Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Spurs 'Fans' Are Pitiful Racists. Let's Dump'em.

"Adebayor, Adebayoooor His dad washes elephants and his mother's a wh*re..."
Those, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, are the words warbled what was witnessed. For those members of the jury located in the cheaper seats who may wish to enter into debate over the existance of such chants here's some prime facie evidencia discordia for yer viewing consuming....

It is my view is that it is 100% racist on the basis that I find it impossible to imagine a song being sung about ANY caucasian player that involved elephant washing. And I'd be fascinated to hear any counter argument. How in the name of God could I stand next to a fellow Tottenham fan who wasn't as much of a WHITEY as me and sing this? It's a barbaric disgrace these morons are actually allowed into ANY footy ground in the 21st century.

PC Overkill? Not on my shift...
But make no mistake folks, next stop on the Big Racist Doubledecker bus from Elephantwasher Street is Dumbn*gger Avenue.

Consequently, those that feature on the clip that I won't embed and the terraces beyond can naff right off. Go support West Ham or better yet, Chelsea.

As ever, your thoughts... maketh the blog...



Anonymous said...

Agreed! I hate pretty much all Ar5ena1 players, but there really is no place for racism in the 21st century...

Unknown said...

You've really got to lighten up honkey

Anonymous said...

too right. ban all the racist scum that so perniciously infiltrate white hart lane. there aren't many of them, but those ignorant excuses for human beings can rot and then die. maybe not in that order.

Anonymous said...

Spot on as ever H, I hate pc twaddle at work or otherwise, but this stuff you've highlighted DOES exist and it's really shit. Expose them and chuck them out. Scum. My wife is Indian. Next stop on the 'bus' you rightly describe is about pakis.

Well Done mate. Also, on the HH hater front, ignore the weak hecklers and do carry on.

Your site is always great value. I have two guys at work who AREN'T Spurs who have you bookmarked just because you are actually a good read.

All the very best.

Anonymous said...

"Mark said...
Thanks for the publicity Harry, had lots of support from from fellow HH despisers and 1 email from EL that most people think is you anyway because all he ever does is creep up your arse.

Keep the comments coming Harry, hope the new site starts up soon as you can count on my continued support."

Harry ~ what a cunt. I've sent him a virus we got at work as a thankyou.

Anonymous said...

Another one jumping on the pc bandwagon.How is that racist? If it was the other way around it wouldnt be considered racist it wouldnt even get a mention.Racism only works one way

Anonymous said...

racism has no place in sport. Those idiots are too stupid to distinguish between arsenal and adeybayor. The only colour that is open to question is his shirt. Thankfully they are not generic representatives for spurs.

Anonymous said...


Get a fucking life you cunt.

Harry Hotspur said...


Amazing, breathtaking comment.

Now in English.

Anonymous said...

racism has no place in sport. Those idiots are too stupid to distinguish between arsenal and adeybayor. The only colour that is open to question is his shirt. Thankfully they are not generic representatives for spurs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hh i thought you could read english? you always seem to be able to read other peoples storys and pass them off as your prick.It's people like you that are the reason this country is now a shithole full of scumbags from all over the world.Ever heard of freedom of speach,just because you like or dislike something or someone doesnt mean everyone else has too

Anonymous said...


Any football related comment to make?

Anonymous said...

This is why the BNP are on the rise, because people are sick of the race card being played when no racism exists (like the poppadom comment in Big Brother but when real racism came up in the "white trash" comments by Shilpa and one of the Jacksons it was buried)

Anonymous said...

It's a sorry tribute to your sad stalker that the real issue of racism is ignored in favour his usual snipes at an otherwise great blog.

Perhaps he/she would care to comment?

Anonymous said...

Hi Harold, I'm with you all the way on this and I'm glad you make the comment and have other people agreeing with you. The point is Adebayor is an unlikeable young man because he chose to play for Arsenal and he's a bad loser, his colour, ethnicity or background is absolutely irrelevant. I don't understand how these idiots can stay this kind of dumb stuff especially when we have Uk black and African players (like Zokoro) in our team. Thick, ignorant idiots who live in a small sheltered box, is the best description of these people.

Anonymous said...

i wish he played for spurs

Anonymous said...

I think you should stick to all things Tottenham; bringing race into it is a bad move. Never discuss race or politics? mmmm


Unknown said...

11.22 If you care to take a little drive out on the A40 there's a war memorial for the 'Scumbag' Polish pilots who came over here and flew spitfires in the Battle of Britain.

There are also plenty of war graves in Flanders, Sicily and North Africa that are filled with similar 'Scumbags' from around the world (India, The Caribbean, Nepal etc.) who fought and died so that idiots like you could be born.

Learn your history numbnuts... Then get a life.

Unknown said...

Dare to be different Dannyboy... Remember, To Dare is to Do.

Anonymous said...

I have not even checked the link as it would make me feel ill. The only thing I can think is that these people are too thick to realise they are being racist rather than anti goon, but ignorance is no excuse for racism. It is in fact a root cause. I've never heard any racism from spurs fans at white hart lane, ever, but if anyone starts this one up next to you tell them to shut up or ship out. We don't want their kind and there are plenty of other real fans who would take their seat.

Anonymous said...

This has no place anywhere, It is the same as the idiots who burned a Slavia Prague Scarf in the centre of Prague on Thursday night. Mindless ignorant individuals who embarrass and give a bad name to the real supporters. Hate Arsenal FC but leave race and Background of individuals alone. These same idiots would not dare say anything about our Black players and worship Ledley King..Get a life you sad excuse for a human being.

Richard Alvin said...

Is this racism or a level of unaceptable deep level of hatred for Arsenal. I say that as someone who has been going to WHL for many many years and can remember standing on Paxton road where most of the crowd wished the then Arsenal manager George Graham would die of cancer. I totally agree that there is no place for racism in fottball let alone anywhere, but i am not sure if this is actually racism.

Many people are very quick to jump on the racism band wagon, but i don't think that this is the case. Yes t totally needs to kicked out of football and also the level of hatred between teams needs to be calmed down.

Last week there was all the stuff about how the Manchester derby and the Munich disaster memorial was going to be being disrupted by Manchester City fans. It wasn't as sense prevailed, and maybe it never was, but sometimes we need to merge what Bill Shankly & Bill Nick said together. Yes there is nothing more important than football, but there needs to be a high and deep level of professionalism and that doesn't include wishing the other teams manager die of cancer or stating that their stickers mother is a whore!

Harry Hotspur said...


Yet again TRAILBLAIZING good stuff.

The wartime graveyards of Europe and of course beyond are indeed THE antidote to these 'racecard' morons.

