Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Saw Louis Walsh In Marks & Sparks On The Way Home Tonight. It Wasn't Prearranged, You Understand, Just Saying...

I saw Louis Walsh in Marks & Sparks on the way home tonight. It wasn't prearranged, you understand, just saying... And then it struck me. The opening line of today's blog. How dull and ordinary 'celebrity' can be. As commonplace as commonplace could be. Just a bloke with a basket of microwavable veg and a precooked chicken.

So at least 36,176 people had a similar experience to mine today. They bumped into a household name and were left a bit... non plussed.

Our latter day saint ~ The Harmony Hairspray Girl, Berba (C'mon, you remember, 'Is She Or Isn't She...?) and Co. crucially failed, today, to highlight our day.

It's easy to say we ought be knocking teams like Bolton over the avertising hoardings and into the car park for uncomplicated sixes and fours. And guess why? Because we bleedin' well oughtta be.

The off the radar/low key signing (ie they kept that BL**DY quiet) today was inspired. It may compromise my Arshavin prediction, but hey, HH is here for the greater good, not is own tinpot glorification, despite what the bottom feeders may say...

Highlights is all I saw. Berba wove a weave or two, his header was close. And Bent... As they say in some parts of the world, God Loves A Tryer.

Gilberto is inspired and it's so good to see him again. Steed should have had a second but did not. Cerny wasn't to blame and I like him. I'd like Amelia more.I want a seasoned performer at top dollar playing for us between the sticks. We need to rubber stamp the rest of JR's signings.

Gary Megson looks like a second hand car dealer who owes money to someone heavy. Disappointed with today's result? Get lost you balding oaf. We might be a bit useless at present, but I'll let you know when you can get cocky in N17 and rest assured, today isn't your cue, dear.


shanemac (moved by hh from previous blog) said...

fucking embarrassment. we haven't won in 5 matches. last four have been 1-1. what the hell is going on? doesn't anyone have any bloody pride? nothing to play for? how about the badge on the shirt or the bloody fans in the stands.

Anonymous said...

we've signed luka modric at 15.8mill, so does that mean signing players like eto'o is fantasy or reality cos the board and ramos have shown real intent signing modric when the season isnt even over yet. whats ur verdict HH????

Harry Hotspur said...

My view is we've 'pots'. Both of dough and market intent This may well be the start of something rather lovely, 23.12...

Anonymous said...

This mill make for an teresting selection dilemma next season... What for Steed, Hudd, Zakora ?

What happened to that "Young English Spine"?.... Robinson, Dawson, Huddlestone, Lennon. Unfortunately only Hudd has progressed this year, the remainder have regresssed.


Anonymous said...

"It will be a real pleasure to play in the English league which is the best in Europe, with three English clubs in the semi-finals of the Champions League."

Modric, your new signing.

Dont think he realises that Spuds have never been or will get into the Champions League.

Anonymous said...

don't mean to put a dampener on things but this signing shouldn't distract us from the real problems we face:

1. we still need a holding midfielder - the roy keane type figure who can lead the time from the heart of midfield, even when things are not going our way - this is main reason why we continue to leak goals and cannot finish teams off
2. Berbatov will need to be replaced. IMO, he needs to go, the constant rumors of him wanting to leave for a big club, even if not true, is damaging team morale. Just as thierry henry stunted the growth of l'arse, so Berbatov is holding us back from developing into a solid unit. He is a maverick, he thinks he is too big for the club and needs to go, we will need to replace him.
3. King is crocked. He's a goner. We need a world class center back to pair with Woodgate.
4. finally, remember rebrov? don't count your chickens, i will reserve judgment on modric until i see him play. If we spent £15mil on Bent i don't see why it would be that unlikely that we could spend a few mil more on someone with as much unfulfilled potential.
Big Belly.

Christopher said...

to 23:33

clearly you fail to understand that he is proud to be in a league where there are three of our teams in the last four of the champions league showing that the Premiership is the best league in Europe. You COCK.

