Saturday, February 02, 2008

Spurs In 'Look A Bit Handy!' Shock

The performance this afternoon was an absolute credit. Ronaldo was rope tied, Rooney, the mouthy little lout, was suitably bargain basement binned by the elegant Hutton. Giggs was gagged. Ultimately we ought to have won this game. Not just my sentiments but the words of Manc fans I spoke to today who really felt Man Utd failed to cope with an very new, upbeat Tottenham.

Woodgate appeals. He's barely through the door yet his influence is tangible.

Manchester United were rattled by our demeanour. Nice change, no? Today was as a genuine rebirth of our intent as the victory against the scum was.

And what was that idiot Charlton dressed as? A rabbit on his head and an imitation leopard around his neck? Whilst Man Utd are determined that not all old players die in poverty, obviously sensible clothes isn't such an issue...



slim said...

United aren't very classy when things don't go their way. Ref was poor...
We should have held on, paid for missing a couple of chances.
We looked good, Woodgate is class.
Ledley is out of England Squad, club
seem to be keeping quiet about his fitness.

Anonymous said...

king is crocked. crying shame. retire now mate. :-(

Anonymous said...

The Ref was less of c*nt than he has been previous. That's my contribution.

Anonymous said...

what is the status with Ledley? Capello said he is well aware of King's injury problems and that it is a "blow" to lose him. Lose him for the friendly or longer term? Why didn't spurs include Ledley as injured in the team news?? I want King and Woody for the carling cup final.

Great performance today but failed to kill off United. Would have been nice to have that scalp going into the final, oh well.


Indyfan said...

Nice summary of the game - and of my feelings!

Anonymous said...

Result was harsh on us, deserved all 3. Ramos' signings already look like very astute purchases. Woody was immense, Hutton a class act, even the Bonda boy defended for a change! Now let's give the basement boys a proper good jollying next week....hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Real shame about Ledley's injury, as even Capello has seen in a few games what we already know, that he is as good as there is in England!

Why is it the club have said nothing about him being missing though, not even confirming he's been unavailable in the team news on the website for the last few games! It makes it all the more worrying and is just more terrible PR from the club!

If this is the beginning of the end for Ledley though then at least it looks like we have a really good replacement in Woodgate.

Bullers said...

Those dirty manc baxstards! You see how they get when they are being outplayed. I think that the ref was all Man Utd and a completet cnut. Other than that Harry I have to concur with your former comments but I don't see how you fail to Mention Steed in your post. HE WAS IMMENSE!!!!

I quite liked Al too considering that you don't often get thrown into the deep end against the Manure scum. He did well and can only get better. Bit stroppy thought I though

shanemac said...

what happened to ledley king, please?

onedavemackay said...

9.37 You cannot be serious. Today was as bad an afternoon for refereeing as I have ever seen. The bloke is a disgrace and we deserve better.

Huddlestone was MOTM for me. He saw off Scholes and Hargreaves, his passing was just fantastic and he did most of it on his own as JJ went AWOL again.

Anonymous said...

and ur a lil cunt for such a retarded article, you did play well, but how can u justify saying that you deserved to win?

ref was just as much of a cunt as u are, and u slipped up, nothin to it... how about adding that spurs played well, but failed at the last moment coz of the inexperience....just wait till fergie starts kickin shoes around, we be back to the top..... and all u can do is dream of somethin that will never happen...

Anonymous said...

you are a cunt.


Anonymous said...

f*ck you u manc coont, weighed, measured & found wanting today. COYS, we'll have you soon enough. What givs u the right to be at top anyhow, just cos of some crappy plane crash think you deserve something special? Don't think so, tragic as it was.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch the same game as I did? Im pretty sure Jenas was all over the field and played a pretty good game.

Anonymous said...


Lets be honest! We all hate Ar5ena1!!! and chelsea...and Liverpool (fcuking boring football) and West Ham. But who would we rather win the title if not Ramos' BLUE WHITE ARMY!!!!...and its still mathematicaly possible! Hutton is already a legend as is justs makes me high thinkin about a back four of Bale Woody King and Hutton (sorry Pascal) with Steeeeeeeeeed, Jenas, Huddlestone and Lennon, Keane and THE BERB up top, with......robbo in goal???? i think its fair.. now that he's been dropped from England , if he gets a chance he'll perform like James when he got dropped. We need to give the Robbo a chance! anyways great performance today!COYS

doug said...

Very, very happy with what I saw from the lads today. A real commitment running through the whole side - even Lennon tracking back & getting stuck in.