Thankyou, Sir.

Anonymous said...

This has no place anywhere, It is the same as the idiots who burned a Slavia Prague Scarf in the centre of Prague on Thursday night. Mindless ignorant individuals who embarrass and give a bad name to the real supporters. Hate Arsenal FC but leave race and Background of individuals alone. These same idiots would not dare say anything about our Black players and worship Ledley King..Get a life you sad excuse for a human being.

Ian said...

Good on yer Harry.There are many things that make our club great.There are plenty of other clubs whose fans drag their whole club down we dont want to join that club.That chant is an insult to many of our own team.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Harry, all of these anonymous posts, your typing finger must be tired, An apology to me and my family or this continues Harry, it may go quiet occasionally but that is just to give you a false sense of security , keep looking over your shoulder because I will not be far away. he he!


Anonymous said...

I see that you have turned comment moderation on, whats happened!, too many not agreeing with your posts!

Harry Hotspur said...


No. just bored with your endless rubbish Langton...

You accuse me yet again of making this blog look busy, Look you thick cunt, use the sitemeters, see the traffic... please...?

THICK C*NT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jesus H you really have an asshole on your case mate...

Anonymous said...

Richard Alvin and others you are all living in self denial...of course it is racism. If you make a comment about someone and it is related to some stupid insulting stereotype of African people then what else is it? Use your brain before you type.

If you want to say Adebayor is a twat for choosing to play for Arsenal then please go ahead, the minute you use some stupid stereotype, you don't just insult him you insult millions of others.

Unknown said...

It's not just racism, it's bad judgement and sheer bad taste that we need to question. The new one about Wenger and Madeleine McCann was a bit beyond the pale as well.

Winding up scousers about the dole or Cardiff fans about, well being from Cardiff, is one thing but guys... How do YOU think Ledders feels when he hears people singing Sol, Sol, wherever you may be - with it's horrible 'strange fruit' reference?

Anonymous said...

Good call, the insult is broader than the fools on the youtube footage. And of potentially greater damage. Anyone who genuinely thinks this isn't REALLY racist is either in denial or a liar. I can see how easy it is to laugh at an Arse striker and join in down the pub, but it must not be allowed to become anti nigger stuff. Let's be honest, That's what it becomes. Long time lurker long time fan H 'Otspur. I will ask the IT boffin at work to email your admirer, by the way.

Richard Alvin said...

Hang on a minute.

Are they actually saying Adabayeour your black mums a whore? No they aren't - or did i miss that????

So my earlier comments stand!

Yes they are horrid,but racist NO!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if these people are racist or just plain thick tbh, either way they need to know that the new song their numb nut brains made up is unacceptable and they are a minority of complete losers,go support chelscum perfect team for them all, ffs it aint big and it aint clever!
Harry who is this marc tosser and whats his problem? seems like a right wanker!

Harry Hotspur said...

Harry Hotspur said...

I'll indulge you once more then you get fired out of the f*ckiing cannon, sunbeam.

What's with the ELEPHANT reference?

Substantiate that.
And f*cking hurry up, if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

this is a song attacking a person, that happens to be black.

we sing about campbell. does that make us rasists? we sing about wenger. is that ok, since hi's not black?

and by the way, a south african may be white, and im sure there are elephants there. please keep your commie crap to yourselves!

Anonymous said...


The Adebayor chant is 100% racist and anyone trying to argue against that does not fully understand the term and is playing into the hands of the very racists who pass such staff off as "a bit of fun". It's not fun and it degrades all of us.

sirled said...

It is hardly racism, there are Elephants in Africa and the guy is African! football has become to sanitised as it is! what do we all want Spurs and Arsenal fans hand in hand as we all walk towards the Seven Sisters!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

"this is a song attacking a person, that happens to be black"

I surrender.
Now f*ck off.

Harry Hotspur said...

Sirled you're a waste of 02 aswell...

Anonymous said...

Harry. Regarding all those jealous wankers take Henry Ford's advice : "Never complain never explain."

Also well done for bringing up the racist point. And to those who mentioned Sol, yes his behaviour was disgraceful and he lacked dignity but that is no reason for us to lose ours.

Richard Alvin said...

I didn't hear the Elephant chant as all i was talking about was all the 'your mother's a whore crap' Elephant's being involved may well change things i grant you.

sirled said...

No my friend no human is a waste of o2!!! you wish to pontificate over a song which neither mentions colour or discriminates against colour!!! typically white middle class person sticks nose where nose is not wanted!!!!!

chiversmetimbers said...

under human rights codes "not meaning" to discriminate or offend is no basically stupid is as stupid does on that one...... This is a club and fans that take pride in the name "YIDDO" enuff of that shit! They're need to drag race into it!....loved that story about Kolo Toure wanting to punch Zokora when we beat them 5-1...they get it god bless 'em! ...nothin worse to a fan than a player doesn't !

gettin a bit bored with this harpin shit from "Mark" or harry's alter ego's I must's working in a way...cos it's ruining a pretty good blog

loved to see the gooners taken apart this afternoon.....coys!

Anonymous said...

the argument that there are elephants in Africa so whats the prob is funny, it is how it is meant which is spurs mean it in a derogatory fashion yes,do they mean it to offend yes so by referring to his country of origin by means of elephant in a mocking way makes it racist at worst or xenophobic at best either is prejudice and shallow ,ive heard it a couple of times now and been their with everyone laughing thinking its great etc but to me its not very funny ,witty or even have a good tune to it ffs.i've been going for a long time and hate it when we come out with shit like this when our club has had to put up with dogs abuse,prejudice,racism the lot over the years.

Anonymous said...

I've been to nearly every match Spurs have played for many years and I have noticed that there are a few people who routinely abuse all foreigners, northerners etc (whoever the opposition is) in very racist and/or homophobic language who seem to be more vocal now than ever before. I did notice in Prague that in the second half everytime the morons started the Adebayor chant lots of people started pro-Tottenham songs and it was only after the final whistle that someone tried to start the 10 German Bombers chant and no-one else joined in. Not sure what the answer is 'cos you can't really have an intellectual debate with people who think it is hysterically funny to chant"Gay Boy!" at a steward who happens to be wearing a pink bib...

EL said...

The song's reference is certainly 'racial', but racist? Is it actually insulting to describe someone as an elephant cleaner? Some of my best friends clean elephants and are quite upset by this inference Harry.

I accept the point however about the twats singing it not knowing the difference, not caring and are probably up for the 'next stop' etc.

Oh and mark love, there's no point in e-mailing me grown up(ish) messages in which you claim the moral high ground and describe Harry as "schizoid", only to come on here and mouth off like an abusive kid. It's sort of self defeating.

