Friday, February 08, 2008

Levy & Two Experts Speak Out: Exclusive Quotes

The Premier League has revealed that it is considering bold plans to add an extra round of games which would be staged outside England. The top-flight clubs have agreed to explore the proposals, which could come into effect for the 2010/11 season. Here's how three leading figures in the modern game felt about it...

"All that was decided that as a major league, it is something that we ought to examine. We do have lots of overseas fans that are unable to come to matches played in the UK so I think it is something that should be explored."
Tottenham Chief Executive. 'Daniel Levy'.

"Premiership matches abroad? I've been expecting it.
That's why we had Super Bore at Wembley. The New Football World Order is coming.

Super Bore was a vanguard action. It's coming, whether we want it or not. That's why Levy wants Champions League Football. He's cute. He's thinking years ahead. He knows where we're heading, and he's determined to be part of it.

You either get on this fast-train to capitalist utopia or you get left behind in the backwater. This train is a juggernaut. It will roll over you if you stand in its way. Scudamore will get lambasted, but it's far, far, FAR bigger than him. He's just doing what he's told. Mind you, he's in a position that enables him to say 'This is not a good thing.' But he won't.
Socialist football is dead. Like Socialism. Globalisation here we come. Haves and have -nots.
Sometimes I couldn't give a sh*t about Spurs any more. The team I love and the game I love is transmogrifying into Moloch. Clubs all aspire to become money-spinning brands. It won't get any better.

But I can't stop loving you, Spurs. You're a changed, old lady, but I still see you as beautiful and as fresh as you were in your youth. I want to let go, but I can't."
Tottenham Fan Extraordinaire. '9.37 Anon'.

"A preposterous idea put forward by the most unabashed exponents in the art of unbridled capitalism. These grasping, pound sign eyed tossers have no shame it seems. And I love the way they talk disingenuously about 'evolutionary change'. As if what they're doing is part of some natural, organic & unavoidable process, as opposed to an excercise in avarice. Shysters, the lot of them. May they all contract painful and life threatening diseases. Amen."
Yid Of The Highest Order. 'El'.


USSpurs said...

Can someone please explain why this idea is being blasted as horrible? Now, I should note that I'm a fairly new fan of the Spurs (only about 2 years now) and I live in the U.S. So perhaps I'm seeing this a little differently than the more local and long-standing fans. Why is one more game such a bad thing? I've always been of the opinion that a longer season provides a better gauge of who's the best in the league. And it's not like they're taking a game away from the fans. They're just bringing it to the rest of the fans around the world that can't make it to the Lane (as much as I would love to). Please, send the Spurs over the US. Let me share in the experience that many of you have already enjoyed.

onedavemackay said...

Of course the people who are never considered let alone consulted are the fans.

The clubs may get even more billions from the worldwide merchandising and TV rights but they'll still need to charge us more to actually visit the ground wot we normally play at. Cos the players even the crap ones can't afford to live on less than £20,000 a week.

Then a team who'll be struggling against relegation or fighting for a place in Europe will find they miss out as their awayday was in Singapore against one of the big three.

I was born Tottenham and I will die Tottenham I just hope that when I do get to the great Executive Box in the sky I can still recognise my team.

And all of that is another reason to keep the ground where it is.

onedavemackay said...

If you're lucky usspurs how often might you see them in the States once every 4 or 5 years?

USSpurs said...

Once every 4-5 years? I'll take it. Better than none.

spursboston said...

usspurs... I agree with you 100%. I would be thrilled if they came to boston- or anywhere in the US. even if it was only once every 5 years

AP said...

It's not the playing a match abroad that annoys me, its the extention of the season by an extra game. Who is going to choose who plays who. We could be lumbered with Liverpool in Thailand, while other obvious rivals pick up an easy 3 points against Derby in Dublin. Its a stupid idea, suggested by inept officials, blinkered by money and not what fans want.

