Sunday, March 09, 2008

West Ham Indoors: Precox Garrulitas

Our league position is no des res. Should we win our next two games we'd remain two points behind West Ham and stay eleventh. Whereas only four points beneath us and spinning in an anticlockwise direction down the plughole is Kave~In Keegan's Bar Codes.

Whatever loose rhetoric of doubles there might be, we urgently need get our Premiership act together. The Hammers travel with it all to do. Back to back 4-0 defeats courtesy of The Pool and The Chavs will have taken it's toll. Alan is up to his Alans.

There is genuine discontent in the Temporary Campsite with many part-time fortune tellers predicting that unless Curbishley starts to play some entertaining football he won't last the season. Quite who they'd lure with lucky heather and an unlimited supply of pegs is anyone's guess, but they're allowed their dreams.

The vulgarities of money. Some value then, in correct scores. Especially if you fancy the Pikeys...pffffft... All doomsday scenarios to one side, for a Tottenham win the 'eye catchers' might inc... A workmanlike but probable 2-1 is as just alright as 15/2. Spurs to go in at half time 2-0 up is a more likeable 8/1.
Our lot improving the supply chain and delivering 3-1 goes to a vaguely sugar coated
14/1. Clearly the bookies are hesitant after our flat lining against PSV, but not so hesitant as to retire any of us early sould we get it right. Manic depressive? Spurs to lead at half time time but throw it away and land only a draw is just for Pfizer fans at 15/1. My team selection?

Hutton Woodgate Gilberto Gunter
Lennon Cuddlestones Steed O'Hara
Berbatov Keane

Prediction? A possibly scrappy but three point delivering affair 2~1. Come On You Spurs!
They're on the 3rd page of sale goods...


Anonymous said...

Harry, Gilberto at centre back? Really!? :) I thought he was an out and out full back. What about Kaboul or Zakora?

Harry Hotspur said...

I'd rather give Gilberto a run out. Admittedly he's supposedly a left back/ left midfield. But I can see him pinging the ball through the middle...

I'd like to see him doing what Zokora is paid to do...

Anonymous said...

I think the starting line up will look more like this (NOT, WHO I WOULD CHOOSE BY THE WAY):

Hutton, Woodgate, Zakora,Gilberto
Lennon, Huddletone, O'Hara, Steed
Berbatov, Keane.

Smudger as one of the 5 subs (dream on).

dildo said...

hope ur not senile arry. gelberto at cencter back??

Anonymous said...

Am doubtful that he will start as centre back, but I think he will start.


Harry Hotspur said...

He's gotta go somewhere*!

*Back where he came from is not the answer...

Anonymous said...

As much as it pains me to say it, I hope Wigan get spanked today. Last thing we want is to get sucked into the plug-hole of the league.

Same goes for Sunderland. Nil points, if you please.

If he plays, a few choruses of 'There's only one Gilberto' (even though there's at least two) won't go amiss. Lets the guy know the club has a heart. Lets him know we're not fickle. Best if he plays, anyway. He fell out of the saddle, so it's sensible to put him straight back in it.

Hi ho, Silver and all that.

Good news is that we lost the Brum game with a makeshift defence. Plus, we ceded a goal to PSV, rather than they won it. So, no reason to think we'll let get shafted today unless we shaft ourselves.

Which is something Spurs never do. Ahem.


9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Why the fook is Taarabt not even on the bench?? Thoroughly disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Thats a good result to take to PSV. Berba was magnificent and Huddlestone at last started to deliver the decisive dead ball. Great to see Gilberto score after midweek and also Bent to get his name on the score sheet. Lennon looked sharper but still lacks an end product. Two great and brave at the feet saves by Robinson in first minutes saved the day after Chimp had given the ball away. Allround a much better performance and hopefully Ramos can now build on that and go to PSV with a better frame of mind. Mind you god knows what we will do if Berbatov leaves... apart form his goals his control and ability to lead the line is frigging awesome....

Anonymous said...

That should shut those Spammers up for a while. Too easy!! Who are ya, who are ya?

Tony Galvins Socks said...

Good Man Harry .All Your Support For Gilberto Has Paid Dividends .A good Goal to get his confidence back after thursdays stinker!Top Blog

dannyboy said...

Never in doubt he wouldn't come good; you don't judge a player on 45 minutes coming back from injury, unless you're a Daily Snail reporter. Glad he played left midfield rather than centre back though ;-)
Great win today. Confidence builder for Wednesday. Score 1st and it's game on.


GRAZZA said...

2:37: Because at the moment hes a circus act