Ho hum!

Harry, could you stop clenching so hard, it's really dark up here.

Anonymous said...

Firstly. this clip was in a pub not at the lane, any racist chants @ the lane don't catch on, there's worse stuff being sung so why make a big deal out of this? & secondly, every person who wrote on this blog (who has been to be a spurs game in the past ten years) has sung about Wenger being a nonce or Campbell being a gay, i have & so has everyone who's been in the park lane. Although i don't think it's a good thing to chant, i'd bet that everyone here has sung something bad in the heat of the moment.

Anonymous said...

I object to the prat who says everyone has sung an offensive song in the past so that's okay then - err no it's not. It's embarrasing that we are supported by so many bigotted people who think it is acceptable to inflict their crap on us.

Anonymous said...

Taken from an article written in October last year.

Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor was born on 26 February 1984. The son of Nigerian parents from the Yoruba ethnic group, he has three brothers and two sisters. Adebayor's father died recently and he says: 'Since my father died, I have become the leader of my family. Everyone started to fight when he died and someone had to take control. I am very like my father in my personality.' He is particularly close to one of his sisters, Iyabo and his mother, Hajia, still lives in Lome - which is by the border with Ghana.

As there is no apparent voracity to the claim that his father washes elephants as he is dead we can conclude that it is in fact a generalised racial slur on Adebayor being an African. As to his mother being called a whore, that is universal within football and has no great element of rascism . Therefore I conclude that these low calibre questionable chants should be stopped and the chanters to have a good look at themselves. I find in favor of the Hotspur.

Sydney Wale JP

Anonymous said...

Sorry, nearly forgot to say how pleasing it was to watch the 'Arsenal Boys" get taken apart again this afternoon. That was almost the same 'Boys" team that we smashed! Why couldn't we have Mad Jens in goal when we demolished them? Rooney is a Spurs fan (I wished....)

Sydney Wale

Unknown said...

so i'm probably the first non WHITEY yid who's leaving a comment on this post..and i'm not african/black by the way..but i do find it extremely offensive and low and we should never stoop to those levels..

i'd rather sing about his whole family being whores and hustlers since that albeit low, is NOT bout we just replace the words?!

'his dad washes...vegetables'
'his dad washes...penises..and his mum sucks them!'
'his mum washes campbell, and his dad sucks him!'

Unknown said...

BUT since his father is dead, i suggest that we never sing anything about his dad out of respect to the it or not, arsenal or not, he is a wonderful footballer.

Anonymous said...

"Adebayor, Adebayoooor His dad washes elephants and his mother's a wh*re..."

Hey for all we know it could be true, money is hard to come by in those parts......

And while the chant isnt nice, it made no reference to his race or the colour of his skin at all.

Im sure his parents are fine upstanding people just trying to make ends meet, afterall im sure elephants have needs and a good clean now and then wont hurt it, thrust me ive worked in a zoo before !!!

Its called racism not jobism.

Anonymous said...

If the same song was being sung about Zokora by arsenal fans what would you say?

Anonymous said...

Post like these are bull sh*t when we sing Yid Army all game long!!!

Anonymous said...

Until this season, I had not heard a smidgen of racism from our home or away fans. Admittedly I only attend about 10 games a season, but even so, I would always puff out my chest with pride and say we do not have a racist problem at Spurs.

And I still think this, but there are a few nobs out there who need to feck off to Upton Park with their putrid little views. While in the Paxton Rd end at the Ar5ena1 game, a guy about three rows behind kept calling Lee Young Pyo a "stupid nip".

And then in the away end at the Derby County match, I had some moron about four seats down who kept referring to Darren Bent as a "lanky black cunt".

It made me ashamed. And what was worse, he was with a load of meathead mates who were laughin and agreeing.

Of course I wish I had said something on both these occasions, but I am only a small fella, and these guys were massive.

So behind the safety of cyber space, i urge these fellas to complete their primary education, or feck off to Wham.

Anonymous said...


I think that Spurs fans have really 'reclaimed' the word YID much as (some) rappers refer to each other as 'nigga'. They aren't using that word in a deriding sense, rather ackowledging each other.

johnwhitesghost said...

Right on Harry

All these ignorant shits should be kicked out of our beloved ground.

The fact that some people can't see this is racism beggars belief!

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I think there is a BIG BIG difference in calling a player a "Lanky Black C*nt" and the 'Adeybayor' song. The Adeybayor chant is a song to make Spurs fans laugh. Whether you agree with it or not it happens in football.

Whats the difference when other teams call our player YIDS?? Or Welsh players Sheep Shaggers?? Its the same. Songs/chants designed to amuse sets of fans.

The "Lanky Black c*nt" comments are a disgrace. Being on the terraces, people air their views and thats what people do... unfortunately Racism does exist and it will always exist. Its a real shame. But the leagues are trying to do something about it with 'Kick Racism Out' stuff.

This will go on a long long time but I honestly believe with every generation it will get better.

As long as we all agree its plain WRONG and has no place then its another step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...


Mate, the ELEPHANT song was being sung IN PRAGUE IN THE STADIUM and AT DERBY....

Anonymous said...


Are you seriously suggesting the Welsh DON'T have sexual relationships with sheep? Open your eyes man!

Anonymous said...

I think its amazing that people are suggesting that Elephants don't get washed by people! I seen it on T.V and they get paid well for it!...

Anonymous said...

2nd video down, the Adebayor song makes an appearence.

The last song is brilliant though!

Anonymous said...

EL said...
The song's reference is certainly 'racial', but racist?
How can the song be racial and not racist what a stupid thing to say.

Rob67 said...

I was in Prague, and yes I sung the song in the bar and ground, and did the actions too!
Am I a racist?? No way!!
Did I mean it to be racist?? No way!!
Am I thick?? lol well I have my stupid moments!!

I found it a funny slur on an A****** player, which was sung by a large proportion of the Spurs fans that where there, who are some of the most loyal you will find.
I admit it is very near the knuckle but had no qualms about singing this song, if he was a white Afrikaaner we could still sing the same song and it would be taken as a slur with no racism.
On hearing he has lost his father though I will not sing this again as I find that unacceptable.

But on the racial issues I think people should lighten up a little, we are a true multi-racial club, where it is unheard of in the last 20 years to hear racist chants. Now vulgar language and chants of a sexual nature are a big problem, I think that is real problem!!

A little perspective please.

Anonymous said...

Lets put this into perspective, nowadays its considered fine for a blackman to claim black supremecy, theres nothing wrong with companies clearly giving employment rights to people only of non-white origin, if a gang of white youths attack a blackman, its instantly considered a racist attack, however when the opposite occurs racism is never an issue. If you ask me the days of the non-white person being victims in this country are well and truely over, and its about time the racist card was put away! just look at 7/11, when was that ever condemmed as racist!