Harry Hotspur said...

23.37 You are welcome, but you will have to work a little harder..

Anonymous said...

There is only one...........BIG BELLY

onedavemackay said...

Bolton were absolute pants. They deserved nothing and the Premier League can only improve without them.

In the first half we totally dominated play without looking particularly dangerous. Then in the second half Juande switches to three at the back with Big Tom playing deep and Bingo, we were creating chance after chance. OK we should have won quite easily but then most days we would have done. The important thing is that our Manager knows what needs to be done and gets on with it he is a class act and I feel with a few more intelligent signings we can become serious contenders.

Marks out of 10:

Cerny 6 Competent
Hutton 7 Class
Dawson 6 Steady
Woody 7 More Class
Gilberto 6 Not bad and can cross and shoot
Lennon 7 If he could cross or shoot .......
Jenas 5 Ability Yes Delivery No
Zokora 8 Great today. He's winning me over !
Steed 7 Never gives less than 100% love him
Keano 6 Always working always a threat
Berba 7 Should have scored but still the class act.

Hudd 7 So much more use than Jenas
Bent 0 He does nothing adds nothing we would have been better off with 10 men.

O'Hara 5 I like that boy

And as for all you Berba slaggers I wish you had been there to see him chase 30 yards for a lost cause of a ball deep in the Bolton half not to mention his tackling back. He may leave( I hope and pray he doesn't ) but I for one am convinced that in an age of cynical money grabbing Prima Donas here we have a player who actually cares about the club he plays for.

Anonymous said...

Apart from 47 seconds of madness at the start of the second half I thought we totally bossed it today and but for a bit of luck in front of goal we could be discussing a fine 4 goal romp.
Quite why Dawson feels the constant urge to attempt these raking 50 yard diagonal passes that invariably end up way over the head of the intended recipient or at the feet of an opponent I'll never know. Keep it simple, Daws.
Hutton's substitution was a bit odd too. Surely J&G had 15 minutes at half-time to figure out whether he was fit enough to continue, the confusion possibly contributing to that shambles of a Bolton goal.
Other than that, I can't recall anyone having a poor game with Lennon, Malbranque and even dear old Didier shining in particular.
Roll on next season!

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you said Big Belly, but not the Berbatov comments. Who says there morale issues with his supposed leaving? What first hand knowledge does anyone here have of what happens in the traing ground, dressing room, cafeteria etc. None. Same thing oddly enough at the various blog, press and media outlets.

Berbatov has been deafening in his silence and refusal to comment on such rumours for what he HAS said are those very reasons. His slimebag agent is of course spruiking up his player, but probabaly no more that Eto'o's agent or Ronaldinho's agent are doing.

The facts as I understand them are that we have two years plus a two year option on his services That's four years, or call it the rest of his career. We have no need to sell him, we'd have to spend most of what we got to replace him, if indeed a club like ours (outside tiop 4) would be able to get a replacement as good. He appeasr happy, Ramos lets him play his way, he's got a great understanding with Robbie Keane who brings the best out of him as much as the other way round he's pretty much guaranteed a gam each week, something he would not be elsewhere and he's seeing things get better with new signing coming that will enghance his individual game as much as the teams.

We'll selll him if we need the money, lack ambition neither of which I think we do or perhaps if someone comes along with really silly money. But we do not NEED to lose him do not HAVE to lose him and his staying is as much a morale booster as anything.

By the way onedavemackay, marks should be for how they played not who they are or how much you like them.


Anonymous said...

Some of you are missing the point. The point, as I see it, is that some Ar*e-shirt wearing cnut I've never seen before has just casually strolled passed my house.

It's 9.15am. My area code is N17. What's more, it's a Sunday. This sort of thing just shouldn't happen.

What is the world coming to?

9.37 Anon

Markspur said...

