Friday, February 01, 2008

Harry Salutes Daniel Levy

Some facts to lay before the court. The termination of Martin Jol as an employee at WHL was pretty awful. A public relations disaster. So much so that even those devoted to the cause tied their colours to the mast of a sinking ship at one stage, just because it was morally/ethically right.

Some parts of Levy's job aren't be so palatable to the general public. Perspective must be retained. What elements were you exposed to that actually eminated from him? Harry humbley suggests that Paul Kemsley the curry house loose lipped lager whore may have coloured your judgement... to an extent.

What I see this evening is a football club that that has evaluated it's weaknesses and appropriately actioned them. Some Levy fans amongst us might even suggest that such is the depth of intelligence from our man at the top that he has sought to nip failure in the bud and buy us a Carling Cup win. And thus Europe, AGAIN. Who could argue that we weren't screwed at the back? Who did anything about it?

The appointment of Ramos, once you shed yourself from emotion was brilliant. Yeah, yeah, I know well the proof of the pudding is in the eating, but so far the facts speak for themselves.

I dislike the term deadwood. It derides those who gave despite their talent. Stalteri was occasionally awful, but he'll be remembered by me as a guy who finished off West Ham that night. Gardner will always be Sir Tony~a dig, but one out of fondness, if that makes sense. Routledge? A good player who sadly got better breaks at Fulham than he should have at WHL. I think he may well be a revelation at Villa Defoe? A fantastic Y0U TUBE file from his early forrays, but naff all worth crowing about of late. Sorry, but true.

Bottom line? Levy has Ramos as his enforcer to move us onwards and theoretically upwards.

Woodgate? Very happy so far.
Gilberto? Get in, now show us!
Hutton/my mate Al? This guy is a fighter and will show us some proper bottle.
Gunter? This is not a drill. Welsh? Think Bale. Think O'Hara.

F*ck me, if you think we were busy boys boxing clever this window, wait till the summer. Here come Tottenham. All the second raters WILL BE REPLACED.

I'm getting emotional. And as I've said before, it's an emotional business...

Unfashionable? Yeah. Levy's cool.


Harry's little blue writing said...

Wow, a good article, I agree with most of your conclusions and I like that you show respect for the people who have left. I think it was a good transfer window for us and we should be much more secure at the back. I'm sad about Defoe but I understand it too. Still need a magnifying class on my Mac Laptop to read your writing but I guess that's the way it's gonna be Harold Hotspur.

Anonymous said...

wats a magnifying class? is he signing in the summer

HullYiddo said...

Too right harry its all looks good but dont wanna get carried away with optimism just yet as we're still a mile away from 10th place let alone europe and the last time i was all full of confidence was the start of the season looking forward to arsenal doing shit and us fighting for 4th place which didnt kinda happen:( What do u reckon bout cerny? im starting to warm to him and if his form continues id be quite happy for us to stick with him.

Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers mate, HLBR I think the size thing is down to your 'end'. No gratuitous knob joke intended.

Anonymous said...

Quality mr hotspur......

IRG said...

yes Harry, but all the areas that have now been adressed were mentioned by Martin Jol during his reign: he has said since his dismisal - that Spurs would now go out and buy the players he'd been asking for, but denied by Mr Comolli... which, apart from the left winger, is exactly what they've done - PLUS, the fact that the management shafting of Mr Jol, totally undermined anything and everything he was trying to do with the players; which meant that by the time Mr Ramos came in, we were in a far more critical position than we would have been had he not been so betrayed.

Anonymous said...

Harry, love the site.

Agree with MOST of your opinionated museness...
I have started a new blog myself, please check it out


colmf said...

Have to agree HH- despite the fact that I thought Jol was badly treated- perhaps the right decision was remains to be seen...glad to hear Defoe is not bitter about the move...He really had a mountain to climb- hope he does well at Pompey.
Perhaps (maybe I'm being cruel)if he had taken his chance(s) recently, he'd still be here.
Hope the new look back four is the way forward, as the old cliche goes...strikers win games, defenders win championships...(who said that???)
PS, HH, whats wrong with Ariel 10pt.?!!!!