If this is what Juande and Gus the legend are doing in a few months, then god knows what they can achieve over the summer.

Please, please Spurs... don't screw this up again. I have a very good feeling about us at the moment and I am utterly unbothered by our league position.

doug said...

Missed MOTD tonight but was at the game - what did they say about Clattenburg?

Thought it was about the worst reffing performance since Styles Vs Newcastle in the cup & Bowyers 'handball'.

Interested to know how it came across... Especially after Fergies smokescreen????

doug said...

12.41 Can you tell me why the Manc fans were celebrating getting a draw against us & going 2 points behind in the league?

Because they knew they should have been down to 9 men & got roasted!


ps, Thats me done now!

chiversmetimbers said...


Anonymous said...

Sad result.. Woulda been justice? Berba Going?? Defo!!!

Going for The One said...

Spurs were very good today Harry, with Hutton showing nicely and Woodgate a man of few touches but how telling they were.

This is a side that offers much BUT we have played only top teams recently and acknowledge our underdog status against them. If we continue with the same appetite against ALL opponents we will climb the table and record some serious home wins and all important goal difference.

The programme talked a lot about us as the crowd being the 12th man against Arsenal and of the chanting and singing in the warm ups. Should we make this a trend for the Chelsea, Liverpool, West Ham and UEFA home games to lift the boys to early confidence?

Oh and Harry don't refer to Bobby Charlton as an idiot. It's unneccessary and disrespectful of one of England's greatest ever footballers.

pompeyyid said...

If you haven't yet seen anything of the game, don't rely on MOTD. A lazy editor concentrated on the last 15 minutes - when Manu came back into it. But here's the thing - Cerny did not have to make a serious save until the 75th minute. That was one of the most impressive TEAM performances I've seen from our lot in a very long time - against top class, on-form opponents who were at full strength.
If you want a measured opposition view on the game, then this one seems very fair:
It's clear that Ramos/Poyet/Alvarez have not only improved fitness levels and workrate, but there is both organisation and a tactical flexibility about the side now.
Who would have thought that Jenas and Huddlestone could've bossed Scholes and Hargreaves in Midfield. And that curled chip pass of Hudds to Lennon was sublime. That JJ, he only ever turns it on against the top two ;)
Feel sorry for Dawson - after last week's head-up-his-arse clowning, he was very impressive yesterday. OK it helped that he had Woodgate there - but what about Daws recovery tackle on Ronaldo?
If we can keep to that standard, then we have every chance of lifting the silverware on the 24th. Oh please let it happen. I must be one of the few Spurs fans who actually hates Chelsea more than the Unmentionables down the Seven Sisters Road. But then I did take a bit of a kicking from a couple of Chavski oiks a few years back.
BIOYC - bring it on you chavscum

Anonymous said...

I hope Levy has read Aesop's fables and remembers the story of the Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs.

If he does, he'll give Ramos and Poyet time to nurture and incubate this Spurs side - a side which, by consensus, looks more promising with each successive game.

Having secured the coaching skills of Ramos, Levy must give his total support to him and defer all the major footballing decisions to him.

There's no reason to suppose that's not already happening, of course; and the signs are good, if the transfer window is taken as evidence.

But we all sense that the team is approaching a fundamentally higher level of performance. Those golden eggs are developing, and Levy must have patience and wait due time for them to be hatched. They may actually hatch sooner than we think.

Please, Levy, Commolli - do not mess up! Ramos looks well capable of delivering not just golden eggs, but silverware.

And, when that happens, won't it be greet to hear Wenger and Fergie clucking like hens?

9.37 Anon (Not the 9.37 above, by the way ;¬j)

Chris said...

Again with the fuckking BBC. If aint top four they dont give a shit. MOTD is the biggest waste of money ever.

Aside from that, I think the ref did well, it was a really difficult game, because, as someone mentinoed, when Man U get outplayed, they play like dirty c*nts to make up for it.

Excellent defending, I am still a fan of Chimbona even if he has been so-so at best this year. Playing him at left back means less going forward which is a genius move.

Woody and Dawson were solid as hell, very glad for Daws to be on form with just the exerience around him (and lets not forget how well he did with THudd too).

Steed looked like he was never going to stop yesterday, I have never seen the lad peg-it so much in 90 mins. Having THudd as CB past few games has made his off the ball defending soooo much better its untrue. Hopefully can be made into a proper holding midfielder but I still worry about his pace.

Berba and Keano were average as far as their normal perfomances go, but thet doesn't by any means make them bad. Good to see a smile on the lads face when he scored, should have been more though.