Spent £33 yesterday on the '61 Wembley retro which I wore with pride at the Bolton game, which cost me £40, left with the memories of '08 Wembley keeping me warm despite our seemingly end of season attitude, though it wasn't a bad game. Berba re-doing his hair and Steeds equaliser followed by the faithful upping the atmosphere are the most outstanding memory for this afternoon! it's been a disappointing year, Premier League wise. But new £15m signings, a new shirt here's to next season. Any sneak previews anyone, heard the away is Gold & Brown? Are we back on Blue shorts? Seems Berba is taking a hike, hopefully our scouting staff are aware of other untapped talent. Just like Klinn we'll move on. Richard Peddie is the new gossip column favourite to launch a take over bid for our beloved Spurs. I just do not trust him, doesn't feel right in my gut. But corporate madness is the order of the day, and the word sport seems even less associated with our clubs. Any news H? Call me cynical, is the signing of Modric though exciting, but surprise, surprise announced just before the new shirt is revealed and the membership cards renewed. Oh well, I'll try to stay sane, look forward to a 4-4 finale against the scousers in red, and here's to a couple of months of boring, though a lot cheaper, saturday afternoons! COYS!

Markspur said...

And heh, 9.47, le ars probably strolled into the area so he can remember what a trophy room looked like with a trophy in it! COYS!

onedavemackay said...

Finn. Couldn't agree more re Berba. As for my marks they ARE for the performance yesterday I don't understand why you thought differently.

9.37 I too find the scene you describe very worrying. At the very least you should phone Haringay Council and demand they do something. It must have ruined your breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the unveiling of the new kit... Which players DON'T we expect to see modelling it?

No doubt King will feature, regardless of rumours concerning his future.

Can't see Chimbo in it, though. Not sure we'll see Berbatov, either. Lennon, anyone?

And what size shirt will Hudd wear? XXL? XL? Or a new, svelte L? The good thing about the brown and gold away-kit is that it doesn't show up the brown sauce stains.

Should we expect an official unveiling of the ball to the new 'keeper when he arrives - just in case he (like the previous incumbent) doesn't recognise it?

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...


I phoned the council and they told me they don't collect the rubbish in my area till next Wednesday.

9.37 Anon

onedavemackay said...

9.37 Lol !

Chirpy said...

Hmm, it was certainly one of those games that looked better on MOTD. In truth Bolton were there for the taking, had we the inclination for 90+minutes, rather than in sporadic patches. Again it highlighted our inability to bury poor teams or control the midfield, and our penchant for creating chaos out of order in/around our own penalty area. Our movement was non-existent at times leaving few options.

In summary, think Spurs v Torino pre-season.

My marks out of 10:

Cerny: 6 - Competent
Hutton: 8 - Our best performer
Dawson: 6 - OK, but appears to continue to lack confidence
Woody: 7 - Solid
Gilberto: 4 - A performance worthy of Rasiak
Lennon: 6 - Improved, but still work to be done on his 'final ball'
Jenas: 6 - A mixed bag; Inconsistent, as always
Zokora: 5 - Worked hard, but has little/no vision going forward
Steed: 7 - As industrious as ever; Scored once, should have scored twice
Keano: 7 - Wanted to win.
Berba: 6 - Some nice touches but in general he looked like he was avioding injury; Missed a sitter

Huddlestone: 8 - has vision and gave us options
Bent: 6 - brought nothing to the party
O'Hara: 6 - worked hard'ish, but not, and never going to be, a CL calibre player

Mysterious Stranger said...

Regarding shirt sizes, I recall seeing the "Spurs Auction" site stating Huddlestone's shirt from the 125 yr game being of the XXL variety...!

GRAZZA said...

9:37 - Stear well clear of Craig Park then (if you dont already)

Its somalians with jumpers for goal posts, 50-a-side, head to toe in Arse, Chels & Man U kit over there!

Shame, shame, shame.