Anonymous said...

The true measure of our man Levy are the decisions that will affect the club for the next 50 yrs and beyond ... that is, what to do about WHL. In the big scheme of things, managers, defenses and the likes of Berbatov will come and go but the solution to our real estate will be his legacy. I for one think he's up for it.

cliffjones said...

This has been the best bit of transfer activity in a along time, I hope this indicates that Ramos is getting a louder shout than Jol ever did in the boot room.
I hope Levy is still around for the next ten years so that he can see the benefit of what is happening now at WHL.

Anonymous said...


HullYido said...

ramos has turned a bunch of fat burger munching beer swigging lard asses into slick athletic players and his tactics and use of subs is far superior to that of jols so its not all about the transfers even if jol had done the same he was not the coach ramos is

Markspur said...

Can't wait till tomorrow, what a baptism of fire for our new boys! Some great points H. I just hope our new coach, JR, is as cunning and ruthless as his namesake on Dallas, who was on the air when we were the undisputed Kings of London! And he has a major say in acquisitions. I shite buckets over the signing of Woodgate, worrying about his history, but now he is here, it feels great! A scots terrier in Hutton to add some bite, a bit of samba from Gilberto, and a welsh/german cross to gnarl up our opponents attack, brilliant! HLBW, does not applemac have a view button above left with text size? I'll miss Defoe, but he became a bench warmer in the last 2 years, so good luck to him, except against the Spurs! So the jigsaw is almost complete, now for the new stadium! COYS!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nicely done H. Wass the info on Gilberto then? I'm not too clued, got some skills has he? He & Hutton likely to play tomorrow you think??

Anonymous said...

I cant remember what game it was but i remember gus/ramos saying "thats it, enough is enough" after the usual defensive fuckups and they were true to their word!!!,praise also surely has to go to comolli as well for this window ,well done lads!
lets get a result tomorrow
bioyc coys

Anonymous said...

You are the Dogs Bollocks man..U kno i meen.

cwoff said...

Excellent article Harry.

I too won't really miss any of them. Stalteri as you say will be remembered for that incredible West Ham defeat and the commentary ("Defoe! OHHH NO!") but Chimbonda, Hutton and Gunter are all better choices.

Defoe I will always have fondness for but more for his attitude while at WHL. When he came it was a bit of a mercenary leaving Charlton and West Ham when things were tough and it took a while to warm to him. But at a time when Keane was redefining himself as one of Europe's best strikers and Berbatov was forging their partnership, Defoe never got a game and never once complained. I really hope his career improves from here but the fondness I have for him will be based more on his attitude than what he gave us on the pitch.

As for Gardner, I am slightly saddened he has gone! Sure we have King, Woodgate, Dawson and Kaboul ahead of him and Rocha, Dervite and Mills behind so it is not like we really need him but I was never too upset when he was our replacement. Certainly not in the top echelon of defenders I always felt fortunate that we had him as a silent squad player. Now we don't need him and like Defoe I wish him all the best.

The defence now though, IF IF IF IF mssrs King and Woodgate stay fit, we will have arguably the two most talented central defenders in the league flanked by two of the best attacking fullbacks.

I like.

Anonymous said...

What more can I say Harry? A true moment of clarity. All Levy needs is a PR expert to sell his vision as I cannot fault any of his decisions recently, including the exits of BMJ and Defoe. Now to sell Berbatov for a cool 30mil and bring in David Villa.

cwoff said...

Btw, in case anyone is interested, I wrote a detailed article about Daniel Levy back in August just before the Jol removal.
Quite interesting to go back and read it now to see how it tally's with how his standing has changed:

theshelfer said...

Great article Harold.

Apart from the Jol incident, I think Levy has done as much for the club as we could have expected. We will never know the true nature of the Jol/DC relationship, but it does now seem that everyone is on the same page, or at least Ramos has made it clear that he will have final say on the players signed.

Anonymous said...

Great post HH your spot on once again.Daniel Levy has been great for us Imo and think he should get more respect from all of us. So should Commoli he gets stick all the time from us but for a DOF he is still a young man give him time he will improve.I wouldn't be me if i didn't ask you about some transfer news Diego Capel for the summer maybe, with Albelda?