Ah well lads, still a lot of games to go!

Oh yeah, and hutton was fantastic, pacy little shit!

Anonymous said...

I had to stay away for a day to calm down and get my head straight before i commented on yesterdays game. We were fcuking brilliant, against the Champions who are on their best run of the season, we'd usuall get turned over and take it on the chin, but this is harder to take, we dominated from start to finish, created more than enough chances to win the game and come away wth 1 point and the crap run against Man U goes on. In other news the ref was a complete disgrace, gave them everythign, bottled the big decisions (disgraceful tackle on Chimbonda only punished with a yellow, Evra catching the ball in the box to control it) But I look at it this way, a brand new defence, never played with each other, against the best attack in the country and they had one meaningful shot on target, from outside the box.
We arent going to qualify for Europe through the league, so these games are useful for moulding the team and getting used to playing together, the cup games are the big ones now, thats where we NEED to win. COYS

Keano's not Good Enough for This Team said...

If we could find a proper goal-scorer to play with Berbatov then we would be nearly there. Keane showed again taht he is just not up to it when Berbs brilliantky took 5 Utd, players out of the game and presented Keane with the bal, centre of the goal, 12 yards out, no markers in sight and he snatches at it like a 10-year old and passes it straight to Van De Saar. He also cost us the game against Arsenal at Highbury with his poor finishing and penalty miss. I don't care what anyone says, we've sold the wrong huy.

Chris said...


you're a muppet

pompeyyid said...

Re: Keanosnotgoodenoughforthis

1 - "Football is all about opinions";

2 - "Opinions are like arseholes - everyone has one";

3 - You're an arsehole.

el said...

Great result.

Clattenburg's a Cnut.

JGM, are you by any chance related to Britney Spears?

I'm feeling better about the cup final.

Go on the Wendy Ramos!

Anonymous said...

is that the same keane that scored more goals than any other player in 2007 and our top scorer this season, you realy are a hatstand !

Anonymous said...

People may scoff at this comment, but there's no reason why we should loose a single match in our final 11 fixtures. Things looking good to me...

shanemac said...

You obviously only watched MOTD, "keanosnotgoodenough....."

Keano was great.

My god I bloody love ramos and gus.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody watched a striker among reserves that could take the step up to the first team?

In case one of our front men get injured, or Ramos wants to vary the attack, is Peckhart, for example, up to it?

I've heard that Ramos isn't a great fan of Bent. Well, he's not alone there, but maybe the lad needs a chance. Errm, MAYbe.

Also in the news is a story that Ramos didn't want the sale of Defoe, but it was compelled for financial reasons (JD's contract). Ramos would've been fully appraised of Defoe's situation, but would've assessed his playing contribution, too. So, was he willing or unwilling to let him go?

If it all goes tits up for the Scousers by the end of the season - as seems likely - and Rafa leaves, would Ramos be attracted to Torres? The sale of Chimbo and Bent could finance it. Then there could be bundle to spend if Berba leaves. My gut feeling, however, is that Berba wants to stay.

But Ramos surely has bigger fish to fry than Torres, and contacts are probably already being explored to bring other playing personnel to the club in the summer.

All a bit random, I know, but it's Sunday.

Another random thought - I wonder if Ledley will announce his retirement at the end of the season. As much as he loves to play, he must feel - more than anything else - frustrated that he can't do himself and the team justice, and tempted to draw a line under his playing career.

I hope it ain't so, but... Anyway, for next season, Ramos isn't the kind to plan an assault on the PL mountain without having a fully-fit team to back him up. Ledley, I regret, may have to stay at base-camp.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

2.05 Anon

I agree. As a cup-tie king, Ramos takes a skilled approach to every match, and assesses each game according to its challenges.

2 points from the last 6 is not great, but they came from draws against tough opposition.

39 points remaining, isn't it? It's possible to bag the lot. For too long Spurs have been the league's bi-polar club: flashes of the sublime followed by flashes of the incompetent. To get a consistent run now would be excelent preparation for next season.


9.37 Anon

BimitarDerbatov said...

well lads...i too had to stay away until now for fear of saying something i'd regret...

if i was sitting at my computer when the equaliser went in i would have slated every one of the players..and i mean really slated them..

luckily i was in the pub watching the game..and despite being devastated (Tev-astated even!! how's that for a pun Harry!!) mood soon subsided when i realised that that was the most complete Spurs performance we've seen all year..

it was outstanding to a man...and you can talk all you want about signings like Woody and Hutton..great as they are, i think Ramos deserves full credit for whipping us in to shape..

that team is capable of winning the UEFA doubt in my mind.

well done Spurs...