I do on the other hand sympathise with overseas fans and believe that for all they may want to see Spurs in action, compulsary overseas friendlies may be the way forward.

Anonymous said...

they speak about it being a "product" and taking it to "global markets"
they speak like they care for the clubs or the game itself
well.. if i am a consumer and if the customer is always right then we have the power ladies and gentlemen -
vote with your pound -

Posa said...

What difference will it make to the fans in the UK???
This is a chance for the clubs to increase there revenue, get a larger audience and allow the many foreign fans of the premier league (and expats)to watch quality football in the flesh rather on tv, I am all for it, some are saying that it will ruin the tradition.....codswallop, the tradition died when the Premiership was created and now its better, I have experienced both, the whingers complaining about this are blinkered.

Anonymous said...

"Of course the people who are never considered let alone consulted are the fans."

I am also a U.S. Spurs fan. Sorry if this is viewed as insensitive but there are some Spurs fans around the world that will never be able to come to a match at the lane. When you say that the fans are not consulted you might want to step back and consider that these clubs have massive fan support outside the U.K.

I do agree that this hurts the fairness of the fixture list to a minimal extent and that it is primarily being done for financial gain. That being said, I would fly to any Spurs match in the U.S. and would consider doing the same for any other Prem matches considering the quality of football compared to MLS.

Anonymous said...

Usspurs you daft twat - Spurs won't be going to the States. Knowing our luck we'll end up in Tehran.

Anonymous said...

Its exploitation of the players i feel, sure they get paid well but who wants to play football in china? I wonder where it will all end. Fecking F.A. cup final on tha moon? Can see the premiership bubble bursting soon if they keep trying to milk the cow. Very bad idea in my book. COYS

Anonymous said...

It is definetly a very greedy idea by the premier league!!! Its purely about money (in the region of £40M to start off with - TV money will boost it to much higher levels)

What if we were drawn home against the Arsenal or Chelsea, and game was played in a foreign country.

How would we feel about the game not being played at the lane?

I would definetly like to go, but would be reduced to watching it bon pay per view TV - even more greed by the TV companies.

The premier league only see the fans as a cash cow, who they cannot squeeze much larger amounts of money from. They now want a Johnny foreiger cash cow to exploit financially!!!

But never fear, FIFA will probably veto it anyway. Domestic league games are probably enshrined in footy law, and are meant to be played within the clubs domestic country.

Anonymous said...

How long ago is it we heard club chairmen say;

"There's too many games. Reduce the teams in the premiership."
"Pleayer are suffering burn-out. Let's protect our players"
"International friendlies? Who pays the players wages. No more meaningless games"

So they plan on adding an extra game in some foreign place with a 10 hour flight and 8 time zones in between?

This is pure and simple greed. It cheapens the game, it cheapens the Premier league.

I disagree with whoever says it is an evolution. It's just another fairground flashing light and cheap candy floss stall. Levy and all you other chairmen; You're the pikey fairground attendant. "Roll-up roll-up. Jump on board to the best ride of your life".... "and I'll short change you after you've paid your entrance and cut your ride short to get another group of gullible punters inside quick smart. I'm only here for 3 days need to scalp you while I can. Roll-up roll-up".

Shame on you. Don't think that the brand loyalty is so strong you can dupe us all. You may own the most shares but we own the badge.

First game 1975 away at Stoke. Hoddle debut and winning goal.

Anonymous said...

Mentioned in dispatches, Harry? Ta.

You might want to reconsider that 'expert' epithet. Or does the 25-yard swimming certificate really qualify me?

Maybe my cynicism plumbs to new depths, but it's hard to believe the proposal to play EPL games abroad was motivated by the kindness of the corporate elite's hearts.

It's for the overseas fans, is it? Guffaw! It's for making money.

A time must come when the EPL boom shows the first, faint signs of bust. To counter this, plans are being laid to expand its market. Bigger market equals bigger revenue, based on the absurd idea of constant growth. Like a swarm of locusts, it will devour everything in its path.