Spurs King said...

Hello , first of all , Martin Jol was a completely disaster for our club.We missed every oportunity to play in Champions Leagu and to win AT LEAST one trophy ... haha Peace funny.
Now on the topic , my English is not good enough to explain my feeling to Daniel Levy.No ,i am straight , just want to tell you that we have the best president , chairman or whatever is his title.He brought the right man to lead our players , he found the perfect assistant of Ramos , he really wants to build a new stadium , and we to catch Arsenal or the Red Camels from Emirates.Mr. Daniel Levy is a proud man , his ambitious is equal to the club motto - Audere Est Facere.
Spurs Till I Die!

Anonymous said...

AH Harry's on the money yet again!

gilzean'slove said...

Harry your're wrong. you're right. you're a fuckin' star mate. great piece, great club................

plk said...

Where is that cunt Maureen? Where are all the cunts that have a fucking dig on here where are they? I'm going to Wembley. Wankers.

Levy ain't a 'geezer', but he wants more for this club than most understand.

Harry Hotspur said...

Some pieces occasionally touch a nerve.

Unfashionable as as being an MD/ CEO may be Levy has won me over.

All the tittle tattle rubbish about him just wishing to sell up MAY WELL YET BE TRUE... but who of us can fault the mutual good along the way so far?


Anonymous said...

Levy's a Yid at the end of the day, what a jammy bar steward!!! Whats this Gilberto like anyways, got some samba skills??

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about what comolli does behind the scenes but we seem to be running profits or nearly all off our outgoing players. I guess he has has something to do with it. Maybe we should give levy credit on this as well. He certainly knows how a business is run. Isn't football more of a business these days?

shelf16 said...

You're spot on Hal, Levy gets a lot of flack but he got in Ramos and a lot of players and we're still in profit. COYS!

DeFoe's Ghost said...

cwoff, "But at a time when Keane was redefining himself as one of Europe's best strikers"...sorry, when did this happen? I must have missed it. Are there lots of clubs queuing-up to sign him? Maybe we could get £25mill for him and bring in a proper striker...what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Maureen how's Sam? Is she missing Ben at all?

chiversmetimbers said...

The Levy lads done good Harry!

It's going to be a tough debut for this new defence against Manure...but it'll be a good yard stick. By 5pm I reckon we'll have a better idea of what we've got.

It could be a special afternoon at The Lane tomorrow.

EddieVedder said...

100% agree. I think Levy has moved us forward with the appointment of Ramos, who in my eyes a fine tactitioner. As Berbatov is quoted as saying "He sees the small things that others fail to see." The appointment of Poyet too who was instrumental in the recent rise of Leeds, not Wise.

Levy has gone against the masses and will come on top. He has worked to better the club at every stage. Our squad now is the best it has been since I can remember.

Levy could have succumbed to public opinion vis-a-vis Newcastle and look where thats got them! No goals to show in three games, and players turning them down left right and centre. Keegan was never a good manager and the appointment of wise is just a fly in the soup. It will end in tears.

I also truely believe we have the sqaud to win the Uefa cup with the right man at the helm; And with a defence of Bale, Woodgate, King and Hutton and capturing a great keeper in the summer things are looking rosy.

Anonymous said...

Tom & Cady.

I think their moment of fame has come.

Anonymity is a warm cloak until it is removed, no?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed sad to see players given the flick. Gardner, Stalteri, Routledge - good luck, guys.

It's not the greatest experience a professional will have to be told he's 'surplus to requirements', and to realise he'll never reach the hoped for heights of football's Mount Olympus.

Likewise with coaches. Jol and Sammy Lee, for example - both thrust into positions of authority by circumstance, both natural Number Twos. Where now for them?

Many of us have questioned the actions of Levy and Commolli. But if neither of them genuinely love football, surely they wouldn't be involved in it. They don't work to destroy Tottenham, they work to build it. Their methods may grate on our 'morals', but we're not responsible for a multi-million pound brand. As CJ would have said to Reginald Perrin, 'I didn't get where I am today by being nice.'