Harry Hotspur said...


"On hearing he has lost his father though I will not sing this again as I find that unacceptable."

What a random moral viewpoint.

Nothing to do with the fact an elephant would normally be associated with foriegn countries and dare I say it... d*rkies?

Come off it Rob. White Afrikaaners? Eh?

Next you'll be telling me that many zookeeper's sons with mothers in the world's oldest profession get sung to in public and why am I so in love with this Ar5ena1 striker?

Let's get a full confession from you mate. You know it's racist and you didn't care because it was funny and you got caught up in the pack mentality at the time.

Why would you feel it neccessary to tell us your fellow choir members were large in number and LOYAL?

This was your way of proferring a positive character trait about what happened to counterbalance any thoughts that they were a grim minority of cavemen.

Anonymous said...

Saying he's an arsenal player makes no difference whatsoever. He's black and as was said that was why and elephant was picked.

You could sing his dad cleans out toilets. But they didn't pick that because.... toilet cleaners arent as readily percieved as coloured people. Whereas Elephants are from overseas to most people... with coloured people.

It is racist and those singing it should be dealt with in line with the Club's policy.

Anonymous said...

very serious on here today lads..

racism needs to be adressed..i agree with what you're saying Harry but there are far worse things sung at football grounds.. eg "Cambell you're a C*nt" versus Pompey this year.. that song about Viera wanting Cambell's bum.. both worse or at least equally as bad..

on a lighter note... it was good to see that the Arsenal fans have improved slightly since we bashed them 5-1.. they only left with 20 mins to go yesterday!!

Anonymous said...

oh Harry do get off your high horse you fuckin dick

Harry Hotspur said...


Nah,I like it up here.

Got any sugar lumps for Lightning?

Anonymous said...

Harrys a dick and racisms cool. Go 12.13! Go to Stamford Bridge do not pass GO do not collect £200...

Anonymous said...


Rob67 said...


""On hearing he has lost his father though I will not sing this again as I find that unacceptable."

What a random moral viewpoint. "

To many singing about a member of someone’s family who is now deceased is too far!
Random?? Not at all! Not sure what your point is Harry.

"Why would you feel it necessary to tell us your fellow choir members were large in number and LOYAL?"

Your headline "Some Spurs "Fans" are pitiful Racists. Lets dump'em."
Simply put Harry, you have just branded around 2500 of our fans, some who follow Spurs all around the world, come rain, snow etc as racists!! These fans have been the heart of our beloved club through all the crap times, they are LOYAL fans, and dare I say the real fans, stood in the freezing cold. Yes maybe pack mentality is a factor, but when most people first heard the song they laughed and then joined in. For me it was a funny song, sung in a light hearted way, some people feel the need to analyze everything for a deeper meaning, that I don’t think was generally there, but we are all different, viewing things with very different perspectives. I respect other people’s views if they differ from mine so we will have to agree to differ on this one.

It will be interesting to see how this song is received on Sunday. We will have all our season ticket holders and most loyal members their, will it be sung in small pockets or will it ring around our end?

But I am still of the same opinion, near the knuckle, but not meant to be racist.

Harry Hotspur said...

Rob, thanks for replying.
I think we'll have agree to disagree.

Next time I fancy singing something morally questionable, I shall remember to exempt myself from nasty accusations by making sure I am in the freezing cold and not alone.

Anonymous said...

fucking honkys

its not racist

Unknown said...

No place for this. Some idiot has even put it up on youtube - i mean what kind of person not only sings it but then wants to put it up on the internet??

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

whats all the kerfuffle,the scots are double world elephant polo champions,they must wash their own elephants.Or has'nt anyone watched animal park on the bbc.i wonder where you go about finding a cushy job like that.As far as i can see anyone can wash a bloody elephant.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anyone heard of Walter Tull?

He was the second black footballer to play professional football in Britain?

What club did he play for? Spurs. His signing-on fee was £10 and his maximum wage was £4 a week.

Walter later abandoned his football career to fight in the Great War, where he perished. He was, by accounts, an heroic officer.

Why I mention this is because I find his story moving and inspirational. Not just because of itself - which would be moving and inspirational as it stands. But also because he started his professional career with Spurs. This happened on our turf. This is part of the fabric of our club, our lives, our values.

All of which goes no way, of course, to addressing the issue of racialism in football, and what is or isn't a racialist chant.

But perhaps it reminds us of what really matters, and that football transcends all colours but that of the shirts.

It is, after all, the beautiful game.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right: You lot think the suggestion that his dad washes elephants is MORE offensive than the suggestion that his mum is a whore?

Anonymous said...

Racist chant? hmmm... Humourous? unlikely.. Abusive sentiments? certainly! Necessary in the modern game? Questionable.. Aggresive, moronic , stereotyping description of a bloke who's probably a decent human? Absolutely! " It's so easy to laugh it's so easy to hate, it take guts to be gentle and kind..." Morrisey

Anonymous said...

I'm racist because I have an opinion on different races. I dont think every body is exactly the same and choose to keep my own mind and judgement, so there are races I like and ones I dont. There are races who have characteristics and I wont deny that or hide from it. The song is no more offensive than many many others that Spurs fans sing, but because maybe because are not even connected to any black issue they are ok? Yes of course, we must all make sure if we abuse a player for his Arsenal links, he mustn't be black because it will just be racist wont it. Again I find the sentiment of the thread and the people involved to basically have their heart in the right place, but are just confused and dont know what's racist or not anymore, so just say everything is. What do you expect to happen, other than it makes you appear so tolerant and makes you feel better about yourselves. Anti-racism will take over climate change as the next great religion I reckon, and everyone will be just as confused as with any other religion. Grow up!

Anonymous said...

You can run but you can't hide...

You'd of thought them a tad liberal
These tall folk from the Netherlands
It's a view that's maybe half way right
in cosmopolitian Amsterdam
But once out of the spot light
beyond the touristic zoo
You'd be shocked to find how many folk
hold prehistoric rascist views...

