is still young, same goes for Boateng and Taarabt who could step up to the plate and save us two potential signings, money freed up to be spent elsewhere.
Bold Head

Anonymous said...

Personally, i think the early signing of Modric is to lighten the blow of Berbtaov's departure. If thats the case then i thin we've done well. The sale of Berbatov will allow us to sign an out and out striker, allowing Keane to drop off and link up with Modric. With 2 quick skillful wingers like Lennon and Granero and a quality defensive midfielder like Tiago or De La Red, i think we'll be set for next season. Just 1 or 2 center backs and a keeper would set us up nice. I'd like to see us pull all the stops out to sign David Villa. I expect such a transfer to be too expensive for many teams in the summer and we could have the market to ourselves on that one. The only team for competition would be Chelsea but they are perusing Ibrahimivic. Sell Berbs for about £30m and put a big bid in for David Villa of about £25m. With Valencia's money problems i think they will sell and probably early because they're looking to make several changes in the summer.
Big BoB :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see so many new posters using a similar syntax.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

3 reasons why Berba would be a fool to go..

1) His partnerships/understanding with Keane is something rare. It's not easy to develop that kind of chemistry. Right now, it's benefitting both players (and the team, of course). WHo's to say Berb's would develop that same understanding with, say, Rooney? If it ain't broke...

2) Modric - what frustrates Berb the most (from appearances) is the lack of a quality ball into him. Has Ramos not just made a huge statement by signing a midfield maestro known for threading the needle? How many more goals could he score next year with passes being struck by Modric?

3) The Ramos factor. Clearly, this is a manager who both appreciates Berbs talents, and is willing to do what it takes to win. He has a track record of success and will only be able to make the moves he wants this summer. This is a chance for Berbs to lead the new CL charge and cement his standing as a (potential) Spurs legend.

Waddle's Mullet

frontwheel said...

9.37: You just hit the nail on the head:

Bob/Bold head/Floppy tits/Fatty/etc, get down the psychiatrists(sp?) you schizophrenic cunt.

If you're going to pretend to be different posters, all agreeing with yourself, at least make different spelling/syntax errors.

Also Bold Head (a name which I can only guess you got from your pal Sol) do you actually watch Spurs at all? How the fuck do we need a new rightback if we sell Chimbo? Have you not noticed Super Alan Hutton yet you melt?

Sorry Harry, 9.37, other sensible readers/poster etc but some of these dicks draw me out.


Harry Hotspur said...

frontwheel, you get drawn out whenever you feel like it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps i never expressed myself clearly. Sure, they did better with Henry in the team, but his presence was choking the development of the others - remember that everyone thought L'arse would be screwed without Henry.

Now that he's gone, everyone is talking about how far the youngsters have progressed as a TEAM and how much future potential there is for them to win trophies.

i don't think we should have players who think they are too big for this club' persona, wherever that persona comes from.

i also don't think Berbatov is the be all and end all - there are plenty of others out there who are more than capable of standing in his shoes. we would be much better off getting 30 mil from him and strengthening in a few areas.

not quite sure how to respond to that. i don't see anything too controversial in what I've said. in fact, i think what I've said is pretty obvious huh??????
Big Belly

Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers 9.37 ANON,

The Ramos factor or the Clout Of The Capo is tangible. After the Cagney Death scenes on the pitch of late... and occasion more Cagney & Lacey rather anyone shouting look at me Ma! ...

I am a lost cause. My excitement over who's coming in is getting the better of me.

Jol could not have achieved this.

Amelia is apparently still very much on and indeed Jarque's name is still in the frame.

The departure lounge at WHL International may not be as full as some are suggesting and here I'd exercise some prudence.

There are a few who appear to find it beyond themselves improving to the required standard and seem unable to even cod Juande they are motivated.

But the crys of 'Everyone Out' are unkind as they are inaccurate. There are pots to be purloined, windmills to tilt places to go and people to see... A full squad is required to achieve this.

I see Dawson all of a sudden being called a donkey and worse besides. As long as there's no attitude issues and he actually 'wants the badge', let's not go overboard with the old blue pencil.

Rocha, however, I'll put a ribbon on for offers IRO a pony.