If you want a club with morals, maybe you'll find one in a Conference League, where large amounts of money aren't made and lost, and where the main damage is to community pride. Sure, books have to balanced everywhere, but the bigger the investment the greater the risk.

If you want 'nice' you have to accept you may lose your club. If you want high principles you may easily find yourself in the relegation zone. Of course, you may find yourself in the league's basement by being unprincipled, as well; or by just being shit.

The manner of Ramos' recruitment was hardly principled. But it was infinitely preferable to the melee that followed the dismissal of Fat Sam and the recruitment of Keegan. Or the scramble at Bolton. Levy - like him or not - had a plan of action.

The transfer window was good business for Spurs. I wish we'd also got a visionary midfielder and a striker, but it was not to be.

Ramos is all about balance. The team looks more balanced, and I'm excited by Hutton. I'm pleased for the lad that he made the decision to sign, no matter how hard the wrench was. He will learn there's more to life than his comfort-zone at Rangers.

Pace and movement are coming to the Lane. Like something new-born, a different level of football is due to be delivered. On a good day and in the right atmosphere, we could even give the Mancs a run for their money.


9.37 Anon

HRJH said...

I think the Spanish Inquisition has generally been an outstanding success. However there are 3 issues in my mind:

1) We still have no left winger (with a left foot) which for all Steed's commendable efforts makes us very congested and predictable on that side.
2)If Bent is still injured who the hell is going to be a back up striker to Berb and Keane? Could we not have waited until the summer to sell Defoe (he would have had a year left on contract.)What the hell are we going to do if either get injured.
3) What were Spurs thinking in trying to sell Tainio to Birmingham?! This shows a complete lack of understanding for our desperate need of a defensive midfielder which in my mind was one of the key sources of fragility in defence; not to mention how his presence frees up Jenas to do what he does best - make those tireless forward runs.

Your thoughts Harry?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic that Defoe transferred to Pompey in order to play more football, and may still find himself in competition for a place if the Benjani deal doesn't go through...?

It's just like Tottenham but by the sea.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Harry, I agree the Spanish Inquisition has been a great success. However, three questions on the transfer policy:

1) Don't get me wrong i'm glad we didn't sign a Raziak (u have a great replacement for Anelka there Bolton!) but why did we sell Defoe when Bent is injured and we have no backup? We could have waited until the summer (he would have had 12 months left and still got a similar price - so not like Campbell at all).

2) Still no left footed winger which despite Steed's great efforts makes us predictable and unadventurous on the left. Personally, i think N'Zogbia would have been a great buy.

3) What the hell was Commolli & Co thinking trying to sell Tainio to Birmingham. In my mind it is the lack of a decent Def Mid which has partially contributed to our shabby defence, plus he gives Jenas the licence to make those runs he is so good at.

Anyway, your thoughts Harry/guys?

taffa said...

looking at january as a whole we've got to be pleased. we've finally begun getting rid of some of the deadwood and we've spent £20m on 4 players, 3 of which are likely to be first team regulars. compare that to the summer where we spent over £40m on squad players only. None of the summer signings would be first choice xi if the manager has a full squad to choose from. then there's the defoe matter, he reckons he loved the club, loved the fnas blah blah blah, we've heard it all b4 from judas, oh and they happen to sahre the same agent! jd, good luck to you, we got 9m for you when your value would've depreciatted big time in the summer so i think at the end of the day we're all happy. all in all then it looks as though we've signed two top full backs, a quality centre half and another full back for the future. add to that the imminent departures of further deadwood in the summer and some more astute aquisitions and we should go into next season with a real healthy, balanced squad. COYS!!

taffa said...

looking at january as a whole we've got to be pleased. we've finally begun getting rid of some of the deadwood and we've spent £20m on 4 players, 3 of which are likely to be first team regulars. compare that to the summer where we spent over £40m on squad players only. None of the summer signings would be first choice xi if the manager has a full squad to choose from. then there's the defoe matter, he reckons he loved the club, loved the fnas blah blah blah, we've heard it all b4 from judas, oh and they happen to sahre the same agent! jd, good luck to you, we got 9m for you when your value would've depreciatted big time in the summer so i think at the end of the day we're all happy. all in all then it looks as though we've signed two top full backs, a quality centre half and another full back for the future. add to that the imminent departures of further deadwood in the summer and some more astute aquisitions and we should go into next season with a real healthy, balanced squad. COYS!!