Anonymous said...

What does everyone think of
Cherny, i think he`s a great
improvement on Robinson,
i know we are defending much better
now, but he doesnt flap and weakly punch every free kick and corner,
which Robinson would do if he had the Great Wall of China in front of him.
Also he doesnt spill the ball,
and made a great save from long
range, this kind of shot would most
likely have gone in with You Cant Drop Me in Goal.
Cherny also doesnt let the ball
dribble through his legs into the net, neither does he walk the ball
over his own goal line.
One overrated idiot Gone Defoe,
now lets get shot of Englands no 1.

Anonymous said...

HH - I remember you once postnig an article on here ridiculing Alan Hutton well I hope your eating your words now as you tried to back track on him once he signed for us. A great debut and lets hope there's more to come.

Anonymous said...

Watching the re-run on Sky I can't see what was so great about Hutton-looked to me like his technique was average; caught out of position a couple of times- not convinced he's better than Chimbonda

4 Ever Hopeful said...

I share the concern about how much better Hutton is (if indeed he is) than Chimbonda. The irony is that it does not look as if either of them really want to play for Tottenham.

However we should all now shift on to Carling Cup Final mode. In that regard Ramos should pick the team now and as far as possible play it in the coming games.

If that means no Ledley King at Wembley thewn so be it. Cup finals are a notorious graveyard for players who are not properly fit and even if he was physically fit (big if), he could not possibly be match fit, playing just one in three games at best. This makes him one hell of a luxury at the moment and I don't think we should rely on him being there.

EL said...

Bring back Martin Jol!

Anonymous said...

Great performance & Woodgate & Hutton are looking like great buys.Hopefully Gilberto will show us a thing or two as well.I think we'll still need somone extra in midfield this summer tho I wasn't convinced about Tiago.
However, I'm mystified as to why we
let Defoe go now & without a replacement regardless as to who actually made the decision.It's also curious why Defoe's chosen to forego a Wembley final and a UEFA cup run which would surely have seen him play ( possibly even more than at Portsmouth???).
With up to 25 games to go Bent will have to prove he's worth at least some of the £16.5m we paid when he's fit again.Failing this who else do we have to provide cover up front apart from Pekhart?

Harry Hotspur said...

He is what I ACTUALLY wrote...

I was just pretty indignant that ANY player from a lesser league wouldn't leap at the chance to play for us...

I did ridicule Glasgow, which IS a toilet. But not Hutton's footballing abilities. Because I only saw him play yesterday...

The Alan Hutton Update video I posted a bit after the piece above one was snide, but it was also very funny.

Harry Hotspur said...


11 out of 10, BimitarDerbatov.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

One cocked up header followed by a balls up ending in a handball and penalty and now this week an O.G. If Dawson was a jockey there would be questions in the House (or paddock).

Robert Green said...

so is taarabt really going to be our forward off the bench? are we going to see pekhart make the 16? what give , HH?

Harry Hotspur said...

Pekhart certainly knows where the net is... I don't know, but under Gus and Ramos you certainly get the feeling that talent won't be overlooked. You could get yourself wound up as to why O'Hara never got a run out sooner.

I still want to see more of Taarabt. Hopeflully when the boys have a settled run we can see him come out and have a go in some cat C games at the very least...

dannyboy said...

I think we're a striker short. God forbid if Berba or Keane got crocked, with Bent out already, what's plan B? mmmmm
Loving the revolution though, in Ramos and Poyet I believe.


dannyboy said...

and by the way, what's it all about Defoes is only on loan? can we call him back if need be? Maybe that's Ramos thinking??

Harry Hotspur said...

yeah... he's still on our books!

Anonymous said...

My god i only hope the Defoe idiot
is gone for good,
and if we could just be shot of
Englands no 1, the cant drop me
no matter how stupidly i play goalie,
then the whole squad will be far better.

Harry Hotspur said...


Very easy to have a dig now, but what if Berba or Keane or God forbid both get injured..
you'll be pleased to see JD back in a white shirt.

Equally, Cerny IS doing a fantastic job,but is that any reason to crucify Robinson? His decline is well documented, but to want shot of him, at this stage, is a just a little hasty.

Vinny said...

Yeah like a few others just managed to pick my nuts off the floor after that last kick of the game from another fucking set piece in the last minute!...grrrrr.