Anonymous said...

So we can look forward to seeing Sean Jocelyn in say..... 2018 then. That's good cos we could do with a good......WAIT! The Mayan's calender count end-time is in 2012..... he ain't gonna make it. Damn! Maybe after the paradigm shift we'll be playing some sort of 5th dimensional footy an he'll be ok?

good luck seany.

shanemac said...

Reflecting on the last 5 hours of posts, I worry for anyone currently in London, as I fear frontwheel has identified a potential monster with acute dissociative personality disorder on the loose.

That having been said, I'd like to see the discussion of who might leave the lane taken a bit further. I think it'll definitely be more extensive than Ricky Rocha. I assume we'll be signing someone to replace malbranque on the left. Does that mean that he'll be competing with Lennon for time on the right wing? Or will one of them leave for sure? what about someone like Teemu Tainio, he's 28 now (?) and not even seeing any time when the games are meaningless. I've always thought he was really unlucky at Spurs, what with injuries and the signings of Carrick, Davids, and Zokora (only one of which justified his supplanting). I'm also a bit confused by the lack of squad rotation at this point. I remember Ramos saying that he's already assessed the capabilities of the current squad members. Are we to take that to mean that the players we've seen in the last 5 woeful weeks are safe?

I apologise if this has already been touched on in other threads.

Christopher said...

To the above poster, I read a good piece somewhere else that spoke about how, having already made up his mind on players, Ramos was now stepping back a bit and distancing himself from the squad.

Bear in mind that after the Carling Cup it was very much a "we must get as high up the table as possible" yet slowly after every game since Poyet and Ramos both seem to agree that it must be hard for players to "go at it" in games that supposedly don't mean anything.

Myself and other paying fans surely agree that this is a crock of shite since we pay for them to entertain.

Drifting back to my point though, is that I think Ramos may still be playing the same ol' team to see who actually has the pride and commitment to work at improving next year.

He knows the young lads (O'Hara, Bale etc...) will be keen because they are young players and want to make a mark to push into the first team. The senior players think they're safe playing week-in week-out after Ramos had supposedly seen enough. But these last few week will surely have shown Ramos far more about a players metality and prfessionalism than a years worth of training ground observations.

Hope that ramble made a bit of sense!

Anonymous said...

Thank the lord for Modric, I am actually interested in the euros now! Quality signing ,over the moon, off to get my croatia shirt in the morning with his name on the back lol

onedavemackay said...

Big Belly. "i also don't think Berbatov is the be all and end all - there are plenty of others out there who are more than capable of standing in his shoes."

Well name them then !

And when you name them give us all an idea of what they might cost !

If a player like Bebatov is so easy to buy how come we haven't bought any player like him in over 20 years and how come some of the biggest teams in Europe are interested in him ?

Why don't THEY buy these cheaper alternatives ?

Anonymous said...

Good point, christopher. Maybe it's a way of determining which of the players are pro-active.

You know, I'd almost forgotten about Bale. Those late days of last summer, when he appeared like a gust of fresh air, seem an age back. I look forward to seeing him next season after Ramos and Poyet have coached him into the team.

I like what I hear from Modric. Yes, it's normal and courteous to compliment the coach who invited you to join. Plus, it's wise to get off on the right foot. But the guy seems to acknowledge an attraction to Ramos' playing philosophy.

From the YouTube clips I've seen, he has a Who Dares Wins attitude (or Who Dares Does). He doesn't just want to win a game, he wants to enjoy himself doing it. Part of possessing good vision is having good peripheral vision. His seems 360 degrees.

He's pacey, has a low centre of gravity and allegedly said that if you can play in the Bosnian league you can play anywhere, such are its physical demands.

He does have one shortcoming - a fairly lame somersault, in which he looks a bit like a rag doll being thrown. But at least he still has one. Time will tell if it develops into a bow and arrow thingy.

9.37 Anon

frontwheel said...

Quick late-night half-pissed post from a man who has just watched Snakes on a Plane then Control back to back. (Might be in for some weird dreams...)