I'm sitting down with my colleagues eating breakfast in
There's the daily copy of the Metro on the table
and on the front cover
is a picture
The Man,
probably the finest
most naturally gifted
exponent of the art of
ever to of
laced on a pair of boots...
I say to the guy sitting next to me
"Mooie footballer eh"...
He replies
with a snigger
"Swarte kut..."
or words
to that effect
The snigger mutates into a giggle which
rapidly spreads around the table...
A little shocked I say
"But still, black, white,
makes no difference,
he was a wicked footballer yeah..."
"Nee, he was a nigger Maan,
he don't count..."
The giggle mutates again,
this time into
raucous laughter
that's only redirected
at the mention of Africans
and sheep shagging...
"But what about the guy..
that black guy from the thirties
the one who played for Heracles..."
But the conversations
moved on
To pastures new...
And all the while...
the Morrocan
guy who
works as hard
if not harder
than any of them
who pays his taxes
just the same
as all of them
who speaks their language
just as well
and sometimes
than most of them...
sits and stares
into his lunch box
breaks his bread

with them...

An isolated case is what
you're probably thinking now
where just a few unthinking idiots
can speak this filth that's disavowed
It goes deeper than you think
it's not just the colour of ones skin
when those who parents trust as guardians
stand idle by encouraging...

I was working in a secondary school in
And as I'm working away
a group of children
aged between thirteen
and fifeteen
it's hard to tell...
being from Lilliput...
pass besides me and I smile,
two of them have on England shirts,
one with Beckham
one with Owen
It kind of quelled the
sense of being
on the




I make a joke with my colleague
and they notice I'm
We carry on working
and then it starts
shout a group of twenty schoolkids
from the gallery above
with the
two Dutch kids
with the
two England shirts
screaming and laughing
right at the forefront...
The irony's not
on me and hey,
I've seen many
English Hooligans
before and Children only ever
What They See
but I stand agasp as
first one teacher
then four more
walk past
and just keep
as if the young 'uns
were singing
the Lords prayer
without a single show
of concern
for the
Or it's
It may suprise you to know
my colleague was far more shocked
than I
by the time we left to find
his unwashed van
ever so sweetly
by the children
of the school
in an assortment
of different sized

Now I know just what you're thinking
that I just want to bash the Dutch
but you'd be wrong coz to be truthful
it's a fact I respect and love them much
what saddens me about all of these
foul prejudices I find
is this foul shit's prevailant

I thought I'd
left it


Anonymous said...

i suppose your dislike of people from the east end is ok then.
did you forget that you have slagged us eastenders off on a number of occasions.
its alright to talk about the fellow whiteman but not about some african who comes from thousands of miles away.
people like you are the reason this country is fckd.

Anonymous said...

Harry, i respect your blog fella, but have you noticed that you are actually doing quite well out of this racism issue. Quite a lot of posts today, what a popular site, dosnt look too good does it. You wouldnt want people thinking that you are cashing in on racism, would you?

Anonymous said...

Would the chant be a bit more PC if we added a feminist element to it. like this...

Adebayor, Adebayoooor,
Your Mum washes elephants,
And your Dad is no more.

I'm not condoning it in any way, im just wondering if people would think it was any less unacceptable...

Anonymous said...

I just hate the amount of anti-Arsenal songs in general we have, I have never seen the point of trying to enrage their players as it usually bites us on the arse, and singing them when we aren't even playng them just perpetuates their belief we're obsessed with them.

If only as much effort was put into singing for our own players and our own team, the matchday atmosphere (especially at WHL, which has suffered since Jol and the songs for him went) would be much better.

Anonymous said...

Nice poem, Skinned. Cheers.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

The Everton fans call Heskey a slave, which is pretty funny but I do agree with you all

Anonymous said...

Everyones feeling sorry for poor old Adebayor, well what about the poor elephant? how would you feel being accused of having the father of a cheating, diving, headbutting scumbag wash you?

Anonymous said...

Give me 60 grand a week for 5 years and i'd fuck the elephant myself

Anonymous said...

Its not racist, its banter related to his counrty, like the French calling us "Roast Beefs" and us calling the Welsh Sheep Shaggers.

I've got a new song that all you PC'ers can sing.

"hey you, you don't play for our team, so i dont really like you, nothing personal, but its just cos your playing against us"

Anonymous said...

Andy L (Ransid)

The fact it's even being discussed....leaving the racism card to one side for a moment...

It's quite clearly upsetting some Spurs fans to hear it and causing in house squabbling like all the above posts. That's enough to not do it!

Let alone how Adebayor feels hearing it. I don't like him, in the same way I don't like Ian Wright. It's cause he scores goals FOR Arsenal and AGAINST us, fact. No more, no less.

Too many years I've been to Spurs and listened to negativety of one sort or another (whinging, moaning, pessamism). It'll never gaway, humans are all different, it's what makes us such a unique species.

I'm gonna sound like an 8 year old cub scout here but
1)We are all people of the world, not nations or regions.
2) I was bought up to only open my mouth if something good was going to come out of it.
3)I was bought up to encourage myself and others. To cheer success and not to laugh or abuse those experiencing faliure or defeat and that effort was more important than success but success was a wonderful bonus (90% of why I chose Tottenham in my youth and as nice as it is to win all the time would you want to be like a Man Utd fan, thinking you have a divine right to win every week!)

These things make me feel good about myself. I wish them on all others.

We should be talking about Uefa cup glory on the horizon and a day out at Wembley. Come on guys, do we need world war III to finally get people to work together again.

N.B. I said my whole piece with out being rude to anyone. It's really not difficult.

EL said...

Oh my gawd! What's happened to this blog?

Fuck elephants and kiddy langton!

Let's beat slavia & chelski to get this season on track.


Anonymous said...

If I labeled Wengers dad a Frog or Fabregas's a paella munching waiter, would that be racist? fact is frogs are associated with France and Wengers french, paella is spanish and so is Fabregas, just like Adebayor is African and elephants come from Africa! the only difference is Adebayor is black, so it must be racist right Harry?

Anonymous said...


""If I labeled Wengers dad a Frog or Fabregas's a paella munching waiter, would that be racist? fact is frogs are associated with France and Wengers french, paella is spanish and so is Fabregas, just like Adebayor is African and elephants come from Africa! the only difference is Adebayor is black, so it must be racist right Harry?"

This is my favourite aspect to this argument. I would like you all to pick up the dictionary and read the definition of Racism.
Picking on Fabregas for being Spanish or Wenger for being French is just as rascist as Adebayor - elephant comments. Neither if done maliciously or aggressively is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

It isn't racist you PC twats.

Elephants are far more common in Africa, and one thing that the continent is known for.
I would imagine the sung would be sung if Adebayor was white African too, and you PC cunts would laugh it off(mainly because racism can only be carried out by the white devil according to the PC brigade)

chiversmetimbers said...

Harry...please turn the comment moderation on again.....I don't think I can bear to read anymore of this...

Harry Hotspur said...

" ...have you noticed that you are actually doing quite well out of this racism issue. Quite a lot of posts today, what a popular site, dosnt look too good does it. You wouldnt want people thinking that you are cashing in on racism, would you?"