Anyway, the rest is all positives take;

Cerny - The iceman was superb and made an absolutely top class save from Anderson and mopped up all other bits n pieces admirably.

Hutton - very nice surprise, nice passing and support up the flank and fast/cool/solid at the back.

Woodgate - could be the perfect foil for the King. No nerves on this guy, has same influence on Daws as Ledders.

Dawson - Was an absolute rock, what a change from the 2 clangers at Old Trafford.

Chimbonda - First left footed cross of the game had me cringing, THEN very solid and strong on the ball all game, actually preferred him to Lee. Our Mr Versatile.

Jenas - Was everywhere, marshalled the midfield nicely and along with Hudds won the midfield battle today. Owen Hargreaves reduced to zilch.

Hudds - greatly improved, looks much leaner, sharper,better and should at least become our new Carrick, if not's up to him.

Lennon - Another great assist, always looked dangerous with his speed. Another improved player under Ramos.

Steed - smallest player on the pitch?...but played like a giant as usual, great all round performance, peace of mind with Chimbonda to back him up, enabled him to concentrate on midfield n flank play.

Keano - love his commitment tireless tracking back and shutting down defenders. Bad miss, but have to forgive him due to his all round effort and many other goals he did put away this season.

Berba - scored a goal, great link up play and created a couple of good chances with his sublimity.

Overall I thought I was watching the Galacticos!...the m(w)anks couldn't get the ball off our boys for the first 2/3 rds of the game. Our defence was immense. The midfield efficient and precise and great all round play from the forwards and wing players. No weak performances what so ever and for me...apart from the result and a bad miss by our legend Keano...the best performance of the season just ahead of the scum game as we were playing against 4 or 5 of the best players in the world yesterday.

No more "soft touch" Tottenham, the magic juande has certainly well and truly been waved over this team, these lads can certainly look after themselves.

Just a shame about the result as would have bought us within 10 points of 6th and 7th place and on this form a small chance of Uefa footie through the league...

Apart from that fantastico!

Vinny said...

By the way Harry good article mate, accurate summary.

About Defoe, think he was arguably the best 3rd choice striker in the league, but if the board concludes a transfer for 9 million after the loan, has to be a good bit of business considering his contract situation.

Also like the way Juande/Poyet get the youngsters involved. Don't think it will be long before we see young peckhart or Danny rose get a subs appearance as backup forwards whilst Bent is out injured.

Would love to see more of Taraabt also, got a feeling we will nest season.

Hate that old saying can't wait for next season as I don't want this season to end the way we're playing now.


dannyboy said...

anon 5.12pm

You wouldn't be the same one who was singing "Englands No1" last season, or earlier this, would you?
Yes, he's had a dip in form and Cerny has siezed his chance. On his day though, Robbo is as good as any keeper in the Premiership, if not the best. Methinks he will come back stronger than ever next season, or later this season. When he does, pratts like you will eat humble pie.


Solaman said...

We've got Thomas Pekhart in the reserved. He's f*cking dunamite.

Anonymous said...

Woodgate, Hutton and Gilberto will add to the strengthening mentality, which is changing from a losing to a winning one.

It must've been hard for Ramos and Poyet to pull the guys up by their bootstraps when they took over. The players' mood was despondent.

Credit to them they've done it. But habits are pervasive, and the fact that three new mind-sets have been introduced that are untainted by the early season depression can only be good for the whole.

A new inner strength and resolve is evident, and any remaining doubts in players' minds will hopefully be eradicated by the enthusiasm of the new signings.

Juande and Gus: good cop, bad cop?

Whatever their roles, it's a far cry from the not too distant bad old days.

I reckon it all went wrong for Jol because he didn't treat Levy's Toyota Yaris with respect.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think the ex leeds
sulking hulk is the best in the land.
I can name about 20 who are vastly
If jol had had the courage to drop
the cant touch me idiot early last season we would have been in the top 4 at this seasons start.
He alone cost us about 10 points
with his erratic style.

Harry Hotspur said...

Go on. Name TWENTY vastly superior keepers then... let's all have chuckle... the list has to be a real one and not a comedy sketch ie you can't list your Dad or your mate Dave....

I think DB makes the point, a slump is indeed a slump, but he's not suddenly the worst in the world.

del said...

I think Robbo has cost us a bucket load of points, I'm glad he's resting, but he's not as shite as some wish him to be.

Anonymous said...

I'll start you off - #1 Radek Cerny .... 19 to go

Anonymous said...

anyone else thinking about a future England midfield run by jenas, hudd and lennon?

Anonymous said...

Jenas? thank god for the anon button, eh?

