Saturday, February 23, 2008

BIOYC! ....The Will Harris Tape

Well the build up is... oooh, you know, building up. The only words of wisdom I can provide is that I'm told endlessly King WILL START. We'll do a team prediction in the Prematch Prattle.

To get us in the mood, here's a quality production from Top Tottenham Chap Will.

Many thanks again Will...



Anonymous said...

qualty vid

BillNick'sghost said...

“Reasons to Beat Chelsea – Parts 1, 2 & 3”

The epitome of the worst traits of the modern footballer – a prostitute and a mercenary. Gooners have the same warm affection and regard for their former LB as we have for (R)Sol. “Cashley” deserted a genuinely brilliant Unmentionables team (I say through gritted teeth) simply for Abramovitch’s filthy lucre. That, and the possible realisation that Clichy was going to be a better long term option for Uncle Whinger.
Laughably labelled “the best left back in the world” (at a time when Roberto Carlos was still at his peak), Cole has always been over-reliant on his pace – and the cover of outstanding centre backs like Adams and Toure to get him out of jail. Positionally inept, he also goes to ground too easily in the tackle or over-commits in his marking. Every decision that goes against him, Mr Angry snarlingly disputes with a Rooney-like lack of grace. Only the cowardly vicious cheat, Emmanuel Eboue, is more repulsive in his on-field behaviour.
Watching Lennon consistently skin toe-rag Cole should be one of Sunday’s joys.

Look up “Smug” in the Oxford English Dictionary and it says see “Kenyon, Peter”. Look up “supercilious Tory knob-jockey” and ditto. This slap-head Mancun(t)ian is a proclaimed ‘til-I-die Manure fan, yet left his highly paid “dream job” at Old Trafford to become Chief Exec at rivals Chavski. Why? Same reason as Cashley.
Despite being involved in tapping-up Cole and Eriksson - and consistently showing contempt for the opinions of life-long Chelsea fans, Kenyon is often declared as “the best in the business” (usually by himself). In actual fact, in his first three seasons at Stamford Bridge, the club reported operating losses of £140 million, £80 million and £75 million. PK plays Heather Mills to Abramovitch’s Paul McCartney. If ever you worry about Levy’s stewardship at Spurs (hello Spooky), just be grateful he ain’t Kenyon.
If Chelsea win on Sunday, watch Kenyon take a large part of the credit; if they lose (here’s hoping) Avram Grant alone will take the flak.
Needless to say, Our Pete remains an outspoken supporter of Dick Scudamore’s “39th Game” proposals. Both men had careers in marketing/advertising before, um, “entering” the world of football.
(For an objective view on the contribution to life’s rich tapestry by advertising executives, please see any routine by the late Bill Hicks)

Or revenge for the kicking I got from a couple of Chavski oiks about ten years back.
I was in Woking (does Chelsea have some sort of fan breeding programme round there?). I was walking back to the Station, when I passed two acne-ridden Neanderthals wearing replica Chavscum shirts. They were making a hell of a racket, so I glanced in their direction – oh, for maybe a nano-second. Noticing this, one of them asked that perennial question beloved of their sort: “What the f*ck you looking at?” Now, I’ll admit that any normal person would’ve pretended they didn’t hear, avoided eye contact and moved on. Being the mouthy little yid I am, though, I said, “Well, I don’t know, but if I have a wild guess and I’m right, do I win a prize?”
Turned out, they weren’t up for a bit of banter and, instead, gave me a minor slapping. Didn’t even know I was a Spurs fan. No sense of humour, these Chelsea types.

A prediction? My heart (and every bloody sinew in my body) says us to win 3-1. But, they’re the type of team who keep showing us just how far we’ve still got to go; so my head says 2-1 to them (with our goal a teasingly late-in-the-second-half consolation).

BIOYC indeed!

Death said...

that just popped up on newsnow,very low res but worth a couple of minutes of browsing time

Heart says it's 90 mins and anything is possible, head says were a little bit short


Anonymous said...

Harry, Ledley's at 25/1 to score a header. Worth it?

Harry Hotspur said...

BillNick'sghost said...
“Reasons to Beat Chelsea – Parts 1, 2 & 3”

Thankyou for a brilliant post, mate.

Harry Hotspur said...


Fantastic bet.

Harry Hotspur said...

Death! I'm running that one later today. Class!

Christopher said...

soooo guys.

where are all the people who couldn't get tickets gonna be watching the game??

Cwoff said...

To anyone going to the game:


I can think of few things less classy than to delight and sing about the agony of another human being. I won't be there but to hear it on tv would be more embarrassing and shameful than any possible defeat.

Please don't do it.