It's like the United States of Europe. Er, I mean the EU. If the economy goes t*ts up, the corpocracy just creates more member states. More states means more products, more services and, more importantly, more consumers. Oh, and more b*llshit.

Problem is, our wages are now so low and our taxes so high that there's precious litle money left to spend on consumables. Tough.

Football isn't just global, it's being globalised - a market that potentially knows no bounds.

It's all about the TV. It's about the merchandise. It's the service-industry and the spectacle, the sponsorship and the advertising. It's the gambling. It's the casinos and the super-casinos. It's bread and circuses. It's the same pigs and the same snouts, and the EPL is just another of their troughs.

But hey, we're being entertained.

Living in Tottenham means I'm for Spurs. I went to school here, not far from the ground. How could I not be for Spurs? Used to play in Bruce Castle Park as a kid. It had to be Spurs. On Saturdays our house was in earshot of the roar from the ground. I'd listen for the home goals. Go on, you Spurs! Even the muffled roars could be heard, which usually meant an away goal. Come on, you Spurs! Now, the background noise of traffic drowns out everything. Still I'm for Spurs.

Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Saudi Arabia - I'll be for you, Spurs, as lond as your heart beats loudest of all in N17.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...


I mean 'long'.

'Expert', my sh*t-ole!

Anonymous said...

9.37 anon. even if there was no traffic the noise from the ground would still be blocked out by the continous bellows from that nutter who runs the burger van outside the Paxton End! Legend though he is.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem. If we play in the US, china will be let down. If we play in china, the US will be let down. If we play in africa, the US and china will feel let down, and so on. The powers that be will not want to let anyone down, so we'll end up playing half our games outside england. And all this during january, one of the most important months in the football calender. Its a BAD idea.

dannyboy said...

Simply, it's the ENGLISH Premier League. Nuff said. Sorry USSpurs, but if we wanted American Football, we'd emigrate to America, not encourage it over here to cut up the Wembley turf a fortnight before the FA Cup Final. Football is already a global sport; it's called TV and internet. There. Whatever next? Lampard playing a decent game for England ?!


Anonymous said...

9.37 anon - I fully agree with you.

Like you, I live in Tottenham and I have supported us since the late 1970's. In the 70's I went to school across the road "St Francis de Sales"

I used to play footy in a nearby park on the Tottenham high road. On Saturdays our house was in earshot of the roar from the ground. I'd listen for the home goals, even when I went to a cinema with a few mates, we ignored the film and listened to a radio commentry about us stuffing Wolves 6-1.

To have a Spurs V Arsenal game not being played at the hallowed lane, but in some far away foreign country - where the people do not have Spurs ingrained inside them nor ant loyalty - would be clear sell out for the greedy men who just do not have a clue about what it is like to support Spurs for all your life!!!!!!

Shame on the premier league!!!

dannyboy said...

'....we ignored the film and listened to a radio commentry about us stuffing Wolves 6-1.'

Hey, I was at that game, up on the shelf. If memory serves me right, it was the official opening of the current West Stand. Didn't Crooks get a hat-trick? 1982 I think it was. I remember Perryman crossing and Garthie scoring a bullet header. Oh boy, those were the days......I'm off to reminisce; again!


Anonymous said...


If Spurs go abroad, so should the smell of fried onions and diesel. Fair's fair. It goes as a package.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

That would be nice 9.37 (wtf is your real name?!) but hot dog and turkey leg sellers have got a bit of a monopoly over there when it comes to match day food.

On a side note. Lennon and Agbongalonglahor are having a race, look:

Go on the Teapot!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that THudd used to sneak out at half-time to get a burger from the van?

Saw this...

BBC sports editor Mihir Bose says the Premier League's decision to explore such a move is a "logical" one.