Chirpy said...

What Cerny has over Robinson is confidence. Robinson was clearly affected by the press coverage of his error/s an England shirt and matters were made worse by the absence of Ledley and the performances of Dawson, Kaboul and those around them in the interim.

Having said that, I wonder what we will do come the end of the season when Cerny's loan expires, particularly if Robinson has not fought his was back into the squad.

Does the Robinson/confidence thing remind anyone else of Ian Walker, different circumstances I know, but...

Ferguson's criticism of Clattenburg? What the F*ck? He must have thought Spurs were going to complain about him and got in early. Clattenburg was v. poor, but one of the only things he got right was playing on after Jenas fell backwards (under challenge from Hargreaves - let's not forget Fergy) onto the ball prior to our goal.

MOTD's editing our of our penalty shout/s said it all about their coverage of the game.

ManU's continual hounding of the ref. needs to be dealt with by the FA.

Woodgate was excellent, couldn't agree with you more Harry.

Hutton looked promising, but runs like John Inman; My 'Gers' supporting friend tells me he has a tendency to push forward too much and leave his fellow defenders exposed.

I don't like the continued late substitution of Keano. I feel it unbalances the side at a crucial time, when his vitality, endeavour and leadership are most required.

And as for Kevin Prince-Boateng for Lennon. No thanks. Would rather have kept/used Routledge in this role.

Anonymous said...





now tell me the Sulking Hulk

is better then any of these.

He wouldnt even go on the pitch
with his team mates after the
Arsenal destruction,
instead he skulked off on his own.
Any way all you Robbo lovers,you
can rest assured he will be removed
from the club at the first
He had to much to say when Jol was
removed for the board to want him.
Of course he liked Jol, Jol would
never accept the fact that he was
useless and drop the idiot.
Ramos very quickly saw him off.

Harry Hotspur said...

Spot on Chirpy. Robinson almost needs to loaned to rediscover himself... Or maybe chuck him back into a UEFA game??

dannyboy said...

"I can name about 20 who are vastly

Still waiting. Read what I said - 'on his day......' and on his day, I would have Robbo in the team rather than anyone. Fact. Yes, he's cost us a few points; how many has he saved us in the 3 seasons previous?


Anonymous said...

@ chris

ref had a good game?? u just as much of a cunt as the ref and rest of ya u fucking twats, unless ur all blind there should have been a sendin, but corz u wont admit it...

it was always goin to be a hard game following the fa tie, spurs did well in both games and cheer for that, but thats where it ends.

ramos is a good man, and u should just hope for uefa cup spot and that u do well there... otherwise theres nothing else left to imagination...

Anonymous said...

@ 9.10

Go rain on someone else's parade, rainman.

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...

uh oh uh oh definitely a very poor comment...over twenty syntax errors. ... Definitely a very poor comment. Uh oh uh oh.... Earrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhh.

*hits own head repeatedly*

Repeat til fade.

Anonymous said...

Robbo really is having a shocker, even when he was warming up Cerny the other day he kept missing the target. (im serious)
Also, someone said Bale will be back soon somewhere, well I had the pleasure of meeting him again before the Man U game and he is still on crutches and reckons it wont be a month or two before he's running again.

Harry Hotspur said...

12.11 Thanks for sharing. What bummer. The news, not Bale...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice the 5 Live Xtra commentator say that although the 4th official held up a notice for 3 minutes extra time, the corner was given a few seconds into the 4th minute and they scored at about 3 and a half?

Anonymous said...

Yup, it was announced quietly in the media a couple of weeks ago that Bale would probably not play til next season.

I remember the tackle when Bale had his trailing foot stamped on in full flight. Said to my wife "that's gonna be bad, he's done him on purpose".

Didn't realise how bad.

Anonymous said...

This is the leaked letter which was left in a secret desk drawer, for Ramos, by Jol.

Dear Juande,

I know dat dey reshpect you more dan me, so ash shoon ash poshible try to get Woodgate, Hutton and maybe Gilberto for cover. I know he'sh getting on but he'sh better than dohs ushless players dat dey've bin buying for me you know.

Oh and put yoor foot down for shome quality midfielders in duh shummer. Dohs barshdards completely ignoord me for dat left wing position.

I dont mind if you shay dish was yoor idea, just dont shay it was dat fuking Comolli's.

All de besht my friend, if you wont any moor help, hearsh my number

07946 *** *** (deleted for privacy)

Anonymous said...

interesting reading here....

another angle on Woody's move..

Anonymous said...