Oh please, don't be daft. I've run two pieces on racism in the entire life of this blog. One on Terry and this one. Both totally justified.

And if you DO know how I can generate income just by folk clicking on my url alone... do elaborate.


Anonymous said...

I was at the derby game last week and every single spurs fan was singing it. So if u wanna 'dump' them, u'd hav to dump the vast majority of all our travelling fans

Anonymous said...

6.34 Anon - I'd dump them all as i don't like racists.

Anonymous said...

I've gotta say, people are racist due to the fact that they are small minded and therefore think that they can make themselves feel big simply due to the prefix of bigot.

If we're going to take the p*ss out of players can we do it for reasons that are not due to their nationality, ethnicity or background?

Take Adebayor as a prime example, the first thing he did of note in the Man U match yesterday was dive in the hope of a penalty, can we not find a song that refers to his cheating ways rather than the colour of his skin? If not then it truly is a sad state of affairs.

dog said...

changing the subject slightly but with one week to go....
'' In our ranks there's Dimitar berbatov,
He's had a dream for a year or two,
That one day he's gonna play at Wembley,
Now his dream is coming true,
Berba we're gonna be behind ya,
Altogether man for man,
We know you're gonna play a blinder..

Come on youuuuuu (everyone join in!!)

Unknown said...

its not racist

Anonymous said...

Careful Dog, watch someone doesn't have a pop at you for taking the piss out of Ossie's accent...

Seriously though, I'm not at all sure the hefalump washing song is unacceptably racist*, or accusing his dad** of having a shit job back home.

*As opposed to comparing black players with monkeys or "jokey" songs about the holocaust, which are both totally unacceptable.

**I wouldn't sing it now I know his dad's dead though.

Would Tim Cahill be deeply offended if it were suggested that his dad grooms koalas for a living?

If taking the piss out of where a person comes from is racist then almost everyone is racist.

Get over it, we're all different.

Done right, piss-takes about someone's origins, beliefs or sexual orientation are a part of English life that hurts no-one. In fact with the right feeling it bonds.

I wonder if some of the PCers have any black, Asian, Greek, Turkish jewish etc mates.

When it turns to hate is a different matter and there are two types of people that cannot make the distinction properly: bigots and PC twats who'd like to ban the word ginger and ban footie blogs from laughing about two queens in wet spam skinhaed regalia.

If I were adeybayour (sp?) I'd be more pissed off about people calling my mum a whore. That's wrong.

Also, as someone already stated, can't we have a song about him being a cheating, diving cunt who fights his team mates when things aren't going quite to his taste.

Like getting shown how to play football by my beloved Spurs. 5-1!



Anonymous said...

Spurs fans don't worry its not racist my father is an elephant washer and also true about my mother.
all the best

Anonymous said...

the arguments against and comments are more worrying than the song itself i can't believe people are saying all the away support were singing it so its ok! I'm no pc monger and no nazi either, i have no prob calling someone a C**t,questioning their sexuality or such coz if i was on the pitch i would prob say it to their face to wind them up or whatever just the same as i would anyone in life that i didnt like,would i say oh your old man is an elephant washer prob not because for a start its a crap insult and being so pathetic could only be cursing their ethnic background.Pack mentality has a big part to play with this as its like a few thousand beavis and buttheads sniggering away with their mates after a few jars,i wouldn't say that any of them are more loyal to spurs than me,they've got more money than me and prob less commitments with work ,kids etc but thats about it and to me they are privileged and are representing the million spurs fans that can't be there!i think there are enough yids that find this song questionable for it to be knocked on the head,coz lets face it if we find it iffy(and we hate the bloke)god help us if the press get hold of it, all of us will be branded racist because of the privileged few that don't use their noggins!
bottom line is you can call a c**t a cnut but start about where they are from ,the colour of their skin etc and we are no better than the filth that hiss at us etc that i've personally had fights with over the years!
To find out the blokes old man is deceased makes this worse not in a racist way but well bad taste
lose this song please fellow yids

Summerspur said...

harry, as you are, i would hazard a guess, an intelligent chap, i think you may be guilty of assuming that evryone chanting this is doing so after rational thought.

you, in the cold light of day have analised this and decreed it to be racist, however the alchol induced pack mentality and bravado will mask any sense and logic.

to get to my point i feel it is a racist song sung by mostly non racist people.

Anonymous said...

Adebayor,Adebayoooor he fights his own team mates and goes down like a whore

Anonymous said...

im in full agreement. I think these fans are an embarrassment. Out wiv da divs.

Anonymous said...

Top marks bty.

Anonymous said...

mate! who cares its okay he is an Aresenal player!

Anonymous said...

cheers frontwheel just to show how easy it is to come up with something that cusses him withought any racial undertones!

Anonymous said...

everyone should just chill out . there are points 4 both sides maybe its racist maybe its one things for certain maybe its not but one things for certain for 80k a week you better believe adabayor doesn't give a flying fuck .or a a flying fuckin eleephant for that matter!!

Anonymous said...

"Adebayor,Adebayoooor he fights his own team mates and goes down like a whore"

bty..... is a sage.

Anonymous said...

Let's follow him....

Anonymous said...

racist??? hardly...
as somebody said earlier, racism only appears to be one way, it's O.K for us to be called 'honkey' or 'whitey' aswell as others by non-whites, but when we retaliate we're racist? Utter bollox

it's meant as a bit of a joke and no way meant as racism. (Bearing in mind we have an african player in Zokora)

I'm guessing, Harry, you are one of these PC wankers working for the Daily Mail.

Anonymous said...

anon- who says its ok for a white person to be called those things?! because it obviously makes you feel better for being racist! mug! get back to your semi in Essex and start following the spammers, ignorant imbecile.

Anonymous said...

So we have an African player we can say what we like yeah? tell ya what lets get shot of the do do do song and sing how zakora's dad washes elephants, sure he'd love it!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome bty. I've got one too buut poetry was never my strong point:

Adebeeeeeyoooour, you diving cunt,

We all hate you woolwich cunts,

We thrashed you and so did Man U.,

Who are incidentally also cunts


Anonymous said...

I bet all you pc clowns sing songs containing the term 'yid' is this not deemed racist in some quarters?

Since when was it OK to call someone's mum a whore but question a job his father may have?

How long before you plumbs deem the term 'lillywhite' racist.

If you're telling me that is the worst thing you have heard at football then you clearly don't go very often you clown.

And for the record can someone explain to me how 'his dad washes elephants' is in anyway racist?