"The growth of the Premier League has been impressive in the last 15 years thanks to the sale of television rights in this country," he said.

"But now the market in the United Kingdom is becoming saturated and it is the overseas market which is now the big target area."

Keyword is 'saturated'. It means 'incapable of further growth'. Greedy b*stards.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

THudd still goes out to get a burger.

Just no ketchup.

Anonymous said...

I want to play football in the winter and cricket in the summer. I want to stand on the terraces of WHL for a working man's price. I don't want a bunch of arrogant elitist premiership twats to separate themselves from ordinary mortals and conduct some money-spinning year-round circus across the globe.

But then I am half luddite and half fantasist. But all Tottenham.

And then Kent CCC in the summer...

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% spurs, and Middlesex CCC in the summer.

pompeyyid said...

Ah, Richard Scumawhore - or Dick to his friends; and Dick to his enemies.Dick by name and Dick by nature.

usspurs, I can't wait to hear those atmosphere making chants ringing round, say, Shea stadium - "We are Tottenham; we are Tottenham; Super Tottenham from, er, Des Moines, no Kuala Lumpar, er French Lick, Indiana - oh, hell boys can't we get this together!"
"Glory Glory Tottenham franchise;Glory Glory Tottenham franchise; Glory Glory Tottenham franchise; and the bucks keep rolling in."
"Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be; we're going to Saudi, que sera sera"

shelf16 said...

In fairness all you us spurs fans I understand the appeal of this suggestion, but come on in reality there would only be a 1 in 10 chance that spurs would be playing in the us, assuming that only one tie was played there a year. Would you be so ready to fly anywhere in the us if it was Wigan v Derby? No, thought not, and this seeding proposition will only ensure more money for the top four. Last year the teams that were relegated went down to the last game. If there was a 39th game that fate would be decided by whether you are drawn for a third time against one of the top four or the mighty spurs of course! How ridiculous that they come up with an idea which would not affect the top four, but could be instant death to the 6 or 7 clubs fighting relegation who will see little of the money generated from this mauling. I can't see Platini et al agreeing with this as they are already paranoid about the predominance of the premier league. I think we should all put this one to bed Harry!

Anonymous said...

Oi !

Don't diss the Paxton Road burger nutter!

Part of the rich fabric and all that..................

onedavemackay said...

9.51 If you would go anywhere in the states to watch Spurs why not come here ? You probably would have less trouble getting a ticket.

If you think for one minute the EPL are doing this to be considerate to you, you're in Cloud Cuckoo land. They want to develop the brand globally and that means promoting TV rights worldwide and when every 10 years or so Spurs come to the States you may well struggle to get a ticket.

chiversmetimbers said...

It's a non starter....I never thought I'd say this but ....GOD BLESS F.I.F.A. they have veto...and you know Blatter will use it!

Posa said...

As I am English and live abroad, I am as much a Tottenham fan as anyone else out there I am amused at some of the comments, so what you are saying is that if we do not live close enough to smell the burgers of go to every game we are not entitled to an opinion, I have supported Tottenham since the 50s and am ashamed at the way some of you are behaving.

I regularly fly back to watch games when I can blag a ticket, but it would be nice if occasionally once every 5 years Tottenham come to me ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sign the FSF Petition

Anonymous said...

Woody banned, Ledders putting his feet up...

Who's going to play Central Defence today, Harry? Predictions?

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

anon 9.37

Thud and Daws. My team;

Tainio (if fit) or O'Hara

Sholuld be a ood win today, should.


Anonymous said...

What's the bet the home crowd brandishes bottles of ketchup for THudd?

Go get 'em, that boy!


9.37 Anon

pompeyyid said...

See we've applied for a place in the InterCoCotheClown Cup. Christ, talk about being brought back down to earth.
Good job we beat Ar5ena1 so well, or those smug Goons would be ripping into us remorselessly.

Craig Grant said...