Re 12.48 am....yes, it was noted on another thread that the MU "goal" was scored well after the whistle should have gone and not only that but the ref was the same one that disallowed our perfectly good "yard over the line" goal at Old T a year or two back. So he's not only blind but can't tell the time...or maybe just so blind he can't read his watch. Just how much are MU paying this bloke? I think we should be told...

Harry Hotspur said...

5.16 Cheers for that... When a player moves to a new club you always get the 'I'm really happy here and everything's wonderful stories...'

But if you read those comments then you get a sense that he might be rubbing Southgate's sizeable nose in it.

Anonymous said...

I am not the person who wrote the previous comment about there being 20 better keepers than Robbo, but I am up for a challenge, so here goes:

1. Almunia
2. Lehmann
3. James (as chosen by Fabio Capello)
4. Friedel
5. Cech
6. Cudicini
7. Reina
8. Dudek
9. Green (as chosen by Fabio Capello)
10. Carson(as chosen by Fabio Capello)
11. Jaaskelainen
12. Van Der Saar
13. Cerny
14. Given
15. Craig Gordon

I am stumped at 15 - but that's enough isn't it?

shanemac said...

I question Lehmann.

Anonymous said...

but only lehmann, and that's sad isn't it?

How many better strikers than berbs or keane in the premier? Not 14/15

How many better central defensive partnerships?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the feelgood factor is really kicking in.

That must be His Nibs, Sir Gareth Southgate - Coach to the Gentry.

Looking through some Manc blogs they credit Tevez as MOTM. Talk about scraping the barrel. And they say WE'RE in denial!

On the one hand credit is given to Ramos for tactics, and on the other "too many Mancs had off-days".

Errm, QED - Spurs just nullified the Mancs.

For some reason, the match is seen as an indication that Berbatov is more likely to go up to Old Trafford in the summer. Again, can't see it. CAN see why S'Ralex would want to buy him. CAN'T see why Berbs would want to join that repugnant club.

9.37 Anon

dannyboy said...


Robbo is better than all of them, bar maybe Cech.
Dudek? you having a laugh ?!


Anonymous said...

dannyboy - rose-tinted glasses! nuff said

what exactly are you basing your comment on?

capello thinks that there are three better keepers in england

reina has played in a champions league final and arguably won it for his team - as has dudek

i could go on

Anonymous said...

For me, Robbo's troubles started back in the World Cup. His form there was indifferent. Something had changed. Maybe it was the big stage, expectations, the eyes of the world.

Then the Croatia bobble.
Other sh*t besides.
Media feeding-frenzy.
Personal troubles, it was rumoured(not listed among 'other sh*t).
Support for Jol / demise of Jol / castigation by board / assumption of persona non grata role

How many of those top goalies have SCORED goals? Robbo has. ;-)

If he moves on in the summer, I'll wish him well. Gut feeling is he will.

But I credit him with the character to get through this slump. Errm, I think.

If it doesn't kill you it can only damage you irreparably. Or something like that.

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...


What you have there is classic Mancunian I AM CONSIDERABLY WEALTHIER THAN THOU syndrome... or similar...

Which is to say, Les Ferdinumbed derides the goal. But it was a good goal.

The Grump from Govan derides the cards his lot earnt.But they still keep them.

Tevez scrambles a point. Ronaldo is largely invisible. And er... suddenly Tevez becomes their MOTM elect.

SO: They curl up in a ball shouting Berbatov is signing for us in the summer anyway, so there!


Anonymous said...

A fine explication of the twisted Manc logic, sir.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

And, sure enough, they get fined for their seven yellows.

It's all about projecting blame onto others - a mentality Ferdinand brings to England, too. Just for once let's hear 'Fair cop, guv', or the Manc equivalent.

Oh, hang on. There IS no Manc equivalent. Silly me.

9.37 Anon

dannyboy said...


you're obviously a scouser. Robbo wasn't picked because he isnt playing at present. the debate is that Robbo isn't shit! you have obviously lost your thread.


Harry Hotspur said...

The Mancunian version of it's a fair cop is, "It's my brother's car. I was only doing the lock 'cos I lost the keys, officer."

Harry Hotspur said...

What have Reina or Dudek got to do with 'SITS VACANT: ENGERLAND GOALIE?'

Scouser alert.

Anonymous said...