Anonymous said...

the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.we will all remember the farce that was the gooner graham era a football dinosaur that also reached the worthington/carling cup final in a minimal amout of games,jol was an inexperienced manager in the top flight who punched above his considerable weight,a god in my opinion who transformed a team of under achievers into also rans ,but nothing more.the tranfer window reveals again the lack of ambition of the board in respect of wages paid! i know as we all do the overpaid underworked stars run football and this should not be condoned but the reality is to bat with thebig boys requires big stars/wages and again our forsight in this respect is laspsed,the transfer fee reveals nothing its allways a sellers market its the wages that reveal ambition so mr leavy must in the summer pull out the platinum amex and say to the top stars "yes sir we can compete where it matters"with the quorn

EL said...

"What I see this evening is a football club that has evaluated it's weaknesses and appropriately actioned them".

So what were these numbskulls doing for the past two years whilst overseeing a manager of ability, who, according to him, ignored his calls for experience at the back.
They spent two years wasting my fcuking time with a manager who's opinion they had no respect for and never gave proper backing to.

But now he's gone, they're finally acting on his advice and giving the credit to Juande. Unbelievable!

Viva jol!

I will shortly be starting a 'Bring Martin Back' petition.

onedavemackay said...

A good and necessary summary Harry. The writing was on the wall with BMJ ages ago. Lovely guy and did as well as he could, which was better than many have over the last 17 years but his failings were obvious.

Levy called it right he just completely cocked up his timing.

The recent purchases look good at the moment and Woodgate could be a masterstroke. We must wait and see but support them all we can. As for those that have left I salute them and wish them well but I repeat my golden rule: who of the top four would want them ?

MrSpurliano said...

Hi all..By the way Harry Good Post. I think Ramos is definately more capable than Jol if not as likeable!

For all the people that cant see the text, u simply have to click on 'View' in your task bar at the top and then Text Size. You can change the text size to Larger or Largest for all the blind people that read this blog.

Cheer again Harry

Vinny said...

Nice one Harry.

And Salute Signor Daniele Levy!

cwoff said...

DeFoe's Ghost said...

cwoff, "But at a time when Keane was redefining himself as one of Europe's best strikers"...sorry, when did this happen? I must have missed it. Are there lots of clubs queuing-up to sign him? Maybe we could get £25mill for him and bring in a proper striker...what do you think?

It has happened over the last two seasons.

In 2007 Robbie Keane had a total of 31 goals and 13 assists in 40 starts.
More league goals in 2007 than any other player (including Drogba, Ronaldo, Rooney, Berbatov - everyone).
He's on course to comfortably exceed that this season.
He is his country's greatest ever goalscorer and any Spurs fan will tell you that what he lacked was a little consistency and the ability NOT to miss glaringly easy chances.

Now he doesn't miss. He is undoubtedly one of the most lethal finishers, skilful players and charismatic people in one of the world's three great leagues.

That is why he is one of Europe's best strikers (yes, we have two of them).

Best of all, he has found his home with Tottenham. He loves it here and we love him here - he has seen the greenery on the other side of the fence and has settled with us instead. He is a leader and an inspiration on the pitch and as much as we can rely on Ledley King never leaving, we can rely on Robbie never leaving either.
Just because he wasn't always this good and he is a world class player who is happy to be here come rain or shine does not mean he is not world class. Even if other world class strikers at our club don't yet show the same desire to be here as he does.

Anonymous said...

What's with the mass love-in. No disrespect, but last week half of you guys were saying you'd never seen Hutton or Gilberto play. Now Commolli and Levy are gods? They are still the fools who paid £16.5m for Darren Bent.

I don't expect to see all three in the starting line-up tonight, only Woodgate.

Anonymous said...

8.25 I agree, far too much bum-lovin' going on in this blog. It makes me sick...

Anonymous said...