Anonymous said...

what i meant was that being called anti-white names is not deemed racist or is not acknowledged as it would be if i was to call someone a n*gga or a slanty eyed c*nt.

anon 9.27 rases quite an interesting issue aswell, we dub ourselves and are called 'yids'. would that make any of you racist? no, because 'it's only a bit of fun' and 'it's not meant to offend anyone'

RACISTS THE LOT OF YA!! (you too, harry)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually checked to see if Adebayor's Dad actually does wash Elephants? Clearly if he does, it's not a racist comment, it is a funny comment. There was a bloke on the Ben Fogle Longleat thing (Animal Park) this morning who actually does wash Elephants. He is white. If I take the p*ss out of him for washing Elephants, am I a racist?

Consider this chant: 2Martin Keown' got a monkey's head". Now that is a funny chant. But against Man Utd the other week plenty of Spurs fans were singing "Carlos Tevez has got a monkey's head" (he is resemblant of a monkey to be fair). Now, Mr Tevez's skin is darker than Keown's, so is that now a racist comment? How about Theo Walcott's got a monkey's head is that racist? Oh you wouldn't dare sing that would you? PC gone mad I tells you.

Anonymous said...

ok anon i will try to appeal to your one working brain cell! calling ourselves yids is very anti racist as we took it on to lower the impact of being called it every week,therefore it is a badge of honour and something we are proud of, get it? how was "your dad washes elephants" meant? if it was to say he has a shit job why not say he cleans shithouses,or works in the sewer? elephant was chosen to represent africa in a mocking and deragatory way leaving a blurred racist undercurrent when their is clearly no need to bring his country into it,if you didn't get distracted or lose concentration before reading this do you get it now?
i answered your qestions maybe you could answer one of mine would you sing your dad washes elephants to zakora? prob not because as hopefully you can now fathom its meant to offend which is what makes it racist!

Anonymous said...

again anon its how its meant that is the key ,if you call a black person a monkey head because he actually looks like a monkey its childish but not racist, but if you are saying it just because he is black then it is racist,what is fucking wrong with you people !

Anonymous said...

ok, so by calling ourselves yids that makes EVERYTHING better? chant 'yid army' outside a synagogue and see where that gets you you disillussioned inbred.

re: zokora

why would i want to WIND UP (and not racially abuse) one of our players? are you dumb?

re: adebayors dad's job

wouldn't saying he cleans sewers suggest that africans can't get a better job? you could have said he is a managing director of a major retail chain in the UK, earning an estimated 1.2m per annum

f*cking idiot

Anonymous said...

done talking to you its like an earlier post said how can you have an intellectual debate with a thick,ignorant,bigoted moron you would be more suited to following Chelsea or west ham as you have their mindset. you don't even understand the reason or history of why we call ourselves yids ffs unbelievable.if you can't understand something as relatively simple as that then i've wasted enough time responding to you already

Anonymous said...

Ive supported Arsenal since the 60s and I HATE spurs.. but I have never sung a song about a spud player that was nasty or malicious. Sure in anger Ive called them GReaves or Klinsman or King a cunt if they went over the top or scored, but thats it. I would no more sing a personnally insulting song about Ramos or Keane than I would about my own mother. I cannot understand why people bother, its only a game in the last resort. But if HH is going to have any credibility he should equally condemn the 'paedo" chants against Wenger.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, where do I take this one Harry ? In the shitter with all the "transfer rumours" you dug up (and failed miserably with ?)

"Your Dad washes Elephants" Hmmmm ?
"Your mums a whore" hmmmm ?

"You're top of newsnow and are happy with the extra site traffic (and the affiliate sales to follow) by making up bullshit articles" Hmmmmmm ?
Think we got one there eh Harry

Anonymous said...

i understand entirely how we got the nickname that we have adopted.
but it STILL doesnt mean that its anti racist!

take the yid situation of which we got the name,

if we were dubbed 'blacks' or 'coons' by other supporters would that be ok to then call ourselves coon army? i think not PC man

Anonymous said...

i gotta say hh that I'm not sure that getting spurs fans arguing with each other is that great a thing to do tbh and i aint your nemesis mug.this issue is bigger than us and maybe keep it to football related stuff that we can chat about rather than something that will make us pissed off with each other in future eh!
still your either a brave man taking on this subject or like the twat says you are just in it for hits! which is it ol son?

Anonymous said...

Yes obviously or dont you think Yid is a racist term ?
We took the name after being abused with it for years.


LOL glad you don't want Spurs fans arguing amongst each other


Anonymous said...

anon you have a serious chip on your shoulder,you should seek help!
lets just all call him a cunt and get back to supporting spurs eh? coz frankly you are boring me stupid! what about the bullshit in the press today about us wanting james,these spammer ,goon hacks are having a right laugh there,they forgot to reason that JR actually has a brain and there is more chance of seeing gus flying over the lane than seeing him in a spurs shirt!
juande ramos blue and white army

Anonymous said...


different people will have different views of how it is racist.

I - being a Jewish spurs fan - DON'T find it offensive, i also dont see the adebayor song as racist.

But if someone was to come up to me and say 'you're a money grabbing penny pinching Yid' they would be on the floor quicker than ronaldo in a penalty box as they meant to insult my faith.

calling adebayors dad an elephant washer only insults/winds up adebayors family, not the entire population of Africa.

Harry Hotspur said...


Guess again, Pea Narse.

Harry Hotspur said...

10.05 ANON

I am so pleased that the editorial remit of this blog, it's hits/keeping it real ratio etc etc is a worry to so ... well, two of you in total now.

Ladies, go enrole as Supply Teachers somewhere else. I neither need someone to tell me which peg to put my coat upon nor to grant me permission to take a wee wee.

You don't want to read it? Then click off.

Hits? Yeah, it's actually an interesting read in the place of something REALLY good to read.

Sales? Yeah cannot believe how many shirts at £19.99 Kitbag are shifting. Oh, I can, football fans are snapping them up because they're great value.

Fans bickering?

So all the Football Message Boards on the Internet scrapped passwords and Mods at midnight LAST night did they? And what? Everyone came here?

P*ss off you fool. It's debate with as little censorship as I can get away with.

And you can forward your receipt for a full refund in light of any transfer tips I gave that have yet to come off.

You do HAVE a reciept, you pretentious f*ckwit?

Goodnight Gracie.

Anonymous said...

whoa go easy h i'm actually a fan of this blog and love commenting on it,so don't get your knick nacks in a twist ol son ,by the time i wrote that comment i had been utterly bored senseless by the bigoted Neanderthals asking how is it racist etc n just wanted to talk bout something else. you could of just said that you will tackle any subject and that would put you in the brave ,not giv a fuc category that i'd suggested

Anonymous said...