The original comment was that you could easily name 20 VASTLY SUPERIOR goalkeepers than Robbo, which is clearly rubbish and why it got the rightful retort it did from Harry DannyBoy and others, and not just 20 goalkeepers who may have been better sometime over the last 5/10 years than Robbo is playing right now! Yes, his form is poor, confidence shot to pieces and he had to be dropped but he's still the same goalkeeper who 2 years ago was being hailed all over. On current form he needs to be out of the team but that doesn't automatically mean he should be driven out of town as there's every chance he can recapture his former heights. Even then he had faults like in dominating the box for crosses and Ramos may take a view that even his best isn't enough but that's for him to decide and for some 'fans' to simply dismiss him out of hand when he has done so well for us is crazy!

Vinny said...

There's a fine line between performing to best of your capabilities and depending on the game a goal keeper's performsance is scrutinised by a few key decisions/actions, where as other players can hide a few litle mistakes here and there.

Confidence breeds a world of difference in the level of performance, as a lack of it for a goal keeper often breeds NERVOUSNESS. This is the worst illness possible for a keeper and unfortunately our mate Robbo has that illness right now.

But put into perspective when that illness is cured like a bad flu, then on his day he is arguably one of the best shot stoppers in England bar Peter Chech (spelling prob wrong)and maybe a couple of others.

His current lack of confidence means he is much further down the best keepers list, but had a couple of great seasons where he was sometimes the difference in saving us points up until this season, lets not forget that.

Form is temporary, quality is permanent. The lad deserves another chance before we write him off. Let him bide his time till his next chance.

Ramos is a fair man, he will know when the time is right to throw him in.

Anonymous said...

This man just keeps growing in my eyes. From Setanta:

"The start was difficult,” Ramos told his official website.

“I wanted to express myself in English with the team from the first day, to explain my intentions and to involve them in our project. It was the simplest thing.

“The most difficult thing was to assume all the English club’s characteristics, and the maximum responsibility that the managers enjoy here.

“You have to transmit the idea that only the team makes you better, to make the team’s belief in itself grow. The group’s wins are what is going to help you to grow in an individual way.

“If you give all to the team, it will give you the possibility to become great.

“The team were very receptive, they all accepted the little changes we made and they offered us their professionalism, total involvement and sacrifice.”

9.37 Anon

EL said...

Dear Harry & 9.37anon,

I did once read of a study which alleged that stubbornly competitive people who look for blame elsewhere and never accept liability themselves, are more likely to succeed in the long run than those who shrug their shoulder and humbly accept their mistakes and fate.

'Arseholes do better' would seem to be the sad result of that particular study.

Anonymous said...


Now you mention it, I do recall Darwin mentioning something in his Origin of Species that arseholes have an evolutionary advantage.

It never did me any good, I have to say.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

As if on cue to enquiries here, there's a report on the official website that Bale's cast has been removed today, but he's out for the remainder of the season.

Expected, but still a p*sser. And good to know THFC may respond to popular concerns.

I suggest a thread enquiring what Levy has for breakfast as a test.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

I hear he eats Gooners for breakfast.

dannyboy said...

Well? Come on then 'anonymous' - I'm still waiting for these 20 goalies VASTLY SUPERIOR to Robinson. Put up or shut up, numpty.

(As you may tell, unfounded criticism for criticisms sake gets right on my tits!!)


shanemac said...

to be fair, dannyboy, if robbo never regains his old form, what good is he to us? it's not just this season he's been shaky, either. how many clean sheets did he have last year? (given, that's not completely his fault, but still...)

at his best, he is the best. no question. but how long should we wait for? will he ever regain it? cerny's probably not coming back after this year, and you know we're going to buy a new keeper this summer. it might be better for the club and for him that we let him move on and try to succeed elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Robbo is shite

Anonymous said...

One more thing....Robbo is shite, end of........

Anonymous said...

Another thing before I forget....Robbo is shite.....

Anonymous said...

and last but not least......Robbo is shite......there u go....oh and Woodgate and king will be best buddies soon....With the amount of time they will spend together in the treatment room.......

pompeyyid said...

Anon 6.21, 6.22 (x2), 6.24

Exactly how long is it since you got laid?

Harry Hotspur said...

At a rough guess the last woman to touch his naked flesh was a midwife...

Summerspur said...

perhaps al hutton may have some contacts who could work a deal for alan rough.

dannyboy said...


I agree you need to put a time limit on it and Cerny will probably go at seasons end, but Robbo IS a quality keeper. Suffering from a total confidence crisis at present that's all. How long do you give him? How many mistakes are allowed? I honestly don't know; just does my head in that so many so called supporters are quick to slate whatever player. Let's not forget, without him we probably wouldn't have finished 5th season before last and on to the European adventure.