Quite right. Too many latent homos here, as exemplified by the conciliatory language. No true hetero would ever agree with another hetero.

F*ck White Hart Lane, I'm off to Old Compton Street.

9.37 Anon

onedavemackay said...

9.46 My gay mate says too much bum loving can make you sick so maybe give it a rest for a couple of days ?

Think the point was that Levy has been fairly good for the club. Can't remember too many praising Commolli.

RobbyK said...

Too right Harry.

Good luck to the boys who left. Defoe has not been good enough bottom line. Although his loyalty may have gone someway to repair his reputation alla the West Ham transfer request etc, he was not good enough to dethrone Tottenham's lord and saviour (RK) or DB.

Every Spur knows it... summer means a centre midfielder. For the next 6 months we'll be linked to every CM in the world. I would concede to Arsene Winger that we didn't deserve the 5-1 if it meant getting somebody like Xavi/Riqueleme, but we're more likely to end up with Parker/Sidwell.


Anonymous said...


I can only hope that what 'these numbskulls' were doing was learning from their mistakes. Perhaps what we see now is in many ways the fruit of Jol's labours and reported petitionings.

I guess when the relationship between him and board broke down we were less likely to see decisions based on reason - from all concerned. Who knows what was said and done of a personal nature, and what hurt was sustained?

Human beings are fallible and power corrupts. The board, having more power than Jol, wielded it, ultimately humiliating him and taking the squad into the depressed group of players that Ramos was took over. Could Jol have taken us further with the board's full support? We'll never know, but he emerged as a man more sinned against that sinning, and with his reputation intact - something you couldn't say for the board.

But perhaps the board redeems itself and inidrectly ennobles Jol by acting now - late though it may be - on squad deficiencies. It may be too much to expect them to come out and say they were - at least in part - wrong.

The time is now. Let's beat the Mancs today.


9.37 Anon

lisbon67 said...

Fur i can smell sum roasted mutton today.

DeFoe's Ghost said...

cwoff said "In 2007 Robbie Keane had a total of 31 goals and 13 assists in 40 starts.
More league goals in 2007 than any other player (including Drogba, Ronaldo, Rooney, Berbatov - everyone)."

According to Premier League stats, Season 2006/7 Keane was 13th with 11 goals, behind Berbatove and Drogba (20). Given that Ronaldo scored more goals than Keane last season, and has already scored more than him this season, I fail to see where your stats are coming from.

With regard to missing opportunities, you obviously have forgotten two penalties and an open goal against Arsenal in the League game at their place. Very averag indee which is why no-one is pushing to sign him.

Anonymous said...

Harry, class article m8, loved the "deadwood comment". There are some sites like "vital" where so called spurs fans have derided many of our fringe players, gardner stalter et al, but I for one believe that without those guys we wouldn't have had european football for the last to seasons, they may not have been great players but they served tottenham well in their time here. Those that have left should be welcomed back with applause. I also hope that when Defoe returns he is given rapturous applause for the commitment he showed in sticking it out on the subs bench for so long.

Anonymous said...

yet another crap article. if you think that the january market did us good then you are a fool. whats wrong with dawson, rocha and gardner? whats wrong with lee as a replacement for bale and what is wrong with chimbonda? there was no need to spend 20m on those positions, why didnt they focus on midfield?? darren bent all over again, strengthenin positions that dont need it. as for comolli and levy, the pair are a disgrace and should be shot quite frankly.

EL said...

9.37.anon, I concur.

Having read your posts on this article, I have a suggestion:

Why don't you re-name yourself; 9.37gaypreacher?

Just a thought darling.

EL said...


I understand that money doesn't always trump feelings but I suspect that a 4 million pound pay-off might well have cushioned any hurt sustained. Even in instalments.

el xxx

Harry Hotspur said...

What's wrong with Rocha....

I'll give you my considered opinion, despite you calling me a fool.

So far, he has demonstrated that in the Premiership, he is adequate.

If you look really successful defenders in this league, you wil see they are generally rock solid and occasionally exceptional.

You might wish to counter that in time he would develop.

Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of time. Where are we today... twelfth?