I live in Kettering, its an hour down the road to London. I choose to live so far away from Tottenham and I choose to support Tottenham despite there being more local clubs. Still, I think the club I love that i've always known are from North London and play in North London should come up to Kettering and play games here for me because I choose to live here and support them....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. If these Yanks that have never been to WHL are so desperate to watch their team then they should either watch Spurs on the interbet or support their local team. If they cite the quality of football as the reason for being Spurs fans well thats boll0cks because we're hardly world leaders in our style. If the argument is coming from ex-pats....well you made your choice now fcuking deal with it !!

dannyboy said...

Looks like its dead in the water after Japan, Australia, USA have declared a non-interest, saying they want to concentrate on their own leagues and FIFA, Platini, has laughed at the suggestion, who has a veto anyway. Good. Greedy money grabbing chairmen, including our own. 30 million for finishing bottom of the EPL isn't enough apparantly; muppets.


Mrs T said...

Why is it as 'socialists' you think that Spurs, or the prem at large, should not be shared amongst others? You socialist half wits are the most two faced hypocritical breed. Red Ken has been lining his pockets under the 'good' name of socialism for years, and you lot are just as bad. If it is generally GOOD for the prem, GOOD for the nations the game is taken to and GOOD for the clubs (which need to make money to, er, survive and compete) then WHAT is wrong with the idea, you cretins?? How many of you socialist dimwits bought a Euro Millions lottery ticket yesterday?? What was the plan, give it back?

Summerspur said...

hey dannyoldboy

i was on the shelf for that wolves game. wasn't there goal some long range free kick by hibbit or something like that

dannyboy said...


Less of the old. Git !!!

vincent amirtham said...

for all you spurs fans in england, i am a die hard fan from kuala lumpur. I have supported spurs since i was 10 years old and i am now 35. i know everything about the lilywhites so it is not fair when u guys ridicule the idea cos at least it would give us the fans here a chance to see our beloved club once in our lifetime. It would mean the world to me. TO DARE IS TO DO and i totally subscribe to it. SPURS FOREVER

Wilson said...

Vincent I apprecite your view but quite frankly, it's not our fault that you happen to be located where you are. The club has no duty to come to you, you should come to it if and when like the rest of us. Glad to see support for the Spurs is global though.

pablo said...

Full on Tottenham fan in Spain here... not against the games abroad idea, should be looked into. Gotto go about it the right way though, obviously. Keep it to a minimum number of games... the whole home and away issue is hard to tackle... maybe keep it to one of the cups.

wild bill huge cock said...

"Vincent I apprecite your view but quite frankly, it's not our fault that you happen to be located where you are. The club has no duty to come to you, you should come to it if and when like the rest of us. Glad to see support for the Spurs is global though."

This sums up what a lot of internet Spurs fans are. Selfish Cunts. Well done for being a fan in WoggaWogga, but you can fuck off if it remotely inconveniiences me in the tinyest respect. The club has no duty to come toyou, what a cuntish, selfish remark. Why shouldnt this guy hace Tottenham play up the roas from him? Who the fuck are you?

wild bill huge cock said...

sorry for spelling but that comment from Wilson made me ... wild!

cwoff said...

Guys, I'd love you have a read of my article here:

Don't read it unless you have a good 30 minutes to spare though...

Wilson said...

Course I'm fucking selfish! I love the privilige of getting to see Spurs whenever I please. If someone trys to take that away, I'm gonna oppose it.

And, actually 'wild bill huge cock'. with a name like that, who the FUCK are YOU?

You call me an 'internet Spurs fan' and then go on to ask who am I? You havn't got a clue, so don't assume. Mug.

I'm a Spurs fan who happens to have the internet, like any modern british human. Dosn't make me some kindof saddo who's only involvment with Spurs is through an internet forum. I'm going to the Slavia Prague home leg in a few weeks and I'm gonna fucking love it, just like every other time I've visited the Lane.