In two minds. I've sung it and at the time thought it was hilarious (perhaps fueled by my hatred of Adebeyor), but can on reflection see the problem with this chant. There's little that can be done about casual racism (it exists within everyone) and the Adebayor song falls within this perimeter.

The fact that this is the only potentially racist song about any black player Spurs fans sing about surely suggests that there's not a natural racist agenda behind this specific song. If however a song appears about Eboue, Clichy etc. then there would be a massive issue.

Shrug and move on, there's little else you can do. Worthy of discussion but no worse than hundreds of songs that have been sung on the terraces before it.

Always enjoy your blog HH, keep up the good work.

Harry Hotspur said...

bty - that was at 10.05, love.

Anonymous said...

The chant is vile, the chant is racist, the chant is not even funny. Any spurs fan who sings it should be ejected from the stadium. Any spurs fan who sings it is an utter idiot, worse than a gooner.

Anonymous said...

whats the matter with them? are they special needs elephants?

Anonymous said...

It's just banter Hazza, There are loads of Elephants in Africa, so his dad is called an Elephant washer, like if he was from Wales he'd be called a sheep shagger.

I think some people have just read too much into it to turn it into a racist chant.

I can see your point, but i suppose it depends on the person singing it as to whether its racist or not, if they are singing it as a bit of light-hearted football banter then its fine, if they are singing it because he's black and they dont like him because of that, then yeah, its wrong.

Remember its ok to hate him AND he's black, but its not ok to hate him BECAUSE hes black.


Chirpy said...


It has nothing to do with being PC, or 'lightening up', intuitively one can recognise the 'lyrics' of this chant as racist. It is not the words themselves, per se, but the hatred behind the 'joke'. Those lending their voice to it are displaying the same unpalatable trait and should be removed from the ground.

Wrighty7 said...

Harry, thank you for mentioning this. It is RACIST but the moron's that sing it proberly don't even realise that it is.

They proberly think it's just a laugh, but there is no place for this in the stands of football stadiums around the world.

Sure I've called players a "Cunt" but never have I been racist.

Me and you and the rest of the bloggers on this site don't often get along ;)

But I must say to those who have agreed with your post, that you are a credit to Tottenham. The real fans.

The Gooner....

Anonymous said...

ok bud no probs

Anonymous said...

It's people like you harry and the pc brigade and the do gooders that have created the bnp and division in this country, everything is taken in a wrong way now and deemed racist when it is not and favouritism is always for non-white people and this is why the country is so fragmented which is a great shame as i would like nothing better than to see all races mixing and intergrating with each other, this pc rubbish has to stop for the best.

Anonymous said...

To the plumb that said 'the term Yid is not racist, because we have embraced it'. You should perhaps take your head out of your arse and come join us in the real world.

Sounds very much to me like we have embraced the term 'your dad washes elephants' also.

I look forward to you plumbs walking out of Wembley in disgust on Sunday when 30,000 'YIDS' start singing it.

Oh and for the record wild elephants in Togo are close to extinction because peoples fathers are killing them for ivory. Or is that just not PC.

Anonymous said...

Are the elephants in question African or Indian - perhaps the elderly gentleman was on holiday, and washed these majestic beasts as a means of relaxation.

I dunno.

Are they racist or just not very bright.

Wait a minute, though - if they is banned maybeies i can get s season ticket = yaayyyyy, ban 'em :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry,

I am so pleased you posted your displeasure at this song.

I had never heard this song before until the recent Derby game where to my surprise the majority of Spurs fans were in full verse proudly singing.

Needless to say I was shocked. I was even more shocked when I questioned the guy in front of me on his singing these words and he had no idea what my problem was!

I love Spurs. I love football. I feel Spurs is on the way up but after years of watching the fans of some champion teams who prove themselves week in week out to be nothing but arrogant, supercilious w**kers, I want to be part of a fan base who are knowledgeable, poised and humble.

This song - not clever, not funny, not welcome.

Anonymous said...

A socio/economic put-down:

"Your dad washes elephants"

A racist put-down:

"Your n*gger dad washes elephants"

If I was playing professional football in an african country and I heard a bunch of rival footy fans singing that my dad washes badgers and my mum's a whore, I think I'd laugh.

Any insult towards a person of colour is not by definition racist. A derogatory comment which refers to a racial difference is. Washing elephants or being a whore does not and therefore isn't.

The prejudice shown towards ada happened not because of his race but because of his choice of football club.

Anonymous said...

"Oh and for the record wild elephants in Togo are close to extinction because peoples fathers are killing them for ivory. Or is that just not PC."

If this is true it is very sad. Washing elephants is much better than killing them for ivory. I do hope Adebayor's father is not killing elephants.

I rather think that Adebayor could not care less what we sing at him, I cannot see much point in everyone winding each other up in this way. Why don't we all focus on beating the white man at Wembley on Sunday?


Anonymous said...

I'm astonished that there is even a debate about whether this is racist or not. Of course it is! I too was shocked to hear this at the Derby match. Homophobic songs aside, I have been quite proud of us and the fact that we don't do racist chanting (however latent) so it wasn't nice to hear this. We can't expect to 'kick racism out of football' and then sing this. The people who made this up knew exactly what they were doing. Others jump on the bandwagon and then make themselves feel better by trying to say it's not racist. IT IS! Now, don't get me wrong, I can't stand Adebayor, like I can't stand Wenger. However, I would never condone racist songs, like I don't condone the paedophile songs. Let's be more creative. Let's be more clever than the rest of them. We can be. We are after all the mighty Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Harry. Please don't insult the teaching profession by associating them with wankers like 10.05

Particularly as this is a somewhat educational post.

Anonymous said...

summerspur 8.12

I'd reverse your last comment personally.

Anonymous said...

So anyway, has anyone seen The Lives of Others?

Top film.

Anonymous said...

didnt say the term yid isn't racist said the way we use it isn't racist, your the plumb fuck face!

EL said...

The fact that some pretty bright people have such different but in their own way, reasonable views on this matter, indicates that there are a few gray areas where this subject is concerned. The number of responses and the passion(if sometimes crude & misdirected) also shows that a good deal of consideration is expended on it, which I would say is a good thing.

Now excuse me, I've got a badger to rinse.

Anonymous said...

spurs fans arnt racist,end of.its a nasty dig at a gooner end racist in front of quackles from oxford or a certain mr barking(both spurs of west indian/jamaican origin)see what happens it wont be pretty.leave the racist bollox to the everton/leeds and chelscum fans.theres 3 lots of fans who ive heard proper racist chants

akrama said...

good on you for raising the point, would have been easier to duck the issue.

the fact is neanderthals still exist!