I like this blog, there's some intelligent people posting on here:

Shanemac: You're absolutely right, dissociative identity disorder is what this big floppy bold tits belly monster has got, shizophenic is an incorrect term, and I shouldn't have dumbed down just to be understood.

OneDaveMackay:: I'm making you right on Berbs: yeah he's a luxury player but from as far as I was tought by my Dad, Uncle and Grandad, we're Spurs and as far we're all about flair. He did actually work hard yesterday though, even entered our own area on more than one occaision. Maybe he reads these blogs.

One thing his detractors forget: Just who would we replace the moody, self-absorbed, stroppy, perfectionist, sublime, craftsman demigod with? You can't eat money.

There were a couple of other people who raised points that I was going to go into like christopher who has made sense but I lost my train of thought and need bed.

Lets just sign Samuel L. Jackson and Ian Curtis.

Yeeeeeeeed Armaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

frontwheel said...

oh yeah, I don't like the the forever corrupt woolwich or their followers at all so they can f f f fff fade away

Anonymous said...

Morning, having read through these comments i have to say that Berbatov leaving would not be the end of the world, yes it would be a major major loss but no one player should be bigger than the club (et al, henry at the arse)how long will it be before the other players start to get the hump and division sets in(as Defoe found to his cost)?

It seems that (according to his agent and perhaps in some of his luck lustre displays) that Champions leauge football, not money drives Berbatov and unfortunatly i think we may be a couple of seasons away from that yet.
Dont get me wrong Berbatov is world class but there comes a time when for the good of the club as a whole its time to move on and as always he can be replaced, with the money they get it might take two players to cover his loss (hopefully Modric is one and check out on youtube our possible new target according to the Mail, Bruno Fornaroli, looks useful)but as in the past (Archibald,Lineker,Allen,Sheringham etc)players will come and go.

I for one would love nothing more than for Berba to say this is where he wants to stay but i think he never will, and with that the time to cash in has come.



Anonymous said...


"you cant make player stay if his heart ain't in it! DON'T FORGET THAT NO ONE IS BIGGER THEN THE CLUB!!!.

Sell Berbs for about £30m and put a big bid in for David Villa of about £25m. With Valencia's money problems i think they will sell and probably early because they're looking to make several changes in the summer.

Klose 25m- would be great with either Bent or Keane.

Kanoute 8-10m - would be good. Good size, good with Bent or
Keane he would only be short term fix he ain't getting any younger.

Obafemi Martins 10-16m would give us pace and can play on wing if needed, either bent or Keane.

Giampaolo Pazzini 9-15m He's quick, he's young.

Peter Crouch 8-16m is underrated - he's very good with his feet, which many people miss because his ungainly posture deceives them.

Olivera from Zaragoza 8-13m he would play with either bent or Keane or on his own.

Negredo from Almeria 7-13m quick hold up play is very good.

Big Belly

Anonymous said...

now with modric i have something to watch in europe this summer

chiversmetimbers said...

Hey Harry here some news for you from over the water. The big story in Toronto is that MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment) are looking to buy Spurs. MLSE also own The Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL, The Toronto Raptors of NBA and Toronto FC of MLS. Sounds like good news?....well don't get too excitied. MLSE's majority shareholder in the Ontario Teacher's Pension Fund who saw the chance to reap huge profits from these financially successful teams that haven't won anything in years In the Maple Leafs case 48 years!!! how ever they are the most profitable fanchise in the NHL. As a result you have miserly funding and rampant profiteering...I will be very disappointed if our Spurs get hi-jacked by the Ontario Teachers to feather their retirement nests...and we can kiss trophies goodbye....if you want to see the future...think back to Alan Sugar ...lets hope Levy's price is too high for them...apparently MLSE are ready to offer $400,000...ENIC want $800,000..thought this might be a better story than some 8yr old who will probably never make the grade ;-)

Anonymous said...

We seem to have the right manager, coaching staff, youngsters, academy setup, scouting network, some parts of the playing squad sorted, and no doubt Ramos will address the missing parts in the future.

Its yet another revolution but this one seems to be fully working, the last thing we need is a change of ownership!! Levy, just say no!! At least until one of us is a billionaire.

Anonymous said...