Without European football we are third class citizens again. The tickets to a window seat in Second wait for us at Wembley. Meanwhile Chelsea, Manchester United and Ar5ena1 look on from First, napkins on their headrests.

I ain't travelling by bus because some soppy fullback wants to play f*cking head tennis.

Harry Hotspur said...

12.20 'another crap article'

Thanks for restoring the balance, it WAS getting very happy clappy on here.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

12.12 If you really think that we would ever get anywhere with a central pairing containing just one of Dawson, Rocha or Gardner, let alone two then you are too easily pleased. In fact given the injury prone nature of King and Woodgate and assuning Kaboul cannot be rescued from his Ian Ure like qualities (yes I go back a long way), then I wouls suggest we need another centre half in the summer.

The only signing that concerns me is Hutton. I have not seen enough of him playing to commnent on that side but does he really want to wear the shirt? Doesn't look like it from the official photos with the other three Jan signings. He looks like he just found out Ramos took the deep fried Mars bars off the training lodeg menu.

Anonymous said...

4 ever hopeful...

Yeah, but did you notice that Hutton was very cleverly given the blue kit?

He's at his home from home!

9.37 Gay Preacher

Anonymous said...

i was under the impression we'd already qualified for europe by reaching the final. unless of course chelsea have an amazing slide.. this was said by a journalist on the sunday suppliment. can anyone shed some light on this?

Anonymous said...

We need to win, dude. If we don't the Euro place goes to the league.

As Chelscum take the Carling seriously, it's a tough ask. Last time they lost in the comp was to Charlton, back in October 2005, and that was on penalties.

As the cup means we're only 90 minutes from Euro, it's our best route. Better than winning the UEFA cup or climbing the league - too many variables to feel assured.

9.37 Gay Preacher

chiversmetimbers said...

the beeb says Huttons starting at left back..& Chimmers keeps his place..didn't expect that...does anyone Gilberto injured or still waiting for his papers?

chiversmetimbers said...

and no Ledders!

Anonymous said...

lucky manc cunts!!!

Anonymous said...

Donkey dawson again is he manure in disguise what is he at.Tube.

Anonymous said...

A ledley away from beating them! one thing for sure tho on that performance we are a summer away with JR from doing these "top4" fuckers on a regular basis

Anonymous said...

Last seconds and Tevez nicks an we were soooooooooooo close to winning . Great all round peformance though and we are looking again like the team to challenge the top four. Woodgate and Hutton added real strength to back four and we defended brilliantly. Keano missed an absolute sitter in second half that should have put us 2-0 and secured victory.

I hope all you Jol lovers are looking at this teams fitness levels now because the lads were all over Man U like a rash and chased them done all over the park. We are so much fitter.....

Gilberto to come in still... hopefully Ledders ... Bale to come back..... add a couple of quality midfielders in summer and another world class striker and we have got a great opportunity to really challenge the top four.

We are now starting to look as if we can beat the top four sides.......... Ramos and Poyet look a fantastic combo already..... think what it will be like when they really have the squad they want


Anonymous said...

3 mins of added time and they score after 3 and a there a new "golden goal" rule for Man U? Well we've been the victim of some robberies this season but that takes the proverbial. Bastards.

jolsgonemental said...

We are a top 4 side.

Liverpool arent fit to tie our laces.

If the season started now, we would finish top 4 at a canter.

dannyboy said...

sorry to say, but all the jol lovers must realise he wouldnt have got us that result?
we are better, fitter and all round improved. he took us so far, now watch us kick on with ramos and gus. by the way, look at leeds results since he left - coincidence? me thinks not.


Anonymous said...

so the referee allows more injury time than was indicated by the 4th official?
correct me if im wrong but isnt he the same mark clatenberg who failed to allow the mendes `goal` at old trafford?

shanemac said...

carlos tevez and james hook. ruined my february 2008.

Anonymous said...

i am as gutted as the next guy but....
come on, we are battering top four sides and drawing/losing - that wont happen for much longer - no other team will break the monopoly on champs league- we will - we are gettin closer - the winning mentality is there - it is only a matter of time before the refs and other managers acknowledge this and we will be made.

dannyboy said...

