Friday, March 07, 2008

Gilberto? 100% Support From Harry Hotspur, So There...

She's A Lovely Girl, But She'll Always Have Her Knockers, HH Ain't One Of 'Em.

I'm sick to the back teeth with the unadulterated, uninformed rubbish that has been spewed in the last 24hrs in relation to Gilberto. What wonderful welcome. What a baptism of brainless blah blah blah.

This guy has a genuine pedigree. We are not dealing with muck here. But apparently it all counts for bupkes after not even 90 minutes with media petri dish darlings Tottingham Hutzpah. Give me a break and give him one.

I refuse to just 'truck along' with this so called universal critique of this man's first performance. This contrived, humourless Witch Hunt Hokum. Totally contrived all of it.Was his shoe the last to leave the ball before we got hurt? Yes, but for Chrissakes, it was hardly an incompetent own goal or some other really awful big piece of gross inepittude. The truth is that newbie Tottenham watchers in the media are big on man hours but small on worthwhile comment. (Unlike me of course, who's consistantly brill.)

I instinctively like this chap. I actually want to see more of him. He is dynamic. Needs a bit of work/adjustment? Don't we all ? To do is to dare? Yes it bloody well is. And you, you precious few whom are asked to come to play for this wonderful club are asked to bring your ambition, your flair and some daring do. You don't make an omlette without breaking a few eggs. So let's get stuck in in and bring it on. Before I die of WhatIfItus.

Am I the lunatic fringe? A mentalist that can see a team that embraces both the loose cannon Taraabt AND the match thrower Gilberto? Yeah. HH is the enemy within.



Anonymous said...

"you precious few whom are asked to come to play for this wonderful club are asked to bring your ambition, your flair and some daring do."

Too bad these were all absent on Thursday

Anonymous said...

Right on! Footballers, managers, they are human beings and make mistakes. Ramos acted and took him off half time. he was not fit

doug said...

Prime example is the Daily Mail 'Hatchet Man' piece. What a sordid offcut of e-chip wrapper. Who the F is this numpty??? Is this the horrible Orwellian future that journalism is heading toward?

Queue up here for the two minutes of hate. Next up some idiot like him will get let loose on the proper news and then then it'll be look out Gipsy's, gays and people that 'don't quite look right'... I'm scared.

doug said...

They may have been absent on Thursday night but they were there at Wembley.

Play Up Pompey by the way!

Wilson said...

doug are you a gay, odd looking gypsy?

Yes go on the Pompey.

doug said...

Damn it Wilson... You weren't supposed to let anyone know!

Anonymous said...

here here... Gilberto did not have a good game but it was his first in a few months. He had some quality touches, looks to have a great left foor and showed some attacking endeavour with a few runs. Let's all give him a chance. Hatchet man is just that... a complete hack.

BTW- who is the bird? Keeley?

Anonymous said...

Gilberto was manifestly distressed at his error, and his confidence dwindled noticably till half-time.

In hindsight, it may have been a little ill-judged to deploy him to such a tough debut. Maybe a few low-key appearances would have served to orientate him and bring him up to speed first.

Then again, he was purchased to provide defensive cover and was a reasonable choice over O'Hara, at least on paper. His international experience and wise old head must have counted in his favour, too.

All very easy to say after the event.

It was just unfortunate that his evening didn't unfold as planned. Before his mistake he looked pacy and solid, and his feet looked articulate. Time will tell.

It's worth reflecting that, but for that mistake, his debut just might have gone like a dream. It might have been followed up with several consecutive dream displays. Then - as every player does - he might have had a bum game, but, by that time, no one would have questioned his quality. The fact that his blunder occurred on his debut threw it into stark relief - that's all. It doesn't make him a bad player.

Is it just me, or does anyone else still feel slightly nervous at our proximity to the relegation zone? Winning and losing are habits, and we better make sure we get into the right one.

By the way - nice one, Barnsley.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Think Harry's perspective is good on this topic. Check out the bird at the top of the feature. Reckon she could carve open my defences easily.

9.37 Anon

EL said...

The bird in that photo has a wax face. Maybe she's an ornamental candle.

Well done barnsley & pompey.

onedavemackay said...

Top Tottie Harry, well done that man.
As for this Gilberto nonsense I'll judge him over several games all this media stuff is crap.
We lost the game because we didn't create enough chances and score enough goals end of. I am however, a little concerned about young Lennon, he just does not do it consistently.

As for Barnsley and Pompey you are both legends.

egg said...

Agreed that we should have given him a couple of run outs before throwing him in at the deep end although he IS supposed to be a WORLD CLASS defender..?

I thought O'hara looked good at left back after G was taken off although other than his mistake he didn't do too much wrong.

That said, these are the sort of mistakes that have been haunting us all season and with Dedley and Woody at the back, i thought were consigned to history...

Ho Hum, we better do the Dutch scum in their own back yard if their 5 0 let us play? I thought taarabt looked lively when he came on and I am so looking forward to him becoming the player we need him to be.


2 - 0 spammers today!!!!


Kyle said...

Can we just end this Gilberto nonsense. He was poor, showed very few good signs, and was very badly at fault for the goal! Let's stop trying to pretend otherwise with this rubbish about him not being fit, etc.

I'm not saying he's terrible, he's only played 45 mins for us. I'm sure he'll turn out to be a very good signing, and I hope him all the best in the future. But until we're honest with ourselves and expect that bit more from our players, we won't improve.

I worry about the creativity of our midfielders, I can't help but think that Taraabt deserves more of a game, he looked class when he came on!

Anonymous said...

I would have played lee at left back, at least is solid in that position, gilberto left mid and steed right mid, lennon been coasting too long n needs a wake up call

Anonymous said...

Lineaker and Waddle didn't exactly get off to a flying start when they joined spurs....I can remember the crowd being particulary hostile to Waddle.

What I have seen over nearly two seasons is the baffling decision to play football's luckiest player - Zokora. He must wake up each morning and thank lord that he actually is paid thousand's of pounds a week to be a premiershi footballer.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that we all make mistakes, and ok, he had a poor debut, but lets not judge him yet. Well done Harry on this article.

Imagine the future of a Bale & Gilberto combining on the left and Steed playing in an attacking midfield role or on the right with someone new comming in to do the holding role. Mmmmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Song for wet spam today to tune of amazing grace, being a commentary on and a prediction for the results of their remaining games this season:
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onedavemackay said...

Talking about holding midfielders it would be interesting to see O'Hara play there. For me this boy looks good. He's got plenty of skill, tackles well and always looks up for it.

Mind you he needs to practice his free kicks ! Though all of our dead ball stuff was hopeless on Thursday and why doesn't Berba take more ?

Anonymous said...

What about O'Hara as a holding midfiled player then (see previous blog comment).

He doesn't have to take any free kicks. Just get Berba to take them if direct on goal.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comments re: Gilberto. He is obvious class and will take some time to bed down and adjust to the pace of the English game. I would also add Lee (solid??) to the list along with Zokora, Boateng, Rocha and Bent who must be thanking their lucky stars that they have been privileged to don the white shirt and the vast salaries they have been paid for little or no output. Ramos is an extremely shrewed and talented manager and will soon banish all the Comolli inspired dross from WHL for ever.

We should count our blessings that we have the spine of such an amazing, young and talented team and a manager of pedigree to match.
Let's hope the 'real' Spurs turn up to the away leg at PSV and show the world what we are really made of.


Anonymous said...

Song for wet spam today to tune of amazing grace, being a commentary on and a prediction for the results of their remaining games this season:
four nil, four nil, four nil, four nil, four nil....

10:27 AM

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