HH you had nothing NOTHING on here about Modric, losing your touch?

but well donr for holding your hands up & admitting it

i think the big question over the signing of Modric is whether hes a signal of ambitious intent to convince Berba to stay (which would be the real coup) or if the board are already spending the money theyre anticipating getting for Berba.

If Berba goes i agree that Modric can be the creative spark to replace Berba. From memory i can remember him playing some excellent through balls for Croatia which is something weve lacked dearly since Carrick.

Watching Bent on the shoulder of the last defender ready to be sent through makes me think he could be a real asset to us if we played to his strengths. But no passes have come his way this season as our midfielders just dont have the vision to see his runs.

Thinking about this i believe that without Berba we could see some great Gerrard-Torres-esque link up play between Bent and Modric.


onedavemackay said...

Excuse me but what is all this "he'll play well with Keane or Bent" bollocks ?

If you've seen Bent play you will be praying that someone, anyone buys him.

No I must be fair. Apart from the fact he's not good in the air, is one footed, has no positional sense has missed numerous chances and looks completely clueless, he's a snip at £16.5 million and is an obvious replacement for Berba.


Anonymous said...

Ramos is quoted in the torygraph as saying:

"if a team meet the clubs asking price....then possibly he will leave". [paraphrase]

ASKING price?

Well there you have it barring a translation fcuk up; he's being touted.

Re: Modric.

If he had gone to the loonytoonys surely the same PR pitch would be in evidence only in black and white.


Anonymous said...

its all about opinions end of the day, we can all shoot holes on every ones posts. they are all different scenario's regarding strikers formations.
Big Belly

EL said...

Dear Onedavemackay,

With all due respect(ahem) to your disdainful bent towards Darren, I HAVE seen him play and would prefer to see more of him rather than see him sold. I'd especially like to see him given something akin to a run, with a decent creative midfielder behind him. Oh look.....

This opinion would be dropped like a lead Zeppelin however, if we got a full refund in cash upfront or in the form of a bonafide 16 million pound striker.

Actually I'd accept the full refund in stages.

Dear 9.37,

Or maybe an illegal alien conspiracy? Has he sorted his papers yet? Last I heard we had him pending these and a fitness test.

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly - I has nearenouf wetted myself larfing at youses senses of humor.

ShaneMac - alas London is all too full (or fillded) with personages who fit this rather frightening description. Indeed, it is a great sourse of entertainment playing 'spot the norm'.

Frontwheel: Brilliant! You get 'drawn-out', I get 'strung-out' (on heaven's high, having an all time low time).

Only Spurs fans (who carry within themselves a level of erudition sadly lacking in other clubs supporters - oh, and those Spurs fans who are a bit, er, reetarded, could connect a story of a young player with te Mayan end-time of 2012 - damn, thought I was only person on planet aware of this, and planning for post Armageddon :-D.

Harry, tilting at windmills could drag you down into the mire - or lift you up to the stars.

As for young lad - sounds like a Comolli 'one-for-the-future' to me :-)


jolsgonemental said...


its the bomb.

However whats the point of being schizo if you 'all' agree with each other.

Not really getting into the real spirit of it is it.

I suggest you lock your daughter in the cellar for a couple of decades to atone or we will take your mental parking badge away.

Anonymous said...

Dude -

We all know the world's gonna end in 2012. December 21, to be precise. So celebrate New Year early in 2011. In fact, celebrate like it's 1999.

Ah, what the hell. World's come and world's go. There'll be another along in a few millenia.

But Spurs? They're forever, dude.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

To be honest I have been very disillusioned with Berbatov for quite a while now pretty much since the CC final. I think he looks like somebody on the way out and on Saturday was probably his worst performance ever in a Spurs shirt. I think £25m is probably about right but could go higher if a bidding war breaks out, but on present form not worth half of that.

Personally I would love to see Villa at Spurs would be a great replacement for Berbatov, yes we would have to alter how we play accordingly but a quality player and regular goal scorer. Pre Modric I would say we don't have a cat in hells chance of getting him but now who knows. Ramos certainly seems to have that pulling power.

I think £16m is light would be circa £20+m depending on how many sides show interest.
Floppy Tits