'correct me if im wrong but isnt he the same mark clatenberg who failed to allow the mendes `goal` at old trafford?'

my exact thoughts when I saw he was ref. what a bastard.

Death said...

I would have gladly accepted a point before the game but I can’t help being disappointed.
93.30 pffft….

Then watching England self-destruct, that’s sport for you

Anonymous said...

under jol we would of been holding on to a 1-1 if we were lucky and they would of won at the end! A losing point but a good point imo against the champs, we really need to win a run of 3or 4 games in a row now and get a great run going,obviously would be tough but doable when ya look at it ,who knows ,need to win the final were in and with the eufa we've certainly got the players on their day and a manager that has been there done it,got the medals!

spoonmanshaf said...

i watched the game today and we were superb, them lucky manc' c***s were flukey again.

woodgate was immense at the back, he marshalls the defence superbly. an impressive debut from hutton, no nonsense stuff. even shrugged off rooneys attempts at rattling him early.
all in all, things are looking up.
bring on chelsea in the final, they are not the team they were, title challengers for us next year.

Harry Hotspur said...


Welcome mate!

Anonymous said...

I recall Jenas' last minute equaliser against Scum at the Lane last year. Wenger moaned that we celebrated the draw like a victory.

Scum did that, too, in one match this season. Likewise they rejoiced and Wenger gloated. What a short memory the twit has.

So, sickening as it was to concede a last-minute equaliser to the Mancs, it was glorious to see them celebrating as if they'd won it. Tossers.

We seriously out-witted them today and, tactically, they were nullified. Woodgate was tremendous and Hutton took all in his stride, moving around the park like an ice-skater.

How good was it to see Shrek booked for diving.

I thought Keane should have stuck away his chance to make it 2-0. Why can't our boys give that damn ball a whump? I mean, a frickin' great hammer-blow of a whump? Shooting-practice, please!

The fact we lost a goal in the last minute isn't attributable to the old failures of lack of fitness, lack of concentration, lack of organisation. Man U are just a very fine side and scored through sheer doggedness and pedigree. No doubt they were desperate to avoid a tongue-lashing from Fergie, too.

Although we have a better mentality, I think we defended a little too deep in the final period. Nerves, maybe. Plus, the Mancs are habituated to winning and expect victories. Losing - or even drawing - is not in their mentality. Our mind-set isn't quite at that stage yet, but you see the Mancs getting more and more panicky.

Regarding our fitness, I thought it was significant in the game at Goodison that we really started to come into our own in the last 15 minutes of the game. This is a reversal of the beginning of the season, and proof of superior fitness - against Everton, of all teams! I know we were pitted against a team compromised by absences, but the fitness and work ethic would have been the same.

What we have to do now is hold our nerve. Something good is happening to Spurs. Pace, movement, width, numbers.

Keep the faith.


9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

By the way, congrats to JD for scoring on his debut. Go, dude.

9.37 Anon

Neamman said...

We are a top 4 side.

Liverpool arent fit to tie our laces.

If the season started now, we would finish top 4 at a canter.


God you people are funny! One draw against a top 4 side and you think you are a top 4 side. Sorry spudsies but you need consistency. You were always better than your current league position..but you need far more depth to consider yourselves bettter than 5-7th. That being may have a good year and break in if one of the top 4 falters.. but you wont stay there with that rat infested stadium you have.

Anonymous said...

Oh, neamann, I'm totally deflated.

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...

neaman, you are an ambulance chaser without an ambulance.

We all beat City, but few of us do well against Utd.

We duffed you up and went on to largely own a top four team today.

We WILL enjoy our results, son. Especially on a Spurs blog...

Anonymous said...

what we gonna do when Keano or Berbs gets injured we have a squad ofcrocked defenders, no established reliant midfield play maker and a crocked forward remember we got excited when we got the likes of Routledge and Carrick in or even Rohan Ricketts lets wait and see what happens next no use performing against manure and drawing at villa

Anonymous said...

or Everton even

EL said...

Great result.

Clattenburg's a Cnut.

JGM, are you by any chance related to Britney Spears?

I'm feeling better about the cup final.

Go on the Wendy Ramos!